New Premier League Season

So with England long since out of the World Cup, English thoughts are starting to turn to the new football season.

We have re-jigged the Footie Quiz categories to reflect the ups and downs of last season.




Premier League relegated:

Cardiff City and Fulham went down on the penultimate weekend of the season, and they were joined on the final day by Norwich City.

Championship promoted:

Leicester City were promoted as runaway leaders. Burnley were later promoted as runners-up. QPR beat Derby in the play-off final to earn the third promotion place to the Premier League.

Championship relegated:

Yeovil were the first team to be relegated to League One and Barnsley joined them soon after. Doncaster were unlucky to drop out of the Championship on goal difference on the final day of the season.

League One promoted:

Wolves made an immediate return to the Championship by winning the League One title. Brentford were promoted as runners-up while Rotherham beat Leyton Orient on penalties in the play-off final, clinching the third promotion spot.

League One relegated:

The four teams going down to League Two are Stevenage, Shrewsbury, Tranmere and Carlisle – who went down after losing on the final day of the season.

League Two promoted:

Chesterfield won a three-way tussle for the League Two title on the final day of the season. Scunthorpe and Rochdale also clinched automatic promotion. After winning the play-off final, Fleetwood took the fourth promotion slot and have reached the third tier for the first time in their history.

League Two relegated:

Torquay and Bristol Rovers will both be playing in the Conference Premier next season.

Conference promoted:

Luton Town finally return to the Football League after an absence of five years. Play-off winners, Cambridge United, join them after an absence of nine years.


Driving to the World Cup: The Ultimate Road Trip

With football’s world governing body reportedly set to make a tidy profit from Brazil 2014, according to this article in the Daily Mail, the World Cup is perhaps as well known now for its cynical commercialisation as it is for the football. However, for many, the global tournament is still just one big celebration of the beautiful game, the perfect excuse for a football themed road trip and one huge, unforgettable adventure!

Getting there

A road trip may sound like a romantic idea, just a group of friends with nothing for company but each other and the open road. If you’re based in the UK, you’re not going to drive there directly, obviously – between Lizard Point in Cornwall, the most south-westerly point in the British Isles, and Fortaleza, on the east coast of Brazil, lies 4,200 miles of unforgiving Atlantic Ocean waves. Fortunately, flights direct to Brazil from the UK are available. The busiest airports in the country are on the south east coast in Rio and Sao Paulo. From these two huge cities you’ll be able to start your World Cup Road Trip.

What you’ll need

In Brazil you can use a full UK driving licence for a maximum of 180 days, if your road trip lasts any longer than this you’ll need to apply for a Brazilian licence. Although the weather is unlikely to get bitterly cold in Brazil, it would still be a good idea to take warm clothing for the chilly nights down south at this time of year. Up north and in the jungle meanwhile, you’ll need plenty of sun cream and mosquito repellent. It is also worth noting that in Brazil, the water is not potable, so you’ll either need to buy bottled water or have some means of purifying tap water in you intend to drink it.

The Road Trip

There are a couple of ways that you can plan a World Cup road trip: one is to follow a team, the other is to make a route for the final. One problem with following a team is that Brazil is so large that it could be difficult to keep up. England, for instance, played their first match in Manaus in the Amazon before setting off for a game over 1,600 miles away in Sao Paulo just five days later. The teams will be flying, so you’ll need to do some serious logistical planning if you want to tag along.

If the schedule for your favoured team is too brutal you could always try to follow a team with a less punishing draw; Argentina for instance, have to travel relatively little in the group stage. On the other hand, driving around Brazil, visiting towns you may not have heard of before, is all part of the experience.

Simpler may be a route to the final, taking in the many iconic football destinations in Brazil. Some of the most famous sights associated with the beautiful game include Estádio Urbano Caldeira in Santos, the Museu do Futebol in Sao Paulo and Pele’s home town of Três Corações in Minas Gerais. Finally, you can get back in time for the end of the tournament, taking place in the most iconic footballing monument of them all, the 200,000 capacity Estadio Maracana in Rio.

If you can’t actually make it to Brazil while the tournament is underway, you can always plan a trip later in the year and travel around, soaking up the post World Cup atmosphere.


Game on! Morphsuits mobs Trafalgar Square and stages England vs Italy

To kick the 2014 World Cup off, Morphsuits took football to the streets of London and flashmobbed Trafalgar Square, to predict the final score of the first of England’s matches, against Italy on Saturday 14th June.

The Morphsuit cladded entourage of English and Italian players took over the square , weaving in and out of tantalised spectators, disputing offside calls, red cards and extra time for full fanatic glory, the group of footy fans showed England’s capital how to take the party to the streets and celebrate The World Cup just days before the main event.

The Italian and English teams ran on with goal posts and took onlookers by surprise as they quickly assembled in between the fountains to kick off the match. Patriotic supporters congregated at the sidelines and kicked the ball back in to play when it went off side (outside the fountains!).

The match ended in a tantalising 0-0 draw, so all eyes are now on Saturday when England meet Italy in Rio for their all-important first match to see if the prediction will come true.

The Flag Morphsuits, available here are Morphsuit’s pledge to be sponsors of football fans across the globe for the World Cup. You can literally dress from head to toe in your country’s colours and be king of the World Cup party!

Watch the highlights of the match up below!

