An Opportunity In Football Betting

To the dismay of many, football had been sidelined for almost three months as the spread of the coronavirus brought a halt to sporting events across the world – fortunately, the green light has been given by the UK government and the Premier League is now back on track alongside other events across Europe, it also provides a unique opportunity punters looking to indulge once again.

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There have been important changes to note within the UK, however, as recently a credit card ban was issued for online gambling and betting which may change how a few of your favourite sites may operate. Additionally, the Gamstop initiative has also been updated, it is now mandatory for all UK operators to register with the scheme or be at risk of losing their gaming license privilege – there are a growing number of sites who choose to register outside of the UK as a work around to Gamstop, and a full review of all sites not on gamstop is available for those looking for somewhere to bet on football now it has returned to our screens.

With so many leagues returning at once, a unique opportunity is presented as there is now a growing schedule of games to be played – as we look at the current schedule for the Bundesliga and Premier League, the same can be expected from La Liga and Ligue 1 in Spain and Italy – that schedule is looking to be up to eighteen games per week,  which in complete could be on the busiest week up to 70 games per week. Fans can catch up on the lost time missed over the past three months and punters can get plenty of bets in over the coming weeks – the schedule is laid out in order to bring the current season to a finish before September so steps can be taken to get the 20/21 season underway as soon as possible – it’s likely that some changes such as no fans in attendance will remain in the short term but other sports are already looking at options to change this, granted it ofcourse fits into health and safety guidelines as the current situation is ongoing.

There may also be a bigger push here – betting companies are gaining a lot of prominence as sponsors and now half of the teams in the League can be seen wearing a betting sponsor on their jerseys, this may lead to a very renewed focus on pushing football betting as much as possible in the coming weeks as these betting companies also look to recover on what had been lost since March – this could mean better offers or odds, as well as more attractive bonuses. Either way, it’s going to be a busy few weeks for Europe’s favourite sporting event, make sure to capitalize on the enhanced schedule but as always ensure you bet responsibly and safely during this time – it may be enticing to do a little more than you usually would, but moderation will be key to longevity, there’s a lot of football coming over the next year, as such there’s no need to go all in for just this season!

The five best players in The Championship right now

The Championship has developed a reputation as one of the toughest leagues to master, and with good reason. Each season a new set of teams throw their all at yet another 46-game slog, with only three sides eventually rewarded with promotion to the Premier League. Though a step down from the Premier League, some of the stars of the future are currently cutting their teeth in the second tier. Who are the best five, though?

5. Matty Cash

Nottingham Forest are two-time European Cup winners, yet it was still a shock to see one of their players linked with AC Milan in January, considering the East Midlands side are currently languishing in the second tier. Cash is no ordinary player though, and has proved his worth time and time again this season. Solid defensively, he is also a real threat going forward, and scored a vital last-minute goal for Forest in the 2-2 draw at West Bromwich Albion earlier in the season.

4. Ollie Watkins

Brentford are one of the best attacking sides in the division, and with 22 goals and three assists, Watkins is the pick of the bunch from the Bees’ terrifying ‘BMW’ front three. Watkins was originally known more as a wide player, yet has shone as an out and out centre-forward in the promotion push this season. Brentford still feature prominently in the promotion picture in the latest Championship betting odds, and Watkins is a key reason for that.

3. Matheus Pereira

On-loan from Sporting Lisbon, it has become commonplace this season to see Pereira terrorising opposition defences. Born in Brazil, Pereira is at the heart of most good things that Slaven Bilic’s side do and, when on form, he can be nigh on impossible to stop. With a fantastic touch, electric pace, and great vision, Pereira will surely grace a top league next season, with or without West Bromwich Albion.

2. Aleksandar Mitrovic

Fulham fans have been scratching their heads all season and asking the same question – how on earth have we managed to keep hold of Serbian frontman Aleksandar Mitrovic for a full season in the Championship? Put simply, Mitrovic is too good for this league. With 23 goals he is the league’s top scorer, made all the more impressive considering Fulham’s altogether patchy form for the majority of this campaign.

1.Kalvin Phillips

Marcelo Bielsa has utterly transformed Leeds United from a mid-table side to genuine promotion challengers, and you can see his influence most clearly on Kalvin Phillips. Eyebrows were raised when Bielsa announced that Phillips would play in a defensive midfield position at the start of last season, yet the ‘Yorkshire Pirlo’ hasn’t looked back since. His aggression and reading of the game allow him to break down opposition attacks frequently, and his range of passing sets his team into action time and time again. Put simply, he has Premier League quality. Leeds United fans just hope that he can demonstrate it at Elland Road for years to come, rather than for a rival team.

Football Betting 101: How to Get Free Bets and Bonuses

One of the things that avid football bettors look forward to is getting free bets or bonuses. Every bookmaker offers their version of their best free bets to attract all kinds of bettors.

