What happened to Wimbledon?

I am just about young enough to remember a time when a Wimbledon side, led by Vinnie Jones and a hard hitting squad of English players, was topping the Premier League table. Indeed, the fabled cup win from 1988 is still fresh in the conscious as is their dramatic rise from obscurity to the top flight. But within a few years of that triumphant run to the top of the Premier League Wimbledon had collapsed, were out of business and reformed under the banner of two new clubs! MK Dons are essentially the team Wimbledon were but the AFC Wimbledon club is the one with the heart.

So what happened and can another other teams learn a lesson from this demise?

Wimbledon found them in the Premier League at a time when the money was starting to grow. It was nothing in comparison to what a middling team can earn in the division today, but still the money was flooding in and everyone around was investing in cheap foreign players with a new technique, new skills and a raised standard. The league began to be graced with the finest players in the world and with a push to getting in the Champions League the top half a dozen Premier League clubs began to invest. Wimbledon didn’t….even in the season they looked on for a top 6 finish; they did not spend the money. The club had been built on the premise of hard hitting English players with a certain style of play that worked well in the 1980s but was not compatible with the modern day game. They did not change with the times and that was one of their major issues!

They didn’t learn the earlier lesson from 1988 when they shocked the world and won the FA Cup, taking down Liverpool on their way, and were the talk of the nation. At that point they could have set aside time to build for the future and establish a club that could repeat the feat. They were the most talked about team in England and yet they did not back this up by going after players to improve.

The relocation issues did not help. Crowded in London, being an unfashionable team and not able to draw crowds who would rather flock to the more fashionable and successful clubs, drove the clubs owners into the controversial move to Milton Keynes which killed the heart of Wimbledon.

At the end of the day, a lack of ambition killed Wimbledon. This probably comes from always being the underdog and always being “the little club done well”. But that can only last so long in an industry where money talks and the game moved beyond what Wimbledon were all about.  They failed to adapt to the changing game, stuck to their roots of old fashioned English players and it backfired. There will never be another club like Wimbledon, and the absence of the club is sadly one of the many casualties of the modern game in the Premier League mega-money era of English football.

List of Premier League Main Sponsors

The Premier League is one of the best things that ever happened in the realm of football. Apart from World Cup, this is the other football league competition that attracts every football fan out there. It does not matter which team you support, the Premier League is relevant to every person who enjoys watching football.

Every year, it runs from the months of August after the FA Community Shield to May. However, unknown to many is that the world’s most popular football league competition normally works closely with a select group of partners as well as licensees to bring to us the event. Below are some main Premier League sponsors;

  1. EA Sports 


EA Sports is a household name when it comes to video games. In fact, it is one of the leading video games companies globally. The entity together with the Premier League has had a long term partnership since 2010. Last year it announced that it had expanded the partnership deal with the Premier League, becoming its biggest partner through to 2019.

  1. Barclays Bank

Barclays is one of the biggest banks in the world with presence in nearly every country. It is one of the main sponsors of this football league contest, which is currently in its second month. Over the last one and a half decades, the bank has enjoyed a great partnership with the Premier League as their financial services provider and title sponsor. It remains the banking partner of the League until the end of the next season. Whether or not Barclays will renew its commitment to support the League after 2019, it is something we are looking forward to finding out soon enough.

  1. Cadbury

Cadbury along with the Premier League have come together to begin an incredible partnership, starting from the beginning of this season. This move brings together two major global brands that have tremendous popularity across the globe.

For Cadbury, which is one of the world’s favourite chocolate brands, this adds to the brand’s history of important partnerships, and offers another opportunity for it to bring moments of excitement to millions of Premier League fans. The entity is expected to execute this exciting partnership with Premier League in many different ways that will entertain both players and fans

  1. Nike


When it comes to the Premier League, one of the key partners that come into mind is Nike. This American brand has been the official match ball provider to the Premier League for more than a decade and a half. This year it will be the 16th time for which the sports items and sportswear company has provided match balls for the League.


Although we have only listed four, there are many other key sponsors to the Premier League this season and the subsequent ones. From Carling and TAG Heuer, through to SportingiD and so on, the list of brands that sponsor this top football league event today is endless. Do not forget to visit the Euro Palace Casino for exciting Premier League betting.

Lightning Start from Napoli Gives Them a Chance to Win Serie A


SSC Napoli Logo” by Tanzen80 (CC BY-SA 2.0)

When you think about who will win Serie A, Napoli aren’t the first team you always think of and they have often remained in the shadow of the bigger clubs. However, a lightning start has taken them to the top of the league after seven games, and with some big clubs in behind them, they are in the driving seat right now. It remains to be seen whether they can stay there, but after watching them play this season, the signs are good, and they look set for a strong Serie A challenge.

Napoli have put together a hugely impressive start at both ends of the pitch to lead the chasing pack in Serie A. They have scored an impressive 25 goals from their seven league games, giving them the best goal scoring record in the division. Couple that with the fact that have conceded only five goals, giving them the joint-third best defensive record in the division, it is easy to see why they have caught the eye of many Serie A fans.

The big guns have all started well. Juventus and Inter Milan are both unbeaten, while Lazio and Roma have lost just once this season. Napoli are leading the way and overshadowing them, however, and if they can continue this run then all eyes will be on them as they look to lift the league title for the first time since the Diego Maradona-inspired 1989-90 season.

The latest Serie A betting has Napoli at 11/8 to win the title after their impressive start, although Juventus remain favourites with the bookmakers. That is sure to change if Napoli can continue their good run and are able to pull away from Juventus even further over the coming weeks.


The shining star so far this season for Napoli has once again been their striker Dries Mertens. After scoring 28 goals in 35 games for them last season, he currently has seven goals from seven games this season in an electric start. If Napoli are to land the league title they have been building towards for a number of years then he is going to be a key piece in their challenge, it is vital that he remains healthy and in-form.

The next few weeks are going to be fascinating to watch in Italy, with a number of huge games coming up. In October, Napoli will travel away to face Roma and then face Inter Milan at home, while Juventus will face both Lazio and AC Milan in the coming weeks. We also have a Milan derby to look forward to later this month, a game that is always a great spectacle for fans to enjoy, and this year is sure to be no different.

The start of the Serie A season has been a fantastic spectacle and with Napoli laying down a marker, it is time for Juventus to respond. These two look set for a battle all season long that is going to be great for neutrals and invested supporters alike.