Lampard vs Gerrard: who will fare better?

Gerrard Lampard

As many new football managers begin to get to grips with the challenges facing them in their respective roles, there is high interest in two particular individuals. In their playing prime, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard were two of England’s finest; goalscoring central midfielders who performed at the very highest level – the World Cup, European Championships, the Champions League, the Premier League. Two of the finest midfielders of their generation, almost certainly.

In managerial terms however, both men are novices – and the 2018-19 season sees them making their debuts in the dugout (or technical area, if you will). Lampard was appointed manager at Derby County; Gerrard hired at Glasgow Rangers. Two big clubs, in their own right, each with their own demands and challenges. Neither man has any real track record in coaching and management to speak of – though Gerrard had a spell as Liverpool U18s manager prior to arriving at Ibrox – so these are testing assignments for the newcomers. The question is, who’s going to fare better?

Lampard made a great start to life at Derby, when his team beat Reading with a late winning goal on the opening day of the season, but in the immediate matches following that he got a taste of how difficult the Championship can be. Derby were heavily beaten, 4-1, at home by Leeds, before a 2-1 defeat at Millwall that left Lampard under no illusions regarding the size of the task ahead. A 2-0 home victory over Ipswich a few days after helped to redress the balance.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be easy,” he told the Independent. “I knew that for a fact, and it will continue not being easy, and that’ll be the fact for every manager in this league this season.”

Against Millwall, Derby were caught out by the fast start made by the hosts. Millwall were positive and strong, and went straight at Lampard’s side, who were 2-0 down and as good as beaten before they even got going. That was a lesson for Lampard and his players; a realisation that they won’t always – or often – be afforded the luxury of settling into a game at their own pace.

Like many new managers, Lampard has a honeymoon period – that stage, at the start of his time in charge, when he’s given time to settle in, to shape his squad, and get his ideas across. He’s seen as a bright, young and ambitious coach although of course, those opinions are based on judgement, not evidence. No-one actually knows what he’s like as a manager. And Derby are not a club merely content with occupying a comfortable place in the Championship league table. A mixed run of results and a midtable finish probably isn’t going to be considered good enough for the Rams, who clearly have intentions of returning to the Premier League.

They’ve fallen short in recent seasons and churned through managers – Lampard is their seventh since Steve McClaren left in May 2015. The club’s previous dealings suggest Lampard may not have a longer shelf life than a season, unless that season is a successful one. That won’t be easy – the Championship is intensely competitive and Derby, according to Betway, are among a large group of clubs tipped to finish in the top six.

At Rangers, meanwhile, Gerrard has a massive task. The Glasgow club has a clearly defined goal – to get back to the very top of the Scottish football summit, and that means toppling city rivals Celtic, who have dominated in recent years. Historically, Rangers have always gone toe-to-toe with Celtic, but were demoted to the third tier of Scottish football in 2012 and have been fighting their way back up again since. You can test your knowledge of Rangers and its history here.

The club has rebuilt and returned to the SPL in 2016. In 2016-17, Rangers finished third, 39 points behind Celtic and Aberdeen. Last season, that gap was 12 points behind Celtic and three behind Aberdeen. At the very least, Gerrard has to push his team much closer to Celtic, and push them harder for the title; leapfrogging Aberdeen and into second place is also surely required.

“I feel as though I have players that want to go out there and give everything,” he told the Sunday Herald. “But I can’t control the expectations of the supporters. Fans are fans and they’re going to get excited. They are supporting a huge football club and are used to seeing success.”

Ultimately, success for Rangers means winning the SPL. Celtic have won the last seven titles straight, so it won’t be easy. For the course of this season, a genuine title challenge from Rangers would certainly give Gerrard some credit in the bank, and if the Gers can score some silverware in one of the cup competitions, he’ll have made a great start.

Man United V Liverpool Post Match Analysis

Liverpool v Man Utd

The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United takes on an especially more reverent tone when the two teams are within close proximity in the league. With the league title out of reach, and both teams looking secure in the top four, the match up on Saturday was perhaps the biggest domestic game the teams had left.

Prior to the game, the focus had been on the tactics of Jose Mourinho…what approach would he take? Would he park that ever popular bus? He surprised everyone from the off by giving Marcus Rashford his first start of 2018 and boy, did that pay off!

