Battle of the Big Gun Managers

Battle of the Big Gun Managers

The 2016-2017 Premier League season is still well within its infancy, but the focus of the season remains of the big gun managers who have came from all corners of the globe to manager within the Premier League this season. With the flood of investment from the new TV deal and several key positions at major clubs opening, the stars aligned, and arguably, we are left with the finest collection of managers to ever start a Premier League season. But sitting on top of the pile are the Big Guns…the major clubs have major names behind them and what can we expect?

Jose Mourinho will cause controversy, will make headlines and if the early season is anything to go by, will be guiding Manchester United back into title contention. Mourinho is, and always wil be, one of footballs most high profile managers. He built his reputation on success and every club he has been to, he has achieved the highest accolades winning major trophies before departing in the “3rd season blues”. Mourinho takes the heat of his players by grabbing the headlines and when the battle really begins and nerves start to come into play, only a fool would gamble on his next move!

Pep Guardiola comes with perhaps the highest expectation of the lot. Laden with trophies and winners medals, Guardiola was appointed well in advance of the season and the cloud of Pep has been gathering over the Etihad well before he arrived. With a club that invests so heavily in players, and all the trouble that over paid stars bring, the club needs an experienced guiding light with big-club experience to steer the team in a uniformed direction. Pep may well be that man. Already making impressions by dropping the long standing number 1 keeper Joe Hart, Pep has proven that nothing will get in his way of creating the team he wants,

Jurgen Klopp is entering another season with Liverpool and now has had the time to build a squad that he can call his own. It takes time to build a dynasty but Liverpool fans are notorious for having the highest of expectations. The question is if the season starts badly, and the defeat to Burnley showed some worrying signs, how much patience will they have? Klopp is a proven talent but how can he cope with the pressures of the Premier League and perhaps the most expectant fans in the league, have a look at the latest odds on Big Free Bets tip’s.

Then of course we have title winning Claudio Ranieri, will the pressure of defending the title lead to a growth or an implosion? What about Arsene Wenger…when the “Arsene Out” signs start appearing which they inevitably will, will the Frenchman continue to ignore them or will this finally be the season he gives up on the club? Lower down the league we have David Moyes back, dangerous when he has a point to proof and a wealth of managers in the league for the first time!

Either way, with so many personalities and larger than life characters in the dugouts, this season is likely to bring as much drama off the pitch as on it, and football fans are fascinated to see how it pans out!

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