Here Are the Type of Football Boots

Does your football footwear consist of a single pair of shoes that you wear regardless of where you are playing? Depending on the conditions, a football game is played on uneven streets, fields, natural grass, courtyards, colonel complexes, and even on the terrace. This is unlike other online indoor sports games from a site like NetBet casino which do not require any special attire or shoes.

In the end, you should choose the appropriate pair of footwear. More information may be found by continuing to read this article.

You will not have the same experience playing football on a grassy field if you wear football shoes designed for a concrete playing surface. It is possible to get injured if you wear this pair of shoes.

Even though this is just one example, we hope it has sparked some interest in your mind.

This article’s discussion subject has already been established in the introductory statement.

Football boots may be divided into three major categories: Based on the surfaces on which they are utilized. The outsoles of these shoes are the fundamental feature that distinguishes them from one another. All right, let’s get this party started!

Grassy & Muddy Surface

The first sort of football shoes is the most often seen. Professional footballers use these shoes on the pitch, and they are widely available for purchase in retail stores and online retailers.

The studs or plastic molded blades that differentiate them from other categories are usually what identify them from the rest of the group.

These studs assist players in maintaining their grip on the grass and slick outfield surfaces during play. They are also beneficial if you are playing football on a muddy field. It is not recommended to wear certain types of shoes on a hard surface.

Slipping through will become more likely, increasing the likelihood of suffering major injuries.


Astroturf is a synthetic grass surface used for sports and other activities like golfing. The sport of ice hockey is played on AstroTurf, which you may be familiar with if you’ve ever witnessed a game.

Boots with short studs are easy to recognize as this sort of footwear. Throughout the outsole, these little studs are evenly spaced.

These shoes are very versatile in that they may be used as everyday footwear. These sneakers are quite popular among non-footballers due to their multi-purpose nature.

Courtyards and Indoor Courts

Whether it’s a college, a high school, or a university, courtyard football is quite popular among students. The last category includes shoes meant to be used while playing football on a tennis court.

Typically, this footwear is distinguished by the rubber outsole on the bottom. In the same way, as Astroturf shoes serve various functions, these shoes serve a variety of functions.

Gym boots like these are also highly popular for usage in the gymnasium. A variety of target audiences, including footballers, athletes, and other athletes, are often targeted by marketers when promoting this product.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, it has been increasingly typical in recent years to wear the same pair of football shoes regardless of whether you are playing on a grassy or a concrete surface. Perhaps this post will assist them in raising widespread awareness of the issue.

Adel Taarabt a premier league flop?

Adel Taarabt is a 32-year-old Moroccan who had a bright career ahead of him in England however it was not to be as his off-pitch antics left a bad taste in the mouths of many undermining his impact on the pitch. Let’s look back at his time in England and where things went off the rails.

Tottenham Hotspur

At 17 years old Taarabt showed great potential at then club Lens. He did enough to catch Damien Comolli’s eye who was the then director of football at Tottenham. He joined Spurs on a loan deal under Martin Jol. Taarabt went on to join Spurs permanently later that year. He made his debut against West Ham at the 87th minute with Spurs losing, Spurs ended up winning that game and Taarabts’ performance was part of that comeback which led many Spurs fans to think they got a future star. He was a disappointment making only 8 appearances for the club with 0 goals scored. He was building up a bad reputation for his lacklustre attitude that once saw him being banned from the training grounds. He would, later on, be loaned out to Queens Park Rangers where we got to see a glimpse of his potential.

Queens Park Rangers

Taarabt was loaned out to QPR for the 08/09 season with the hope that he can help them to promotion and establish himself as a serious option for Spurs in the future. During his loan he showed he had the skills to take on players and a vision worthy of the worlds best, however, his bad-boy attitude got the best of him. He joined online casino australia QPR for 1 million pounds. Stories such as him leaving a game during halftime after being subbed off to go to a local pub started to be common. He played 157 games for QPR and scored 34 times for them. It’s important to note that goal scoring was not what he was known for but rather he was known for his creative play, he could dribble past a locked defensive or provide that pinpoint through ball.


He joined Fulham on a season-long loan making only 12 appearances for them before returning to QPR. Upon return to QPR then manager Harry Redknapp called him out for his work ethic stating that he was at least 3 stone overweight.  

Adel Taarabt now applies his trade in Portugal for Benfica joining them for 4 million Euros. So far he has made 59 appearances for them scoring 1 goal. He is not a first-time player but should be grateful that he still plays for a big team such as Benfica even after being blacklisted by most of the footballing world.

