The joys of the accumulator

There is no better feeling than winning a bet, except maybe winning a bigger bet, and never under-estimate your chances for a win using an accumulator. Readershere are invited to share their winning stories, whether they use an accumulator or other clever tactics for placing bets.

Most weeks I stick a few quid on an accumulator. At first I was carefully going through the form guides picking out the games that would pay off. Just how were Aldershot playing at home and was Torquay’s main striker fit for the weekend? Yet despite hours of painstaking research I never won a penny. So I started just trying out a random accumulator instead. Lo and behold it wasn’t long before it came off and I was a few hundred quid richer. The final game in my bet was a Championship match between Newcastle and Nottingham Forest, back when the Magpies were in the Championship a few years ago.

The Toon needed to win to get promoted so the odds were in my favour for a home win but knowing my luck Forest would derail their promotion campaign and walk away with the points. Amazingly, Newcastle dominated from start to finish and the final piece in my accumulator jigsaw fitted perfectly. I’ve never had one that big since but I’ll always remember how good my best bet ever felt. It was me and fifty thousand Geordies who were the happiest people in the world that night. It’s not often I can say that.

If you’ve experienced that feel-good feeling, you can share your best bet win

@bgo_official on Twitter, using hashtag #bgoBestBets.

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