Worlds Greatest Centre Backs

The Centre Back position is the lynch pin of successful teams. Without a solid partnership of defenders able to stop the finest strikers in the world, teams struggle to make an impact and taking a look at any of the greatest sides in footballing history, there is always a world class centre back at the heart of the team. Here are the finest 5 centre backs to grace the football field.

Franco Baresi

The Italians are noted for producing world class defenders and priding themselves on a defensive style of football and Franco Baresi epitomised that ethos. Like many legendary Italian players, Baresi played for AC Milan throughout his career and helped them become one of the finest teams the world has ever known. 6 Serie A titles, three European Cups and multiple time Player of the Season Baresi dominated domestic footballer with his impenetrable defence.

Baresi was a wise, intelligent player who often saw what the striker was going to do before he knew he was going to do it! A master reader of the game and tactician Baresi understood the game and used this to shut down all attacks. He has pace, technical skill and power but his brain was his main weapon. Rarely was he beaten on the air or indeed on the ground and he held together the back line throughout his 81 caps for Italy which involved victory in 1982.

Bobby Moore

It is rare than a tackle goes down in history as a classic footballing moment but that is exactly what happened in the career of Bobby Moore. In 1970, at the World Cup, Pele in full flight encountered Moore who carried out the finest tackle seen in the game. This was typical of Moore who built his career at West Ham, proving impossible for attackers to beat.

His crowning moment came when England, under his leadership were crowned Champions of the World in 1966. The image of him receiving the Jules Rimet trophy from the Queen herself is forever ingrained in the minds of England fans. He led the team throughout the tournament, like uk online casinos and helped pick them up in extra time. The great Pele says Moore is the finest defender of all time and who are we to disagree. With pace, power and stamina Moore displayed everything a defender needs.

Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer is without doubt not just one of the finest centre backs in football history, but simply put he is one of the finest players of all time. A leader, a winner, a professional and a warrior Franz Beckenbauer epiglottises footballing greatness. As a leader he is unrivaled and led many great teams and like all great leaders he led by example. Faultless throughout his career Franz Beckenbauer was a model of consistency and professionalism.

He was a vital cog in the 1970s Bayern Munich team that dominated proceedings and proved an ever present lynch pin in the defence keeping the team organised and disciplined. He won 4 league titles, 4 domestics cups and 3 consecutive European Cups. Without Franz Beckenbauer the Bayern Munich side would have struggled to keep up this winning rate but his defensive skill helped the team with their impeccable defensive records.

Franz Beckenbauer also made his name on the national stage winning the World Cup in 1974 as captain and then managing the team to success proving his tactical knowledge of the game. He won the Ball D’Or on two occasions and is respected as much among professionals as he is among fans. The greatest German footballer of all time and one of the finest players to enter the football pitch, Franz Beckenbauer is a true legend of the sport.

Ronald Koeman

It is quite easy to forget that the great Dutch master Ronald Koeman was actually a centre back as he scored more goals than many of the strikers who played on his teams. Indeed in 503 matches in domestic leagues he score 103 goals, unprecedented for a centre back but that is what makes Komen  a unique and worthy of a place on any list ranking the world’s finest players in the positions.

From the back he delivered sweeping passes to assist his teammates, he scored stunning free kicks, was a masterful crosser and a penalty master. Defensive wise he was pacey, read the game well and tackled tough. Koeman was hard to beat and difficult to stop. 78 caps for Holland including winning the 1988 European Championships were matched with 13 goals for the national side and a bid for cancasinos online casino ensued. Koeman was unique as a centre back and we have never seen the likes since!

Daniel Passarella

Often overlooked when drawing up lists of the greats of World Football, Daniel Passarella quite simply can match any centre back in terms of success, ability or skill. In fact Daniel Passarella is considered by some as the finest centre back of all time. He won 4 domestic league titles in his home nation but rose to fame as a member of the Argentinean national team where he captained the team to the 1978 World Cup and his leadership drove the team to success.

Daniel Passarella game after game withstood attacks from the finest players of the decade and with his back to the wall he was unbeatable. Watching matches back from the 1978 tournament Daniel Passarella was never beaten in the air, rarely beaten on the ground and held the attacking play together with his accurate passing.

But Daniel Passarella also did something else a lot of centre backs didn’t…score goals. 181 goals in 556 matches is an impressive record for anyone let alone a centre back making him as much of a goal threat as a goal stopper.

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