Who Are the World Cup Favourites?

Although the Euros and Copa America have come to an end, football fans are already getting set-up for the start of the seasonal leagues as the Premier League starts in just a few weeks with punters placing their big wagers ahead of time at the best casinos and other betting favourites – those hoping to see some big international football games won’t have to wait long however as the World Cup is also just around the corner taking place in the winter of next year as it heads to Qatar – but following the two big international events recently, who are the World Cup favourites?

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Both Italy and Argentina will top out the list after having come from their own big international wins – whilst Italy didn’t qualify for the World Cup in 2018, they certainly look to be in a much better position to secure a place and even secure a win in 2022, and having beat Belgium, the other Euros favourite, they could certainly be one of the strongest teams in the world. Argentina were able to make it to the World Cup in 2018 but didn’t make it out of the round of sixteen, with this newfound confidence and an international title finally under the belt for star player Lionel Messi, maybe their fortunes will look to change.

Both runners-up will also be amongst the top of many punters sheets too – Brazil have always been a strong shower at international events and the 2018 World Cup was no different, nearly making it all the way. It may be hard to compete with some of the big teams in Europe that are playing out of their mind recently, but certainly a team that can never be discounted. Although hope is often lost for England, and a heart-breaking penalty shoot-out for fans in the Euros too, many suggest that they can field the best possible squad out of any team and if all the stars align then this young but extremely talented team could lift their second world cup trophy.

Finally, will be the previous winners – France. They didn’t really put up a great performance in the Euros this year but are also slow starters, and toward the later half of the competition did certainly look like the World Cup winning team of 2018 – if they’re able to step things up going into 2022, they could certainly be in with a shot of winning back-to-back World Cups and would be the first team to do so since 1962 when Brazil were able to do so.

One consideration could certainly be within potential injuries though, taking place at the end of the year also means part of the regular seasonal play will be under way, so those looking to make last minute betting adjustments to be in with a better chance of a big pay-out.

World Cup Quiz

Everyone knows the big dogs when it comes to the World Cup, with teams like Brazil, Germany, Italy and Uruguay winning an incredible 15 tournaments (75% of the competitions) between them. But what about the smaller teams? Underdog nations such as Iceland and Panama are making their debut this year, whilst other nations such as Japan and Iran who’ve never won, have made to another of many World Cups. Whilst most people’s Odds on who will win World Cup 2018 will lie with the bigger teams, remember those champions had to make their debut at some point! Take this quiz to find out who your second pick should be this year!

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England at the 2018 World Cup

In my life time of watching football, I am used to pundits, fans and the press hyping up the England teams chances of excelling at a major tournament. But this time around things are different….with new players, a new manager and a long term plan seemingly in place, there is a feeling this World Cup is a stepping stone to greater things. But I assure you not one fan, player or management staff will be thinking that come the big day….just how will England do?

Despite the relative inexperience of the players and manager, England breezed through the qualifiers and whilst never being outstanding, rarely looked troubled. It is the same old story you may say, but the qualifiers can give you a hint. England struggled in the run up games to Euro 2016 and looked vulnerable at times, but not in this campaign.

Gareth Southgate has been to the big tournaments in the modern era and understands what they are all about. The little touches he will bring, as a man of experience, may be the difference in keeping the squad focused. He has quietly built his own system, introduced his own players and got a team functioning as a team. The criticism always levelled at the previous “Golden era” was that we have a collection of individuals rather than a unit….that can no longer.

The wing back system Southgate seems to favour, is one that will be unique in the tournament. Southgate saw that system function superbly under Glenn Hoddle and seems to be set on imitating it. Opposition may not be used to such a style and we say indeed see it work to England’s advantage. The core of the defence remains strong, the wing backs we have offer great potential both defensively and going forward and the system is very flexible.

Even the most pessimistic England fan must sense qualification is likely. Tunisia and Panama are weak sides, and lack the quality and experience to frustrate England for long. The Belgium game will be key and that will tell us all we need to know. Playing against a team unbeaten in 17 matches, with world class players in every position on the big stage will test any team. A victory in that match may allow England to dream big! That will get the nation dreaming and probably thinking about having a flutter perhaps even on NetBet Sport World Cup Betting.