However, despite it being free, there will be some requirements or limitations on gaining or using these special offers. For example, the amount of some free bets may be too low and thus may not be that significantly valuable, or there may be certain requirements to fulfill before availing it. Oftentimes, bettors cannot also withdraw the bonus amount immediately. Knowing and understanding these requirements or limitations

With this in mind, here are the different kinds of free bets and bonuses most bookmakers offer, and how to get them.

Welcome bonus

Most, if not all, bookmakers offer a welcome bonus to bettors upon sign up. This could either be a percentage of your first deposit, or a certain amount of cash that the bettor can use at any time. Bookmakers provide this to encourage new bettors to start engaging with them, thus it is also the easiest to get since it’s practically given.

Reload bonus

One of the most popular kinds of bonuses, reload bonuses are given to bettors after getting the welcome bonus and can be used in your next deposits. Unfortunately, as popular it may be, only several bookmakers offer reload bonuses. If you’re interested in getting one of these, check if your bookmaker provides this kind of bonus.

Free bets or ‘no deposit’ bonus

Some bookmakers offer a ‘no deposit’ bonus meaning one can place a bet for free for their first bet. This is often part of the welcome bonus, but it is usually quite a small amount. Despite this, it is still a popular kind of bonus since there’s no risk of losing your money. It’s also a safe way for new bettors to try betting on the bookmaker for the first time.

Match play bonus

Match play bonuses are more commonly offered in online casinos, but some sportsbooks offer them once in a while. Most of the time, these bonuses refer to certain sports events and can be claimed depending on how the event would finish.

Bonus on a loss

Since it’s more common for bettors to lose than to win, some bookmakers offer a bonus when you lose a bet to provide bettors an incentive for playing and to encourage them to continue playing. This bonus is usually a certain percentage of your loss.

Loyalty bonus

This bonus applies to existing or long-time bettors. Some bookmakers offer this bonus to reward and retain loyal bettors on their site. The most common way to earn and avail a loyalty bonus is via a point system where bettors gain points for every bet and can use a certain amount of points to avail free bets or bonuses.

The best way to get the most out of your football bets is by using these bonuses wisely. No matter how small a free bet or bonus may seem, using it accordingly can make a difference with its value. To effectively use your free bets or bonuses, always consider the wagering requirement, amount, and the odds.

The advancement of Slots

Online slot games are fun, easy to learn, and super stimulating when you become a winner! Slot machines could be found around one hundred years back, but with time they went through several changes.

Originating in 1891, the first mechanical slot machine evolved in Brooklyn, NYC, by Charles August Fey. This was named the Liberty Bell. The popularity of this machine leads to the prevalence of the electric Slot and the loss of the infamous lever. Fast forward to 1964 when the slot machine advanced to an electronic version, the Money Honey.

In 1972 the video slot was created in California and evidently took over, and the very first one was sold to the Hilton hotel in Las Vegas. The very first model used a television screen that was modified in place of the monitor. And after that version of slot machines, this game really got pomp popularity in casinos. Slot machines in land-based casinos didn’t undergo many changes in comparison to online casino machines.

The arrival of the internet in 1991 enabled online casinos to be introduced in 1996. Naturally, this changed the slot evolution immensely and made it much more convenient for gamblers to peruse and get their fix!  3D slots were the point of attraction for gamblers in the 19th century. The jackpots on online Slot attracted more and more new players. The first online jackpot was a cash splash with moderately high payouts. Megabuck was the first slot machine in 1986, offering multibillion jackpots.  Earlier released Slot was not compatible with mobile software, but now slot developers are successfully launching new versions at regular intervals. 

The mid-2000s was another era of slot inventions with the community- stylo slots that allowed both players to win. The top gun was one more remarkable advancement of Slot. With the advancement of HTML5, it has been possible to enjoy more fun by interacting online games on the market today. Virtual Reality Slot Games is the new development that has come up with real fantasy. Different online casino companies have already launched their range of VR for slot games. Because of the evolution of gaming technology, now casino video slots can be enjoyed using only a VR headset.

Gamification with online slots is another novel concept in the experience of the adventure of online slot casinos. Now players can sign up, compete, and enjoy fast stream slot games. The typical features of gamification within online slots include contests, progress bars, and many more events of interaction through unbelievable technology.

Besides, online slot machines are being adored by animation and graphics, excellent programming, security, multi-player functionality, and music soundtracks. These features are helping in inviting new visitors to come up for fun and money-making.

So it is safe to say, with many websites and copious amounts of games available – the slot world is bound to get a slot more fun!! No one can tell what can be introduced in the future because manufacturers are continuously working on it to make it more convenient, entertaining, and fascinating.