Taarabt is another story of footballers with great potential destroying their careers by their actions. The football world has always had its fair share of bad boys but if you can’t back that attitude up on the field then you will always go down as a what-if case.

Howard Webb: Police officer turned football referee

Howard Webb MBE is a former FIFA and English FA referee who will always hold the spot for being one of the most intimidating referees but more importantly he is known for being one of the best Premier League referees to ever officiate.

Webb was born in Rotherham and started refereeing part-time while still a police officer with the South Yorkshire Police. He started his career in 1989 and eventually became a Premier League assistant referee in 1998. He took a sabbatical from policing to focus full time on refereeing a decision he won’t regret. In 2003 he made the step up to main match referee.

He made his Premier League referee debut on 18 October 2003 taking charge of Fulham vs Wolves. He took charge of 296 Premier League games. He also officiated 43 FA cup games and 19 EFL cup games. He wasn’t without his controversy. In 2011 he officiated a match between Liverpool and Manchester United which Manchester United best au online casino ended up winning by a penalty. Liverpool forward Ryan Babel took to Twitter to display his anger by posting a picture of Webb in a Manchester United shirt insinuating the former police officer of being biased. Babel later removed the most and was fined.

 He went on record saying he regretted awarding Manchester United a penalty in a game against Spurs which United ended up winning resulting in them getting an edge in the title race, the penalty was a mistake as Gomez the Spurs goalkeeper made contact with the ball first. He received a one-week demotion from the Premier League for his mistake.

He was appointed as the referee for the 2010 UEFA champions league final between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan. The game ended 2-0 Inter Milan. He issued 3 yellow cards in a game with not much controversy. He oversaw 36 games in the UEFA champions league.

He was selected as England’s representative for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. 

His first game was in charge of Spain vs Switzerland which Spain, the eventual world cup winners, lost. He took charge of the final between Spain and the Netherlands. He showed 14 yellow cards in a very physical game which also saw him sending Dutch centre back John Heitinga to the stands. However a big talking point came when Nigel de Jong committed a high tackle on Xabi Alonso studding him on the chest, Webb deemed the foul only a yellow card. He would later on say that his view was obstructed when making the decision.

Webb would eventually hang up his whistle in 2014 to pursue a role as Professional Game Match Officials Board. The board’s role is to decide on who officiates in English top tiers.

Webb now works as an analyst for different media houses. He also married Bibiana Steinhaus, who also was a referee and also a police officer. He officiated in 534 games in the span of his 13-year career no doubt that he will always be held in high regard for his officiating.

Covid allows clubs to make 5 substitutions

Now watching Diego Simeone bring on four subs at once during the game against Liverpool might have left you confused but that was due to a rule change that was meant to save players. We all know the effects that Covid-19 has had on our everyday life, so when UEFA announced that 5 substitutions will be used for the remainder of the 19/20 season in both Champions League and Europa League no one was surprised.

This rule has transferred into the 20/21 and 21/22 seasons with some changes. The rule was implemented as a way to prevent injuries to players after a change in pace came about from the restart of the 19/20 season when players who were inactive suddenly started to play 3 games per week to recover lost time. This was shared amongst the top 5 leagues in Europe with only England choosing not to use the rule even with the congestion of fixtures. Pep Guardiola called it “ridiculous” for the English FA to not adopt the new rule.

Teams are allowed to make 5 substitutions during the group stages of the UEFA Champions League and should they progress to the knockout phase of the champions league they would be allowed to use 6 substitutions however, the 6th substitution is only valid in extra time. UEFA allows 3 stoppages in play for these changes; this does not include half-time or before extra time and during the half time of extra time.

The rule will allow clubs who had invested in squad depth to get the best out of their players. This will allow managers to try out new tactics. Teams are also allowed to have bigger benches. This will give players like Donny Van de Beek a chance to break into the first team and get some playing time under their belts with the rotations. We will also see a more competitive game with managers bringing in fresh legs to change the dynamics of the game. Managers such as Jurgen Klopp will certainly benefit from this with his heavy metal football that demands a lot from his players.

Changes in sports are always hard to adjust to at first like VAR but when you realise that this rule will best online casino only help to improve the game the fans will come around. It is better to have more subs than to have a player overexert themselves and get injured and be out of action for a few months. This also goes in hand with UEFA’s previously proposed rule change for an extra sub for head injuries which could be fatal.

The rule change was certainly needed as it preserves the players’ longevity. This rule change is expected to last until December 2022 with hopes of life getting back to normal. This could however be a permanent change in the rule book should it not affect the game too much and get the go-ahead from the IFAB. One sub can change a game imagine the possibilities of 5.

