Which team will win the Premier League this season?


The Premier League is back underway with most teams now having played three games. Four clubs currently sit with a 100% win rate, two of which (Leicester City and Liverpool) have been recent winners of the Premier League.

Other clubs, including Arsenal and Manchester City, are also looking strong, despite not having the best of starts to the season.

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Liverpool finally won the Premier League last season after coming painfully close the year before. This ended a painful 30-year wait that had been tormenting many fans. However, as soon as they’d lifted the trophy, attention turned to whether the Reds would be capable of retaining the crown for a second year.

After a shaky first game which almost saw them lose to newly-promoted Leeds United, Liverpool have returned to their form from last year with victories against Chelsea and Arsenal.

This shouldn’t be too surprising as Jurgen Klopp has made only a handful of changes during the transfer window, a sharp difference to the huge wholesale changes made by other clubs.

Most bookmakers are giving them strong odds, though most only rank them as the second favourite at present.

Manchester City

The club ahead of Liverpool is Manchester City. The Sky Blues have been the strongest challenger to scouse dominance in recent years, though they struggled to match them last year.

With the stress and distraction of their Champions League ban and appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport being decided in their favour, City are looking a lot stronger in 2020/21.

There’s been a major clear out of players during the summer though, with 15 leaving and a further 19 being acquired to take their place. Pep Guardiola appears to be looking for sweeping changes across the squad, with new talent coming in every area.

This will likely mean they’ll need a few games to settle in as a new squad though, so we may not see their best performances until later in the season. This was evident in their 5-2 thrashing by Leicester City, despite controlling two-thirds of the possession in the game.


Chelsea are a club that can never be discounted, though they’ve struggled a bit in the last couple of years. With Frank Lampard now entering his second full season with the Blues, he’s hoping to end this season with at least some silverware.

Getting back into the Champions League this season was important for the club as it brings significant financial benefits. Now they’re there, they need to capitalise on the opportunity.

Like City, there has been a revolving door at Chelsea over the summer, with 23 new players signing with the club and another 13 leaving. They too will likely need a few more weeks to properly bed in.

Bookmakers are giving them good odds, though they’re quite a way off City and Liverpool. The gulf will likely only get bigger if they can’t pick up some good results in the next few games.

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