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The major soccer league or “MLS” as we know it is the professional soccer league in both the United States and Canada. It was founded in 1993 although the first season didn’t take place until 1996. It was founded as part of the Unites States Successful bid to host the 1994 World cup which went down flawless and in which the United States received huger credit for.

The “MLS” is composed of nineteen teams, sixteen in the Unites States and only three in Canada. The season in the Unites States differs from that of Europe where in runs from March until December with each team playing 34 times in a season and then the winner being awarded the “Supporters Shield” and then ten teams compete in the postseason MLS cup playoffs which then ends with the championship game “The MLS cup”. A bit like the “NBA – National Basketball Association “The teams in the MLS are divided into Eastern and Western conferences and midway through the season the teams break for the annual “All star game”, this is a friendly game which includes the finest players from the MLS against a club from a different league.

After its first season, MLS suffered from a decline in attendance. The league’s low attendance was all the more apparent in light of the fact that eight of the original ten teams began playing in stadiums owned or rented by American football teams, most of the venues with capacities of 60,000 or more. Also the leagues quality was cast into doubt when the U.S. men’s national team, which was made up largely of MLS players, was eliminated in the first round of the 1998 World Cup by losing to all opponents in the group stage and finishing in last place. However this all changed after the 2002 World cup when the United States made the Quarter finals of the world cup leading to the resurgence in American soccer and in particular the MLS. So in its first season after the world cup the MLS set an attendance record when 61,000 people witnessed the LA Galaxy take home their first title.

It is commonly known that when the season finishes in the MLS a few players will be loaned to a premier league club in England until the MLS season kicks off again in March, this is to keep a players fitness going and also to help out a premier league club who maybe do not have sufficient funds to go out and buy a player in the January transfer window.

In 2007 the MLS pulled off its biggest coup when David Beckham signed for the LA Galaxy, this made International headlines across the world and was seen as a positive signing for the Galaxy and also helped the MLS acquire more big name signings which to this day can be seen at all teams around the MLS. One of these big names is none other than Thierry Henry who played his football with Arsenal before moving to Barcelona and who now plays with New York Red bulls. Robbie Keane, another player that played his football in England moved to LA Galaxy and is currently captain and doing remarkable things. Another big name that has just been announced and will be moving to Toronto FC is Jermaine Defoe who currently plays for Tottenham Hotspur; he is the latest premiership player to join the ranks in the MLS after agreeing a four year deal. After his successful five years playing for LA Galaxy, David Beckham left the LA Galaxy in 2012 and now there is big talk that he will be setting up a franchise in Miami.

The MLS has faced criticism from FIFA and some domestic soccer fans for neither abiding by the FIFA calendar nor changing the league schedule to one that begins in August and ends in May to coincide with the European leagues. The criticism received is because the current March to December format clashes with CONCACAF GOLD CUP and also the WORLD CUP and other FIFA-sanctioned international competitions held in June and July. This only leads to top players abandoning their MLS teams during those two months so they can compete in these tournaments, and thus makes it harder for the league to recruit more of the world’s best players.

In my opinion the Major League Soccer is still a long way away from being on par with major leagues around Europe and this clearly shows with players joining the league when they are clearly past their best and also because it is not the number one sport in the U.S and to be honest it will never be as you have the likes of the NBA, NFL and the MLB all ahead of the MLS. One can only say that since its existence in 1993 the MLS has proven people wrong and to this day is still going strong.

Although he has long since left the MLS check out David Beckhams Greatest Ever MLS goals:

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David Beckham and his cars: A potted history

In a career which has taken in World Cups, Champions League triumphs, spells in Madrid and Los Angeles plus a few unsavoury headlines, David Beckham has accomplished quite a lot during his playing days. Now, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid superstar has a life outside the game to look forward to.

It might involve going a few nice drives and, if his car history is anything to go by, he’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding which vehicle to use from his garage. Here are five of the best cars that Becks has had the pleasure of driving over the years:

Porsche Turbo

When he’s not buying cars for his parents-in-law, Becks is looking for sports cars that allow him to drive with the wind running through his hair. The Porsche Turbo is the sort of thing that would make any of his teammates jealous when rocking up at the training ground; one that most footballers would love to own.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

This is the sort of car that Becks might like to drive for the school run or perhaps through the countryside. You can imagine Brooklyn, Romeo and Harper Seven having plenty of room in the back to argue until they get dropped off!

Rolls Royce Phantom and Ghost

Beckham loves a Rolls Royce, both being British institutions, but they don’t come cheap. The Phantom is ideal for movie premieres or perfume launches with Victoria; while the Ghost is one he might want to drive while cruising along the Californian highways.

Bentley Continental Supersports

This is the typical footballer’s car. You could easily reel off a list of players who have the exact same model, but it’s easy to see why they like them so much. Speed, power and looks, not to mention the prestige of owning a Bentley makes them pretty alluring to have in your garage!

Chevrolet Camaro

Possibly influenced by his move to LA Galaxy, Becks has made a wise choice in forking out for this iconic Chevy. As mentioned by, the Camaro has plenty going for it, especially when compared to similar models such as the Corvette C6. It’s one that will sit proudly alongside his Rolls Royces, Bentleys et al.

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6 Things We’ll Miss Most About Beckham

Goal for England

Unless you’ve been living in a closet for the last week or two, you’ve probably heard the news that David Beckham – after 20 incredible years – is calling it quits in professional football. Becks is stepping away from the game on his own terms, and though his best play has been behind him for a few years now, it’s really been quite a graceful exit for a player whose legions of fans hoped for just that.

So, as life as a football fan without Beckham begins to set in, let’s honour him with a brief look back. Here are the 6 things we’ll miss most about the great David Beckham

1. The Winning He may never have brought England a World Cup, but Beckham can hardly be faulted for that, and it’s certainly worth noting at the end of his career that he won just about everywhere else he went. A 1999 Champions League title and 6 Premier League wins with Man U, a La Liga victory with Real Madrid, and an MLS championship with the LA Galaxy are just a few of his teams’ myriad accomplishments on the biggest stages.

2. The Determination Former team mate Jonathan Woodgate notes, in a recent tribute to Beckham, that Beckham’s career was about proving people wrong. Let go by Manchester United, Beckham won with Real Madrid. Cut from the England national team in 2006, Beckham was back in 2008. Criticised for moving to the U.S., Beckham brought more attention to the MLS than anyone ever had, and won a championship with the Galaxy. His career was full of a furious determination

3. The Field Play Watching Beckham play at the height of his power was like watching a player who could see the future. Beckham’s on-field precision and play were so strong that a fan might want to consult Acuvue’s guide to astigmatism to make sure he or she was seeing clearly. His control of the ball, particularly in setting up team mates and taking his famous free kicks, was simply otherworldly at times.

4. The Smile Despite all the winning, all the determination, and the furious ability Beckham continually displayed on the field, his smile will be missed. On television, in interviews, and even on Hollywood’s red carpets, Beckham always seemed incredibly at ease, and truth be told the image for a pro athlete of his calibre was refreshing.

5. The Advertisements Plenty will site shirtless photos of Beckham on billboards first when discussing what they’ll miss most. Football fans prefer to focus more on his on-field stardom, but the ads were certainly prevalent and unique.

6. The Celebrity Finally, we’ll miss his simple, raw celebrity. Beckham may at one point have been the best player in the world – but he has undeniably been the most recognise
able for some time now, and the game of football will miss that celebrity. Beckham brought attention to the beautiful game every time he appeared publicly, and his reputation will be sorely missed.