How to Bet on Horse Racing

How to Bet on Horse Racing

Right at this moment, as you are reading, thousands of people around the country will be lining up in betting sops, logged into online bookmakers and attending racecourses to place wagers using their hard earned cash on Horse Races. At first all the technical terms can be a little off putting and knowing where to start can be a little intimidating but there are plenty of options out there. Don’t be put off by people who seem to be talking the big talk….essentially if you have money and a race to watch. You can place a bet.

Betting On Line
Betting on line has changed the entire market and if you simply google “online bookmakers” you will see a rather lengthy and some what intimidating list. Whether it be companies that have an online presence online or those with retail outlets, you will be spoiled for choice. If you are betting for the first time on horses then take a look at who has the best offers as many online bookmakers will offer free bets and incentives to get you signed up. You are actually far better off placing your first series of bets with a variety of bookmakers to ensure you can take advantage of all the deals. Certain sites also offer live coverage of the races you can watch and many have much more extensive information so shop around make sure it’s a site you can trust and get gambling!

Many also have great apps these days so make sure you make the right one to suit your needs

Betting in shops

I would also suggest this as a good avenue into the world of betting. Go to any local street and chances are you have a range of options….the variety in prices and odds is very slim but what you actually want, if you are new to the betting world, is a store that is going to actually help you and guide you through the process and staff on hand tend to be very knowledgeable. It can be off putting having a room full of people hurrying to place bets, playing on betting machines and such like but taking it slow and easy, using the help on offer can ease you into the world of betting.

Betting on course
It is probably going to take some building up for you to be up to this level. What you have to bear in mind is that for your first few forays into the gambling world, the race course is perhaps not the best place to do so. Not only are entry fees high but there is also minimum bets, a general hustle and bustle about the place and it may put you off for life!

The best place to start, if you have some basic understanding is certainly online, and get those offers taken advantage of. If you need help get into the stores but at the end of the day, when it comes to betting on horse racing, the sooner you get confident in doing it, the more profit you are able to make.

The Premier League Run In – Who will come out on top?


Once the festive period is over and people begin to embrace the New Year, the eyes of the footballing world turn to the Premier League title race. All the pre-xmas jousting for position and gathering of posts turns into a serious battle as teams look to pull away and cement their position. With up to 6 teams in the running this year, let us have a look at who will come out on top in the Premier League Run in.


Already showing signs of cracking under pressure, the lack of big time experience in the Liverpool squad could come back to haunt them. The consistent problem of throwing away what should be easy wins as well as general lack of depth will come back to haunt Liverpool. It’s the big games they thrive in, but the bread and butter points they miss more often than is acceptable for title challengers. Looks like the Premier League title will allude them for another season.

Prediction: 6th

Manchester City

Oh dear Pep, things have not only went wrong…but dived off the cliff. The 4-0 defeat to Everton was not just a bad defeat, but a culmination and expression of everything wrong with the club. So much talent, such a big squad but on the pitch a lack of unity, a tactical nightmare and a squad who don’t seem as motivated as the rest will ensure the freefall continues. 5th will be very disappointing to City fans but with big games and a ton of potential banana skins against teams fighting at the bottom, something City are prone to, this is going to be a lone run in.

Prediction: 5th

Manchester United

Football is all about timing, timing on the pitch and timing in terms of form and if one team has hit form when it mattered that is Manchester United. Zlatan has proved a sensation, Pogba is getting better with every game and Jose seems to have a team he is finally happy with. Solid at the back, create up front and hungry for success, United will launch back into the Champions League spots at the expense of their rivals.

Prediction: 4th


The same pattern emerges for an Arsenal side you play attractive football, but fail to perform when the serious pressure is on. With an unsettled squad due to contract issues, a manager with an unsure future and already too many easy points lost, Arsenal fans will have to make do with a consistent 3rd yet again.

Prediction: 3rd


Title favourites throughout the season, Chelsea have started the season the strongest with an incredible unbeaten run that only came to an end at the hands of an in form Tottenham. But, just as Conte looked like he had the league in the bag that defeat, and upset star players such as Diego Costa, could lead to a stumbling point. It will take all of his coaching ability but if anyone can do it, Conte can.  With visits to Liverpool and Old Trafford on the cards there are some tough games ahead.

Prediction: 2nd

Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs have started to come into form at the right time and have proven themselves to being capable of winning the key games. With Harry Kane and Delle Ali being two of the most inform players in the league at present, a real belief about the side and that hunger for the first Premier League title, as  well as less pressure than the likes of big money Man City and Chelsea,  we predict this will be the year that White Hart Lane receives its first Premier League Trophy

Prediction: 1st

Whatever happens it is sure to be an exciting end to the season with many head to head duels between the chief protagonists. If your struggling to figure out who to put your money on the check out for expert analysis and predictions.