Five things Jose needs to do

Jose Mourinho returns to the Premier League once again at the Stamford Bridge helm. The Chelsea manager won the title twice during his first stint but left under a cloud of disappointment, the Champions League a long way from his grasp.

Now he’s back and with this squad is more than ready to challenge Manchester United and Manchester City for the title. Here are five things he must get right to justify Chelsea’s status as one of the favourites in the Premier League title betting:

 1. Re-arrange the defence

Mourinho was the master of shutting down games when his Blues side went a goal or two up and although he’s developed a more attacking flair at Real Madrid his main priority remains not to concede.

The Portuguese boss recently confirmed John Terry as captain but don’t be surprised if he drafts in a decent centre-half to challenge Gary Cahill, with David Luiz possibly pushing into defensive midfield.

2. Please the press

Over 250 journalists crammed into the press conference for Mourinho’s official unveiling on Monday and they enjoyed a love-hate relationship with him during his first tenure. The press currently love Jose – he’s at least a story to write about over preseason – but he’ll put his foot in it from time to time next term. Keeping the right side of the press is vital for his and Chelsea’s credibility.

3. Buy a striker

Chelsea boast Demba Ba and Romelu Lukaku but have few other options, with Fernando Torres poised to depart the club. Mourinho needs a target man the other two can feed off and Edin Dzeko or Stevan Jovetic would be great additions to the squad. As for Torres, his Stamford Bridge soiree is surely at an end.

4. Win a trophy

Chelsea are a good price with Titan Bet to win the league this season but could also challenge for European honours if Mourinho gets his house in order. This team has a great defence and one of the most exciting attacking midfields in Europe, an asset that should earn them at least a domestic cup if not more.

5. Sort out Juan Mata

There are rumblings in the press that Juan Mata is on his way out of Chelsea, which would be a real shame. It’s not just his talent that makes him such a valuable player but his attitude is right up there with the best professionals in sport. Like Oscar he rarely moans or mouths off at the referee, instead letting his feet do the talking.

If Mata leaves, Mourinho must find a better replacement and few of those are available this summer.

One Reply to “Five things Jose needs to do”

  1. I would like to take each of your 5 points and comment 1 by 1.

    1. Agreed defense needs sorting out,too many times last campaign chelsea led, then lost, under Jose i don’t believe that would happen, My calculations Chelsea lost 15 pts from winning positions, add that to losing at home to QPR and chelsea would be champions.
    2. Please the Press, Absolutely not. Lets be honest the Press view is why print the truth when we can be lazy and print Lies, so No I don’t agree at all, The press can make up whatever they like, true Football fans don’t read the press.
    3. Torres will stay 100%. The Myth that strikers need to score 20-25 goals to prove their worth was shown up last season, Approximately 80 Goals came from Chelsea’s Midfield last season, a season where they scored over 140 goals, only a handful came from the strikers.
    4. A trophy would be nice, and lets be honest with Roman’s Itchy trigger finger may be Vital in terms of Jose’s long tenure. However i would be happy Challenging Man City for the title,as they will the biggest threat.
    5. Never was a problem. Simply you don’t sell your best players. More lies from the Press, and this particular Rumour was started at the daily Mirror by Darren Lewis who is at best an Idiot, at worse a complete Moron.

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