Messi subbed in the first half

Lionel Messi has had a lengthy adjustment period in Paris as the Argentine has yet to register a single goal for PSG in the league.

After another disappointing start, Messi was subbed off at halftime in their game against Lille, a game they were trailing. Mauricio Pochettino felt Messi was not benefiting the team due to him not being on top of his game because of muscle pains. He was replaced with Mauro Icardi. PSG would go on to win the game without the help of Messi in the second half.

Messi joined PSG in a shocking move after Barcelona found themselves in financial troubles. The six-time Ballon d’Or winner hasn’t kicked off at PSG domestically. Many questioned how Messi would perform outside of Barcelona, unfortunately so far it’s been not good.

Nicolas Anelka has criticised the 34-year-old stating “Today we demand from Neymar, but we can do the same with Messi. Since the beginning of the season, it is not extraordinary either. There is a player who has six Ballon d’Ors and finally is not so extraordinary,”.

His reunion with former Barca star Neymar has not gone to play, everyone involved with PSG would surely want to see a glimpse of their Barcelona days but the link-up has been slow. He has other familiar faces at the club like long time international teammate Angel Di Maria but still, his transition has not been smooth. Messi finds himself playing through the middle with Neymar and Mbappe supporting him on either side. That’s where he has always played and thrived in so that could mean that the tactics are not helping him.

Messi was shocked at his sudden move from Barcelona stating in an interview after signing for PSG “I had to find another club because Barca could not afford to extend my contract. That changed my plans”. Even though he did plan to leave the season before but decided not to. Could this sudden change be the best online casinos reason why one of the best of all time is struggling to perform in the French league, a league where his current club dominates every year? Messi’s family still live in Barcelona and he stated that it has been a hard adjustment for him this is a contributing factor towards his current form.

Messi could still be under pressure despite being a 6 teams Ballon d’Or winner because he would want to prove that he can still get things done at another club. Add that to an annual salary of around $41 million a year and you have a player with a chip on his shoulder struggling to get results.

When we talk about players like Messi the old saying comes to mind “Form is temporary but class is permanent”. Messi has started slowly in Ligue 1 but has had an excellent champions league run. It’s only a matter of time before he gets back to his best and silences the critics.

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Hammers captain calls curtains on his career.

Mark Noble has confirmed that this season would be his final season before retirement.

Noble, a one club man nicknamed ‘Mr West Ham’ has played 463 games for the Hammers and scored 54 goals for them in a career spanning 17 years. He joined West Ham in 2000 as a youth player and has never left them ever since. He did however serve two short term loans at Hull CIty appearing 5 times and Ipswich Town appearing 13 times and netting once.

He made his West Ham debut at 17 years old in a League club tie to Southend United in 2004. He made his league debut in 2005 against Wolves. He always played in the middle of the pitch helping out more defensively with West Ham so used to absorb pressure. He is known online casinos for playing box to box and leaving everything out on the field. He is on penalty duty and set pieces.

He has been with the Hammers through the lows and highs. He has seen them in relegation, he has helped them out of relegation and into the Premier League. He has played his part in making West Ham a Premier League side. In 2015 he was named as the clubs’ new captain a role he has taken seriously. He embodies West Ham. He leads his team with so much honour which is returned with respect. Mark Noble told David Moyes that he would take care of the locker room so he can focus on his part. 

Noble was included in the PFA Team of the Year 2011-2012 championship. He was awarded Hammer of the Year for the 2011-2012 and 2013-2014 seasons. His most honourable award was being named the Hammer of the Decade.

Despite a long career, unfortunately, he was not called up for his country’s first team. He did however represent England at lower levels. The closet he got was being on the standby list for Roy Hodgson for the Euros 2016. Noble is eligible to play for Ireland.

After retirement Noble has made his plans clear in an interview with Premier League TV, that he would go into coaching at West Ham starting at the lower levels but hopes to end up with the first team. He is currently working on his coaching badges. He was set to retire at the end of last season but chose to stick around for one more season to observe how the club is run and learn more about the tactical side of the game from David Moyes and his current staff. He signed a one-year contract extension at the end of last season.

Mark went to West Ham as a youngster and will be leaving a club legend, it’s fair to say he fulfilled so many aspiring footballers’ dream of not only playing for the club he loves so dearly but also having a long career and becoming a fan favourite. He would go down as a true professional of the game.

Let us talk about Oldham Athletic

Oldham Athletic, based in Oldham, a working city known then for hatting. Is a 126-year-old footballing club that has seen and is part of the football revolution in England. The Latics as they are affectionately known was started in 1895 as Pine Villa.

