What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

If you’ve ever been to the races, the dogs, the football, or even just walked past your local bookies, the chance are you will have heard the term “Lucky 15”, but what exactly is a Lucky 15, why are they so popular?

As the name would suggest, a lucky 15 bet is the name for a bet that has a total of 15 bets inside. To place a lucky 15 bet you need to have four selections picked out, and the 15 bets will give you full coverage on all of those four selections. One of the reasons why a lucky 15 appeals to so many people is because even if you have just one winner out of four, you are going to get a return from your bookmaker. If you currently place accumulators and you are not getting anything back from your bookmaker then a lucky 15 is a different way to bet where you will get something back.

The 15 bets inside a lucky 15 are split as follows:

  • 4 singles, one on each selection
  • 6 doubles, covering every possible combination with the four selections
  • 4 trebles, covering every possible combination with the four selections
  • 1 accumulator on all four

With this full coverage you get the best of both worlds from singles betting to accumulator betting. Those who currently place singles will get a return off any winning bet, but they miss out on the big returns if they have multiple winners. Those who place accumulator bets will get a big win if they land all four winners, but anything less and they get no return which can be frustrating. A lucky 15 combines the best of those, you get the return from one winner, but you also get the accumulator if all four win, and the chance to land winning doubles and trebles with two or three winners.

The general rule with a lucky 15 bet is the more winners you have in your bet, the bigger the returns will be. One winner will give a small return, two winners will give you a slightly bigger return, three will be a nice return and four should give you a very big return, which is what you are ultimately aiming for.

If you are looking for a way to bet that gives you the chance to win big, but also covers you if you have just one winner from four selections then look no further than placing a lucky 15 bet, what’s more some bookies will give you “double the odds” if you get just one winner by means of consolation. This is a very popular horse racing betting offer, but it can be used on any sport you like, so be sure to try one out even if you don’t bet on horse racing. With the pay out for just one winner, and the chance to win a huge amount if you have four winners, a lucky 15 has something for everyone.

Man City and FFP

Man City Owner

Another season, and another Financial Fair Play issue emerges around Manchester City. Manchester City fans accuse FIFA of striving to protect the status quo under pressure from the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid, FIFA say they are following the rules! Who is to believe? What is the true purpose of the Financial Fair Play issue? Are Manchester City Innocent? The issue is complex…

Actually, to say that the Financial Fair Play Regulations are complex is the understatement of the century. You may require degrees in Economics, statistics and business just to even get a grasp of what  is actually allowed or denied under the regulations! Even the purpose of the Financial Fair Play are disputed.

One understanding is that the Financial Fair Play rules are there to stop clubs outspending income and going into trouble and then being forced to disappear.  Far too many clubs in recent years have been forced to start again after going out of business and the many feel the basis of the Financial Fair Play rules should be to target these clubs, stop this happening and making sure clubs are only spending within their means, wherever this spend comes from!

However, another line of thought is that the Financial Fair Play rules are there to stop wealthy owners ploughing endless cash into clubs and giving them an unfair advantage in leagues and cup competitions. One argument would be that this is to stop the likes of Manchester City rising to dominance based on having a wealthy owner, but the counter argument would suggest that as long as the money is available to the club and they aren’t crippling with debt, why should they be forced to play by Financial Fair Play?

Manchester City fans have a very very different view of the aims and motives of Financial Fair Play and it was clear that when the latest Financial Fair Play/Manchester City story broke this week. Fans piled online, social media and radio phone ins to express their view that all Financial Fair Play is set out to do is to make sure that no “new” clubs break into the elite and that the interest of the established giants of Europe, assumingly those likely to be part of the all new European Super League when it emerges. Is this fair to say?

Manchester City fans may feel aggrieved indeed if the club are punished again under Financial Fair Play and there is a suggestion that perhaps they just are less wise to how to play the system than the other teams. Looking at the likes of PSG and their spends, as well as the likes of Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona, its hard to fathom how they would not fall foul of Financial Fair Play yet City would.

Either way, there is no prove, no concrete judgements and with all sorts of issues arising including image right payments, pre-contracts and alike…..it could get very messy before Financial Fair Play and Manchester City are settled.

It would appear that ultimately something has to give. Incidentally have you ever wondered what the difference was between a Private Bookie and a Traditional Bookmaker? I suggest you look for yourselves to see the difference.


Premier League Sponsorship Deals – The Rising of the Betting Companies

9 shirts in the Premier League today are sponsored by bookmakers and gambling websites. Just let that sink in for a second….

