Who Will Replace Sergio Aguero?

With the long history of Manchester City there have been many historic players to go through the franchise, including all time goal scorer Sergio Aguero. Aguero has been relaxing his playing time since the start of 2020 only starting 11 games since that period. Now being 32 years old, he is still young in the grand scheme of things but old by soccer standards. If you do not know how many goals Aguero has scored for the club, let us give you this statistic to put everything into perspective. Within the last decade alone, Aguero has literally scored a quarter of the team’s goals. These numbers are certainly going to be difficult to beat, which is why this article is so important.

Now that you understand the importance of filling Aguero’s shoes or going to casino online, let us walk you through the candidates that could fill in his position within the upcoming years. Erling Haaland is first on our list and most likely the first player on Manchester City’s list as well. In addition to his top tier talent, he has family ties to the club that could bring him back. His father played for the club all the way back in the early 2000s which also involved some childhood photos of Erling Haaland in the club’s colors. What also makes him a great prospect for the team is his young age, being so great at only twenty years old he could certainly be the next franchise player for the club. Another excellent statistic to show off his skills is that through the first 31 games in the Bundesliga this year he had 33 goals, a little over one per game on average. It is difficult to find any player putting up these numbers on a professional level.

The second most likely candidate that we have on our list is Danny Ings in the EPL who has come a long way in his professional football career, considering online casinos united kingdom. Being twenty eight years old, he is right in the middle of his prime which makes him a great option for a powerful immediate replacement. Now he is not averaging over a goal a game unfortunately, but he is still scoring above average in the Premier League. He scored 30 goals in his 52 starts in the League since the 2019 season. Although he does not have the natural talent of Haaland, he does save the budget of the club a lot since his contract would be significantly less. However the trade off here is that he would most likely be playing for the team over a shorter period of time as well, so there is still a lot of undecided information.

Sergio Aguero is certainly one of the most difficult players to replace in all of the Premier League, but Erling Haaland or Danny Ings could certainly fill his shoes to an extent. Haaland is younger, with more talent, but also costs more while Ings is already in his prime with less years to play but less of a contract as well. Either way we look forward to seeing who City decides to select whether it be these two players or a different option instead.

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