Greatest Right Wingers of All Time

The excitement of the wing position in football is admired by every fan.  There is nothing better in football than the sight of a winger blazing down the wing, beating man after man and putting in a killer cross. It takes pace, stamina, precision and creativity to be a world class winger. Here is a list of the top 5 right wingers of all time….

David Beckham

A figure who divides opinion. Some look at the celebrity that David Beckham gained, his fashion lines, his “business” approach to branding and downplay his skills. But the fact remains that David Beckham was a truly great player. He brought a different style of play to the right wing that made him a formidable force in the world game and a vital cog in Manchester United’s treble winning side. People often remember the two goals United scored in the final minutes of the 1999 Champions League final and forget who supplied the crosses. Many people will point to the England v Greece 2002 World Cup Qualifier in which Beckham almost single handedly drove England to the 2-2 draw they needed to qualify. Capped off by that stunning Free kick.

Speaking of free kicks Beckham made these an art form and there has never been a finer, more pure striker of the ball from set pieces. The free kicks that flew into the top corners are the ones that make the highlight reel but don’t forget the corners and crosses he also provided from dead ball situations. Pace and beating men was not his game, he was more at home hitting killer long balls, defence splitting through balls and building play to create goals.

A master of his art, David Beckham ruled the right wing during the most successful era of one of the world’s great clubs.

George Best

Sticking with the Manchester United theme, when you are ranking lists of all-time greats who have played in the right wing position, then George Best must surely feature. What else can be said that hasn’t already about this great, yet rather tragic figure. Being Northern Irish he was never really given chance to ignite the international stage but his time at Manchester United brought him worldwide fame. A drinker and a gambler Best loved best australian online casino sites .One of the most natural dribblers in the history of football, Best beat men for fun making the whole process look simple. He delivered service to his team mates like no other and was free scoring coming in from the right. 1968 saw him crowned European Player of the Year, acknowledging the role he played in United’s European Cup triumphs. The image the world should remember of Best is not his troubles, playboy styles or “fifth Beatle” status but the fact that he was a remarkable and totally incomparable footballer.

Luis Figo

Not many men can cross the great divide between Barcelona and Real Madrid and yet still be regarded as one of the finest players of all time by each set of fans but Luis Figo did just that. Often unfairly overlooked when drawing up lists of the greats of time, Luis Figo has a record to prove his case. Winning the Ballon d’Or in 2000, World player of the year in 2001 and Portuguese Player of the year for 6 years in a row shows how widely he was respected by his peers and critics.

Figo was a master with the ball at this feet. Again, unlike a lot of right wingers he lacked real pace and would rarely breeze past opponents but he used his skills with the ball and tactical knowledge to produce match winning crosses, beat men with his brain and score wonderful goals. He won league titles in Italy, Spain and found success on a European level with a Champions League and Cup Winners Cup medal. He was the heartbeat of every team he played in, a leader and a fine footballer.


The list would not complete without a few Brazilians would it? The flamboyancy, attacking minded play of the Brazilian style of football makes the national an ideal breeding ground for right wingers with all the attributes needed for success.  Jairzinho typifies that more than most loving best new usa online casinos . An essential member of the 1970 Brazil team, considered the greatest ever team, Jairzinho could beat a man with ease, embarrass defenders and score winning goals. In his 81 caps he proved to be a vital member of the national side, creating chances and netting 33 times.  Everyone who played alongside him loved having Jairzinho in the team and few can argue that he is worthy of a place here!


Garrincha was a name that instilled pure fear into the hearts and minds of any opposing defender. Every manager loved having his name of their team sheet, and every opposing manager new there were going to be problems with him bailing down the right wing.

When fans think of Garrincha they often think of his dribbling ability. Never before has a player looked so natural, so easy and been able to beat a man with such ease and skills. Devastating on the wing, teams could do little to combat Garrincha when in full force and whether he was planting crosses onto the heads of the great Brazilian strikers or scoring wonderful goals Garrincha had an impact in every match he played in! In 1962 he won his second World Cup and in the same year was named as World Player of the Year. Garrincha was a true great of the world game and one of the finest, if not THE finest, example of a right winger!

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