In 1899 Pine Villa became Oldham Athletic. Pine Villa was formed by John Garland and named after the nearby Pine Mill. Oldham played in both Lancashire Combination and Lancashire League. In 1907/08 they gained promotion to the second division of the Football League and eventually, in 1911 they got promoted to the first division.

Their success was stalled by World War 1. Unfortunately, unlike today’s era where clubs lose star online casino players to transfers to other clubs at that time, Oldham lost players to the war, many of them going but not returning. However, there was some glimpse of light with Oldham scoring 11 goals in an 11-2 bashing of Chester.

Oldham started playing at Boundary Park, previously known as Athletic Ground. They benefited from Oldham County’s downfall and moved into their stadium when the club was dismantled. The stadium has a capacity of 13500 people and went under a remodel in 2008 to attract more fans into the stadium.

Manchester has many clubs from Manchester City, Manchester United, Bolton to Accrington Stanley but Oldham’s rivals are Bolton Wanderers, Rochdale and Stockport County. Their biggest rivalry however is with Huddersfield Town known as the A62 derby, named after the A62 road between Huddersfield and Oldham.

Oldham is currently run by Abdallah Lemsagam. His ownership has been met with protest from fans who have gone to the extent of throwing lit flares onto the field during games. The fans are not happy about his management of the club. They do not believe in his vision for the club. The fans want an injection of funds to improve the club which currently has a salary average of £1,800 per week. He has remained firm on not selling the club and has vowed to restore the club to its fighting best.

Oldham was one of the first teams to compete in the first instalment of the Premier League in 1992. Their stay in England’s top flight was short-lived when they got relegated in 1994. That was just the start of their downfall. They got demoted right to the third tier of English Football. In 2018 due to financial strains, the club was relegated from League One. In club competitions, Oldham can be a tricky fixture for big clubs with the title of giant-killers knocking out teams like Liverpool from the FA Cup, beating them 3-2. In a competition, that they are 3-time semi-finalist.

Oldham is a club full of history. A fan base that is always supportive and a club with a heart of a lion. They currently play in League Two of the English Football League. Under head coach Keith Curle, the founding members of the Premier League would hope to return to the league they belong to.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s time at Manchester United so far.

After three years in charge at Old Trafford and escaping the sack like Houdini, it looks like after a thrashing by fierce rivals Liverpool that could be the final nail in the coffin.

Solskjaer joined Manchester United from boyhood club Molde, as caretaker coach. During his first game in charge at his former club Cardiff City, he defeated them 5-1. A revitalized United would go on to win their next four games in the Premier League. Was it the new manager effect or was he just that effective? Manchester United pulled off a classic Champions League comeback to beat PSG 3-1, overturning their away goals advantage and progressing to the next round.

He was caretaker manager for 19 matches winning 14. At the time the idea of him taking the role on a full-time basis was not a far stretch. Ole was rewarded with the Manchester United job. After putting pen to paper on his permanent deal, United had a mixed bag of results winning only two of the eight remaining league games and losing both legs to Barcelona in the Champions League.

In his first full season in charge, he managed to get the team to a third-place finish in the Premier League. His campaign started at home to Chelsea with United beating them by 4-0. The whole league took notice as this could be the start of something great. United won 18 of 38 games in the league that season and was ahead of Chelsea only on goal difference. He guided them to 3 cup semi-finals however he failed to progress to the final in all 3 competitions.

In the 20/21 season, he managed to get United to the Europa League final against Spanish side Villarreal. United found themselves in the Europa League because they failed to progress from the group stages of the Champions League. They would lose the final and continue their trophy drought. He managed them to a second-place finish in the league, the closest they’d come to the title since Jose Mourinho was in charge.

At the start of the 21/22 season, United made some statement signings such as Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane and surprisingly brought in Cristiano Ronaldo. The side looked good at the start and Ole was set to turn his fortunes around at United. He oversaw a 5-1 drubbing of Leeds. They then drew 1-1 to Southampton with fans calling for his sack fearing nothing had changed. Like many seasons before when his job was on the line he performs. United would win the next 3 games in the league however that was overshadowed by them losing 3 out of their last 4 league games. A loss to Young Boys in their opening match of the group stages of the champions league would see fans pushing for his dismissal even more.

Ole hoped that on his return to United as their manager he would be able to bring back the glory of this giant club, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. His time there looks to be coming to an end after escaping the sack so many times.

Pepe: An overlooked legend

Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira, known as Pepe, is a Brazilian born Portuguese centre back who currently plays for Porto. An aggressive and bullish defender that is a serial winner.

