Will Legal Gambling Benefit the American Economy

Legal gambling is making its way across America and while many people are both for and against this for various reasons, one thing that it will do is bring a much needed boost to the economy. As gambling is legal in some parts of America, this isn’t a guess as to what may happen, but actual facts of how gambling is supporting the economy in America, and how that will grow as more states bring in legal gambling.

1.8 million jobs were supported by the gambling industry in America in 2017, that is a huge amount and something that is putting many people into work that would struggle elsewhere. The industry contributed $261.1 billion to the American economy in 2017 and when you compare that to figures from past year’s this has increased and looks set to further grow as more and more people have gambling available to them.

Casinos are bringing most of that money into the economy but the rise of sports betting is only just beginning and that is another big area that will add further money to the pot. Sports fans only just understand the sports betting industry, and some don’t even have access to it yet. As both of those change in the coming years, more and more people will be placing a wager on the upcoming events and more new betting companies will appear. This will in turn bring even more money into the economy, require more people to work in the industry and help unemployment figures further.

Whether you are for or against the legalising of gambling across the whole of America, one thing that cannot be argued with is the money that it will bring into the American economy, and that is only set to grow further.

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