Should the group stage prove passable, Senegal and  Colombia await in the Last 16, both of which England would start as favourites. If that occurs and England earn a Quarter final berth, then that will be mission accomplished for Southgate and company. Anything before the Quarter Finals will be labelled a disappointment, anything after it will be an over achievement.

With Kane, Ali, Sterling and co, along with a solid defence and a dependable set of goalkeepers, any of the opposition who England may face in the latter stages would have to take them as a serious threat.

Will going into a tournament without the hype, as something of an underdog, help the team achieve? Only time will tell

If you have a little time on your hands in the build up then why not check out our England or  World Cup Quiz

Russia as a World Cup venue

Russia 2018

The selection of Russia as a venue for the World Cup 2018 was met with much criticism at the time, and as the political dynamic in the world changes, the criticism continues to grow. Never in my lifetime can I remember as much debate about whether a nation is worthy to host a contest in the run up the finals. Well for now anyhow – l suspect it will equally as controversial in 4 years time in Qatar 2022.

Russia itself is a vast vast country and it goes without saying that there is going to be a lot of travelling involved. Russia is the biggest nation ever to host a World Cup and the distance between the furthest two stadiums is equivalent to a continent. For many players and teams it won’t even feel like playing in the same country. One can’t help but feel some ground rules should have been made about which Stadiums should be used, but alas….fans can expect 14 hour train journeys and multiple flights to get across to games. Not ideal? Part of the fun? And what about the affects on players. If you play into the latter stages the air miles these guys will rack up is going to be huge. Travelling across a country will have wear and tear on the bodies and minds of the players. Perhaps we may be surprised by the mental resilience of some of the smaller nations.

There is no doubt the Stadiums are all high tech, with the first final to played on a plastic pitch due this year, the facilities are second to none. Putin and Russian want to impress, they want to showcase Russia to the world and the best way to do that is going to be how  it looks on TV. I expect a huge spectacle, a lavish opening ceremony and a huge focus on the greatness of Russia.

Concerns have been raised with the LGBT community about their safety fears. The last think Russia wants is to have negative press so I hope that they are prepared!

There has been concern about Russian fans, their hardcore hooligans and crime rings. Russian authorities promise big punishments if they are caught and hopefully that will keep things at bay. But I fully expect come June, to see police battling with drunken fans and riots in the streets….a  sad state of affairs in the modern game.

All that aside my favourites will be the French and if you are interested in their odd at this years World Cup check out: https://www.signupbonuses.co.uk/ – why not get a cheeky bonus!

FIFA World Cup – Win or Lose

As the football calendar is quickly ticking off the passing days towards the summer event of the year, we going to take a cheeky little look at the ways to make this cold Russian hosted tournament a little more heated.

We take a look at the ways of betting inside an online casino because when the tournament kicks off the TV will be littered with hundreds of casino adverts with offers of free bonuses and betting ways to win extra cash, which is a good thing, right? So where to begin? Well, the big companies will pay top dollar to get their voice out there but they may not be the best deals so always begin with a comparison site that offers you several casinos with sports betting options, the best ones are often the British and Canadian online casino sites which the latter may surprise you but it’s testament as to how nuts the Canadians are for their sports, so credit where credit due. Now the Canada team may be out of the tournament but their casinos won’t stop giving you a huge deluge of betting options when the event kicks off!

Tactical Betting for Hot Summer Wins 

Now, predicting outcomes in these events is possible the hardest gamble, teams across the groups are very much unknown as most punters follow their own national leagues, so it’s very hard to grasp an understanding of the teams and how they perform, even England have seemed to turn the corner recently of actually scoring in the first half of games. During the qualifying rounds, the number of 0-0 draws at half time would have brought back a pretty penny if you had betted on the consistent trend of England’s first-half performances.

Outright win bets will come with very minimal returns when you have the likes of Germany, Brazil, Spain, and Argentina all playing teams with less experience and, arguably less talented players. When it comes to the games you need to be entertaining the idea of in-game bets. Options of total corners where, for example, you can select a total of over 8 corners before the kickoff and double your money with a 2.00 odd. Even during the game, you can gauge the total corner amount. Now with these high odds better than selecting a 1.50 winner, imagine the return if you select 6-9 games with a £$5 bet. With mighty teams playing minnows, it’s a guarantee the box will be bombarded and thusly increasing the corner count.