Pepe is known mostly for his time at Real Madrid but also for his tough brand of football. Pepe made his professional debut for Maritimo. He was still a teenager at the team and he was rotated to various positions before noticing he had a skill for defending. Even without him having a set position, he was a regular at Maritimo.

He caught the eye of the best club in the land at that time, Porto. He joined Porto in 2004 playing 64 times for the Portuguese giants, scoring 6 times. By now he was a well established centre back who can tackle hard and fair. He would spend 3 years with Porto before Spanish giants Real Madrid came calling.

He signed a 5-year contract with Los Blancos. He would not know at the time but that contract would be one of the best choices he could have made. He was the most expensive defender sold at the time. Not long after signing for Madrid, he got into a scrap with a teammate in training but he was so important to Real Madrid that he still went on to start the next game and escape disciplinary action. In his first year, he would get his first taste of the big time when Real Madrid won the league title.

Pepe was developing a reputation for being a physically tough player, sometimes too tough like when he kicked Javier Casquero twice, an action he was sent off for. Surprisingly that was his first red card. Early on at Madrid injuries would get the better of him but it didn’t take long for him to regain his starting position in the team. He would prove himself a valuable asset to Madrid continuously putting in man of the match performances at the back.

He was naturalized as a Portuguese citizen and was eligible to play for them. He built a great relationship with Cristino Ronaldo and the two were the backbone of the Portuguese team for years to come.

Pepe would go on to be part of one of the most successful teams of this era. He won 3 champions league trophies back to back. He also contributed to 6 league titles. Two time club world cup winner. 7 time domestic Supercup winner. 2 times UEFA super cup winner. He was part of the Portuguese team that won the UEFA Nations League and the Euros.

His highest personal accomplishment is winning the 2014 player of the year for Portugal. He most recently won Porto’s Defender of the Year award.

One of the more controversial players of the current generation but undoubtedly one of the best defenders of that generation. We tend to overlook the problem players accomplishments because of their reputation but that is something one can not simply ignore.

Lucy Bronze

England full-back Lucy Bronze is a well-seasoned professional with multiple titles under her belt.

The 29-year-old was born in Berwick-upon-Tweed, England, currently applying her trade for Manchester City. The 1.7 meter full-back started her football journey playing with the boys’ team at Alnwick Town until under 11s. That’s when she got recruited for Sunderland under 12s. She became a senior player for Sunderland at 16. She had a good run at Sunderland however due to her education she left them to attend the University of North Carolina.

Upon completing her studies she then signed on for Everton where she spent 2 years. She appeared 20 times for them, scoring twice. She made her UEFA champions league debut for Everton in a 0-0 draw. She quickly established herself as a starter even at that young age. In her last season at Everton, she helped the team finish third in the FA Women’s Super League.

In 2012 she made the move across the road to rivals Liverpool. At Liverpool, she became a starter and contributed to the teams’ title win in 2013 and 2014. Giving her the taste of league glory. She also got the recognition she deserves from her colleagues when she won PFA Women’s Players Player of the year. She played for Liverpool for 2 years appearing 28 times and scoring 3 times for them.

and contributed to the teams’ title win in 2013 and 2014. Giving her the taste of league glory. She also got the recognition she deserves from her colleagues when she won PFA Women’s Players Player of the year. She played for Liverpool for 2 years appearing 28 times and scoring 3 times for them.

Women’s football leagues are small and players often find themselves moving around frequently in search of more opportunities. That search for those opportunities led Bronze to leave Liverpool where she had already been successful and join Manchester City who was in an exciting development period.

Bronze helped Manchester City finish 2nd in the FA Women’s Super League during her first season with them which was their highest finish at that point. She was part of the Manchester City team that went the whole season undefeated the following year. Another moment of glory came in the FA Women’s League cup when she scored a 105th-minute winner in the final. She was named in the PFA Women’s Players Player of the year award for the second time showing how good she is considered by her colleagues. She was included in the PFA WSL Team of the year as well as the Women’s Champions League Squad of the Season.

She went on to join powerhouse Olympique Lyonnais from 2017-2020. In her first year, she helped the team win the Women’s Champions League. The first champions league title of her career. She went on to win the treble with Olympique Lyonnais. She went on to make 48 appearances and score 3 goals.

Her performance at Olympique Lyonnais was enough to earn her a position on the list of top 10 nominees for the first-ever Women’s Ballon d’Or. She finished third in The Best FIFA Women’s Player Award and went on to win her biggest personal trophy, the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year Award. She has rejoined Manchester City and at 29 years old she still has a lot more to achieve.

