World Cup Fantasy Football – Help Needed

As editor of, I may know who was the top scorer at the 1986 World Cup Finals (Gary Lineker), who has scored in every round of a World Cup tournament (Jairzinho) and how many teams competed in the first ever World Cup (13)… but picking a Fantasy World Cup team.. that’s a different ball game. (Well almost!)


What do you think so far???


Lloris, H Lloris, H Lloris, H £3.5m
Vermaelen, T Vermaelen, T Vermaelen, T £3.7m
Mertesacker, P Mertesacker, P Mertesacker, P £4.2m
Rodriguez, F Rodriguez, F Rodriguez, F £2.3m
Zhirkov, Y Zhirkov, Y Zhirkov, Y £3.2m
Reus, M Reus, M Reus, M £5.7m
Robben, A Robben, ARobben, A £5.7m
Palacios, W Palacios, W Palacios, W £2.7m
Karagounis, G Karagounis, G Karagounis, G £2.9m
Messi, L Messi, L Messi, L £8.0m

Neymar Neymar Neymar £7.8m