Our EPL Clubs Database – Over 115 questions for every club

To be honest it is relatively easy writing football quiz questions for this site and our app when it comes to the ‘big guns’! They have illustrious histories, millions of fans, millions of column inches etc. However here at FootieQuiz we pride ourselves at our commitment to catering for the fans of the ‘smaller clubs’ which is why we are the only website on the internet to have a club quiz for every single English Premier League and Football League clubs (as well as some non League!).

Believe it or not ¬†writing question on some of the new entrants (Hull, Cardiff et al) ¬†to the EPL can be a challenging, so that is why we are proud to have hit a milestone of having over 115 questions for every single EPL club. Naturally we have more for some of the ‘bigger clubs’. The table below is a summary of all the questions that we and our members have written over the last four years.

Arsenal 304
Aston Villa 153
Cardiff City 115
Chelsea 271
Crystal Palace 115
Everton 154
Fulham 122
Hull City 116
Liverpool 396
Manchester City 165
Manchester United 465
Newcastle United 144
Norwich City 230
Southampton 116
Stoke City 121
Sunderland 118
Swansea City 116
Tottenham Hotspur 165
West Bromwich Albion 116
West Ham United 138

If you would like to add your clubs total – sign in and go to the add question section and do your club proud.

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