The Casino Evolution

Gambling is one of the oldest sports in history and still being entertained all over the world. Proof of gambling was found in china back in 2300BC.  Egyptian dice were another proof of gambling in 1500 BC. The birth of the very first Casino originated in Italy in the 16th century; yet then, they were known as Gambling houses. Casinos then started to pop up all over Europe throughout the 18/19th century. Although unlike the original ‘Gambling houses,’ they evolved to be more upper class and were built like palaces.

America soon followed the casino trend, opening its first Casino in 1906; before this time, the gambling scene was far less glamorous. In North America, gambling started with the arrival of saloons. Before this, the US had a gambling ban imposed on every state; this was first lifted in the state of Nevada in 1919.

The first legal Casino was founded in the Hotel Nevada and was named the Golden Gate Casino. This was around the time Las Vegas was also established as a city, which is today one of the world’s biggest casino hotspots.

In the UK, gambling was never made legal, but the government passed several legislations to regulate and control casinos. For example, the gaming Act of 1968 and 2005 are regulating and monitoring gambling in the UK. Today in the UK, as of March 2016, there are 148 land-based casinos, mostly in England.

Casino games have an amusing history, including slot games, Roulette, blackjack, and many more. Like Roulette is the oldest game invented in 1675 and slot in 1887. Casino attendance got an immediate success in recent years as in the UK, 3.7 million visitors visited casinos in the last four years. The most important revolution in the history of casinos is the development of online Casinos. Spin Palace Casino is one of the fantastic experiences in this regard.

In past casinos used to be considered limited location thing but with the arrival of technology of online gambling, people can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Luckily the online casino industry hasn’t wiped out the land-based Casinos – I mean, you can’t beat watching the action and atmosphere at the roulette table! Still, people used to go casinos in leisure time to enjoy both companies of friends and gambling. But as technology is progressing day by day, online casino games will get more liking. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are the new revolutions of the internet, which will change the online Casino.

Coming towards the conclusion, it would be right to mark that evolution of history is vivid and enchanting. People all over the world used to entertain themselves for years and still doing the same with more advancement. Looking toward the future could be more exciting as casino games are being evolved and transformed with time. Moreover, casino games are not only for enjoyment but also for the game of winning and losing money. On the whole, casino games have become part of a vast industry.

Famous European Leagues’ Players in Major Soccer League

Famous European Leagues’ Players in Major Soccer League

1.   Kaka, Orlando City

European Career

Kaka played top-flight European football for more than ten years. He started his career from AC Milan, where he won Serie A 2004, Champions League 2007, and FIFA Club’s World Cup 2007. Later he joined Real Madrid on a record 65 million euros where he became Spanish Champion in 2012. He won Ballon d’Or in 2007. Kaka was a versatile player with fantastic ball control and dribbling skills. Milan’s legend returned to the home club from Real Madrid in 2013 and played a season in Italy.

MLS Career

Kaka joined Orlando City in 2014 on a free transfer from AC Milan. Brazilian forward played three years in MLS and scored 24 goals and made 21 assists. So it was Betting in the us for the legendary Brazilian! Orlando City was founded in 2013, and Kaka was its first-star player. Kaka became captain of the Club and helped to expand the Club. Kaka retired at Orlando City in 2018.

2.   Wayne Rooney, Derby County

European Career

Wayne Rooney played his whole life in England in the Premier League. English Winger is Manchester United Legend. He joined United in 2004 from Everton and played under Sir Alex Ferguson. He scored 253 goals for Manchester United and held the record of scoring 153 Premier League goals for a single club. Rooney won 5 league titles and a Champion League Title alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the most successful Manchester United Player. Rooney returned to Everton in 2017.

MLS Career

After playing a season with Everton, Rooney joined DC United and scored 23 goals in 48 appearances.  Rooney made an assist on his debut. English legend scored his first MLS hat-trick against Real Salt Lake with an assist.  Later Rooney left the Club and joined Derby County in 2020.

3.   David Beckham, LA Galaxy

European Career

The freekick genius spent his career in Manchester United and Real Madrid. He was an excellent midfielder with incredible passing accuracy and freekick goal-scoring ability. He won six league titles and a Champions League with United. He also won La Liga 2006-07 with Real Madrid. He moved to PSG and won a Ligue 1 title in France.

MLS Career

Beckham signed for LA Galaxy in 2007 from Real Madrid. He scored 98 goals for LA Galaxy and won back to Back League titles with the Club in 2011 and 2012. On May 15, 2011, Beckham scored a brilliant freekick from 30 yards. This is one of the best goals of his career. LA Galaxy made a statue of Beckham to thank him for what he did for the Club.

4.   Zlatan Ibrahimovic, LA Galaxy

European Career

For Zlatan, age is just a number; at the age of 38, he is still in the starting XI of AC Milan. He played for Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, PSG, and Manchester United in Europe. He scored 268 goals for the clubs mentioned above. Not bad, just imagine if you had used 1xbet pomo code to back those stats. Here are the achievements of Swedish giant, 4 Serie A titles, 3 with Inter, and one with AC Milan. He won 2 Serie A titles with Juventus, but those were annulled due to some issues. 1 LaLiga with Barcelona and 4 Ligue 1 titles with PSG. He won Europa League with Manchester United. One of the most decorated players misses the Champions League in his trophy cabinet.

