Footie Quiz Update: Minor Improvements to the site

In the coming weeks regular visitors to the best football quiz website on the net (crude SEO play intended) will see a number of minor improvements to the site.

The first noticeable one will be a requirement for site users to sign our terms and conditions. We are a free site and we work hard to maintain our quiz database and all revenue generated through ads has to date gone back into improving the site. Therefore we feel the time is right to protect (where possible) our intellectual property and hence the need for user agreed T&Cs.

The other major notable change will be the default switching of our Leaderboard from All time to Monthly scoring. Hard core visitors, don’t fret the information will still be there but the default will be a monthly scoring one.

Other improvements will see more text added to individual pages, a request a quiz subject button and an improvement in making it easier to write a quiz question.

As always if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the site please get in contact and let us know.

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