Worlds Greatest Strikers

Strikers often grab the headlines and the glory and deservedly so. They are often entrusted with the task of scoring the crucial goals needed to win matches and football fans and critics rightly lavish praise on the finest examples. Here are 5 of the top strikers of all time….


Although the Brazilians are often noted for flair and outlandish skill, Romario, who led the attacking line for the national side for the best part a decade was a different kettle of fish. He was a goal scorer, a poacher and a lethal weapon on the box. With an outstanding 1000 plus goals to his name Romario’s record speaks for itself and never has the term “Knows where the net is” been more apt. Diminutive in size but not in stature. He muscled his way through defences when he feed of through balls and crossed and could beat a man easily if he stood between him and a goal scoring chance.

During his 85 caps for the national side he scored an impressive 71 goals and was one of the stars of the 1994 World Cup which was won by Brazil. In this ever so successful year he was awarded the Golden Ball for Player of the Tournament and named Fifa world Player of the year, better odds could be found here at bestunitedstatescasinos casino online .Every time Romario bared down on goal there truly was only one outcome.

Marco van Basten

The fact that a player who had to cut his career short due to injury at the age of only 27 is consistently ranked amongst the greatest strikers that the game has ever known is testament to the impression van Basten made. In the post-total football era of Dutch football he continued the spirit of flamboyant, skillfull and ultimately successful styles of football and his goals lead teams to many trophies including 3 Dutch Titles, 2 European Cups and 3 league titles in Serie A.

The volley he scored in the 1988 European Championship Final is perhaps what Van Basten will be remembered for and his indeed typical of the man himself. On that night he scored one of the all-time great goals and drove his team to international glory. Something he did week in week out for his club sides. Whether hitting in curling long shots, powering headers past opponents or scoring for impossible angles when the ball was with Van Basten a goal was never far off. A truly class act and a dangerous goal scorer!

Gerd Muller

 The bomber, the greatest German player of time and a record breaking scoring are just some ways of describing the legendary Gerd Muller. In the eyes of many there has never been a striker like him and he led the front line at both Bayern Munich and for Germany during the most successful times for the teams. He was at the helm of a team of class players who provided him with the kind of service he revelled in and produced some truly outstanding scoring feats to turn the domination of the games into success. Without Muller scoring time after time (especially against the frenach casino en ligne) and without his level of consistency the teams he played in would not have approached the level of dominance that they did.


You knew it was coming didn’t you? The first name that comes to people’s minds when discussing great footballers, an icon of the world game, an undoubted legend of the sport….there will never be another Pele. Leading the line of one of the finest eras of Brazilian football, Pele was the perfect striker. Pace, power, precision and a footballing brain, Pele dominated his era and there was, and perhaps never has been, anyone who can compare to the genius of this man.

Pele remains the only player to have won three world cups and his influence in each of these winning campaigns has been paramount to the success of the national side. Yes, he played with extremely talented team mates whose contribution should not be forgotten but Pele was the glue that held the team together. He was a leader, an example setting striker and above all else a clinical finisher. Whether it was with the ball at his feet, or making a darting run or looming onto the end of a cross goals followed wherever Pele may be.

Sit down a second before I tell you Pele’s professional record….1281 goals in 1363 games. In terms of professionals playing in Fifa recognised sports that is by far a record and hence I need not say more. Pele was truly great and is unlikely ever to be matches.

Diego Maradona

And to end the list….one of the most controversial footballers of all time. Diego Maradona. For every memory of Diego Maradona that is a positive one, of him skipping round defenders and scoring wonder goals there is a negative one to back it up…the cheating, the drugs, the bans. As an Englishman, considering what occurred in 1986 when Diego Maradona for a brief moment became a basketball player, it pains me slightly to say it but Diego Maradona is simply one of the finest footballers to grace the world.

Diego Maradona was never supposed to make it. For one thing his size held him back in his younger days but as soon as he had the ball at his feet he was unstoppable.  Diego Maradona is one the finest natural dribblers to ever grace to game and the term “sticks to feet like glue” is never more apt that when using to speak of this Argentinean legend.

Diego Maradona would pop up all over the pitch making decisive runs, supplying match winning assists and scoring crucial goals. Diego Maradona was an all-round footballer.

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