The best football app ever: FootieQuiz – Career & Challenge

Football Quiz App

We we are now weeks away from the launch of our Footie Quiz app: FootieQuiz: Career & Challenge, and  as promised here is run through of what our members and fans can expect from our first foray into the smartphone world.

First up we are retaining all the new features of our new website with contemporary feel and style. Like the site there will be over 10,000 questions to answer on a variety of subjects – the largest collection of any football quiz app on the market!

The Football App

Crucially, FootieQuiz: Career & Challenge has been designed to automatically synchronise with your existing Footie Quiz online account so all of your recorded history of quiz attempts (wins and losses) will seamlessly integrate onto your smartphone account.

So whats new?

Well the biggest thing to shout about is our Challenge Mode.


Now you can challenge a mate, a fellow support or any FootieQuiz: Career & Challenge member to a quick fire game football facts and trivia.


Choose from one of 5 random subjects to really test your knowledge against theirs.

Football Quiz App

You record your scores as you go along from one challenge to another. All your individual Head to Head challenges create a score and a place in our Challenge League table.

The League table will work on a similar basis to the FIFA co-efficients system – so if you are in 99th position and you challenge someone in 5th place – they accept (they dont have to!) and you beat them then you will move up the table far more rapidly than say beat someone in 97th position. Dont accept challenges and you will naturally fall down the league anyway!

We have also enhanced the career mode you are familiar with when playing Footie Quiz online. A new feature will be our Achievements section. Like a footballer collects medals and accolades throughout their career you to will be able to unlock achievements such as the Rival Club Badge – successful complete the club quiz of your bitter rivals and you are awarded the badge. In our first version of the FootieQuiz: Career & Challenge there will be 20 such badges to unlock.

We have also enhanced our Career progression mode for the app. Now like the journey of footballing legend Ian Wright you start of the quiz in the amateur game – the more you answer successfully the quicker you work your way through our ten levels to the ultimate level of World Class SuperStar.

Other features include personalised skin linked to your favourite club, personalised avatar and ability to win (and buy) cool FQ merchandise (T-shirts and Phone cases) designed by Cult Zeros:

So how much will this cost? Well most of FootieQuiz: Career & Challenge will be free to download and play on Apples IOS, Android, Windows phone and Facebook. The ability to Challenge mates and unlock Achievements will will cost £1.99 to unlock.  And importantly the game will be ad free. I’m sure you agree that this is excellent value for money compared with the dross currently out in the various app stores under the terms ‘football quiz’.

Well that is it guys, we hope you like it as much as we have enjoyed building it and that you download it to make it the number one football quiz app on the Apples IOS, Android, Windows phone and Facebook app platforms.

As always we would love to hear your suggestion and if you are interested in being a beta tester on this exciting project.



8 Replies to “The best football app ever: FootieQuiz – Career & Challenge”

  1. This looks great! Really like what you guys have done with the new site, big improvement from the outdated last!
    Looking forward to playing the app when its out, hope it is the best football quiz app out there as most of the ones I have downloaded so far have been pretty rubbish.
    Good luck with the launch.

  2. Love the site so to have an app like the site will be quality. Will it be free? Also will it pull through my scores from the website – if not then that will be poor’

    1. Hi Donbest

      Thanks for your comments. To answer your questions. FootieQuiz – Career and Challenge will be part free and part costed. Career mode (which has over 7000 questions) will be free but Challenge mode will cost to upgrade – we have yet to decide but it is likely to cost 0.99p. As for synchronisation with FootieQuiz online the answer is yes. We thought it very important to link the two as many of our users have spent hours and hours answering question online.

    2. Hi Don,

      The app will be free will be for a limited time, so we will make sure all our existing members get a chance to download for free!

      Yep, scores will be pulled through from existing site.

      The challenge mode will add another dimension to the game – which we hope everyone will love.

      We are working hard to get the app out in time for Christmas – there have inevitably been lots of delays.

    1. Hi Sergey,

      It will eventually be available in Russia although it will be an English only version. We are currently working on quiz questions for both our site and our app for Spartak Moscow, Zenit St Petersburg and CSKA Moscow – keep coming back to the site and hopefully soon you will find what you are looking for.

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