The penalty choice always comes in high, to score a penalty in a game carries anything between 8.50 to 10.00 odds. Again with clever players out on the pitch, the invisible sniper will be out to pick off players as they display acrobatic twists and turns mid-air to win a chance at an easy goal.

World Cup

Fact or Fiction 

Knowing your facts about a team can assist your betting, being a quiz site, those more attune to the facts of football often come up trumps when betting. Learn about certain player behaviours, for example, did you know Lionel Messi averages a goal a game for Argentina? However, did you also know only 5 have been scored in World Cup tournaments? Now the bookies will trick you into putting money down on him to be top scorer this year, opt for a less conventional bet that Messi will get less than 3 goals and let the fact pay off.

Don’t thing outright and look at the game pattern to select your ways of winning this summer so you can lift you bank balance whilst the teams fight to lift the trophy.

The England Outsiders Who Could Still Make The World Cup Squad

Gareth Southgate’s recent England squad caused quite the stir among Three Lions fans and pundits alike. There were a few surprise additions to the team and some faces missing that really didn’t warrant the snub.

It’s all making for an interesting end to the Premier League season as Southgate looks to pick his final 23-man squad. His side didn’t do themselves any harm against the Netherlands on Friday night, with the likes of Jordan Pickford, Harry Maguire and Kieran Trippier all getting ever closer to booking their spots on the plane. But who’re missing? And who could be the outside shots to make it to Russia 2018?

Jack Wilshere

 It was a huge shame for Jack Wilshere, who had to pull out of the recent squad due to injury. He’s worked so hard to get back into both the Arsenal and international fold and fully deserved to get a start in the heart of England’s midfield.

He’s certainly one of most pundits World Cup tips to go still if he’s fit as almost every England manager he’s played under has appreciated his quality with the ball. It’s something they could very well need, with Eric Dier, Jake Livermore and Jordan Henderson the other likely contenders for that central midfield spot.

Gary Cahill

While Gareth Southgate said he’d only pick players who were playing, it was still a surprise to see Chelsea’s Gary Cahill miss out on a place in Southgate’s recent squad. He’s struggling to get a game at Chelsea but his leadership and experience could be a valuable asset to England.

Managers of the nation do usually pick an experienced man within their squad and with only Joe Hart having more than caps than in and around the England set-up, Cahill could be the likely choice.

Glenn Murray

 A lot of fans were hoping to see Glenn Murray put on an England shirt in the recent friendlies but instead Southgate opted for Danny Welbeck. What Murray offers is something different, but it will now take great courage from the manager to drop someone in place of a player who is yet to be tried or tested at international level.

The England strike force does currently look a little one dimensional though. They have Kane as an all-round talent and then on top of that just a number of pacey forwards who like to get in and behind defenders. What happens when England need to go direct? Or Southgate needs someone to hold the ball up at the other end of the pitch? It’s a worry and Murray could be the answer.

Ben Mee

 James Tarkowski was given a call up in the recent squad by Gareth Southgate and it can be argued Ben Mee deserves one just as much. The centre half places are well and truly up for grabs in this squad and Mee could be an outside bet if he continues to shine.

He’d be an ideal replacement should any injuries occur as he’s been a shining light at the heart of Burnley’s defence all season. We’re sure many would love to simply pluck both Mee and Tarkowski from the Clarets back line and place them straight into the England team they’ve been that sound defensively. Of all the players England fans may argue about being in or out of the squad, we doubt any would argue against Mee warranting a place.

6 Things About The World Cup You (Probably) Don’t Know

World Cup Quiz

The football World Cup unites the planet like no other sporting event and Russia 2018 is getting closer and closer. The football extravaganza comes along every four years and now is a great time to get your statto-geek World Cup facts and trivia in order. Who knows when there’ll be a mate you need to bore/dazzle in the pub?

Our friends at FootballBettingHub have put together six interesting (or “interesting” perhaps) pieces of World Cup trivia together. Strap yourselves in…

Best Attended – The 1994 USA World Cup, which England decided they’d best not bother with, is the best-attended World Cup ever. The average attendance was 68,991. Max out your geek points by telling anyone who’ll listen that this is a whopping 30% higher than the next best (Brazil 2014).

3 x 5You don’t get any quizzie kudos for knowing your five times table. If, however, you instantly knew we were referring to the fact that three players have played in five different World Cups, then well done! Mexico’s Antonio Carbajal, Italy’s Gigi Buffon and German great Lothar Matthäus are your men!