Manchester United see Liverpool as their main rivals, and the Old Trafford faithful seem to have really played this up the further Manchester City become out of reach, and hence Old Trafford was louder than it has been for some time. It can be quite demotivating to a fan base, used to winning, to be so far behind their city rivals in second,  but to beat Liverpool is a must for any Manchester United Manager.

United looked strong throughout and Liverpool rarely threatened, evidenced by the fact that it took a rather comical own goal from Eric Bailly to give them hope. Mo Salah, prolifically free scoring all season, was marked out of the game and Mane, Firmino and Milner failed to get control. Liverpool looked out of ideas and the fast, free flowing fizzing football they have been playing under Klopp was attempted, but had no chance of breaking down a resilient United.

The pressure applied to the known weakness of Dejan Lovren paid off and the ever imposing threat of Roman Lukaku bullying the back for was just too much. The goals United scored showed a tactical awareness of these defensive weakness and both goals emerged from long balls aimed at the weak centre backs, of which Rashford was able to take control.

With England manager Gareth Southgate watching on, his eyes must surely have lit up seeing the electric form of Rashford, causing problems for the defensive, clinical finishing and an eye for goal.  If this form continues, surely he has to be in the world cup plans as a starter? You can check out his odd with Mobilebet Voucher Code 2018 An on for Rashford may also be the key to United sticking with 2nd place.

But will 2nd place be satisfying to United fans? Even the most hardened pro-United anti-City resident of Old Trafford must admit that they are by far the second best team in the league this season, and that coming 2nd is an achievement. With 6 teams now competing for the top 4 spaces, United remain ahead of everyone who-is-not-Man-City. The worry will be how they can move on an breach that gap? Seville come to Old Trafford in the Champions League this week in what will be another test for this emerging team. Could a run to the final of the Champions League be the spur to set United up for a title challenge next season? Only time will tell…


London Stadium V Wembley Stadium

Manchester City have dominated the Premier League this season, however it is in London where the most impressive stadiums are, with West Ham residing in the London Stadium and Spurs currently playing their home games at Wembley Stadium while they wait on their new stadium to be completed.

West Ham have seen recent improved performances and results, while Spurs have been struggling as of late, meaning that the best Premier League odds on a Spurs win are likely to be now.

For West Ham, they only had a short move to their new stadium, with the new ground being around four miles from their old Boleyn Ground, while Spurs have twelve miles to travel to reach their temporary Wembley home. We have compared the two stadiums to see which stadium is the best value for their fans in the following infographic.

PP (FOOTBALL) Stadium Comparison

Battle of the Big Gun Managers


Battle of the Big Gun Managers

The 2016-2017 Premier League season is still well within its infancy, but the focus of the season remains of the big gun managers who have came from all corners of the globe to manager within the Premier League this season. With the flood of investment from the new TV deal and several key positions at major clubs opening, the stars aligned, and arguably, we are left with the finest collection of managers to ever start a Premier League season. But sitting on top of the pile are the Big Guns…the major clubs have major names behind them and what can we expect?

Jose Mourinho will cause controversy, will make headlines and if the early season is anything to go by, will be guiding Manchester United back into title contention. Mourinho is, and always wil be, one of footballs most high profile managers. He built his reputation on success and every club he has been to, he has achieved the highest accolades winning major trophies before departing in the “3rd season blues”. Mourinho takes the heat of his players by grabbing the headlines and when the battle really begins and nerves start to come into play, only a fool would gamble on his next move!

Pep Guardiola comes with perhaps the highest expectation of the lot. Laden with trophies and winners medals, Guardiola was appointed well in advance of the season and the cloud of Pep has been gathering over the Etihad well before he arrived. With a club that invests so heavily in players, and all the trouble that over paid stars bring, the club needs an experienced guiding light with big-club experience to steer the team in a uniformed direction. Pep may well be that man. Already making impressions by dropping the long standing number 1 keeper Joe Hart, Pep has proven that nothing will get in his way of creating the team he wants,

Jurgen Klopp is entering another season with Liverpool and now has had the time to build a squad that he can call his own. It takes time to build a dynasty but Liverpool fans are notorious for having the highest of expectations. The question is if the season starts badly, and the defeat to Burnley showed some worrying signs, how much patience will they have? Klopp is a proven talent but how can he cope with the pressures of the Premier League and perhaps the most expectant fans in the league, have a look at the latest odds on Big Free Bets tip’s.

