What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

If you’ve ever been to the races, the dogs, the football, or even just walked past your local bookies, the chance are you will have heard the term “Lucky 15”, but what exactly is a Lucky 15, why are they so popular?

As the name would suggest, a lucky 15 bet is the name for a bet that has a total of 15 bets inside. To place a lucky 15 bet you need to have four selections picked out, and the 15 bets will give you full coverage on all of those four selections. One of the reasons why a lucky 15 appeals to so many people is because even if you have just one winner out of four, you are going to get a return from your bookmaker. If you currently place accumulators and you are not getting anything back from your bookmaker then a lucky 15 is a different way to bet where you will get something back.

The 15 bets inside a lucky 15 are split as follows:

  • 4 singles, one on each selection
  • 6 doubles, covering every possible combination with the four selections
  • 4 trebles, covering every possible combination with the four selections
  • 1 accumulator on all four

With this full coverage you get the best of both worlds from singles betting to accumulator betting. Those who currently place singles will get a return off any winning bet, but they miss out on the big returns if they have multiple winners. Those who place accumulator bets will get a big win if they land all four winners, but anything less and they get no return which can be frustrating. A lucky 15 combines the best of those, you get the return from one winner, but you also get the accumulator if all four win, and the chance to land winning doubles and trebles with two or three winners.

The general rule with a lucky 15 bet is the more winners you have in your bet, the bigger the returns will be. One winner will give a small return, two winners will give you a slightly bigger return, three will be a nice return and four should give you a very big return, which is what you are ultimately aiming for.

If you are looking for a way to bet that gives you the chance to win big, but also covers you if you have just one winner from four selections then look no further than placing a lucky 15 bet, what’s more some bookies will give you “double the odds” if you get just one winner by means of consolation. This is a very popular horse racing betting offer, but it can be used on any sport you like, so be sure to try one out even if you don’t bet on horse racing. With the pay out for just one winner, and the chance to win a huge amount if you have four winners, a lucky 15 has something for everyone.

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