How to Train Hard and Become the Next Gareth Bale

In 2007 Gareth Bale was a highly regarded young prospect. He was soon bought by Tottenham Hotspurs for a tasty fee of around £7m, but failed to live up to his hype for the next few years. Through the right training, nutrition plan and equipment he has improved beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Your training equipment holds the key to your improvement and at you can find the gear to make you a star. 

So, training doesn’t make a difference you say? In August 2013 Gareth Bale made the world record signing of £85.3m, with Real Madrid being the lucky team to secure his services. Bale, 24, had a few mediocre seasons followed by two sensational, record-breaking seasons in England. Now he is considered one of the best talents the game has to offer, and he can proudly say he is the “most expensive” talent in the game. So with the right plan, effort and dedication you too can become the best footballer you possibly can. 

Nutrition is an important part of your pursuit to be the best. There are certain super-football-foods that are labeled as the perfect choice to improve your fitness and ability. Firstly, drinking water is important. Secondly, it’s important to eat a good amount of protein such as chicken or fish. It’s recommended that you eat a balanced meal, meaning putting foods like jacket potatoes and vegetables alongside the others- this will only help to increase your abilities. 

When speaking to Four-Four-Two magazine Gareth Bale was asked about the importance of his nutrition and he repliedMassively important. If you get your diet and hydration right you’re going to be a step ahead of everybody else on the pitch. If you’re hydrated properly you reduce your risk of injury and if you’re committed to your fitness programme you’ll be able to last longer, running just as hard in the last minute as you were in the first.

Who are we to argue with the world’s most expensive player?

As many champions have said before- champions aren’t made on the football pitch- they are made through hard work and dedication in every aspect that influences your abilities. One fundamental aspect of being the best is the ability to train hard and improve yourself at every chance possible. There’s many key attributes such as pace, strength and football skills in general that all require work, but Gareth Bale when asked about the importance of training hard to improve his acceleration replied It’s massively important to my game, especially the way I play, running at defenders. If you’ve got that explosive acceleration you’re able to get away from defenders and either shoot and score or pass or cross. It gives you an extra advantage over your opponent.

So what kind of training will help you to improve? 

Ball control

There are many traffic cones, superdomes and poles that you can use to run around and use as a marker for sprints. More importantly these pieces of equipment will be perfect for enhancing your ball control. Warm yourself up by having a light jog around these and then increase the pace, but use a football from there on. By performing different drills with this equipment you will notice your ball control will improve, so much that it will seem you have built a connection between your feet and the ball.

Speed and agility

Having the best speed and agility possible is an important aspect in becoming the best. Speed and agility ladders and hurdles will enhance these attributes, if used correctly. By using these training tools you will be able to see what you’re achieving and set realistic goals to help you on to your way to improvement.

Passing and shooting drills

It’s great to have a structured plan to help you become the best player you possibly can. Doing football only drills will see you lack natural fitness, and if you do the opposite you will be a fit athlete with no football ability. So taking care of the basic skills like passing and shooting will help you become the best player possible. Football goals and various targets will help your shooting, and passing arcs will help you develop a better passing range.

All of these types of training equipment will help you further your game, but it’s important to find what plan suits your own personal targets, rather than following the normal routine of others. For example there is no need to concentrate on your tackling ability day in and day out if you’re an attacking player.

All of these tips are vital fundamentals to follow if you are to become the best player you possibly can. It will require dedication, time and effort, but if you want to be worth £85.3m then that’s what it takes. Gareth finished by saying “Rest, sleep and getting food and drink on board are all key elements. Recovery is essential if you want to get ready for the next training session and match.” So what are you waiting for?


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