Then of course we have title winning Claudio Ranieri, will the pressure of defending the title lead to a growth or an implosion? What about Arsene Wenger…when the “Arsene Out” signs start appearing which they inevitably will, will the Frenchman continue to ignore them or will this finally be the season he gives up on the club? Lower down the league we have David Moyes back, dangerous when he has a point to proof and a wealth of managers in the league for the first time!

Either way, with so many personalities and larger than life characters in the dugouts, this season is likely to bring as much drama off the pitch as on it, and football fans are fascinated to see how it pans out!

Lampard V Gerrard in the MLS

Gerrard v Lampard

What an interesting league the MLS is becoming. More and more legendary players are jetting off to the US for their career swansong. The league now boast an array of stars who, although past their best would collectively form an awesome team. Clearly the likes of Kaka, Pirlo, David Villa, Robbie Keane, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard believe that the lifestyle (plus the money) on offer in the United States compensates adequately for the lowering of footballing standard.

It is also fascinating that the curious tale of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard will continue in the MLS. Two iconic players for Liverpool and Chelsea respectively who went head to head through their careers will continue to do so across the Atlantic. Who will fare the best in MLS? Will Lampard continue to beat Gerrard in the scoring stake? At 4/6 the odds via BetSportsway the bookies are betting on Lamps.

Gerrard v Lampard

As you can see from the above stats Lampard has scored more goals throughout his career than Gerrard, albeit having played more games (so I guess you would expect that). What is interesting is if you divide goals by games Lampard gets a score of 0.29 compared to Gerrard’s 0.26. Quite simply there is nothing in it.

Personally my money will be on Lampard (provided he can wrestle pens from Villa at NYCFC) to outscore Gerrard. Although Gerrard will benefit from a standard of football below that of the Premier League and the pace and the intensity will be below that experienced in England. The reality of Gerrard’s aging years has seen him move further back into a more defensive midfield holding role. This is how Brendan Rodgers deployed him in the last couple of years anyway. Years of ‘swashbuckling’ around the pitch have clearly taken its toll of the former Liverpool skipper.

Playing in the same position as Gerrard (with the exception of the aforementioned latter years) in the centre of midfield, Lampard while a superb footballer in his own right has been and is a different type of player. While not scared of a tackle, he was not renound for getting ‘stuck in’. His game and his extraordinary goals record (he scored 211 time in 648 games for Chelsea) resolves around being in the right place at the right time. For this his natural game should allow him to continue to do so with a general lowering of standard.

There is one final consideration – the quality of the team and their teammates. It is all well and good Lampard being in the right place at the right time if the ball is there! New York City FC are newbies to the MLS and no one knows how they will fare. Yes they have some big names in Villa, Pirlo and Lampard but what of the other 8 players on the pitch?

LA Galaxy on the other hand are an established franchise and current MLS Champions – therefore on the face of it a better team that NYCFC.

Clearly there are a lot of ‘ifs, buts and maybe’. But if I was a betting man I would still go for Lampard over Gerrard on this one.

The Signings of Rivals: Neymar vs Bale Revisited

When Neymar signed with Catalonian giant FC Barcelona, the financial details were at the time unknown, but the impact for the present and future of the club was correctly assumed to be great. It was also viewed as a leg up during the offseason of their cross-country rivals, star-studded behemoths in their own rite, Real Madrid. Not to be outdone, on the pitch or with their chequebook, the favourite club of the Spanish capital signed PFA Player of the Year and member of UEFA Team of the Year in 2013 Gareth Bale for a world record transfer fee of €100 million and an approximate total cost of an additional €1.5 per year in comparison to the final figures revealed for Neymar’s acquisition.

Bale V Neymar

The question remains then, who is performing better for their respective clubs almost two full years into their tenure? Also pertinent to ask is who is getting more value for their money so far, and who projects to perform better in the future and thus receive better value?

Relative Skillset

While Bale has changed positions across his professional career, he remains a stalwart, athletic powerhouse that has the skills of someone you would expect to be smaller and more nimble. His speed in particular stands out as, by all accounts, he is one of the fastest players if not the fastest in all of European football.

