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It would appear that good quality football quiz apps are like buses! You wait ages for one and nothing – then all of a sudden two come along at once!

Buoyed by the recent release of the Footie Quiz app we were a little surprised to stumble upon The Football Quiz by Ingeniemob.


Intrigued, as we are when  we see any football quiz app released in  the Apple and Android app stores we downloaded it and played.

In our opinion it is without doubt one of the best quality football quiz apps out there. A refreshing change to all those boring football logo and picture quizzes apps designed by two bit developers.

It’s game play is crisp, simple and highly addictive. Great, well thought out graphics and authentic sounds – favourite football chants from all of the English Premier League (EPL) stadiums.

With two modes – Season and Quick mode the app allows the user to either have a full season of EPL fixtures where you play home and away in a battle to win the title. Or play Quick Mode on one of the various levels to test you football knowledge in a twenty questions game.

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Question wise the level is very good and comprehensive and of a level you would find on our site. We always believe that you can judge a good football quiz app on the quality of its questions. Here, The Football Quiz succeeds where many of the current quiz apps fall miserably short.

Out of ten? We would give The Football Quiz 8.5.

So from the team at Footie Quiz its a thumbs up to The Football Quiz.


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