Football betting and accumulators – insider tips

Online sports betting is a massive global industry. According to research collated by Statista, the size of the online gaming market has grown significantly in the last decade – from $7.4 billion in 2003 to $37.6 billion 2013, and with forecasts to pass the $40 billion mark in 2015.

Sports betting is increasingly forming part of the fan experience. Sure, there are professional gamblers, those who have spent years and years honing their craft and can genuinely make a living from the industry. But there are millions of others who just love watching sport, and see online betting as a fitting accompaniment to that experience – for example, a football fan with a good knowledge of the game identifies the chance to transfer that knowledge to a betting platform and perhaps earn a bit of money in the process.

What follows is by no means an exhaustive resource of insider tips and knowledge, but a bit of advice for the newcomer to online football betting.

You may actually get as much success from randomly guessing the outcome of football matches but that misses the point of online sports betting. It’s about applying insight and analysis. So, make sure you do some research before placing any bets and if you’re looking to lay money against weekend games in the Premier League, check on form. Not just current form either, but historic form.

Consulting football website Soccerbase prior to the match between Leicester City and Manchester United in September tells us that United have won their last four fixtures at this venue. The riskier and more lucrative bet would be the hosts to win, then, but a safer wager would be United to win again. If you’re serious about building up a decent ‘pot’, it’s about small gains. Historical performance is always worth checking. Aston Villa’s 1-0 win at Liverpool earlier in September might have surprised the masses but a quick look on recent scores would have shown that Villa drew 2-2 at Anfield the season before after leading 2-0, and won 3-1 there the year before. A surprise result that was actually no surprise.

Accumulators are popular and can yield strong results. This is where bets are placed against the outcome of several games, and the more matches included the better the odds and the higher the payout. Yes, you need more results to go your way than just a single encounter but don’t be daunted by thinking accumulators must be ten games. You could bet on Chelsea, Barcelona and Bayern Munich to win their matches every weekend throughout the season. It’s highly likely that this will happen on more than a few occasions, and these three are among the strongest teams in their respective leagues in England, Spain and Germany. Stay on that track and you could generate decent profit come season end.

In September, Vernons offered an enhanced multiple on Juventus, Liverpool, Olympiakos and Real Madrid all to win their Champions League fixtures. With Juve, Liverpool and Real at home, against Malmo, Ludogrets and FC Basel, this would have been an enticing bet; only Olympiakos, against Atletico Madrid, looked an unlikely result from the outset. Then again, the Greeks were at home – and betting on the home side is always a good rule to remember.

If you want to rise above the occasional, casual football betting stakes and get into regular weekend forecasting, it pays to spend time reading and researching so that you feel confident of all the options available. The Betting Expert is a blog and resource which is highly recommended and provides worthy reading.




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