Both play with an ambidexterity that makes it seem like they do not possess a dominant side, but in reality Neymar plays the centre-right while Bale has gone from the left back position to a left wing attacker. The Welshman’s toughness and physicality are what landed him in the defensive line in the first place, but as an attacker he uses his height and strength advantage in the box for headers. Overall, he is a physical specimen to be reckoned with.

Bale Quiz

In contrast, Neymar incorporates traditional Brazilian flair in his game, relying on quick changes of pace and direction along with some masterful footwork that got him recognized in the world of football as a prodigy from a young age. Like Bale, he is a wizard from the spot, a true threat from almost any area on the field from the free kick. While he plays on the opposite side of the field from Bale, he tends to occupy the centre more. He is a true playmaker, and a threat to do almost anything with the ball when you factor in his quickness and ability to feign and deke effortlessly. He has been compared in style of play with such luminaries as Ronaldinho and Pele, both compatriots.

Statistical Output

Comparing these two stars’ stats is only natural considering they have both been in La Liga for their respective clubs for the same amount of time, their positions and roles for their teams are similar, and their salaries are only percentage points apart. That said, let us delve into the numbers.

Each holds a distinctive advantage depending on which season you look at, and over the aggregate of almost two full seasons, their output in terms of assists and goals over time played is almost equal. During his first full season at Real, Bale averaged over one goal or assist (1.13) over 90 pro-rated minutes played, which is quite a feat. His last season in La Liga has been plagued with nagging injuries as he has generally been less consistent, which is not to take away from his playing a key role in winning La Copa del Rey and the Champions League trophy the season prior. In both deciding matches, he nailed home the capper with the go-ahead goal. By that measure, his signing has been a success.

Neymar did not mesh as well with his club at Camp Nou his first season, which is not to say that it was a failure – far from it. His signing at an age three years younger than Bale was looked upon something for the present as much as for his future potential, which he was dripping with, and that projection is now paying dividends. Partly a factor of gelling his with fellow historically adept attacking line of Uruguayan Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi (who had a down year during Neymar’s first season), partly attributable to adjusting to the pace and skill of the best league in the world from lesser competition in his homeland, the Brazilian wonder kid picked up his goals plus assists over 90 minutes rate to just under one (0.95) in his second year. While team success was harder to come by last season, his side stands on the brink of a rare treble, with just several more days to decide the ultimate outcome, which might just be a season for the ages.

Neymar Quiz

Not only has Neymar been more consistent over the two season period, but he has shown improvement, a big part of the investment Barça’s bosses were banking on. This bodes well for the future of the Catalonian side. That said, the two have been almost exactly equal in that particularly statistical category, only separated by 0.01. By this measure, Bale slightly edges Neymar out in terms of value per total goals plus assists, but that is likely to change in the coming seasons.

Star Quality off the Field

Neymar shines as a celebrity for one of the most football-crazed, largest nations on earth. He has been praised as a role model as a man of faith in an at least nominally religious country, as well. As someone who was rated the most marketable sportsman of the year in 2013, even ahead of soon-to-be teammate and Ballon d’Or winner, Messi, he has gone on to sponsor major brand names, signing an 11 year deal with apparel giant Nike and more recently teaming up with PokerStars, the leading online poker website.

Bale has been praised by former coaches and teammates past and present for his quality of character. When coming over to La Liga, he moved with his high school sweetheart and their baby daughter. He is known for his trademarked ‘heart celebration,’ among other things, and is currently on the cover of the massive hit videogame, FIFA 14. While earning slightly less in endorsements than his Brazilian counterpart at Barça, he is a much touted and beloved football figure, especially in his old haunts in the UK.

Overall, both of these players are phenomenal in their own right. Only time will tell who has the brighter future, but both have already accomplished much in their relatively short time in football, and it is a near certainty that more awards will be lavished on them both.

Football Rivaries: Celtic v Rangers

Celtic v Rangers

Celtic v RangersPerhaps the saddest aspect of Ranger’s demotion, extinction and absence from the top flight of Scottish football in recent has been the fact that fans have been deprived of the Glasgow derby. Whether you had an interest in Scottish football or not, the 4 times a year that the teams from Scotland’s biggest city collided were always worth watching!  Drama, passion, guts, goals, tears and joy. Words cannot express what this one game means to different people. Religious differences aside the clubs are long term rivals and the prospect of future derby clashed must wet the appetite of all football fans.