Hungary for Goals – Three of the most goal-laden World Cup games ever have seen Hungary go goal crazy. Their legendary 1954 team beat Germany FR 8-3 and Korea 9-0, whilst the 1982 side thrashed El Salvador 10-1. That gives Hungary three of the top seven World Cup goalfests.

Stamps Worth More – You probably know that the Jules Rimet trophy (incidentally it was originally called Victory and was renamed in 1946) was stolen in 1966. You also probably know that Pickles the dog found it. But did you know that the thieves took it from the “Sport with Stamps” display at the Stampex exhibition? And that stamps valued at £3 million were ignored in favour of the £30,000 trophy?

Klose The King? – Germany’s Miroslav Klose is arguably the greatest player in World Cup history. He’s played in four World Cups and only three men have played in more. Only compatriot Matthäus has played more games but nobody has scored more goals or won more games at the World Cup than the former Lazio forward. In his four World Cups, he never finished worse than third! Essentially he’s miles better than England all by himself.

Italy, Germany or Brazil – If you want to bet on the World Cup, just back Italy, Germany AND Brazil to win it. Ignoring the first World Cup (1930, held in and won by Uruguay – as you knew!) when only 13 teams took part and there was no Italy or Germany, these three nations have been dominant. There have been 19 World Cups since then and this glorious trio have won 13 of them! That’s a 68% strike rate!

If you do indeed fancy a bet on the 2018 World Cup in Russia, check out FootballBettingHub’s brilliant World Cup betting offers. Their listings of the best enhanced odds, free bets and bookie offers will help you cash in next summer!

Driving to the World Cup: The Ultimate Road Trip

With football’s world governing body reportedly set to make a tidy profit from Brazil 2014, according to this article in the Daily Mail, the World Cup is perhaps as well known now for its cynical commercialisation as it is for the football. However, for many, the global tournament is still just one big celebration of the beautiful game, the perfect excuse for a football themed road trip and one huge, unforgettable adventure!

Getting there

A road trip may sound like a romantic idea, just a group of friends with nothing for company but each other and the open road. If you’re based in the UK, you’re not going to drive there directly, obviously – between Lizard Point in Cornwall, the most south-westerly point in the British Isles, and Fortaleza, on the east coast of Brazil, lies 4,200 miles of unforgiving Atlantic Ocean waves. Fortunately, flights direct to Brazil from the UK are available. The busiest airports in the country are on the south east coast in Rio and Sao Paulo. From these two huge cities you’ll be able to start your World Cup Road Trip.

What you’ll need

In Brazil you can use a full UK driving licence for a maximum of 180 days, if your road trip lasts any longer than this you’ll need to apply for a Brazilian licence. Although the weather is unlikely to get bitterly cold in Brazil, it would still be a good idea to take warm clothing for the chilly nights down south at this time of year. Up north and in the jungle meanwhile, you’ll need plenty of sun cream and mosquito repellent. It is also worth noting that in Brazil, the water is not potable, so you’ll either need to buy bottled water or have some means of purifying tap water in you intend to drink it.

The Road Trip

There are a couple of ways that you can plan a World Cup road trip: one is to follow a team, the other is to make a route for the final. One problem with following a team is that Brazil is so large that it could be difficult to keep up. England, for instance, played their first match in Manaus in the Amazon before setting off for a game over 1,600 miles away in Sao Paulo just five days later. The teams will be flying, so you’ll need to do some serious logistical planning if you want to tag along.

If the schedule for your favoured team is too brutal you could always try to follow a team with a less punishing draw; Argentina for instance, have to travel relatively little in the group stage. On the other hand, driving around Brazil, visiting towns you may not have heard of before, is all part of the experience.

Simpler may be a route to the final, taking in the many iconic football destinations in Brazil. Some of the most famous sights associated with the beautiful game include Estádio Urbano Caldeira in Santos, the Museu do Futebol in Sao Paulo and Pele’s home town of Três Corações in Minas Gerais. Finally, you can get back in time for the end of the tournament, taking place in the most iconic footballing monument of them all, the 200,000 capacity Estadio Maracana in Rio.

If you can’t actually make it to Brazil while the tournament is underway, you can always plan a trip later in the year and travel around, soaking up the post World Cup atmosphere.


