An Opportunity In Football Betting

To the dismay of many, football had been sidelined for almost three months as the spread of the coronavirus brought a halt to sporting events across the world – fortunately, the green light has been given by the UK government and the Premier League is now back on track alongside other events across Europe, it also provides a unique opportunity punters looking to indulge once again.

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There have been important changes to note within the UK, however, as recently a credit card ban was issued for online gambling and betting which may change how a few of your favourite sites may operate. Additionally, the Gamstop initiative has also been updated, it is now mandatory for all UK operators to register with the scheme or be at risk of losing their gaming license privilege – there are a growing number of sites who choose to register outside of the UK as a work around to Gamstop, and a full review of all sites not on gamstop is available for those looking for somewhere to bet on football now it has returned to our screens.

With so many leagues returning at once, a unique opportunity is presented as there is now a growing schedule of games to be played – as we look at the current schedule for the Bundesliga and Premier League, the same can be expected from La Liga and Ligue 1 in Spain and Italy – that schedule is looking to be up to eighteen games per week,  which in complete could be on the busiest week up to 70 games per week. Fans can catch up on the lost time missed over the past three months and punters can get plenty of bets in over the coming weeks – the schedule is laid out in order to bring the current season to a finish before September so steps can be taken to get the 20/21 season underway as soon as possible – it’s likely that some changes such as no fans in attendance will remain in the short term but other sports are already looking at options to change this, granted it ofcourse fits into health and safety guidelines as the current situation is ongoing.

There may also be a bigger push here – betting companies are gaining a lot of prominence as sponsors and now half of the teams in the League can be seen wearing a betting sponsor on their jerseys, this may lead to a very renewed focus on pushing football betting as much as possible in the coming weeks as these betting companies also look to recover on what had been lost since March – this could mean better offers or odds, as well as more attractive bonuses. Either way, it’s going to be a busy few weeks for Europe’s favourite sporting event, make sure to capitalize on the enhanced schedule but as always ensure you bet responsibly and safely during this time – it may be enticing to do a little more than you usually would, but moderation will be key to longevity, there’s a lot of football coming over the next year, as such there’s no need to go all in for just this season!

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