MLS Career

Zlatan signed for LA Galaxy in 2018 from Manchester United. Zlatan scored 53 goals in 55 appearances for LA Galaxy. He scored incredible goals there, including the bicycle, back heel, and long-range volleys. LA Galaxy also made a statue of Swedish forward in Malmo.

5.   Thierry Henry, New York Red Bulls

European Career

Thierry Henry is an all-time leading goalscorer for Arsenal. He won 2 Premier League titles with Arsenal, including the invincible title 2003-04. He scored 228 goals in all competitions for Arsenal. Later he joined Barcelona and played with Ronaldinho, Puyol, Etto, and Lionel Messi and won 2 La Liga Titles. He is also Champions League winner for FC Barcelona. He won the historic treble with Barcelona under Pep Guardiola is 2009.

MLS Career

Henry moved to New York Red Bulls from FC Barcelona in 2010. The French World Champion became captain of Red Bull and scored 52 goals in 135 appearances. He provided 38 assists in his MLS career.  ­­

Love MLS? Then why not try our MLS Quiz ?

Bundesliga, Top 5 players of the season


Football fans were desperate to watch football, and Bundesliga was the first major European league to return after the suspension of leagues due to COVID-19. Here are the top 5 Bundesliga players of the season so far.

Jadon Sancho, Winger at Borussia Dortmund

Sancho is a tremendous young talent, at the age of 20 he made his place in the starting 11. Sancho plays as a winger, the incredibly talented English player, not just scores goals but also makes assists. He currently holds the highest number of goals and assists this season in Bundesliga. His statistics are just astonishing; he scored 17 goals in 27 appearances and made 16 assists. His style of play, finishing, and pace makes him the best player in this season. He scored a brilliant hat-trick against Paderborn in 6-1 away game victory. He was the named player of the match. He has 1.6 shots per game that show his hunger for goals. Sancho is a brilliant player maker, and he created 17 big chances. He holds 7.68 rating this season.

Robert Lewandowski, Striker at Bayern München

It’s hard to find a more elegant striker than Robert Lewandowski.  31 years old Polish is proving age is just a number, and he is destroying the opponents in every match. He netted the ball 29 times in 27 games, with an average of 1.1 goals per game. He is the most consistent striker in the top 5 European leagues.  Lewandowski has 3.7 shots per game, absolutely crazy. Bayern’s number 9 scored a brace against Fortuna Dusseldorf this Saturday. He has incredible goal finishing ability, and we can compare him with Brazilian Ronaldo. He made 3 assists this season. He is involved in 32 goals this season, only one less than Jadon Sancho.  His 29 goals make Bayern top of the table with 7 points clear from Borussia Dortmund. He holds 7.66 rating in this Bundesliga Season.

Timo Werner, Winger at RB Leipzing

Timo Werner is pushing Leipzig forward, with his incredible 25 goals in 29 matches, he is the top scorer for Leipzig and 2nd in Bundesliga. He also made 7 assists in 29 games and created 12 big chances. The number 11 scored a hat-trick against FSV Mainz 05 and proved his haters wrong. When Raheem Sterling said, “we need months of training to get back into form.” The German winger proved him wrong by scoring a hat-trick on his second match after the continuation of the league. He is involved in 32 goals in total equal to Robert Lewandowski. The German club will qualify for Champions League for sure; currently, it’s on number 3rd only 2 points behind Borussia Dortmund. Three shots per game show his attacking style of play. His rating is 7.57 this season. With such form what are the chances of him joining Liverpool Bethard promo code ?


Thomas Muller, Midfielder at Bayern München

World Champion of 2014, Thomas Muller is driving the midfield of Bayern München. He is the king of assists in Bundesliga this season with 18 assists, who plays attacking football like Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City. He created 26 chances in 29 games. German offensive midfielder is a true icon player of Bayern München after Frank Ribery. His confidence is clearly through the roof. His possession, pressing, passing, and goal hunger makes him a perfect midfielder. He netted ball 7 times, and in total, he is involved in 25 goals. Muller’s passing accuracy is 79.5 %, and he provides 90 crossed from open play that shows his versatility as a midfielder. His rating in this season is 7.40.

Serge Gnabry, Midfielder at Bayern München

Gnabry spent the early years at Arsenal, then moved to Werder Breman and finally signed for Bayern München in 2017. Soon he secured his place in the starting eleven by showing his real talent. He scored 11 goals in 27 matches and made 10 assists so far. His passing accuracy and chance creating ability are outstanding. Look out for offfers via to back Serge! His passing accuracy is 83%. 24 years old German is good at defending, and he has one tackle per game. He is directly involved in 21 goals, and he created 22 big chances. Gnabry has scoring frequency after every 172 minutes. He attacking football is underlines by 2.6 games per 90 minutes. He has a 7.52 rating in the 2019/20 season.