Although the basis for the term is unclear, the words Old Firm make the hairs on the back of the net stand up. Almost 100 league titles between them, domination of the domestic game and success in Europe as not stopped the Old Firm game being the decisive point of the season. One may be higher in the league, another may reach a cup final but the season will be judged on the games that matter and to Rangers and Celtic fans that can only mean the Old Firm.

Memorable games dominate fans minds such as the 6-2 thrashing Celtic dished out in 2000, the 5-1 win Rangers returned in the same year and the record 7-1 Celtic win the in the 1950s. Each fan has their own personal memory of a game that captures the entire footballing world.

Trouble has marred the clash and the police presence for the match is higher than in any other British derby. Although a passionate city, Glasgow is a small one and on derby day it is sometimes safer to stay indoors than venture out into the sea of blue and green/white hoops. Violence marred matches in the 1980 Cup Final when fans brawled on the pitch and in 1999 objects were thrown around Celtic Park. The occasions though are rare and it is the football that often does the talking.

Many players have attempted to play for both sides, some with more respect than others but the people, players and fans of Glasgow are expected to nail their colours to one mast. Green and White of Celtic of the Blue of Rangers.

The joys of the Old Firm game were taken away from fans as Rangers suffered demotion and had to reform from the lower ranks to the Scottish Leagues. Celtic fans may have taken joy in the troubles of their bitterest rivals but deep down felt a gaping void as the season began with the traditional countdown to Old Firm Day. The passion will return, the teams will contest the title again and the footballing world will be treated to the joy, passion and excitement of the Old Firm game.

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Football Rivaries: Newcastle V Sunderland

Newcastle v Sunderland

The North-East of England is known for its passionate football fans and this is based on the intense local rivalry between Newcastle United and Sunderland. For hundreds of years the Mackems and Geordies have collided in derby matches that bring the region to a standstill. The Red and White stripes of Sunderland meeting the Black and White stripes of Newcastle is an annual fixture that fans eagerly anticipate and that always serves us a treat for the neutrals.  Only ten miles apart, the Tyne-Wear derby has a famous history.

The sides first met in 1883 and the passion was evident from the off, taken to a greater extent in 1888 when Sunderland dumped Newcastle out of the FA Cup. Since then the derby has been evenly matched with both teams recording over 50 wins and there being a similar number of ties. The matches themselves tend to be passion filled and unpredictable.

1908 saw a 9-1 victory for Sunderland that to this day is a record in the derby match but Newcastle enjoyed the best of the pre-war period and indeed carried that run into the 1950s. Since then  it has been an evenly matched affair. Legends such as Sunderland’s George Holley, who scored 15 goals in 22 derby matches and Newcastle’s leading derby scorer Jackie Milburn line the history of this game. Shearer being dropped to the bench, the rainy night on which Quinn and Phillips dominated the show at St. James, the 5-1 and the Kerian Richardson free kick all stay firm in the memory.

The rivalry extends beyond the game itself as fans taunt each other over silverware. Sunderland fans point to the 1973 FA Cup victory as evidence of their superiority whilst Newcastle fans can gloat at the runners-up spots in the Premier League and Champions League appearances.  Sunderland fans took great joy in the 2010s when Newcastle found themselves relegated to the lower league but just like the neutrals, part of the Mackems were upset that they would not get the annual joys of derby day.

Players who had crossed the divide are few and far between but the likes of Paul Bracewell, Stephen Caldwell, Titus Bramble and Lionel Perez have been embraced by fans. Time will tell if the latest entry into that list, Jack Colback, will be taken to the Geordie’s hearts.

Newcastle fans will remember the famous afternoon at St James Park when Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan lead the Toon Army to a famous 5-0 victory but lately it is the Black Cats who have had the more to cheer about. Back to back 3-0 away victories, a memorable last minute winner  from Adam Johnson and four wins in a row have made Sunderland the dominant force in the Tyne and Wear derby and with both teams secure in the Premier League it look like we have plenty more action to look forward too.

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Football Rivalries: Liverpool and Man Utd

Liverpool v Man Utd

One of English footballs most notorious and passionate rivalries, unlike the others, is based not on location but on success. The annual fixtures between Liverpool and Manchester United are infused with a passion not derived from locality, but form the size of the trophy cabinet. Indeed, this rivalry is more of a modern development as, although major clubs compete fiercely with each other across the land, the fight to be crowned as the most successful club in England has fused this rivalry.

