Who Are the World Cup Favourites?

Although the Euros and Copa America have come to an end, football fans are already getting set-up for the start of the seasonal leagues as the Premier League starts in just a few weeks with punters placing their big wagers ahead of time at the best casinos and other betting favourites – those hoping to see some big international football games won’t have to wait long however as the World Cup is also just around the corner taking place in the winter of next year as it heads to Qatar – but following the two big international events recently, who are the World Cup favourites?

(Image from theconversation.com)

Both Italy and Argentina will top out the list after having come from their own big international wins – whilst Italy didn’t qualify for the World Cup in 2018, they certainly look to be in a much better position to secure a place and even secure a win in 2022, and having beat Belgium, the other Euros favourite, they could certainly be one of the strongest teams in the world. Argentina were able to make it to the World Cup in 2018 but didn’t make it out of the round of sixteen, with this newfound confidence and an international title finally under the belt for star player Lionel Messi, maybe their fortunes will look to change.

Both runners-up will also be amongst the top of many punters sheets too – Brazil have always been a strong shower at international events and the 2018 World Cup was no different, nearly making it all the way. It may be hard to compete with some of the big teams in Europe that are playing out of their mind recently, but certainly a team that can never be discounted. Although hope is often lost for England, and a heart-breaking penalty shoot-out for fans in the Euros too, many suggest that they can field the best possible squad out of any team and if all the stars align then this young but extremely talented team could lift their second world cup trophy.

Finally, will be the previous winners – France. They didn’t really put up a great performance in the Euros this year but are also slow starters, and toward the later half of the competition did certainly look like the World Cup winning team of 2018 – if they’re able to step things up going into 2022, they could certainly be in with a shot of winning back-to-back World Cups and would be the first team to do so since 1962 when Brazil were able to do so.

One consideration could certainly be within potential injuries though, taking place at the end of the year also means part of the regular seasonal play will be under way, so those looking to make last minute betting adjustments to be in with a better chance of a big pay-out.