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Things You Didn’t Know About The Premier League

Premier League Trophy

There are many things about the Premier League we know. We know that Manchester United are likely to win the title every other year. We know Jose Mourinho will get sent to the stands every other week. And we certainly know all Arsene Wenger will say about it is that he “did not see it”.

But behind the obvious. Behind the fact that we know Crystal Palace are rubbish and Alan Shearer scored a lot, are some of the most interesting facts in football. We guide you through some of the things you never knew about the world’s greatest league.

Rio Ferdinand

This man has the cleanest record in football. Since August 2006, the Manchester United centre-back has only conceded 68 fouls in 182 games. That’s one wrong tackle every 2.7 games. Roy Keane conceded 68 fouls every 2.7 games!

To match this amazing record, the former England captain has only received 20 yellow cards in 485 appearances during his career. The record is even hard to believe for his United team mate Nemanja Vidic, “Seriously, that is a great run. He is so good at reading the game.”

Jamie Carragher’s Goal Scoring Record

Now, the Anfield hero has never been potent in front of goal. In fact Carragher scored as many goals for Spurs as he did his own club. During his career against the North London club, the Liverpool defender put it past his own keeper three times. The same amount he managed for the Reds.

He loved scoring own goals so much that he even scored a penalty (own goal) for Everton during his testimonial.

Stoke Don’t Keep The Ball Well

There has been a slight change in the way Stoke play since Hughes took over the Potters in the off-season. And despite Pulis being a favourite in the Premier League, it’s hardly surprising. Since joining the top-flight in 2008, the Staffordshire side have only had more than 50% possession in 13 games. Lucky for some. Unlucky for Stoke. They have yet to finish in the top 10 since their return.

Top 5 Super-Subs

Only five players have scored a hat-trick from the bench. Most recently was Romelu Lukaku against Manchester United. A feat in itself, he became only the sixth player to score three against Fergie’s United.

Fowler’s also holds history as the quickest of all time. Entering the field of play, Liverpool were 0-0 against Arsenal. Four minutes and 33 seconds later, it’s 3-0 and the Liverpudlian is rolling away in celebration having defied the football odds. Solskjaer, Hasselbaink and Adebayor have also strolled on from the bench and netted three for their side.

£1.56m Per Year- It’s The Going Rate

Doubling in the last six years, the average Premier League player earns £30,000 per week. Except Fernando Torres. As an average Premier League player, he earns £210,000 per week.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the average annual earnings of UK workers is £26,500, meaning you could probably afford to keep Ryan Shawcross for a week. Get him to tidy up round the back for you. He’s good at that.



The best football app ever: FootieQuiz – Career & Challenge

Football Quiz App

We we are now weeks away from the launch of our Footie Quiz app: FootieQuiz: Career & Challenge, and  as promised here is run through of what our members and fans can expect from our first foray into the smartphone world.

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The Football App

Crucially, FootieQuiz: Career & Challenge has been designed to automatically synchronise with your existing Footie Quiz online account so all of your recorded history of quiz attempts (wins and losses) will seamlessly integrate onto your smartphone account.

So whats new?

Well the biggest thing to shout about is our Challenge Mode.


Now you can challenge a mate, a fellow support or any FootieQuiz: Career & Challenge member to a quick fire game football facts and trivia.


Choose from one of 5 random subjects to really test your knowledge against theirs.

Football Quiz App

You record your scores as you go along from one challenge to another. All your individual Head to Head challenges create a score and a place in our Challenge League table.

The League table will work on a similar basis to the FIFA co-efficients system – so if you are in 99th position and you challenge someone in 5th place – they accept (they dont have to!) and you beat them then you will move up the table far more rapidly than say beat someone in 97th position. Dont accept challenges and you will naturally fall down the league anyway!

We have also enhanced the career mode you are familiar with when playing Footie Quiz online. A new feature will be our Achievements section. Like a footballer collects medals and accolades throughout their career you to will be able to unlock achievements such as the Rival Club Badge – successful complete the club quiz of your bitter rivals and you are awarded the badge. In our first version of the FootieQuiz: Career & Challenge there will be 20 such badges to unlock.