Indeed, it is very true that if you watch live coverage of any sports event these days you can truly see the impact that the gambling industry has on the world. Every advert you are told odds, enticing offers for new customers and unique bets. Is this right? Should we be exposing people to this much temptation to Gamble? How should Shirt sponsorship be used?

The gambling aspect is worrying and the Premier League have taken steps to ensure that kids sized T shorts do not carry betting logos. That shows the people at the top have realised there is some sort of moral issue here and indeed there is. Kids, and even vulnerable adults, have come to associate sports with betting in a way that was never done before. This is all due to the ease at which one can now place a bet…gone are the days of having to trudge to the book makers and place a bet, now with the touch of a button, an app, an interactive tv and a mobile phone you can bet until you have ran out of money. And that’s dangerous….there is only ever one winner and that is the bookmaker and the way in which sponsorship has come to be dominated by gambling is a worrying trend. What next?

The sponsorship of Newcastle United raised some questions when Wonga took over. A company known for praying on the poor, the vulnerable and the desperate with noted rip off rates and noted dubious practice sponsoring a team in a sport viewed by, and dependant on the very people the company exploits. Something  doesn’t sit right?

Should we have more rules, should there be more in place to determine what is seen by millions of eyes every day and paraded round on shirts in cities up and down the country? Indeed the big clubs follow suit and tend to have the bigger deals with Airlines and car makers etc. You have to go down to the 7th biggest sponsorship deal (West Ham United – Betway) to see the influx. So…outside of the top 6 “big money clubs” 9 of the 14 have gambling sponsors….this shows that the League, if they truly want to address it, need to help these clubs find more deals, make them a more attractive package and perhaps make the financial strains less binding. Otherwise, the gambling offers will always be too tempting to take!

There is also an interesting school of thought that suggest shirt sponsorship money should be pooled and divided between all clubs which had the backing of 11 teams in a recent Premier League meeting, but when the vast differences in what is paid to Manchester United and Stoke City for example are compared, you will understand why this will never happen!

Online Sports Betting Money Management

Sports betting can be an interesting way to pass the time and have some fun while watching your favourite sport. You might even win some money occasionally. Additionally, it can turn into a profession, if you want the profits to be your main source of income. Either way, there’s more to it than simply throwing 20 bucks over the counter, hoping for the starts to align.

In online sports betting, you have to consider several aspects of the matter before risking your money. Namely, knowledge about the sport and the team may be useful, and combined with the odds provided by bookmakers, you might be able to make a solid prediction. However, even when combined with pure luck, there’s a need for actual planning if you don’t want to get carried away.

You might be comfortable using certain real money bonuses at Bet365 without a deposit requirement or attractive promotions from similar betting sites, but such short-term solutions will only keep you entertained for so long. Therefore, more experienced bettors have publicly expressed the need to construct a bankroll whenever you’re planning on taking up sports betting.

Setting Up A Bankroll

This term basically signifies the amount of money you are willing to separate from your usual funds and spend them on betting. Bear in mind that professional bettors always keep to their chosen amount, while amateurs tend to pick the minimum, later adding money from your regular fund which ultimately makes you spend even more.

The bankroll should help you get a clear preview of the exact amount of money you’re planning to spend. However, if things go well, you won’t be spending money as much as you’ll be winning them. Once again, a separate fund for sports betting allows for a precise record of all profits and losses.

How Much to Bet

The eternal question has been answered, and rash bettors are not going to like it. Experts recommend betting 1%-3% of your total bankroll, with 2% being both a risky wager, but a fulfilling one.

In this regard, you may choose to go with a fixed plan. This can go both directions, the first one being level staking which basically means that if 2% of your primary bankroll is $30, you would keep that wager for all bets. Percentage staking, however, accounts your funds and for each bet calculates 2% of the current bankroll.

A variable plan will let you shift between wagers depending on the expected value, the potential profit, or simply your level of confidence about the bet.

Go All The Way

Make sure you don’t lose focus mid-bankroll and start betting compulsively. Considering the fact that even the most experienced, professional sports bettors lose about 35%-40% of the time, keeping any strategy at hand is much better than letting money go to waste.

Keeping your bets low is bound to bring some return from time to time, while fluctuating bets might make you chase loses or even worse, stop just before the major hit.

The Premiership Returns

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The Premiership returns this weekend after a fortnight break and the battle to avoid relegation can therefore rage on. With Chelsea running away with the title, it is the relegation scrap that is currently providing the most intrigue, with several teams at the bottom improving drastically in recent games, so here we have run through the leading contenders for the drop:


A Ladbrokes review of the odds shows that Sunderland are the heavy favourites to go down at 1/5. They are bottom of the table but it is very tight indeed: Sunderland are level on points with 19th placed Crystal Palace (but with a worse goal difference), a point behind 18th placed Hull, and just two points behind last season’s champions Leicester City, who are hovering one place above the drop zone. Middlesbrough, Swansea and Bournemouth are all looking precarious too. But what makes Sunderland favourites to go down is their recent capitulation against Southampton, where they lost 4-0 at home. 

