FootieQuiz – Career & Challenge Beta Testing Update – Challenge Mode

Over the last couple of weeks the FootieQuiz team, friends and family and a number of site member have been Beta testing FooteQuiz – Career & Challenge to help ensure that when we launch in both IOS and Android in the next couple of weeks that we deliver on our promise to create the Best Football Quiz App out there. So far the signs are very very promising.

Central to delivering our promise is to successfully design, implement and execute our Challenge mode. We have seen many football quiz apps in our research and very few have been ambitious enough to try and develop a true Head to Head challenge mode. Those that have have struggled to get enough users to make their apps a success and or don’t provide a quality in game user experience.

We aim not to repeat those mistakes.

Since we released a few pictures of FootieQuiz – Career & Challenge a couple of weeks ago in this blog we have made some changes to Challenge mode. Below  we have summarised these.


Football Quiz App - Fixture list

We have split the Opponents (and the fixtures screen) to separate the challenges that you have Received from those that you have Sent. From testing we felt that sometimes people were interested in either one or the other and therefore didnt want to have a long list from which they had to scroll to find what they wanted.

We have also easily allowed you to favourite an opponent so that they go into your favourites list to allow you to easily find them.


Select Football Quiz


Avatars have been included which can be a picture of your choice – club badge or your mug – your choice!

Match Report



Football Quiz App Match Centre


We are currently working on functionality to allow you to instantly challenge your opponent to a rematch after you have been humiliated 3-0!

Head to Head 

Soccer Quiz & Trivia



You can keep track of all of your Head to Heads with every opponent with whom you do battle! We have also added a neat little form guide of your previous match.

Well that was just a quick update. If you have any questions get in contact.

With a couple of weeks to go we still have time for people to become Beta testers – if you are interested then drop us an email.







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