Footie Quiz App Update

It is now over a month since we launched our football quiz app on Android and IOS and like all new apps a month provides you with a good period to fix bugs, reflect and asses what you could do better.

So in our recent update (Version 1.04) we have done the following:

  • Fixed a number of minor bugs.
  • Improved the dashboard counter and push notifications to make you more aware of the status of your challenges.
  • Added a walk through to help users understand Smart Match to enable them to get challenging  others.
  • Added to our Other Apps section with the inclusion of The Football Quiz app.
  • Added the following South American football quizzes:

Copa America

Copa Libertadores

Boca Juniors



Club Universidad de Chile

River Plate

Sao Paulo

  • Added 100’s of more questions into our challenge quiz categories
  • Increased our general database with 100’s more questions – with a particular focus on our English Premier League Quiz.
  • Included more review promts – we really need you guys who like the app to rate it to help us climb up the app store charts!

So far we have had just over 1000 people download and play the app – mostly from the UK, but we have had downloads from as far away as Australia, Columbia and Nigeria.

However our work is not done and we have a long development pipeline to work on. If however you spot any issues or have a suggestion then please get in contact and let us know.

The FQ Team

When it comes to betting on the World Cup we think is the best site around.


The Football Quiz App

It would appear that good quality football quiz apps are like buses! You wait ages for one and nothing – then all of a sudden two come along at once!

Buoyed by the recent release of the Footie Quiz app we were a little surprised to stumble upon The Football Quiz by Ingeniemob.


Intrigued, as we are when  we see any football quiz app released in  the Apple and Android app stores we downloaded it and played.

In our opinion it is without doubt one of the best quality football quiz apps out there. A refreshing change to all those boring football logo and picture quizzes apps designed by two bit developers.

It’s game play is crisp, simple and highly addictive. Great, well thought out graphics and authentic sounds – favourite football chants from all of the English Premier League (EPL) stadiums.

With two modes – Season and Quick mode the app allows the user to either have a full season of EPL fixtures where you play home and away in a battle to win the title. Or play Quick Mode on one of the various levels to test you football knowledge in a twenty questions game.

Soccer Quiz App

Question wise the level is very good and comprehensive and of a level you would find on our site. We always believe that you can judge a good football quiz app on the quality of its questions. Here, The Football Quiz succeeds where many of the current quiz apps fall miserably short.

Out of ten? We would give The Football Quiz 8.5.

So from the team at Footie Quiz its a thumbs up to The Football Quiz.


Press Release: No. 1 Football quiz site launch app to challenge the mega success of Quiz Up

The team behind the Number 1 football quiz in Google – Footie Quiz are proud to announce the launch of their first ever Football Quiz app – FootieQuiz Career & Challenge (FQ C&C).

FQ C&C with over 8000 football quiz questions and over 300 quizzes is without doubt the most comprehensive Football Quiz App available in both the Apple IOS & Android stores. The apps dedicated website can be found here:

The app specialises on football quiz question based on the most popular football league in the world – the English Premier League (EPL), however despite this the developers pride themselves on the fact that every single English Football League club is covered (from Barnsley to Barnet) as well as every major African, European, US and South American club. They claim no other app has such a breadth of variety when it comes to football quiz questions.

When asked why they developed a football quiz app when there are already 100’s of these types of quizzes in app stores, developer and co-owner of Footie Quiz Chris Ashwell stated “Yes there are lots of football quiz apps out there – far too many are poor logo or picture quizzes. But none of them are as detailed and comprehensive as FQ C&C. Not only do we have the largest question database of any football quiz app in the world we also have functionality and social media integration that other apps simply don’t offer”. Fellow designer Gordon Kearney follows this up by stating that just like the hit quiz app Quiz Up which has had over 5 million downloads, FQ C&C allows you to go head to head with your mates and find out who truly knows the most about the world greatest game. Kearney states “Quiz Up validates everything we knew about the popularity of quizzes.  However, Quiz Up is a generalist quiz app built from the top down and the quality of the football questions within it simply don’t compare to our bottom up user built quiz and app”.

So the question is with football popularity set to sour even further in a World Cup year can the team at Footie Quiz replicate their online success into the app world?



Contact: Gordon Kearney

Telephone: 44 (0) 7525 726592


Gordon Kearney is a co designer and a founder of


Footie Quiz App now available on iOS – as well as Android


Football Quiz App








Hi all,

We have been promising the app to all our members for what seems like months, and we are proud to announce that it is finally here!

Released on Google Play for all Android phones and tables three weeks ago –

Our iOS version is now complete and in the App Store:

So, what are you waiting for?!

  1. Download now – for #FREE
  2. Log in with your existing Footie Quiz details (or Log In with Facebook or Twitter)
  3. All your existing scores will be synced across
  4. Get challenging your mates!