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The Evolution of Football Kits

Football has changed dramatically over the years from a politely contested fixture between two sides to matches that can start riots across a city because of the intense rivalry. Players have adapted from jogging towards the goal with the ball at their feet to turning opposition defenders inside out with pace and trickery before firing the ball into the top corner. Like all sports, it has changed and it has done so for the better without a doubt, and along with the game changing itself, certain aspects have also developed.

We’ve seen the introduction of goal line technology in the 2013/14 season which will hopefully help to prevent officials from making the wrong decisions, but one change that has been going almost unnoticed over the years is the evolution of the kits worn by the players out on the pitch. To many people, they’re just clothes worn to distinguish between the two sides, but to the teams they are a sense of identity and that’s why the fans spend so much money purchasing replica kits from stores like or the club’s official store, to show their support even away from the stadium on match day.

In the early days of the game, when the likes of Sheffield FC (recognized as the world’s oldest football club) would play Hallam or Notts County, there were no kits as such. Players would turn up for matches wearing whatever they could find, even cricket whites, and then wearing distinctive hats or scarves over the top so that they could stand out from the opposition team. In fact, it was Sheffield FC who first coined the idea of players wearing kits by stating in their own club rule book that “each player must provide himself with a red and dark blue flannel cap, one colour to be worn by each side”, meaning that they could give one coloured hat to the opposition to ensure it was blues versus reds at all times.

It was only when the FA Cup began in the 1871-72 season that kits really began to be created with the rules of the competition stating that each team must wear a distinctive kit. The colours chosen were often associated with the public schools and sports clubs that they grew from, or historical relevance.

From simple coloured kits soon came designed strips featuring hoops or stripes, around the time that the tops became known as ‘shirts’. Newton Heath – now known as Manchester United – were one of the first to adopt the ‘quartered’ style of kit in the 1890s, with the likes of Bristol Rovers still wearing the style today, and Blackburn Rovers wearing ‘halves’. In 1890, we saw the introduction of another rule regarding kits, whereby clubs had to register their own colours to avoid any clashes occurring. This would eventually become the basis of what we know today as the ‘away’ kit where a club will wear a completely different strip when they play against another club that wears similar colours (this was brought into effect in 1921).

As we began to move through the 1900s, kits began to become more stylish with the likes of Manchester United adopting the ‘V’ style around the neck. It was 1909 before goalkeepers were required to wear a different kit, with the Football League wanting clear indications as to just who was in goal to avoid confusion for watching supporters, opposition players and the match officials.

During the next few decades there was very little innovation in terms of kit design, but more manufacturers did appear on the scene with the Humphrey Brothers Clothing company – now known as Umbro – becoming one of the most popular.

Arsenal were one of the first to break the mould in terms of shirt design, by adding contrasting white sleeves to their red shirts in the 1932-33 season. This, and the exposure of British clubs to European competition, prompted designers to look into new styles of kits altogether, with clubs realizing that their European counterparts were wearing much more stylish, lightweight, comfortable kits and this may benefit them going forward. Kits soon featured v-neck collars rather than the traditional shirt collar, short sleeves and lightweight cotton shorts.

By the 1980s and 90s, clubs were reaching their centenaries and celebrated by releasing commemorative shirts to mark the occasion. This is now seen as routine by many English clubs, who will ditch their traditional styles – even for one season – in favour of a modern version of the shirt they wore 100 years ago.

By the late 90s and early 2000s, clubs had taken to selling replica versions of their shirts to supporters, complete with names and numbers printed on the back. This soon became the most valuable marketing strategy for clubs to enhance their status in the local area – and beyond – and the all important bank balance that would let them spend more money on the top players in the game.

Today clubs will change their strips every couple of years – or even every year – because of the size of the market looking to purchase replica versions. Even the slightest changes to the shirt, such as a black collar, makes a difference and fans will still buy them to show their insatiable support for their club.


The opening half of the Premier League season has thrown a ton of tight match-ups and week 11 assures to be no different. BLOCKBUSTER ALERT: Table topper Arsenal would be facing current champions and an old time foe Manchester United on Sunday evening, before that match takes place, there are plenty of tricky contests to look forward to. Here is the full round ups of all the games taking place.