Euro 2020 Outlook: Group A & B


To kick off the preview of Euro 2020 (or 2021 if you rather) we will start with Turkey. Turkey will be making their 6th appearance at the European Championships this year, having achieved a best of a Semi Final place in 2008. With that kind of result unlikely again, how will the Turkish team feature in the newly expanded 24 team championships this time around?

With 16 teams making progress out of the groups (top 2 certain, and 4 of the 6 third placed teams) every nation will be coming into the tournament hoping to at least make it to the knockout stage and Group A is certainly there for the taking. Indeed, Turkey were able to overcome world champions France in a 2-0 victory at home in the qualification period and grabbed a 1-1 tie at the Stade De France. Rule them out at your peril! They only lost once in the group stage, coming unstuck away to Iceland and managed a second place in the group giving them qualification with one game to spare.

Although the current squad lacks the star names of when Turkey reached the latter stages of the 2002 World Cup, there is enough experience and quality in the squad to suggest they are a team that people will want to avoid. Burak Yilmaz has already hit 28 goals in 66 games and has had a strong season with Lille so the goals are there. Halil Dervisoglu at age 21 looks like a promising talent and given a run out could provide opposition defenders with a head ache. Across the midfield the likes of Cengiz Under from Leicester, Yusuf Yazici from Lille and Milan’s Hakan Calhanoglu can cause anyone problems. Ozan Tufan remains a bed rock as he approaches 60 caps and part of the problem the coach will have is how best to balance this midfield of talent.

In qualification the defence held together solid for the most part and this was a lynch pin in the campaign. Shutting out France and holding them to one goal in the Stade De France is testament to the likes of Caglar Soyuncu (after a great season at Leicester) and Juventus Merih Demiral. The core defensive unit is approaching a total of 100 caps between them and this provides the bedrock this time will need to progress.

The coach, Senol Gunes, has a wide range of experience and proven in his two years in charge he can master a team to win key games. They will be tough to break down, not even the best teams will walk over them and they will cause headaches with their solidness, ability to counter attack and the threat presented up front. Group A is going to be a tricky on but a win against Switzerland looks likely and they should overcome Wales to sail through to the second round. In tense knockout football anything is possible but a Quarter Final appearance for Turkey must  be seen as a success.

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Group A – Italy

Italy are one of the many nations who will benefit from home matches in Euro 2020 and in this era for Italian football that can only be seen as a good thing. The days when Italy could boast some of the worlds best players are long gone but the squad remains solid, with top talent leagues across the continent. But are they serious contenders for the crown?

Roberto Mancini has certainly taken the teams fortunes and turned them around since the horrendous failure to qualify for the 2018 Fifa World cup which was one of the darkest days in Italian football. In the expanded 24 team competition it was always likely they would qualify for Euro 2020 and they did so in style with three games to spare.  In fact they won all 10 games, only the sixth team ever to qualify with a 100% record. Greece, Bosnia, Finland all could have proven tricky with with just 4 goals against and 37 scored, they made light work of the opposition. A memorable 9-1 win over Armenia marked a campaign that could signal Italy’s return to form. Rule them out at your peril.

The defensive unit that only shipped 4 goals in qualification is built around the 100+ cap duo of Girogio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci who form the core of the team. Alessadndro Florenzi provides solid back up and across the back line and squad, Italy have one of the most proven back lines in the world game. They just don’t conceded goals and teams will have to try and unlock the solid unit Mancini has built to get any joy at all against the Azzuri.

But what about the fire power up front. Only Andre Belotti netted more than twice in qualifying which is far from prolific. Ciro immobile has never managed to recapture his club from at International level and his 12 goals in 45 games is lacking from what is needed from a front line striker of a top level nation. Behind those two there is very little in terms of solid back up and the one positive from qualification was that the goals were scored from all over the pitch.

Indeed, the midfield, although lacking in that one “Pirlo” esque star has certainly had to pull their weight in terms of scoring. The teams runs through Chelsea’s Jorginho but he has a tendency to slip in and out of games. Marco Veratti is a PSG sensation and is the workhouse that can create the chances and openings needed. But when you look deeper into this squad, past the solid defence, the goals may be the issue? With a lack of creativity the side could struggle in the final stages.

Italy should be able to get past Wales and Switzerland and make to the last 16, which after the 2018 World Cup fiasco, will be a relief but going any further from there will depend on whether they an turn the solid possession, defensive based game into goals. Only time will tell

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Group A – Wales

Four years ago, Wales were the neutrals favourite. With an inspired run to the Semi Finals in their first ever appearance at the event, they proved that hard work, organisation and having a proven match winner could be enough to turn tournament football on its head. This time round though, as Euro 2020 arrives, things are very very different.

