Five tips to help you succeed with football betting in 2020

For many football fans, having a bet is a big part of the enjoyment of watching games. Those last-minute goals taste even sweeter when you’ve had a flutter on the winning team, and goalscorer wagers can also bring plenty of joy – provided VAR doesn’t get involved.

However, success is not always the outcome, and making consistent profit from football betting is far from easy. It requires discipline, research, and the ability to understand probability and value.

An almost infinite number of factors must be considered when using football betting sites, but lots of punters make the same mistakes, and the five tips below should help you avoid making those errors going forward.

1) Make sure each bet represents genuine value

You should take your time with pre-match bets, and don’t just put your money on anything that looks good value at a glance. If a left-back is 5/1 to receive a yellow card, check how many times they’ve been booked in the season and also how often the opposing right winger attempts dribbles and gets tackled.

If you can work out a rough percentage chance based on actual data, and the betting odds imply a smaller percentage chance than you think it should be, then it might be worth a bet.

It can be trickier with live betting as there is less time to weigh up the probabilities, but you should still try to assess the value of the bets offered.

2) Shop around for the best odds

By being registered with multiple bookmakers, you are giving yourself more opportunities to get the best odds. If you are only looking at the prices on one betting site, you might be taking a 4/1 that could be 8/1 elsewhere.

The best betting sites in the UK can be found on where you will find reviews and ratings for the top bookmakers.

For the main markets such as the match winner and total goals, the odds will largely be the same across the board, but for alternative markets such as player shots on target and total booking points, you are likely to find more variation.

3) Keep track of your profit/loss

It is a good idea to keep a record of your bets so that you can see what is working for you, where you’re going wrong, and whether you need to change your staking plan or alter your approach.

This can help keep reckless betting to a minimum and ensure that you stick to sensible wagers and stakes. When you go back and analyse your results for the past month, you might see that you are losing a lot of money on accumulators, but making a good return on investment with your corners bets.

4) Don’t bet on every game

For some football matches, you simply won’t be able to find value anywhere. In this instance, just watch the game and take notes, thinking about future bets that you might want to place based on what you’ve learned about the teams.

You don’t want to get into the habit of forcing bets, as in the long run, this will have a negative impact on your profit/loss.

5) Keep it fun

Betting should always be enjoyable and if you ever get into a situation in which you feel like it is becoming hard work, or you can’t afford to keep losing, then take a break.

Everybody goes on losing runs, but in these instances, it is important to stay disciplined, keep a positive mindset, and don’t chase your losses.

There is no need to worry about potentially missing out on betting on matches, as of course, with football, there will always be plenty more where that came from!