Cardiff are siting one point clear of Villa in the league table. Cardiff would be high on confidence after last week’s derby win against Swansea. For Villa, they have had a disappointing start to the season, when Benteke scores, they look a whole different team. Agbonlahor and Delph should be available for Villa to play on Saturday. I predict Villa to win it, but only so narrowly.



Cristian Benteke: Without him scoring Villa just look like an ordinary side, it is about time he scores and Cardiff should provide him an easier match-up, to get up and running.

CHELSEA V WEST BROM @ Stamford Bridge

The Apprentice V the Master, this could be an exciting encounter especially with Chelsea’s wobbling start to the season, West Brom themselves have made a poor start compared to last season. Chelsea would love to take the momentum from midweek’s 3-0 over Schalke and many would expect them to win, BUT Steve Clarke is a clever manager, West Brom can get a result here.



Eden Hazard: currently looks out of sorts with all the rotation going around him, but is an impressive player and should be the to keep an eye out on all season

Sessegnon: He has had an impressive start to his West Brom career and for West Brom to have any chance in getting a result, he would be the key.


Everton have been consistently good this season and they are playing against Palace, a side who is literally struggling in the Premier League. It would be an easy day out for Everton and another clean sheet to add to the tally. I don’t see a better fortune for Palace in the near future, if they lose against Everton, it would be their seventh consecutive loss.



Lukaku: He is a power forward, already scored 5 goals and this couldn’t be an easier match-up for him to increase his tally. Watch out Palace defence.


Liverpool just didn’t start their engines against Arsenal last week, they would be raring to go and get that set back off their backs against Fulham. A loss for Fulham potentially means the last game for Martin Jol. Fulham have just haven’t clicked as a team. Liverpool are too strong a team. Expect another drubbing at Anfield.



Suarez/Sturridge: They can disregard the Arsenal game, for them to be a Champion team, they need to score against tough opponents, but against Arsenal, Liverpool were not working it out as a team. But now Fulham awaits and should be a tough competition in who will score more goals? Suarez? Or Sturridge?


It is no fluke for both the teams, in where they sit in the Premier league table. Both teams look promising and play compact football. Southampton have the best defensive record in the premier league, allowing only four goals and the second best in Europe. Hull would find it difficult to crack the Saints defence. It would be a tough midfield battle between both teams but the Saints would eventually come out winning.



Jay Rodriguez: He is still the player to watch out for this Premier League season, as the season progresses, he will do wonders. Look out for him.


Norwich have always struggled defensively and very look bleak. The play West Ham a team who struggles to score (they don’t play a striker, you see). This equals the odds, but Norwich would wish to bounce back after last week’s 0-7 drubbing by City. Expect to be a dull game, with plenty of long balls and defensive errors and Norwich might sneak in a goal.



Van Wolfswinkel: He is hopeful to make a return, if he plays Norwich chances of winning skyrockets. Norwich need his services up front.


Spurs have had a decent start to the season, with all the new signings, it’s difficult to gel as a team so soon, still they are sitting 4th in the table. They can only get better. Newcastle had an impressive win over Chelsea last weekend and would be hoping to capitalise on that against the Spurs as well. Spurs are not a scoring team, so they would hold down the Magpies offensively as well as defensively. It would be a well fought encounter, ending in a draw.



Loic Remy: he has been the signing of the season for Newcastle, without him the Magpies season would have been disaster, expect him to bother the Spurs defence all day.


Well history suggests, City have always struggled at the Stadium of Light losing 1-0 for the last 3 years. Will this time be different? Well the Black Cats have found some resurgence, and winning against the Saints midweek in the Capital One Cup would have helped. City on the other hand, have been in prolific scoring form. And Negredo and Aguero are proving to be a deadly combo. This is to me is going to be an upset of the week, going with the history.



Steven Fletcher: for Sunderland to do well, Fletcher needs to be scoring, he is the most experienced and a stable personality that can guide the whole team together.

Sergio Aguero: he has scored eight goals in the season and is looking in ominous form, any defensive lapse by the Black Cats and he’ll pounce upon it.


Arsenal looking like The Invincibles, for which they were known for before. They are one of the best teams in form around the world. Playing world class football and on Sunday they travel to Old Trafford, the home of the current league champions; Manchester United. United have had a horrendous start to their season, Januzaj being the only saving grace. A win here for United and it can lift their whole season and David Moyes would be know that. But for United to beat Arsenal, they have to play like a Champion team that they are. Going for a United win, just to make the premier league and the league table more interesting.



