The Importance Of Teaching Sport To Under-11s

With the ebb and flow in the fortunes of the nation’s sports teams, commentators frequently assert that children ought to be involved at grassroots level – for the good of sport. And while there is much truth in that, it’s also true that getting kids into different sports from a young age is just as important for their personal development, if not more so.

Primary school children are particularly liable to benefit from the opportunity to take part in organised sport. With qualified, enthusiastic, patient staff and readily available equipment from a stockist such as Hope Education, you’ll see children come on leaps and bounds in the following areas.

Social skills

Playing with peers is a big draw, and is often the factor that motivates children to try a new sport in the first place. It means kids can spend time with their friends in safe surroundings, working together towards a common goal. They’ll develop the social skills that will help them through school and into adulthood, such as overcoming conflicts and barriers, learning to be assertive without being aggressive and communicating with one another. They’ll also get into the healthy habit of being active for prolonged periods.

Competitive instincts

There are many positives associated with being competitive, and it doesn’t need to spill over into being a sore loser. Competition is everywhere, like it or not, but teaching kids how to adapt and succeed in dealing with it through sport is to teach them the basics without them realising it. Participating in sport helps children to cope with competition in a friendly environment, and also keeps boisterous, over-competitive rivals in check. The skills they learn through team play will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Sporting behaviour

Handling winning and losing is yet another crucial life skill that sport can help instil at an early age. It helps to create a balanced outlook: success and failure will each visit us many times through our lifetime, and if children can absorb that fact and be settled with it, they’ll have a strong character for most of their lives. They’ll also co-operate better with others and use better judgement when it comes to decision-making.

Also, being able to assess why they came up short and make necessary adjustments is another useful facet of sporting behaviour. Not enough power in that penalty? You know what to do next time then. Mastering personal improvement is a great foundation to becoming a hard-working, conscientious adult.

Leadership qualities

Or, in other words, taking responsibility. When a child has the ball at their feet or in their hands, the rest of the team is waiting on their decision. In that split second, they must weigh up the options available to them and then act upon their choice as effectively as possible. Leadership doesn’t necessarily mean telling others what to do – although voicing opinions is a valid aspect of it – but showing others that you are willing to step up.

Tennis star Novak Djokovic recalls on his website why sport was so important during his childhood, and this Unicef post explains why sport is such a valuable aid for children around the world.


Is Mauro Biello better than Frank Klopas?

Montreal Impact Quiz

Photo Credit: Eric Bolte of USA Today

Frank Klopas was the head coach and director of player development at the beginning of the 2015 season.  This arrangement did not last until the end of the season.  Why did he not last?  Of course, the main reason is the record of 16-16-26 since he took over before the start of the 2014 season.  In addition, the players grew frustrated with his style and methods of managing.  As mentioned in the article by Lloyd Barker (2015):

Klopas’s lineups had been a talking point virtually throughout his tenure as Impact head coach.  True to form, it was no different against TFC.  Seven of the Impact starters against TFC were playing their third match in only seven days.  That’s a tough request.  Two of the other four starters were playing their second match in only four days — not exactly an easy task, either.  Both of TFC’s goals exposed the Impact’s high level of fatigue.  It’s not like Klopas had no other options.  In fact, he had multiple reliable and well-rested choices: defenders Eric Miller and Wandrille Lefèvre; midfielder Eric Alexander and striker Anthony Jackson-Hamel who all started on the bench.  Klopas did use Miller, but made a mind-boggling change when Miller was substituted into the game in place of Romero, an attacker, with the Impact down a goal in the 80th minute.  It was a head-scratcher, one that only Klopas could try to rationalize.  It’s no wonder the unhappiness and frustration of the players had been so evident during the past several weeks.

In addition, there was the issue with Patrice Bernier that came to the surface.  His wife posted on Facebook that Bernier’s treatment is “unacceptable and disrespectful”.  After these comments, Bernier decided to take a leave from absence from the team.  This player is one of the leaders of the team and now he was taking a leave of absence.  One cannot underestimate leadership with in the team dynamic.  After the loss to the Impact’s rival, TFC, Klopas was dismissed from his duties.

Montreal named Mauro Biello as the interim head coach.  This coach and former player is actually from Montreal.  He actually played for the Montreal Impact  on three separate occasions.  He brought the pride he had for playing for the Impact in to the coaching position.  The players noticed this but pride alone did not turn around this season.  Biello has shown an ability to navigate from a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-3-3 with ease.  Once they are in a 4-3-3 this is beneficial for the Impact as they now have three central midfielders, in addition they had to cover less ground.  Against Toronto FC in last week’s playoff match they deployed the 4-3-3 with Ignacio Piatti playing at the left flank, this gave Piatti a chance to have a creative impact (pun intended) on the match.  With the addition of Didier Drogba and Biello’s tactical nuisances, let us see how far they make it in the playoffs.  For the time being, Biello they look the better fit for the Impact!