Rio’s Feature with Manchester United

Watching Manchester United Live is an experience that you will leave to remember for the rest of your life if you’re a United fan. Thus, it is essential that you purchase the tickets which will see you watch Manchester United matches live. This write up will focus on Rio Ferdinand and his future as a United player. Read on.

As the season is almost coming to an end, Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson is working tirelessly to ensure that he does not only go trophy less this season but he as well maintain his key players at Old Trafford. One of the players that the boss is already targeting to break discussion with is the Rio Ferdinand. Rio Ferdinand who is among the best defenders in the world still believes he has more time to impress Manchester United fans.

Although Rio is yet to start discussions over another contract at Old Trafford, the defenders’ decision of refusing to be included in the England squad so that he can focus on duties of his club for the remaining period of the season has brought hopes of his likelihood to strike a new deal that might see him spend another season at Old Trafford.

On Sunday evening the defender refused meeting the England coach Roy Hodgson. Ferdinand has not been selected in the England squad since World Cup qualifiers in Montenegro and San Marino in June 2011. The defenders’ recent form has seen him become a regular starter for Manchester United and he is determined not to compromise a detailed conditioning program of his club.

On Friday United boss said that the central defender may be pulled out of the United start up line up since there is high likelihood of Rio’s fitness getting disrupted if chooses to join the England squad. If the defender refuses to be included in the squad and thus remain with Manchester United, the decision will definitely please the boss. This is a very critical time for Manchester United since the team is determined to win the FA Cup

as well as the English Premier league. Thus, any player leaving the team in order to participate in the international games is likely to be a major setback for United.

Currently Rio Ferdinand who is 34 years old earns approximately 130,000 pounds a week on a deal which will expire in the summer. Despite the decision of Ryan Giggs of agreeing a new one year contract that will see him remain a united player the next season, Ferguson is focused to target discussions with Rio Ferdinand very soon.

However, Ferdinand together with his advisors are very relaxed about the prospect and are not hurrying to start any discussions since they are as well considering other options, although his first choice in principle is to see himself remain at Manchester United.

The defender has not only attracted interest in China but in America as well. These places are as well ideal since they will also attract him a salary that will match his current one. This season has been great for Rio since out of 29 league matches he has featured in 22 of them. The defender has been in the starting lineup in most of United’s games a form that has seen him been targeted by the England coach.

Recently, Fergusson was asked about the possibility of Ferdinand extending his contract and he said he had no doubt about it. The coach believes that the defender will renew his contract before the season ends.

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