You can watch highlights of the match up by clicking here


World Cup Fantasy Football – Help Needed

As editor of, I may know who was the top scorer at the 1986 World Cup Finals (Gary Lineker), who has scored in every round of a World Cup tournament (Jairzinho) and how many teams competed in the first ever World Cup (13)… but picking a Fantasy World Cup team.. that’s a different ball game. (Well almost!)


What do you think so far???


Lloris, H Lloris, H Lloris, H £3.5m
Vermaelen, T Vermaelen, T Vermaelen, T £3.7m
Mertesacker, P Mertesacker, P Mertesacker, P £4.2m
Rodriguez, F Rodriguez, F Rodriguez, F £2.3m
Zhirkov, Y Zhirkov, Y Zhirkov, Y £3.2m
Reus, M Reus, M Reus, M £5.7m
Robben, A Robben, ARobben, A £5.7m
Palacios, W Palacios, W Palacios, W £2.7m
Karagounis, G Karagounis, G Karagounis, G £2.9m
Messi, L Messi, L Messi, L £8.0m

Neymar Neymar Neymar £7.8m

Countdown to the World Cup

Here at Footie Quiz we can barely wait!

Only one day to go until Brazil take on Croatia and the World Cup kicks off!

After years of disappointment and hurt many pundits are claiming that England go into the finals with low expectation after being pitted in the clichéd ‘Group of Death’. But what if, just what if England made it all the way to the final in Rio on the 13th July? Well check out this cool infographic from Hertz.

England will start their World Cup campaign in the heat of the Amazon jungle in Manuas, followed by a flight over to Sao Paulo, before concluding their last group game in the little heard of city of Bello Horizonte. Thereafter it will depend on how the Three Lion fare in the ‘Group of Death’. In the unlikely event that they top the group they will be off to Recife, lose the group and they can console themselves with a trip to Rio to play in the world famous Maracana. Whichever route they take one thing is for sure – there will be a lot of travel across a massive country.

For our part at FootieQuiz we think that England will surprise a few people in this tournament and when they get out of the group stage we can see them getting as far as the Quarter Finals.

World Cup



Have a quick trip over to for a countdown to the World Cup.

Footie Quiz App just got (slightly) easier!

We have listened to feedback and realised that a lot of our members have found the questions too hard.

Whilst it is good to have a really challenging quiz it can very demoralising for some players when they keep losing 5-0!

Therefore, for each subject on the Career Mode of the app, the questions now start easy and gradually get harder… and harder… and harder!

The difficulty is determined by how many times questions are answered correctly.

The real football fans will still rise to the top of the Footie Quiz League but we hope the quiz will now be more enjoyable for everyone.

If you haven’t downloaded the Footie Quiz App yet, it is available for FREE on iOS and Android!


Hearing loss in sport

In sport, communication is king. Taking instructions from a teammate, coach or orders from a referee or umpire; listening for buzzers, starting guns or whistles; and hearing the cheer of a crowd or a national anthem, are all part and parcel of the sporting experience. Take away these sounds and an athlete’s ability to compete could be severely diminished.

With help from technology experts and hearing specialists such as Hidden Hearing , hearing loss need not hold back an aspiring sportsman, whether they are amateur hobbyists or world-class performers.

Chris Colwill has 60 per cent hearing loss, and Tamika Catchings was born with a hearing disability, but both competed in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing in diving and basketball respectively,

Bath rugby union star Mat Gilbert wears hearing aids underneath his skull cap. Diagnosed as deaf from the age of five, Gilbert has learned to survive and thrive in one of the most unforgiving sports in the world, and demands he is treated identically to other players by colleagues and opponents alike. Gilbert is also a keen supporter of getting young people with hearing issues to take up sports, as this article in SL First shows.

Similarly, NFL footballer and Superbowl winner Derrick Coleman overcame the challenges of hearing loss by wearing two hearing aids tucked within two skull caps.

Perhaps even more incredibly, mixed martial artist and wrestler Matt ‘The Hammer’ Hamill defeated several top names in both of the brutal sports. Despite being born deaf Hamill made such an impact on the sporting world that in 2010 a film was made about his achievements and life.

One would think that if deaf or partially-deaf sportsmen can compete in sports as physically demanding as American football, rugby and wrestling then there will be little that cannot be achieved. Some sportsmen even see hearing loss as an advantage – snooker player Joe Swail has severe hearing loss but says it makes him less likely to be distracted by the crowd. As this article in the Huffington Post shows, snooker is a sport which generally supports competitors with health issues.

For those with hearing loss who are unlikely to play at the highest level but still want to compete, there are several measures that can be taken to negate the impact.

Hearing experts can tailor an aid to fit in or around the ear, depending on the sport. Hearing aids inside the ear are more protected from external impact and the weather, but those behind the ear can actually be secured to clothing, to prevent damage from falls.

Hearing aids can be damaged by excessive sweat, rain, mud and other liquids, so seek advice from experts on which hearing aid will be best for your sport. Even a cheap and simple accessory such as a sweatband, hat or item of cleaning equipment might save you considerable money and hassle, while protecting your aid.

Consider telling a referee or linesman about your hearing loss in advance of the event, so that they know you may not hear their signal or command. They may then be able to use a different system to compensate.

The main thing to remember is not to give up – none of the sportspeople above did.