Post War Top Flight Finish comparison

Man U Liverpool Post War League Poitions

Anfield was home to some of the finest teams of the 1970s and 1980s and with total domination in the league and European success they were the undeniable kings of Europe. Keegan, Souness, Dalglish, Hughes……the names that are drip off the tongue. Whilst the Kop was awash in success and silverware. Down at Old Trafford United were having mixed fortunes. Still one of Englands biggest clubs success was thin on the ground, with an unexpected relegation and inconsistent form. Then the turn around came…

Just as Liverpool’s grip on the English game began to loosen, United started to emerge. Alex Ferguson’s appointment in 1986 was the key moment and despite the initial struggle Ferguson began to build a dynasty which would make United the most dominant team in the Premier League. Indeed, with the coming of the Premier League in 1992 United surpassed all records. League title after league title, cup after cup, Champions League success and a place at the very highest spot in world football. Liverpool fans had to watch has their crowns were taken, records were smashed and United were the team everyone talked about.

During the Premier League era Liverpool could not muster together the form or quality to win the division. Although always in and around the top 5 Liverpool never mounted a serious challenge until the arrival of Brendan Rodgers and United had it all their own way. Liverpool did have success in Europe and domestic trophies but the domination of United in the league, that Liverpool once dominated, was a bitter pill to swallow.

Liverpool fans clung onto the past, citing figures and statistics of how they were still England number 1 team. United fans teased and hunted records, making a big deal about every Liverpool record that was beaten.

This success rivalry led to the games between the pair being tinged with venom, passion and excitement. United, although involved in their own city derby, looked to the Liverpool game as the marker for their season. Liverpool looked to the United game for a chance to take the champions down a peg.

The hunt for success by two of the world’s biggest clubs will continue and the rivalry that goes with it will continue to entertain neutrals season after season.

Major Honours Comparison and Footie Quiz Scoring Matrix

LFC V MUFC Titles Success

So who do you think are the biggest and the most successful of the two?

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Football Rivaries: Arsenal V Tottenham

Arsenal v Spurs

There are many teams in London and hence many derbies. Every week you can look at the fixture list and see teams from the capital squaring of across the division. But none of the derbies have ever quite managed to match the North London derby for passion, hype and excitement. Something magical happens when these two sides meet, and their rivalry is one of the bitterest and most passionate in the English game.

In the Premier League era, since the foundation of the division in 1992, Arsenal have been the dominant side. Spurs fans have had to watch as Arsenal won leagues (including the unbeaten season), qualified for the Champions League year in and year out and won domestic trophies. Arsene Wenger crafted his side into one of England’s “Top 4 clubs” and for a short time that top 4 seemed unreachable. Indeed, up to the start of the 2014-2015 season Spurs had only managed to finish above their rivals on two occasions. However, Spurs managed their own success winning the League Cup and moulding players like Gareth Bale into world beaters but the team were always fighting hard for their place in the upper reaches of the table. Only in the 2010s did Spurs manager to cement themselves in the Top 6 and turn into Champions League contenders, the gap truly began to close and the North London rivals are closer in the table than ever before.

From the very first meeting in 1897 until the Present day the North London derby has created memories, made heroes, caught out villains and provided entertainment for all to see.  White Hart Lane and Highbury (now the Emirates) have never been as electric as when the locals are in town and the fans seek out the fixture first when the list is published. A manager can be having a great season, but defeat in the North London derby can have fans turning.

Recent times have seen some exciting matches as both teams throw caution to win. Who can forget the 4-4 draw in 2008 or the back to back 5-2 wins Arsenal recorded at the Emirates in later years. Perhaps the most memorable game occurred in 2002 at White Hart Lane when a dominant Arsenal side emerged 5-4 victors in one of the Premier Leagues most thrilling matches. Whatever the occasion, whenever these two sides clash there is passion, joy, tears and emotion. This is one derby even neutral fans never want to miss.

Both teams are Premier League mainstays and with transfer fees paid out on world class players, strong youth policies and a long tradition, we will be treated to the North London derby, with all its glamour and passion for some time to come.

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