Game on! Morphsuits mobs Trafalgar Square and stages England vs Italy

To kick the 2014 World Cup off, Morphsuits took football to the streets of London and flashmobbed Trafalgar Square, to predict the final score of the first of England’s matches, against Italy on Saturday 14th June.

The Morphsuit cladded entourage of English and Italian players took over the square , weaving in and out of tantalised spectators, disputing offside calls, red cards and extra time for full fanatic glory, the group of footy fans showed England’s capital how to take the party to the streets and celebrate The World Cup just days before the main event.

The Italian and English teams ran on with goal posts and took onlookers by surprise as they quickly assembled in between the fountains to kick off the match. Patriotic supporters congregated at the sidelines and kicked the ball back in to play when it went off side (outside the fountains!).

The match ended in a tantalising 0-0 draw, so all eyes are now on Saturday when England meet Italy in Rio for their all-important first match to see if the prediction will come true.

The Flag Morphsuits, available here are Morphsuit’s pledge to be sponsors of football fans across the globe for the World Cup. You can literally dress from head to toe in your country’s colours and be king of the World Cup party!

Watch the highlights of the match up below!

You can watch highlights of the match up by clicking here


World Cup Fantasy Football – Help Needed

As editor of FootieQuiz.co.uk, I may know who was the top scorer at the 1986 World Cup Finals (Gary Lineker), who has scored in every round of a World Cup tournament (Jairzinho) and how many teams competed in the first ever World Cup (13)… but picking a Fantasy World Cup team.. that’s a different ball game. (Well almost!)


What do you think so far???


Lloris, H Lloris, H Lloris, H £3.5m
Vermaelen, T Vermaelen, T Vermaelen, T £3.7m
Mertesacker, P Mertesacker, P Mertesacker, P £4.2m
Rodriguez, F Rodriguez, F Rodriguez, F £2.3m
Zhirkov, Y Zhirkov, Y Zhirkov, Y £3.2m
Reus, M Reus, M Reus, M £5.7m
Robben, A Robben, ARobben, A £5.7m
Palacios, W Palacios, W Palacios, W £2.7m
Karagounis, G Karagounis, G Karagounis, G £2.9m
Messi, L Messi, L Messi, L £8.0m

Neymar Neymar Neymar £7.8m

Countdown to the World Cup

Here at Footie Quiz we can barely wait!

Only one day to go until Brazil take on Croatia and the World Cup kicks off!

After years of disappointment and hurt many pundits are claiming that England go into the finals with low expectation after being pitted in the clichéd ‘Group of Death’. But what if, just what if England made it all the way to the final in Rio on the 13th July? Well check out this cool infographic from Hertz.

England will start their World Cup campaign in the heat of the Amazon jungle in Manuas, followed by a flight over to Sao Paulo, before concluding their last group game in the little heard of city of Bello Horizonte. Thereafter it will depend on how the Three Lion fare in the ‘Group of Death’. In the unlikely event that they top the group they will be off to Recife, lose the group and they can console themselves with a trip to Rio to play in the world famous Maracana. Whichever route they take one thing is for sure – there will be a lot of travel across a massive country.

For our part at FootieQuiz we think that England will surprise a few people in this tournament and when they get out of the group stage we can see them getting as far as the Quarter Finals.

World Cup



Have a quick trip over to WhenIsIt.co.uk for a countdown to the World Cup.

Find a pub football quiz

Love football, love quizzes and love a pint or two? If so then I’m sure you will agree that there is nothing better than a good old pub football quiz! Trouble is how do you find out about them?

We have been running FootieQuiz for over 5 years now and I honestly couldn’t tell you where my nearest regular football pub quiz venue is! It is not because there are not any being held but to my mind it is because quiz promoters don’t have anywhere to tell people about their quiz – other than at the boozer it is being held in.

So when Steve & Richard got in contact to tell us about their forth coming World Cup Quiz in Horbury, Wakefield on Saturday 7th June we thought it would be a good idea to post about it in our blog post.

What is more we would like to invite any pub, supporters club or quiz promoter to get in contact if you would like FootieQuiz to tell its members about your football quiz. And if we get enough dates and venues we would be happy to create a database of UK (and global) football pub quizzes.

