The Casino Evolution

Gambling is one of the oldest sports in history and still being entertained all over the world. Proof of gambling was found in china back in 2300BC.  Egyptian dice were another proof of gambling in 1500 BC. The birth of the very first Casino originated in Italy in the 16th century; yet then, they were known as Gambling houses. Casinos then started to pop up all over Europe throughout the 18/19th century. Although unlike the original ‘Gambling houses,’ they evolved to be more upper class and were built like palaces.

America soon followed the casino trend, opening its first Casino in 1906; before this time, the gambling scene was far less glamorous. In North America, gambling started with the arrival of saloons. Before this, the US had a gambling ban imposed on every state; this was first lifted in the state of Nevada in 1919.

The first legal Casino was founded in the Hotel Nevada and was named the Golden Gate Casino. This was around the time Las Vegas was also established as a city, which is today one of the world’s biggest casino hotspots.

In the UK, gambling was never made legal, but the government passed several legislations to regulate and control casinos. For example, the gaming Act of 1968 and 2005 are regulating and monitoring gambling in the UK. Today in the UK, as of March 2016, there are 148 land-based casinos, mostly in England.

Casino games have an amusing history, including slot games, Roulette, blackjack, and many more. Like Roulette is the oldest game invented in 1675 and slot in 1887. Casino attendance got an immediate success in recent years as in the UK, 3.7 million visitors visited casinos in the last four years. The most important revolution in the history of casinos is the development of online Casinos. Spin Palace Casino is one of the fantastic experiences in this regard.

In past casinos used to be considered limited location thing but with the arrival of technology of online gambling, people can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Luckily the online casino industry hasn’t wiped out the land-based Casinos – I mean, you can’t beat watching the action and atmosphere at the roulette table! Still, people used to go casinos in leisure time to enjoy both companies of friends and gambling. But as technology is progressing day by day, online casino games will get more liking. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are the new revolutions of the internet, which will change the online Casino.

Coming towards the conclusion, it would be right to mark that evolution of history is vivid and enchanting. People all over the world used to entertain themselves for years and still doing the same with more advancement. Looking toward the future could be more exciting as casino games are being evolved and transformed with time. Moreover, casino games are not only for enjoyment but also for the game of winning and losing money. On the whole, casino games have become part of a vast industry.

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