His passing accuracy and chance creating ability are outstanding. His passing accuracy is 83%. 24 years old German is good at defending, and he has one tackle per game. He is directly involved in 21 goals, and he created 22 big chances. Gnabry has scoring frequency after every 172 minutes. He attacking football is underlines by 2.6 games per 90 minutes. He has a 7.52 rating in the 2019/20 season.

My Greatest England Team

Bobby Moore

Having followed the ups and downs of England over the years, the heartaches, the misery and the occasional joy. Here is My Greatest Team of the Three Lions.

Greatest England Team

Goalkeeper – David Seaman

Sadly, whenever you mention David Seaman to fans nowadays the abiding memory will be him tumbling back into the net in the 2002 World Cup as a free kick from Ronaldiho flies over his head. However, prior to his error-ridden decline, when he was at the top his game David Seaman was untouchable. An imposing figure who inspired confidence in the defence, penalty saving maestro and an experienced set of hands gave England a number 1 to be proud of. The troubles at finding his replacement is evidence enough that Seaman remains the safest pair of hands England have ever had.

Right Back – Gary Neville

Love him or hate him one thing is clear – Gary Neville has been the most trustworthy and dependable right back in the history of England. Since cementing the position in the late 1990s Neville provided stability and class to the position he made his own. Always one of the first names on the team sheet Neville was as solid at the back as he was going forward and produced a partnership with David Beckham that led England to many a victory. In latter years he became a great leader and yet again England have trouble replacing him since.

Left Back – Ashley Cole

Always a controversial figure, even those who loath Ashley Cole for his off the field antics or “car-stopping” wage demands have to admit that for a number of years he was the only World Class player in the England side. Pacey, intelligent and persistent Cole had an engine like no other and even in the dire minutes of matches would still be pacing up and down the left hand flank long before others had given in. Cole was a danger going forward, easily able to beat a band but was also tough to beat at the back. Solid, reliable and tough. He finished his career in the USA being attracted to

Centre Back – Bobby Moore – (Captain)

Bobby Moore will always be remembered for two things 1) lifting the 1966 World Cup at Wembley and 2) that Pele Tackle. But beyond that Moore was one of the best, most intelligent and most effective defenders ever to grace the pace. Not many men beat Moore to the tackle and his leadership qualities inspired a generation. Dependable, as good in the air as on the ground and an all round world class defender, Moore captains My Greatest Team and leads by example.

Centre Back – Sol Campbell

At his peak Sol Campbell was unbeatable. Physically dominating, aerially superb and great with the ball at his feat any England team with Campbell at the back knew they had a last line of defence that was tough to beat. A threat offensively in the air as well as a leader on the pitch, Campbell was the perfect centre back.

Right Midfield – David Beckham

His one man show to lift England from the depth sof despair to qualification for the 2002 World Cup is prove enough that England runs through this mans blood. The heart and engine of a tru warrior (a real jeux casino argent reel )on the pitch Beckham also possessed a crossing and dead ball ability second to none. His free kick ability alone is enough to make im worthy of a place in My Greatest Team but as an all round footballer, Beckham had it all.

Left Midfield – Stanley Matthews

Always a troubled spot for England but Stanley Matthews could play anywhere and with his tricery, ability to beat a man time after after time and his ingenious skills with the ball, Matthews would add unpredictability and excitement to the left flank and trouble anyone who dared come near!

Centre Midfield – Bryan Robson – Vice Captain

Captain Marvel himself. Bryan Robson was a tough talking, inventive and creative footballer with the ability to score from anywhere on the pitch. Every team needs a man like Robson at its heart to drive forward play, get stuck into opponents and pop up in both boxes. Robson never got the England career he deserved for one reason or another but he coasts into My Greatest Team.

Centre Midfield – Bobby Charlton

Another easy choice. One of the Englands most profilic scorers with many of is goals coming from outside the area, when the ball was at Bobby’s feat anything could happen. Genuinelly World Class over most of his career Charlton was the driving force in the centre of the England team that won the World Cup and although clips these days show mainly his 30-yard screamers, Charlton also offered creative passing, tough tackling and a never say die attitude that is at the core of My Greatest Team

Striker – Gary Lineker

For the sheer amount of times Lineker popped up in the box and scored out of the blie he deserves a place in the side. Never have the Three Lions had a more profilic poachers in the 18 yard box than Linker. Whether it was dealing with crosses, heading goals, using his pace to chase down long balls…Lineker was n effective and ruthless figure and if I want the ball to fall to anyone in the 18 yard box, it would be Lineker every time

Striker – Michael Owen

For the sheer way he burst onto the scene with the wonder-goal in the 1998 World Cup through to the years of terrorising defences, Michael Owen completes the line up. His pace caused fear in even the most experienced back fours and his ability to find the net was unrivalled. At his peak Owen was amongst the worlds greatest strikers and with the likes of Beckham and Charlton to supply him, the Greatest Team would have a potent threat.


