List of Premier League Main Sponsors

The Premier League is one of the best things that ever happened in the realm of football. Apart from World Cup, this is the other football league competition that attracts every football fan out there. It does not matter which team you support, the Premier League is relevant to every person who enjoys watching football.

Every year, it runs from the months of August after the FA Community Shield to May. However, unknown to many is that the world’s most popular football league competition normally works closely with a select group of partners as well as licensees to bring to us the event. Below are some main Premier League sponsors;

  1. EA Sports 


EA Sports is a household name when it comes to video games. In fact, it is one of the leading video games companies globally. The entity together with the Premier League has had a long term partnership since 2010. Last year it announced that it had expanded the partnership deal with the Premier League, becoming its biggest partner through to 2019.

  1. Barclays Bank

Barclays is one of the biggest banks in the world with presence in nearly every country. It is one of the main sponsors of this football league contest, which is currently in its second month. Over the last one and a half decades, the bank has enjoyed a great partnership with the Premier League as their financial services provider and title sponsor. It remains the banking partner of the League until the end of the next season. Whether or not Barclays will renew its commitment to support the League after 2019, it is something we are looking forward to finding out soon enough.

  1. Cadbury

Cadbury along with the Premier League have come together to begin an incredible partnership, starting from the beginning of this season. This move brings together two major global brands that have tremendous popularity across the globe.

For Cadbury, which is one of the world’s favourite chocolate brands, this adds to the brand’s history of important partnerships, and offers another opportunity for it to bring moments of excitement to millions of Premier League fans. The entity is expected to execute this exciting partnership with Premier League in many different ways that will entertain both players and fans

  1. Nike


When it comes to the Premier League, one of the key partners that come into mind is Nike. This American brand has been the official match ball provider to the Premier League for more than a decade and a half. This year it will be the 16th time for which the sports items and sportswear company has provided match balls for the League.


Although we have only listed four, there are many other key sponsors to the Premier League this season and the subsequent ones. From Carling and TAG Heuer, through to SportingiD and so on, the list of brands that sponsor this top football league event today is endless. Do not forget to visit the Euro Palace Casino for exciting Premier League betting.

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