In addition to Steve & Richards one off World Cup Quiz they also hold a monthly Quiz on the 1st Monday of the Month at the Kings Head in Horbury, Wakefield. For contact details get in contact with us and we will put you in contact with the guys.


Five Reasons To Watch The 2014 World Cup

Hear that? Yep, it’s the sound of the clock gears slowly winding inexorably toward another World Cup showdown. The best teams on the planet are set to meet this June in the gladiatorial stadiums of Brazil to compete for football’s greatest prize. Expect the hype to reach stratospheric levels as time approaches kick off on Thursday June 12, when home team and favourites Brazil take on Croatia.

Anyone with the slightest interest in football knows that when World Cup fever hits it hits hard. Branded beer coolers, straw boaters, vuvuzelas, sticker books, mugs, shirts and underpants are bought on a whim and paraded with pride. Normal folk plunder their funds to buy footie merchandise from the high street, ebay.co.uk, street vendors and that guy who flogs socks and t-shirts in the car park at lunchtime. We back our team in every conceivable way.

As far as the national squads go the mind games have begun already. Roy Hodgson has pre-empted critics ahead of England’s match with Italy in the humidity of Manaus by telling his players to pump up the optimism, says The Guardian’s Owen Gibson. Under the austere management of former manager Fabio Capello the team flopped in South Africa, so Hodgson wants to dodge criticism for a dour display by the England team.

Brazil are keen to iron out the wrinkles too and manager Felipe ‘Big Phil’ Scolari has been swift to name most of his 23-strong squad. Surprises are few, but the fact that the talented Kaka is unlikely to make it may mean he has played his last in serious competition. Zenit’s Hulk is also under question, says ESPN’s Fernando Duarte, after Gerson, veteran of the Brazil ’70 team, backed Liverpool’s Phillipe Coutinho on the left.

With all that to ponder, lets ramp up the atmosphere another notch with five cast iron reasons to stay glued to the World Cup action this summer.

 1 Real home of football

Brazil and the South American teams are renowned for playing a brand of skillful football that relies as much on the rhythm of the samba as it does physical strength and grace. Teams from Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil suck opponents in and dance around them to score. The beautiful game may have originated in England but Brazil has more often than not set the competition on fire with its skill, athleticisim and sheer trickery, winning the competition five times. This may be a case of football coming to its spiritual home.

2 Group of death

Watch favourites tumble in the so-called ‘group of death’. No-one actually dies, though the stress of watching your team struggle against the odds to qualify feels like it could squeeze the life out of you sometimes. Neutrals and fanatics alike love to watch the big names pitted against each other and any group with two or three big footballing nations competing head to head gets the label. You could argue that England’s Group D has that feel about it – Italy, former winners Uruguay and unknown quantities Costa Rica.

3 Dark horses charging the field

Another one for the neutrals or those who like to adopt a second team – just in case theirs is knocked out – is the dark horse. This mythical creature finds its true nature in the often unspectacular team that is just tough to beat, a team with surprising flair and one or two extraordinary players who cut through the favourites like a filleting knife through mackerel. Your team could get done up like a kipper by these boys.

4 Wonder goals

Like Dennis Bergkamp trapping a ball punted over his right shoulder from 50 yards and firing past a prostrate Argentinian, the wonder goal is what we all live for. Outrageous skill that ends in the net bulging outwards and a player wheeling away into World Cup history is always welcome. Think a young Michael Owen against Argentina or Ronaldinho out-foxing David Seaman. This time around watch two of the world’s best, Lionel Messi and Ronaldo, for goals of pure quality.

5 Spectacle unleashed

It might be a cliché but it is part of what makes this competition so special. The spectacle of the cup, colour and excitement, dancing hysterical crowds and Mexican waves. In the tropical heat of Brazil’s summer expect to sweat with the humidity soaked up from a carnival atmosphere half a world away and experience some serious footballing exotica. Bask in reflected glory and drink a few caipirinha cocktails to get in the swing.



Quizdown to the World Cup!

2014 is literally just around the corner and to add to the excitement we have added over a hundred to World Cup quiz questions to our database. Do you know your Zico from your Zidane? Your David Beckham from your David Ginola?

Currently topping the table is AC Milan fan Total Football who has answered 317 out of 344 world cup quizzes correctly – that is an impressive 92.15% success ratio. So the question is have you got what it takes to knocked him off top spot? If so get quizzing.