Does Brazil’s sporting success extend to the Poker Table?

Brazil Poker

In recent weeks we’ve seen how Brazil remain one of the top soccer nations around the globe but have the South Americans been able to translate this success onto the poker felt? We looked at some of their opponents in both disciplines to see how results have compared.

Against Croatia and Mexico, Brazil enjoyed mixed fortunes over 90 minutes of football but could they succeed in the Full Tilt World Poker Championships against the same nations?

Croatia v Mexico

Before Brazil get involved in this tight group, let us see how Croatia and Mexico fare when they tackle each other in a range of poker competitions. On the soccer pitch, the Mexicans triumphed with a 3-1 victory but as the card games began with Sit & Go, the Croatians were about to exact their revenge.

Things didn’t start too positively for the European side however, as they slumped to an early defeat. An 18th place finish was respectable enough but it was comfortably eclipsed by their opponents who came in second overall to take an early lead.

This version of the World Championships takes in a number of poker playing countries from across the World. Mexico’s second place was therefore an impressive one but they couldn’t maintain that run of form as the tournament progressed.

The battle for the right to qualify from Group A seemed to be over when Croatia returned a 32nd place finish in the MTT tournaments. However, an alarming slump in form saw the Mexicans plummet down to 37th and as the teams headed into the deciding cash games, they were locked at one point apiece.

Sensing an advantage, Croatia’s fortunes improved as they took second place, compared to another woeful 37th position from the Mexicans. Overall, the Croatians had taken the contest by two points to one, leaving Mexico needing a positive result against Brazil in order to progress from this section.

Brazil v Mexico

Honours were shared on the football field between these two near neighbours but in poker, Brazil have a definite edge. The World Championship took stats from a number of tournaments and the outcomes make for interesting reading.

Things started badly for the Brazilians and in the Sit & Go version of the game, Mexico took the early points with a second placed finish. Meanwhile, Brazil could only manage an overall position of 22nd so after the first round, it was an emphatic, 1-0 to the Mexicans.

From here, Mexico’s form started to drift, just as it had done against Croatia in the opening clash. The next round of poker games took in the MTT tournaments where the Mexican’s dismal 37th place was easily overcome by Brazil who finished in 12th to level the scores at one point apiece.

Once again, the contest needed a decider and Mexico’s lack of prowess in cash games let them down for a second time. A 37th placed finish meant that Brazil, who finished in 21st, would progress from Group A, along with a strong Croatian unit.

Brazil are the world’s most successful side when it comes to football but it looks as if Croatia would have the edge when it comes to Poker. Taking into account Sit & Go, MTT and Cash Games, Croatia’s overall finish of 2nd would eclipse that of 19th placed Brazil thereby proving that global success doesn’t always translate from sport to sport.

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