Liverpools Transfer Dealings

It would be more than fair to say that Liverpool’s transfer kitty has been splashed around, wasted and splashed around again over the past decade in a quest to help them climb back to the top of the Premier League tree. Many an expensive player has been bought and sold on for a loss without making an impact. But what of their Transfer Dealings in the 2016 window. Is it enough to drive Jurgen Klopp’s team into that top 4 where they feel they belong or will it result in another season of frustration at Anfield? According to the TransferMarkt Liverpool have only spent £501,000 on a net basis!

Sadio Mane arrived for £35 million in the latest of a long line of players to make their way from the South Coast to Merseyside. The Price beggars belief in certain extents, but with Mane’s potential to up his game, and his proven track record in the Premier League, it may be worth the gamble. I suspect he will beat his tally of 11 goals last season. Check here for other football betting tips

But one transfer everyone, especially those in the North East questioned, was the £23 million splashed out on Georginio Wijnaldum from Newcastle. In one or two game last season, he shone in a bad team but to justify that price tag is bizarre. If one transfer this season showed there was far too much money kicking around in the Premier League it is perhaps this one!

Are these signings to inspire the Anfield faithful? Do they get you dreaming of title glory and booking tickets for Europe next year? Or does the lack of ambition and high prices played for these places resign you to another season of “also rans”?

However, Liverpool accountants can justify themselves by pointing to the £15 million taken in for Jordan Ibe. When I first saw this story, I was convinced it was a misprint and was supposed to be £1.5 million…but now. Bournemouth, a team who were several leagues lower only a matter of years ago, paid a whopping £15 million for an unproven player who Liverpool were glad to see the back of. Now you have to say…that’s good business. In fact, the £13 million for Joe Allen and the £26 million received for Christian Benteke, despite being a total flop, were very smooth bits of business on Liverpool’s behalf and meant that, rather shockingly, despite all the new TV money coming in and available to spend, and despite the over inflated figure they paid for their transfers coming in, they ended up making a profit at a time when most clubs cannot spend their money quick enough! Even the £3 million gained for the unknown Brad Smith is a figure that you have to stop and look at twice. Football has officially gone off the wall in insanity!

It would take a betting man to make any sort of bold predictions for or against the likely success of Jurgen Klopp this season, but it sure will be an interesting ride. Champions League contenders or battling for 5th? Who knows where the Kop will be taken this season…


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