Things You Didn’t Know About The Premier League

Premier League Trophy

There are many things about the Premier League we know. We know that Manchester United are likely to win the title every other year. We know Jose Mourinho will get sent to the stands every other week. And we certainly know all Arsene Wenger will say about it is that he “did not see it”.

But behind the obvious. Behind the fact that we know Crystal Palace are rubbish and Alan Shearer scored a lot, are some of the most interesting facts in football. We guide you through some of the things you never knew about the world’s greatest league.

Rio Ferdinand

This man has the cleanest record in football. Since August 2006, the Manchester United centre-back has only conceded 68 fouls in 182 games. That’s one wrong tackle every 2.7 games. Roy Keane conceded 68 fouls every 2.7 games!

To match this amazing record, the former England captain has only received 20 yellow cards in 485 appearances during his career. The record is even hard to believe for his United team mate Nemanja Vidic, “Seriously, that is a great run. He is so good at reading the game.”

Jamie Carragher’s Goal Scoring Record

Now, the Anfield hero has never been potent in front of goal. In fact Carragher scored as many goals for Spurs as he did his own club. During his career against the North London club, the Liverpool defender put it past his own keeper three times. The same amount he managed for the Reds.

He loved scoring own goals so much that he even scored a penalty (own goal) for Everton during his testimonial.

Stoke Don’t Keep The Ball Well

There has been a slight change in the way Stoke play since Hughes took over the Potters in the off-season. And despite Pulis being a favourite in the Premier League, it’s hardly surprising. Since joining the top-flight in 2008, the Staffordshire side have only had more than 50% possession in 13 games. Lucky for some. Unlucky for Stoke. They have yet to finish in the top 10 since their return.

Top 5 Super-Subs

Only five players have scored a hat-trick from the bench. Most recently was Romelu Lukaku against Manchester United. A feat in itself, he became only the sixth player to score three against Fergie’s United.

Fowler’s also holds history as the quickest of all time. Entering the field of play, Liverpool were 0-0 against Arsenal. Four minutes and 33 seconds later, it’s 3-0 and the Liverpudlian is rolling away in celebration having defied the football odds. Solskjaer, Hasselbaink and Adebayor have also strolled on from the bench and netted three for their side.

£1.56m Per Year- It’s The Going Rate

Doubling in the last six years, the average Premier League player earns £30,000 per week. Except Fernando Torres. As an average Premier League player, he earns £210,000 per week.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the average annual earnings of UK workers is £26,500, meaning you could probably afford to keep Ryan Shawcross for a week. Get him to tidy up round the back for you. He’s good at that.



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