Nobby Stiles – Able to play anywhere along the back four and experience of the big matches. Could be crucial if we need defensive back up

John Barnes – Tricky, able to find the net under any circumstances and a player who no defender would like to see warming up, Banres gives that flair and extra danger that could be needed during the match.

Geoff Hurst – Who better to bring on in big matches when in need of a goal? Been there, done that and got the t-shirt!

My Greatest Premier League Team

Inspired by our sister site My Greatest Teams we run through who would make a Footie Quiz greatest ever EPL team.

GK – Peter Schmeichel

At the heart of the Manchester United team in its most successful era, Schmeichel was a commander of the goal. Rarely beaten, the Dane commanded his penalty box and gave the defence the confidence they needed to make United a hard team to break down. A great leader on the pitch and a model professional, Schmeichel made world class saves on a weekly basis and United have never truly been able to find a replacement to match.

RB – Lee Dixon

Part of the famous Arsenal back 4 that proved impossible to break down, Dixon was a perfect Right back. Tough tackling, pacey and great a closing down play, Dixon was not only hard to beat but provided an option going forward with great crossing abilities and a habit of beating players with ease. Reliable, dependable and able to work hard from whistle to whistle, Dixon is a shoe in this position.

CB – John Terry – Vice Captain

For all the controversy, behind the headlines is one of the finest defenders in Premier League history. Few strikers get the better of Terry who has the ability to dominate in the air and on the ground. His passing range surpasses most rivals and spins were better than rivernilecasino casino and he ranks at the top of high scoring defenders making him a threat in both boxes.

CB – Tony Adams

During Arsenal’s finest season, Adams was there leading the famous back line. Experienced, dominant and tough, Adams took no prisoners and consistently denied the world’s finest strikers. Vital to keeping the defence together in any team, Adams is unrivalled in what he brings to the side.

LB – Graeme Le Saux

Le Saux was a crucial factor in the Blackburn team that won the Premier League. His domination of the left back position gave stability to the team as he used his pace, ability and skill to deny all comers success down the flanks. With the ball at his feet Le Saux also delivered killer passes and dangerous crosses, not to mention set plays, which created changes. Le Saux therefore walks into My Greatest Team!

RW – Steve McManaman

Perhaps one of the most underrated players in the Premier League. McManaman went on to be a star at Real Madrid, but prior to that he was vital in the success of Liverpool. Able to beat a man with ease, a master of the cross and a genuine goal scoring threat McManaman instilled fear in any who played against him and many world class defenders rank him as the finest winger they have ever played against.

CM – Steven Gerrard – Captain

Loyal to the end, Gerrard was part of a Liverpool team that conquered Europe. One of the finest passers of modern times, Gerrard could seek out a pass from anywhere on the pitch and hit his target with pinpoint accuracy. Prolific at scoring and deadly from set pieces Gerard’s box to box drive makes him an essential part of any team.

CM  – Frank Lampard

Prolific scorer, reliable passer and inspiring leader Frank Lampard deserves his place at the centre of any team. One of the top scoring midfielders in English football history Lampard will be remembered for the long range strikes he made his trademark. He popped up in the box too with crucial goals and his passing range was second to none. Lampard is a match winner and hence a vital cog in any team in which he played.

LW – Ryan Giggs

Who else but Giggs? Record appearance maker in Premier League history Giggs terrorised defences with his pace, skill and brilliance. An essential part of the team Alex Ferguson turned into World beaters, Giggs not only provided assists but scored some truly memorable goals. Giggs gave the world’s best defenders nightmares and is unquestionably one of the first names of the team sheet for the Greatest Premier League XI.

ST – Eric Cantona

Mad? Genius? However you describe Eric Cantona, no true football fan can deny that he was one of the finest players ever to grace the Premier League. With vision, skill and genius he led the United team to glory and provided some of the most memorable moments in Premier League History. There has never been, and will never be a player quite like Cantona. A true one of a kind!

ST – Alan Shearer

For the sheer number of goals scored over a prolonged period, Alan Shearer is worthy of a place in Any “Greatest Team” looking at the Premier League era. His goals drove Blackburn to the title and after a World Record Transfer to home club Newcastle, he transformed the fortunes of the Toon Army, taking them into the Champions League and beyond their wildest dreams. As dangerous with the ball at his feet as he was with his head, Alan Shearer is the man you want lining up with the Number 9 shirt in any team! If only he had been in his prime for the World Cup in South Africa where we could have got the best payout casino South Africa


Ian Wright

Able to nip up with a goal from nothing, Wrighty had the habit of being in the right place and the right time.