RVP: Do I even have to mention him. He would be the focal point for both sides.

Ramsey: He is in brilliant form, is running high on confidence and he tends to find gold in whatever he does nowadays.

SWANSEA V STOKE CITY @ the Liberty Stadium

Swansea usually don’t play well on premier league weekends when they are playing in the Europa League midweek. They have been very inconsistent and the form of MICHU has had so much to do with it. Stoke on the other hand are just finding it tough to play a certain type of football, which they could stick to it. Scoring goals has been tough for Stoke, they have just scored seven times this season, out of which one goal came from the goalkeeper. Going by Swansea’s inconsistencies after playing the Europa league game midweek. A draw is on the cards.



Michu: He plays a vital role in how his team performs as a whole, his current drought of goals, has affected Swansea as well. He is too important a player for Swansea.



Guest Blog: The battle for the first place

The eyes of most English soccer fans will be on Emirates Stadium this Saturday, when Arsenal host Liverpool.

Despite their loss at home at the beginning of the week against Chelsea in the Capital One Cup, most of soccer driven Sportsbooks have Arsenal as favorite for this game. The Gunners are in first place of the Premier League with 22 points.

After a surprising defeat in week one at Emirates against Aston Villa , Arsenal has seven wins and one draw. They are the second best offense of the tournament with 20 goals scored, only behind Manchester City who has 21.

Frenchman Olivier Giroud and Wales’s Aaron Ramsey are the top scorers for the Gunners, with five goals each, but this Saturday will face a tough match against one of the best defences in the league. Liverpool have shipped only eight goals this season, but five have come away home.

The Reds are in third place with 20 points will try to steal the lead this weekend. English striker Daniel Sturridge is having a great year and is the top scorer of the Premier with eight goals.

Liverpool attack has within it one of the best forwards in the League, Uruguayan Luis Suarez, who has six goals in only four games. The problem for the Reds is that they rely too much on their stricker. Sturridge and Suarez have combined for 14 their 17 goals on the season.

This will be the first Liverpool game on the road against one of the top five teams. When they visited Manchester United on the third round of the Capital One Cup they lost 1-0 with one goal of Mexican striker Javier Hernandez.

Arsenal have only lost one of the last 16 home games against Liverpool, including FA Cup, Community Shield, Carling Cup and Champions. In 178 games between these two squads in the league, the Reds lead the stats  with 69 wins and 47 draws.



Nash’s Premier League Preview Week 10

With a quarter of Premier League season is behind us, this week should bring us a clear picture, of which teams have the potential to true contend for the Premier League title. There are some cracking encounters to look forward to this weekend. Liverpool travelling to the Emirates, Spurs visiting Everton and the first top flight South Wales derby and many other teams trying to knick an upset. So let’s break down all the exciting encounters, which are going to take place this weekend.



This encounter has always been exciting to watch. Newcastle are coming of a bad week, with back to back losses in the Tyne-Wear derby and against City in the Capital One Cup. They have conceded 16 goals this season, which screams of a struggling defence. On the other hand, Chelsea have scored 16 goals. Chelsea have a strong offence against a very weak defence. Chelsea would win this, if their offense clicks, will win it by some margin.



Fernando Torres: He is in amazing form, and has scored 3 goals in his last two outings and is looking like the return of El Nino is evident.

Juan Mata: Cannot emphasize enough on how he has changed the dynamic of the Chelsea team, and Mourinho has realized that, he was late but he did.



Fulham are coming back of a disappointing loss to Leicester City in the Capital One Cup midweek. Their season has been very erratic and they rely too much upon individual players rather than playing as a team. As a team, they just haven’t jelled. Manchester United would be looking to carry on their winning streak, especially with a start they had this season. United will win this one unless any of Fulham’s brilliant individual players show their individual class.



RVP; have stated before and will do again, if he struggles, United struggle. Rooney is the only saving grace on RVP’s off day. He needs to stay consistent, for United to have a hope of competing for the title this season.



