FootieQuiz is having a makeover!

FootieQuiz is having a makeover and we want you to tell you all about it. But we also want our users to tell us what enhancements and improvements you would like to see to the world’s best free football quiz website. So get in contact with us or simply leave your comments in this post.

So what will be new and better about the new FootieQuiz site?

  • Well for a start our new skin will move away from our 2005 style to a fresh clean style reflecting the latest web styling – including responsive design so mobile applications can get the best out of FootieQuiz.

FQ SS1-tiff

  • Each users individual profile will also be updated and branded in their favourite club colours.
  • We have hugely enhanced our member experience by improving the attributes sections. So as you make your way through our quizzes you can improve your personal attributes such as Speed, Passing and Shooting – much like a footballer training improves their skills.

FQ SS2-tiff


FQ SS3-tiff

  • Brand new to FootieQuiz will be our levels feature, which will make visiting our site more like playing a challenging game. Just like the life of a footballer you will start out as a trainee and have to work your way through the ranks to the ultimate goal of being part of the 10% of users who achieve World Class status. Here is a list of all the levels that will be within our new site:
    • World Class Superstar
    • International Star
    • International Player
    • International Rookie
    • Premier League Standard
    • First Teamer
    • First Team Rookie
    • Trainee
    • Social media will also feature more prominently in the new site allowing you to Facebook and tweet about your achievements
  • We will also be introducing separate leaderboards for those users who have submitted questions to the site. Instead of our standard 10 points awarded per question, we will be introducing a range of 5,10 and 20 points to be awarded depending upon the category and the quality of the submitted question.
  • In due course we will also be adding prize quizzes to incentivize you ‘know it alls’ to compete for more than just bragging rights!
  • In anticipation of the arrival of the FootieQuiz App we will also be giving visitors the opportunity to have a quick look at our much-anticipated app.
  • Our new dedicated app section will also be reviewing the best free and paid football apps for Google Android and Apple IOS with the aim of having a FootieQuiz Top 10 Best Football Apps chart.
  •  Quizzes – our raison d’etre! We have been busy behind the scenes writing a whole load more new quizzes. Below is a list of some of the new quizzes you will find in the new site:

International League Quizzes

Major European Club Quizzes

Football Superstar Quizzes

  • Steven Gerrard Quiz
  • Lionel Messi Quiz
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Quiz
  • Gareth Bale Quiz

Random Football Quizzes

  • England U21 Quiz
  • Sir Alex Ferguson Quiz
  • Football Hardmen Quiz
  • Final we have fixed the bug that allows crafty ‘little buggers’ to cheat!

Well that is it for now. We are very excited by these developments and we hope it will enhance your user experience. But if you have any great ideas please get in contact and share them with us.



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