How to make money betting on football

The football betting industry is a rapidly increasing business. Multimedia gambling opportunities, increased gaming sponsorships, and a greater range of markets available, now mean that football betting is a much enjoyed part of many people’s lives.

Financial losses are a natural cap on this enjoyment however. Critics of football gambling revel in stating that ‘the house always has the edge’ and ‘players will only gamble back their winnings.’ Whilst these two statements contain elements of truth, there is undoubtedly a way to minimise this ‘house edge’ and gamble in a disciplined, efficient manner.

The first, and most important, step for any football punter is a website called oddschecker. Oddschecker compares prices for every market of every match, giving punters an easy opportunity to always get the best odds. The useful site also includes details of all free bet offers and new account specials.

Understanding the best football betting markets is also incredibly important. The vast majority of losing gamblers are those who place numerous small staked accumulators. They predominantly feature a wide range of teams, from a random list of divisions. Bookmakers profit massively from this ‘Hollywood’ style of betting. Those more successful stick with singles and doubles, and usually these tend to be in the lower leagues rather than the Premier League.

It is also worth noting that bookmakers have the highest ‘house edge’ on goalscorer markets. They exploit gambler’s love of individual players, knowing they will back them no matter the odds. First, last, and anytime goalscorers are almost always priced up at odds that do not follow their statistical scoring records.

Any successful football punter will stress the importance of analysing statistics before gambling. and are especially good websites crammed with detailed information of both team’s performances. Spending hours analysing statistics on all markets may not sound like fun, but it gives you the best chance to be profitable. After becoming accustomed to statistical betting you subconsciously become able to weigh up whether a bet represents good or bad value.

It is important to remember that betting on football usually has around a 10% margin built into it by online bookmakers. This is greater than the 5%-7% margin built in for slots and fruit machines at sites like Fruity Reels. Whilst many may disagree, statistically speaking you are likely to lose more money by betting on football than playing online fruit machines.

Finally, as previously mentioned it is essential to remain disciplined and efficient in your betting. By setting a limit each month of how much you are prepared to gamble, any potential net losses are instantly minimised. Efficiency can be measured through always taking the best odds, limiting selections to either a single or a double, and thoroughly researching before placing the bet. Oh and remember, bet with your head,, not your heart!

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