The Internet and Gambling

The internet has revolutionised the way in which we do many things in life, not more so than Mecca Bingo. Ever since the launch of the world wide web there has been an ever growing array of gambling options online from the casinos, to the betting exchanges all the way through to traditional sports betting. Phone accounts and trips to the local bookmakers for the afternoon are a thing of the past and with a simple click of the mouse you can now gamble more easily, more quickly and on a wider range of sports than ever before.

There are number of ways in which this change has affected the punter. The first is simple convenience. One-time account creation on many of the websites online and then the world is your oyster. Easy simple procedures to place bets, user-friendly websites and all from the comfort of your own armchair. No need to walk to the bookmakers in the pouring rain or make last minute phone calls. Everything is there just a button away.

This has of course opened up the market to much more competition which has lead to better value for punters. Gone are the days of walking between local bookmakers or browsing lengthy Ceefax pages to compare odds. Now with the click of a button you can sample odds from a range of bookmakers to choose the best value. This of course means that the companies start to entice customers with better odds, bonuses and special bonuses. All playing into the hands of you…the punter. Never has there been such value on the markets.

In essence, the world of sport has been opened up to punters via the world wide web. No longer do you have to hold the bookmakers queue up by enquiring about a price on a random golfer in a tournament the other side of the world. The odds for any event can be seen with the click of a button regardless of whether it is a local racing meeting, an international soccer match or even events such as the Eurovision Song Contest…..anything you can think of you fancy a flutter on and somewhere on the internet there will be a bookmaker willing to take your wager. This has increased profits for punters, ensured your sporting expertise can be put to use and made watching hose obscure sports on late night TV Channels even more enjoyable.

As well as this the internet has allowed bookmakers to open up everything in each sport to bet on from the winning distances to the number of yellow cards in a match. In-play betting has transformed the industry and now millions of pounds are staked during games when punters can see the way things are developing.

Another development of the online world of gambling has been betting exchanges were rather than place odds on what you think is going to happen you can bet on what you think won’t happen! Laying bets instead of placing them has benefited punters all over the globe and it has taken off massively as the internet has grown. Don’t think the much fancied team? Make some money by laying the bet.

In essence therefore, the World Wide Web has opened up options for gambling, convenience and value for the punters and the betting industry and bookmakers in general have been forced to adapt and offer an better all round service to the punters.



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