Will Liverpool FC Get Into The Top 4?

With the Premier League coming to a close soon, all eyes are on Liverpool to see whether they can make it into the top four teams and clinch a Uefa Champions League place. Unfortunately for fans of the club it appears to be almost impossible and somewhat out of the hands of the club based on last nights 1-1 draw with Leeds United. To get into the top four at this point, they really need Chelsea to go on a long losing streak while they win the rest of their games. In our opinion both of these options have a low chance of happening let alone both of them at the same time.

Even if Chelsea starts to fall off, there are still almost seven other teams competing for the fourth spot so it will make for some tight competition. So it is arguably guaranteed that Liverpool will unfortunately not make it into the top four of the Premier League standings this season. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but there is truly a lot more at stake then just this season alone. Even fan clubs in Australia have given up and switched to casino australia

Their performance for the rest of the season has a massive effect on what league they will be a part of next year. Whether it is staying in the Premier League or moving down to the Champions or Europa Leagues, really anything could happen based on their performance going into the final stretch of the season. We are sure that the players and everyone in the club is aware of this outcome, so even if they do not expect to make it into the top four, they are still going to play their hearts out and finish strong for next year.

Even if Liverpool continues to compete on a professional level, switching leagues could certainly result in a large impact on the club financially. What makes the situation worse is that the club was already devastated from the economic impacts of COVID-19, so not making the Premier League next year would make those effects even worse.

Despite what seems to be this looming doom, the manager of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp seems to be unfazed preferring slots online. He openly stated that he is not worried about losing his job as a manager and that moving down a level would most likely help the team rather than hurt it. In regards to not being in the Premier League he stated, “Our owners, the sports director, even the players, nobody doubts anyone here. We have accepted the situation for ourselves and fight our way through it”. Sometimes it is helpful to have an optimistic coach who sees the light at the end of the tunnel, we just hope that he is right.

So at the end of the day, it is safe to say that Liverpool will most likely not get into the top four this year. With only a few games left remaining they would need to do remarkably well while their opponents all suffer. The odds of this are almost slim to none, which is why we need you to understand, do not expect to see Liverpool in the top four.

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