Roy Keane

Under pressure Keane always held his nerve and held together a United team that went on to dominate the globe.  One of the finest box to box players of all time.

Rio Ferdinand

Pacey, reliable and great in the air Ferdinand was always tough to beat.  Helped take Leeds to new heights before proving his quality at a European-Conquering Manchester United

Worlds Greatest Strikers

Strikers often grab the headlines and the glory and deservedly so. They are often entrusted with the task of scoring the crucial goals needed to win matches and football fans and critics rightly lavish praise on the finest examples. Here are 5 of the top strikers of all time….


Although the Brazilians are often noted for flair and outlandish skill, Romario, who led the attacking line for the national side for the best part a decade was a different kettle of fish. He was a goal scorer, a poacher and a lethal weapon on the box. With an outstanding 1000 plus goals to his name Romario’s record speaks for itself and never has the term “Knows where the net is” been more apt. Diminutive in size but not in stature. He muscled his way through defences when he feed of through balls and crossed and could beat a man easily if he stood between him and a goal scoring chance.

During his 85 caps for the national side he scored an impressive 71 goals and was one of the stars of the 1994 World Cup which was won by Brazil. In this ever so successful year he was awarded the Golden Ball for Player of the Tournament and named Fifa world Player of the year, better odds could be found here at bestunitedstatescasinos casino online .Every time Romario bared down on goal there truly was only one outcome.

Marco van Basten

The fact that a player who had to cut his career short due to injury at the age of only 27 is consistently ranked amongst the greatest strikers that the game has ever known is testament to the impression van Basten made. In the post-total football era of Dutch football he continued the spirit of flamboyant, skillfull and ultimately successful styles of football and his goals lead teams to many trophies including 3 Dutch Titles, 2 European Cups and 3 league titles in Serie A.

The volley he scored in the 1988 European Championship Final is perhaps what Van Basten will be remembered for and his indeed typical of the man himself. On that night he scored one of the all-time great goals and drove his team to international glory. Something he did week in week out for his club sides. Whether hitting in curling long shots, powering headers past opponents or scoring for impossible angles when the ball was with Van Basten a goal was never far off. A truly class act and a dangerous goal scorer!

Gerd Muller

 The bomber, the greatest German player of time and a record breaking scoring are just some ways of describing the legendary Gerd Muller. In the eyes of many there has never been a striker like him and he led the front line at both Bayern Munich and for Germany during the most successful times for the teams. He was at the helm of a team of class players who provided him with the kind of service he revelled in and produced some truly outstanding scoring feats to turn the domination of the games into success. Without Muller scoring time after time (especially against the frenach casino en ligne) and without his level of consistency the teams he played in would not have approached the level of dominance that they did.


You knew it was coming didn’t you? The first name that comes to people’s minds when discussing great footballers, an icon of the world game, an undoubted legend of the sport….there will never be another Pele. Leading the line of one of the finest eras of Brazilian football, Pele was the perfect striker. Pace, power, precision and a footballing brain, Pele dominated his era and there was, and perhaps never has been, anyone who can compare to the genius of this man.

Pele remains the only player to have won three world cups and his influence in each of these winning campaigns has been paramount to the success of the national side. Yes, he played with extremely talented team mates whose contribution should not be forgotten but Pele was the glue that held the team together. He was a leader, an example setting striker and above all else a clinical finisher. Whether it was with the ball at his feet, or making a darting run or looming onto the end of a cross goals followed wherever Pele may be.

Sit down a second before I tell you Pele’s professional record….1281 goals in 1363 games. In terms of professionals playing in Fifa recognised sports that is by far a record and hence I need not say more. Pele was truly great and is unlikely ever to be matches.

Diego Maradona

And to end the list….one of the most controversial footballers of all time. Diego Maradona. For every memory of Diego Maradona that is a positive one, of him skipping round defenders and scoring wonder goals there is a negative one to back it up…the cheating, the drugs, the bans. As an Englishman, considering what occurred in 1986 when Diego Maradona for a brief moment became a basketball player, it pains me slightly to say it but Diego Maradona is simply one of the finest footballers to grace the world.

Diego Maradona was never supposed to make it. For one thing his size held him back in his younger days but as soon as he had the ball at his feet he was unstoppable.  Diego Maradona is one the finest natural dribblers to ever grace to game and the term “sticks to feet like glue” is never more apt that when using to speak of this Argentinean legend.

Diego Maradona would pop up all over the pitch making decisive runs, supplying match winning assists and scoring crucial goals. Diego Maradona was an all-round footballer.