Wales are in turmoil both on and off the pitch. Ryan Giggs won’t be at the tournament as he faces personal and legal issues at home. Rob Page steps in to try and pull together a team that feels far inferior to the squad from 4 years ago.  Wales recovered from a horrific start in qualification to finish second in a tough group going unbeaten in the final six matches.

Group A may present problems for Wales as they come up against 3 stronger teams. The must win games appears to be Switzerland and Wales will be focusing on that as a route to the Last 16. Remember what happened last time? Although unlikely to repeat the semi final run, knockout football must be the aim for a Welsh team who are lacking in many areas.

Much will depend on the form of Gareth Bale who has been hot and cold for the past few season, uprooted back to Spurs and not playing as regularly as he would hope. If he does not fire, Wales will be going home early. Captain Bale needs to inspire both on and off the pitch and he needs to be the match winner he is, to get this team the wins that will ensure progress. Bale has always kept his best form for the international stage so for the hope of Wales, lets hope he fires.

Aaron Ramsey is the only other player in the squad who you could say approaches anywhere near world calss and he has had a bad season at Juventus, hardly playing and when he has, being invisible. Again, just like Bale, Ramsey has managed to save his best for the international stage. The midfield does contain the likes of Daniel James, Joe Allen, Harry Wilson etc but if Ramsey and Bale aren’t firing this team will struggle.

The defence remains a cause for concern. Ben Davies and Chris Gunter have over 160 caps between them and provide a reliable level of experience but outside of that the squad lacks depth and are going to leak goals. Can they hold off the Swiss, Italians and Turks enough to build a base to win with the odd goal? That seems unlikely .

Welsh fans may have a painful summer but just being part of two back to back tournaments should be considered something of an achievement for this side who have very little in terms of championship experience. But then again, in 2018 everyone wrote off Wales and look what they did? If they can just get to that knockout stage…..

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Group A – Switzerland

Switzerland are one of those nations that often come into European Tournaments with the tag of underdog after a successful campaign in qualification. But the hard truth is that they have only ever made it out of the group stage once at a European Championship (2016) and haven’t made an impact in the world cup since 1954. Vladimir Petkovic is entering his 7th year in charge and this has got to be considered a make or break tournament for his reign. Turkey and Italy will prove stiff opposition in getting out of Group A, but Wales presents a chance to get the win that will more than likely be enough for knockout football. But can they get there?

Switzerland faced a tough qualification group, narrowly taking a 1 point lead over Denmark to top the group with 5 wins and only one loss. With Ireland and Georgia also in the group, this was further testament to Switzerlands ability to win when it counts.

Granit Xhaka and Xherdhan Shaqirim both approaching 100 caps, are still the beating heart of the team. In fact the whole midfield, including the likes of Steven Zuber and Denis Zakaria, are highly experienced and can provide the core to what will make this team tick. In the key game vs Wales, this is the battle that will tip the scales. The Welsh midfield surely cannot compete with the experience  of the Swiss?

The defence as well brings some experience including Torino’s Ricardo Rodriguez and Fabian Schar from Newcastle who will bolster a back line that also has the youth of Nico Elvedi and Manuel Akanji. Long term keeper Yan Sommer will provide assurance between the sticks and when you look at this team on paper, they will certainly strike fear into opposition trying to break them down.

Indeed, when you consider the strike force of Haris Seferovic and Admir Mehmedi and over 70 caos each, the Swiss team from front to back is one of the most capped in the entire tournament. But they have failed time after time to produce when it matters. Do they have that true match winner who can strike gold when it matters? Is this aging team past its best….or will this be the culmination of a 7 year project under the current management team?

Again, Group A is wide open and the Swiss could well challenge to win it, but on the other hand if they fail to perform, they are as likely to be heading home. The Wales game kicks off the campaign and this could well define the tournament. A loss here and the road to the last 16 seems long, whereas a win will likely set the Swiss on the route to knockout football. Could this finally be the year the Swiss, who before World Cup 2018 were ranked 6th in the world let’s not forget, pull together and get a decent run? A Quarter final birth must be considered a good achievement!

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Group B – Denmark

Who can forget Euro 1992…..the last minute call up….the dramatic rise throughout the tournament and then lifting the trophy at the end. Alongside Greece’s win in 2008, Denmark’s Euro 1992 victory remains one of footballs most surprising tournament wins and always adds that “What if?” factor to the tournament. Kasper Hjulmand brings his Danish side into Euro 2020 with very little expectation but lying in the very tame Group B, they can be aiming to progress!

