Increase in betting and casino sponsorship in football

In an increasingly digital world it is perhaps unsurprising that the betting industry has grown at such a rapid rate. With so many platforms that now facilitate gambling, such as mobile and computer, players are not restricted to how and when they want to bet.

This has resulted in over £40 billion being wagered on a wide variety of sporting events and casinos in 2014. The market is booming and extremely lucrative.

One thing that has not changed however is the most popular betting opportunity. Football. Attracting all ages, the chance to back your favourite club with hard earned cash provides a thrill almost like no other. Unsurprisingly, football clubs have clicked on, developing a commercial marketing strategy that mutual benefits all.

Clubs get a substantial boost by betting and casino sponsorship, whilst the sponsor get’s their product promoted in its most targeted setting. Fans also benefit by becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities provided by multimedia betting. They are also often given exclusive offers for joining their clubs betting partner.

So just how big has betting and casino sponsorship become in football? The world’s official richest club, Real Madrid, set the trend, signing up to Spanish bookmaker BWIN. In the subsequent years, BWIN’s client base trebled. Whether it is sports betting or casino games such as online pokies, you’ll be able to find it at sites sponsoring Premier League teams. If not, visit Pokies Palace for one of the best choices around.

Within the last few years ten Premier League clubs, Manchester United, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Stoke, Chelsea, Everton, Tottenham, Newcastle, Fulham and Liverpool, have all been sponsored by betting companies. This is all despite strict legislation from the Gambling Act which forbids advertisement of casinos and betting services that are not based with the EEA or are part of the Gambling Commission White List.

The success of these relationships has even resulted in football leagues being sponsored by betting and casino companies. The whole English league, for example, is promoted by SkyBet, whilst in the last few days the Scottish league announced a £4 million deal with Ladbrokes for rights of all levels of the professional Scottish leagues.

There have been major criticisms of this increasing trend. Some have questioned the morality of betting sponsorships, whilst others have blamed clubs for gambling addictions and other side effects of the activity. Strict legislations from the Gambling Act, as previously stated, have policed this well, however, and have protected players influenced too severely by the sponsorship.

As the football betting world continues to economically grow, there is no doubt that this type of sponsorship will become even more of a common trend, especially with the introduction of mobile gambling at sites such as Mobile Pokies Online.

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