Worlds Greatest Goalkeepers


Behind every great team is a great goalkeeper. Start to analyse the success of World Cup winning National Teams and Champions League winning squads and you will start to notice a common trend. There is always a world class goalkeeper between the sticks. Inspiring teams, saving matches and intimidating opponents is all part of the day job. Here are the five best goalkeepers to ever have taken to the field

Lev Yashin

Earning the nickname “The Black Spider” Lev Yashin held the Number 1 position for the Soviet-Russian national team throughout his career. Often topping lists by fellow players, pundits and journalists alike, Yashin is undoubtedly one of the finest players of any generation. Born in Moscow in 1929 Yashin not only played everyone of his 326 club games for Dynamo Moscow over a 20 year period, but also made 78 appearances for the national side in an ear of great success for the Soviet Union.

Known largely for his acrobatic saves, flexibility, unnatural defiance of physics and reflexes, Yashin was an imposing figure for any striker brave enough to take him one. Rarely beaten one on one or from the penalty spot, it took something truly spectacular to beat Yashin. Barking orders at defenders and making himself known, Yashin rose to fame during his commanding performance at the 1958 World Cup and his four world cup appearances earned him a place in Fifa’s World Cup All Time XI. With Olympic Gold, European Championship medals and multiple league titles Yashin was never short of silverware but perhaps his crowning achievement was winning the European Footballer of the Year award in 1963. The only goalkeeper ever to do so.

Dino Zoff

Perhaps the first name on many people’s lists when discussing the legends of the game, Dino Zoff lead the Italian team in an era when they came to dominate the world. When he captained the Italian team to victory in the 1982 World Cup he became the oldest man ever to win the tournament at age 40. The fact he was chosen to lead the team, perhaps the finest team in Italian history, is testament to the respect, quality and trust a nation placed in this man’s hands.

One of the most decorated goalkeepers in history with 6 Serie A Title, 2 Coppa Italias, European Championship and World Cup medals, Zoff was undoubtedly an inspiration to any team he was a part of. Beginning at Udinese Zoff made over 100 appearances for both Mantova and Napoli before moving to Juventus where he spent 11 years and playing over 330 times.

Zoff still holds a record which ranks him above his peers and successors….between 1962 and 1974 he went 1142 minutes without conceding a single goal in international football. A record unlikely to ever be broken. Maybe only at a online casino australia roll?

After retiring as one of the greats, Zoff turned his attention to coaching and inspired as much from the side of the pitch as one it. A true legend, any team with Zoff between the sticks was instantly harder to beat.

Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks is often remembered for one save in particular. The World Cup. Pele, at the height of his career sends a header downwards in a place impossible for a goalkeeper to score. Pele thinks he has scored the entire England tea, think he has scored but dashing across the goal, not only stopping the ball but sending it to safety was Gordon Banks. That save will be shown 1000 years from now as one of the finest pieces of goalkeeping of all time.

But to judge Banks on just one save would be grossly unfair. Fans of the many clubs Banks played for week in week out, including Stoke City, Leicester and Chesterfield saw the great man pull off saves of this calibre on a regular basis. His 73 appearances for England came in a period in which they were crowned Champions of the World and his role in the 1966 victory is never forgotten.  Quick, efficient, determined and brave, Banks epitomised the English game.

Peter Schmeichel

In 1992 Peter Schmeichel was voted as the Best Goalkeeper in the World and in fact during the 1990s very few people would disagree with that claim. Peter Schmeichel lead the Manchester United team that dominated the English Premier League in the 1990s and won the 1992 European Championships with Denmark. Anyone who followed the Premier League during Peter Schmeichel’s era will always remember his fantastic saves, match winning moments and above all else, his command on the defence.

Alex Ferguson ranks is 1991 purchase of Peter Schmeichel as the greatest bargain of his career and indeed Peter Schmeichel remained with club making over 292 appearances winning multiple Premier League titles and captaining the club in the era when they won the treble. One night in Munich in 1999 he made a number of saves which kept United in the game and allowed them to score the dramatic late winners that gave them Champions League success. For real money casinos for further information.

Three images come to mind about Peter Schmeichel.

  1. Popping up in the opponents box to try and score late goals when United were in trouble
  2. Shouting at defenders who dare put a foot wrong
  3. Being one of the finest goalkeepers of all time

Sepp Maier

“The Cat from Anzing”

Any player who held the number 1 jersey at Bayern Munich for over 17 years and the German national side for 13 years deserves a place on any list of the greatest keepers of all time. Sepp Maier did just that. In fact, amongst the names of the greatest keepers of all time Maier is often overlooked but the records speak for themselves.

Maier was a crucial part of the legendary era of Bayern Munich playing alongside legends such as Gerd Muller and Franz Beckenbauer. The three European Cups the team won back to back in the 1970s is testament to how this team grew to dominate European Football. His 442 Consecutive appearances for the team is still a German record and fellow players speak of how Maier was the backbone of the team. On home soil he kept goal as Germany won the 1974 World Cup, another feat that is difficult without a great player between the sticks.

Often overlooked yet impossible to ignore, Sepp Maier has achieved the success most goalkeepers can only dream of and he deserves his place in history as one of the finest of all time.