Football Betting 101: How to Get Free Bets and Bonuses

One of the things that avid football bettors look forward to is getting free bets or bonuses. Every bookmaker offers their version of their best free bets to attract all kinds of bettors.

However, despite it being free, there will be some requirements or limitations on gaining or using these special offers. For example, the amount of some free bets may be too low and thus may not be that significantly valuable, or there may be certain requirements to fulfill before availing it. Oftentimes, bettors cannot also withdraw the bonus amount immediately. Knowing and understanding these requirements or limitations

With this in mind, here are the different kinds of free bets and bonuses most bookmakers offer, and how to get them.

Welcome bonus

Most, if not all, bookmakers offer a welcome bonus to bettors upon sign up. This could either be a percentage of your first deposit, or a certain amount of cash that the bettor can use at any time. Bookmakers provide this to encourage new bettors to start engaging with them, thus it is also the easiest to get since it’s practically given.

Reload bonus

One of the most popular kinds of bonuses, reload bonuses are given to bettors after getting the welcome bonus and can be used in your next deposits. Unfortunately, as popular it may be, only several bookmakers offer reload bonuses. If you’re interested in getting one of these, check if your bookmaker provides this kind of bonus.

Free bets or ‘no deposit’ bonus

Some bookmakers offer a ‘no deposit’ bonus meaning one can place a bet for free for their first bet. This is often part of the welcome bonus, but it is usually quite a small amount. Despite this, it is still a popular kind of bonus since there’s no risk of losing your money. It’s also a safe way for new bettors to try betting on the bookmaker for the first time.

Match play bonus

Match play bonuses are more commonly offered in online casinos, but some sportsbooks offer them once in a while. Most of the time, these bonuses refer to certain sports events and can be claimed depending on how the event would finish.

Bonus on a loss

Since it’s more common for bettors to lose than to win, some bookmakers offer a bonus when you lose a bet to provide bettors an incentive for playing and to encourage them to continue playing. This bonus is usually a certain percentage of your loss.

Loyalty bonus

This bonus applies to existing or long-time bettors. Some bookmakers offer this bonus to reward and retain loyal bettors on their site. The most common way to earn and avail a loyalty bonus is via a point system where bettors gain points for every bet and can use a certain amount of points to avail free bets or bonuses.

The best way to get the most out of your football bets is by using these bonuses wisely. No matter how small a free bet or bonus may seem, using it accordingly can make a difference with its value. To effectively use your free bets or bonuses, always consider the wagering requirement, amount, and the odds.

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