Crystal Palace

Palace are 4/6 second favourites in the Ladbrokes review, and that looks a very good set of odds. This was not supposed to happen: when Sam Allardyce took over, everyone thought he would galvanise the struggling squad and they would finish mid-table. It has not happened and they are just as bad defensively but worse in attack than they were under Alan Pardew. Back-to-back defeats against Sunderland and Stoke have left them in trouble. On paper they look far too good to go down, blessed as they are with the talents of Christian Benteke, Wilfried Zaha and Yohan Cabaye, but many teams that looked to good to go down have done just that and it’s not looking good for Palace right now.


Hull are 4/5 third favourites with Ladbrokes, but they look like they have a fighting chance of staying up. They have been resurgent since Marco Silva took over and, despite the small squad and lack of investment, they have the requisite pluckiness to make a good fist of it. At those odds it looks a risky bet as they are much improved since the turn of the year.


At 5/4 Boro look a great bet to go down. After a strong start they have been slowly but surely sucked into the relegation dogfight and the reason is a lack of goals. They miss having an out and out goal scorer, like Jermain Defoe at Sunderland and Benteke at Crystal Palace, and that could ultimately cost them. They defend very well and have ground out strong results against the likes of Man City and Arsenal this season, but at this stage of the campaign goals get you out of trouble and it is hard to see them finding the net many times between now and the end of the season.

Leicester City

Surely Leicester cannot go from winning the league last season to relegated this time around? They defied logic and odds of 5,000/1 to win the Premier League last season, but now they are just 13/8 with Ladbrokes to be relegated. The stars of last year have waned, the cohesion, unity and fighting spirit has evaporated and manager Claudio Ranieri has gone from genius to clueless in a matter of months, with some fans even calling for him to get sacked. Still, when you look at their team, they have plenty of goal scorers: Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez, Islam Slimani and so on should be able to fire them clear of the drop zone, but they really need to start picking up points soon as they are in woeful form. 


Swansea have already changed managers twice this season but seem to have finally clicked under Paul Clement and have shot up to the giddy heights of 15th after winning three of their last four. Keep it up and they will be fine, but odds of 10/3 still look interesting on them.


At 7/1 the Cherries look a great outside bet to go down. They have not won in 2017 and have been defending horribly. They have a six-point cushion over Hull but the way they ship goals you would fancy them to get sucked deep into the battle.




Online betting is a very popular pastime, especially for all the sports fans out there who enjoy their weekly routine of going through the fixtures and picking out which teams they think will be picking up a win that weekend.

There are so many thrilling games and sporting events that punters can place bets on, whether its pre-match or in-play to make things more exciting, thanks to the rise in popularity of smartphones it now means that more of us are able to place a quick bet from whenever we might be, so we’ll never again miss a split second of action.


If you happen to be new to the world of online betting then perhaps the realm of sports betting could be perceived as being a little overwhelming.

There’s a lot of information to absorb and if you’re not familiar with the setup, the process and the various ways in which you can place your bets, deposit and withdraw winnings then things can get a little complicated.

Each sport and event comes with its own selection of betting options, accumulators and other various ways in which you can place a bet or indeed the actual types of bets you can make. So if you happen to be an avid football fan what exactly do you need to get started in order to get the most out of your bets?

Once you have picked up the basics and familiarised yourself with the fundamental ins and outs of placing online football bets, then it’s certainly worth looking at how you place your future bets on a little more closely.

There are sites out there such as Best Betting Websites which will firstly help you find the very best, reliable sports betting sites and apps around. Not only that but you’ll be able to gain a better insight into the workings of each of the websites as well as discover what the latest offers, welcome bonuses and other special sign-up benefits are available at the time.

Many successful horse racing gamblers are able to study the past and present forms of both the jockeys and the horses in order to make an informed judgement as how a particular race may end.

From reading about each horse and its recent form, as well as being able to read up on expert opinions and predictions you should certainly be able to make a more educated guess as to how a result may go. The same principal can be applied to that of football betting.

By studying recent results and keeping a close eye on other potentially game-changing aspects such as the injury list you’ll be able to select teams and choose between certain fixtures where your money may be better placed. Even other external forces, as well as match-based aspects, that could influence a team’s ability to perform or may affect a result or score line is well worth researching in-depth before committing to a particular decision.