The joys of the accumulator

There is no better feeling than winning a bet, except maybe winning a bigger bet, and never under-estimate your chances for a win using an accumulator. Readershere are invited to share their winning stories, whether they use an accumulator or other clever tactics for placing bets.

Most weeks I stick a few quid on an accumulator. At first I was carefully going through the form guides picking out the games that would pay off. Just how were Aldershot playing at home and was Torquay’s main striker fit for the weekend? Yet despite hours of painstaking research I never won a penny. So I started just trying out a random accumulator instead. Lo and behold it wasn’t long before it came off and I was a few hundred quid richer. The final game in my bet was a Championship match between Newcastle and Nottingham Forest, back when the Magpies were in the Championship a few years ago.

The Toon needed to win to get promoted so the odds were in my favour for a home win but knowing my luck Forest would derail their promotion campaign and walk away with the points. Amazingly, Newcastle dominated from start to finish and the final piece in my accumulator jigsaw fitted perfectly. I’ve never had one that big since but I’ll always remember how good my best bet ever felt. It was me and fifty thousand Geordies who were the happiest people in the world that night. It’s not often I can say that.

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People may argue on what is the toughest but entertaining football league in the world, and if you take a poll and ask a percentage of people, the majority of them will come back and say the Premier League in England.

Known for its fast pace and entertainment one can argue this is certainly the best league in the world as it clearly showed when the title came down to the last day of the season a couple of years ago and Manchester City eventually ran out the winners but only with a last gasp winner form Aguero in injury time which in turn ended Manchester United’s dream of another title, this was truly the best ending to a season once could dream to watch.

But before we had the Premier league we watched what was then known as “The Football League”, but in 1992 that all changed with the newly named “Premier League”. Reason for the name change was that clubs wanted to take advantage of the lucrative television rights deal which was going to be on offer.

The Premier league currently has 20 teams in its division, top four teams will qualify for a champion’s league position and the bottom three will get relegated. But when we talk about teams in English football we tend to talk about the “big Four” who happen to be “Liverpool”, “Manchester United”, “Chelsea” and “Arsenal” but recently we can add Manchester city into the equation as they are now heavily backed in the transfer window and have now become a force in the premier league. But since its existence, With the exception of Blackburn Rovers in 1994-95 and Manchester City in 2011-12, only three clubs have won the Premier League title – Manchester United (13 titles), Arsenal and Chelsea (three titles each). Since the summer of 2002, they dominated the top four spots, so I think it’s fair to say since its existence Manchester United have truly dominated the premier league.

On a European level I wouldn’t exactly say English teams have dominated but they have been there or thereabouts with Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United winning the champions league and also contesting the final. Between the 1992–93 season and the 2012–13 season, Premier League clubs had won the UEFA Champions league four times (as well as supplying five of the runners-up), behind Spain’s La Liga with six wins, and Italy’s Serie A with five wins, and ahead of, among others, Germany’s Bundesliga with three wins

Like most other leagues its season runs from August to May most of the games are played on Saturdays and Sundays and then a few games played midweek. There is no winter break in English football instead they have what they call “Festive Season football” so instead of relaxing or taking a winter break like most other leagues the premier league have fixtures on Boxing day and new year’s day along with the weekend football so if you are football fanatic like I am this is fantastic.

Having gone to numerous football games in England and around Europe I can say that the crowd in England are very passionate about the game and the atmosphere in some games is truly outstanding, something that lacks in other leagues.

The premier league is up there as being one of the most watched leagues in the world; it is broadcast to over 600+ million people in over 200 countries worldwide, but it is in Asia where the premier league is most popular where it is the most widely distributed sports programme. If you take figures from the British tourist board they suggest that 750,000 who visited England will take in a premier league game.

When we watch the premier league we watch football players from all nationalities but until the last five or six years this was never really the case. In fact  in the 1992 season alone just eleven players named in the starting line-ups for the first round of matches hailed from outside of the United Kingdom or Ireland. By 2000–01, the number of foreign players participating in the Premier League was 36 per cent of the total. In the 2004–05 season the figure had increased to 45 per cent. By 2009 the average Premier League team had an average of 13 foreign players in their side with under 40% of the players in the Premier League being English.

Out of the major leagues in Europe the premier league is arguably the hardest leagues to win as not like most other leagues which one can argue have only two or three big name teams, the premier league consist of a lot of big name teams and even the weak teams sometimes can be a force to be reckoned with especially when playing at home and this would make it difficult for the big four. And if you want my opinion on things, I would say it is the hardest league in Europe to win.