Hull have been the surprise package of this season, they are a team who play organized football and stick to the basics, Hull have lost their last two games, both against Spurs. They had been evenly fought games. Sunderland have finally kick started their season, winning the Tyne-Wear side derby and would be looking to capitalize on the momentum. Hull are a tough team to beat at home, Hull have not lost at home and look a tough side to beat, Sunderland with high confidence should procure a draw here.



Steven Fletcher: he provides experience in front of goal, he is consistent and for Sunderland to have any chance to not get relegated this season. They need Fletcher scoring on consistent basis.



If not for Joe hart, City have made quite a progress in their style of play under Pellegrini. They have scored the maximum number of goals (21) in the premier league. Norwich gives them another tempting chance to surge ahead on their goal count. The Canaries have been just shoddy this season and show no signs of improvement. I don’t see Norwich will get any points out of the game. City will win comfortably.



Aguero: Has been in cracking form this season. He has scored 7 goals in eight matches and Norwich prove to light a team to deny him. He would continue his goal scoring form against Norwich.



Stoke showed signs of what they are capable of doing against United last weekend but then got back into their shell. Southampton have had an exceptional start to their season, they have only conceded 3 times this season, which would be a tough ask for Stoke especially when they are finding it so hard to score, they have scored only 6 times, two of the goals coming last week against United. Southampton should continue their dream run against Stoke.



Ricky Lambert: He has catalysed the way; Southampton’s season has churned up so far. The England call up has certainly done wonders to his domestic form.



Crystal Palace are destined to be relegated this season, they just look like a team that don’t belong in the Premier League. This is a good game for West Brom to bounce back from the mauling they suffered on the hands of Liverpool (4-1) last week.



Morgan Amalfitano: He is the only creative player West Brom can boast about. He has created 10 chances for his team this season (more than any other premier player). He will be a key player for West Brom against Norwich.



Both inconsistent teams face each other this weekend. West ham badly need a striker and without a striker they have just looked ordinary. Aston Villa on the other hand have been very fragile defensively. West ham though might be 15th in the league but boast of 4 clean sheets and Villa might find it tough. I would predict both teams to share the honours.



Cristian Benteke: the season has been inconsistent for him, but a couple of goals and he would be tough to stop. Having already scored 5 goals so far. He just needs one good outing.



The GAME OF THE WEEK, both teams would showcase who plays better passing football. Arsenal would be without defensive midfielder Flamini, leaving Arsenal with no defensive midfielder. This would be a great advantage for Liverpool, especially when Coutinho is playing, he would be looking to penetrate that hole all day. Arsenal would be relying on Ozil, Giroud and Ramsey’s fantastic recent form. A defeat to Chelsea in the Capital One Cup might weaker Arsenal’s confidence. Expect a thrilling encounter, in which Liverpool edges past Arsenal.



Suarez/Sturridge: They have begun to ascend to greatness. With the return of Suarez, Liverpool have seemed to have found another gear. Suarez has already scored six goals in 4 matches and Sturridge eight in nine. If they hold on this form all season, I don’t see a reason Liverpool not winning the title.

Ozil: Games like this makes players stars and for him this would be a great opportunity to showcase that he is a star.




Another exciting match-up. Everton have won nine of their ten home matches and would be looking to have an upper hand in this one. Only one point separates both teams. Tottenham have allowed only 5 goals this season and keeping 6 clean sheets. That is an impressive stat but the unsatisfactory fact is, Tottenham have a disappointing conversion rate of less than 5%, which is only one goal a game. Expect this to be a see-saw like match, but a draw would make either side happy.



Lukaku: He has been on the rise since last season, has already scored 5 times this season and has a tendency to bring his best out in big games.

Jan Vertonghen: There is a reason for Tottenham’s six clean sheets this season and i.e. the centre force of Spurs defence, Jan has been a guiding force at the back and has made the defensive line rock solid.


CARDIFF V SWANSEA @ Cardiff City Stadium

The first ever South Wales derby is going to be played and it promises to be an exciting encounter. Cardiff are a hard working team and for them to stay put in the top flight, they would need to tough it out day in and day out. Swansea have had a great last season, this season they have struggled only because of their Europa League obligations. I am going for Cardiff going all stops out and wining this one.



Gary Medel: He has completed 90% of his passes this season, which is quiet incredible and the Bluebirds would require his services, to stop passes going to Bony or Michu.