With Ireland and Switzerland in the qualification pool, Denmark had a tough route to the finals but to their credit went undefeated recording 4 wins and 4 draws to end second by one point. Goals weren’t a problem with 23 scored and the defence held solid conceding less than 1 per game. The 3-3 draw away in Switzerland being a key game, they continued and perhaps a 0-0 draw with Georgia was the opportunity they missed to top the group.

The team revolves around the talents of Christian Eriksen, one the finest players who will be on display at Euro 2020. His five goals in qualification brought his total to 36 goals in 106 games and after a title winning season at Inter, he arrives at Euro 2020 in good form. With a player of his quality on the pitch anything is possible and he will certainly strike fear in opposition in Group B.

But he is also surrounded by quality players in the midfield. Thomas Delaney, from Dortmund, and Peirre Emile Holjbjerg from Spurs give the extra quality needed to back up Erkisen and provide the structure the team need to feed the likes of Yussuf Pulsen and Martin Bratihwaite upfront. In fact, the Barcelona star is due a  big tournament and is probably at his peak time to strike. Could this be the year he finally lives up to the potential and takes Denmark into the upper realms? Given the state of this group, and that mentioned above, he could well be worth a sneaky bet to win the Golden boot.

Defensively, Kasper Schmeichel is in the form of his life and will provide the backbone and reassurance the team need. Simon Kjaer from Milan recently won his 100th cap, and at age 32 is in the peak of his career and surrounded by Andreas Christensen, fresh from winning the Champions League, and Mathias Jorgensen the Danes provide  stiff task for anyone to break down.

1992 was very much the year of the Danish surprise, but they would expect and be expected to qualify from this group and then the knockout stages are there for the taking. They have the class, the match winners and the experience to make their mark on this tournament. Defeating Finland on Match Day 1 will be crucial and then the crunch showdown with Belgium will provide an indication of how good this team are. With 3 games at home, the Dane’s could well set themselves up nicely for a good run at Euro 2020. How far they will go, only time will tell!

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Group B – Finland

The expansion of the European Championships to 24 teams has not arrived without criticism but when it enables teams like Finland to qualify for the first time in their history, it its hard to hold a grudge. This will mark Finlands first ever appearance in a major tournament and they got there in style under Markku Kanerva. 5 years into his management of the national side, Kanerva will lead his team out onto the pitch in June this year with a mark of Pride.

In qualification, Italy were the runaway winners in the group finishing 12 points ahead of Finland. But with 6 wins and 4 losses Finland ended second ahead of previous winners Greece and Bosnia. Given their qualification record in the past this was a performance beyond Finnish hopes and the day they sealed qualification was the biggest moment in Finnish football history. They recovered well from a poor start and were unlucky to lose at home to Italy. The solid wins kept coming, and despite a 4-1 loss to Bosnia, the team walked away from qualifying with a proud set of results.

This was of course all driven by the 10 goals from the prolific Teemu Pukki. In modern football it is perhaps harsh to label any team as a “one man team” but I think very few would disagree that it was the goals of Pukki that have driven Finland to Euro 2020 and if they have any hope of progressing it will be his goals they need. 30 goals in 90 games, 10 of those in qualification alone means the team revolves around his pace, running and ability to finish. Russia, Belgium and Denmark will be aware of this and they known if they can shut Pukki down, they shut Finland down.

Tim Sprav, at 81 caps, remains the heartbeat of the midfield but at age 34 and on the back of a lack of football in the season, his impact may dwindle. The likes of Robin Lod and Rasmus Schuller will have to step up and Glen Kamara from Rangers will hope to carry his league winning form into the tournament. The whole squad lacks tournament experience but there is enough of a bond between them and collective match experience to give hope that the midfield can keep hold of games and provide Pukki with the chances he needs to score.

Lukas Hradecky from Bayer Leverkusen provides the safe pair of hands at the back, but the defence is the biggest cause of concern. Although experienced, a lack of pace and big match experience could be key. If Joona Toivio and Jukka Raitala can up their game and perform on the big stage then it could be the saving grace but the worry for this team is that facing the attacks of the pacey Russian, the world class Belgians and the tricky Danes, this team could well collapse.

Qualification must be considered a success for Finland and the fans should enjoy being part of an international tournament. The first goal, the first win if it comes will be a joyous moment but hopes of making it to the knockout stages should be put on ice.

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Should Cristiano Ronaldo Return to Manchester?

The future of Cristiano Ronaldo is once again uncertain, and with the years winding down on his career, the rumours grow ever stronger that a return to Manchester or Madrid may be on the cards.

This week that’s increased significantly, with Carlo Ancelotti rumoured to be keen on bringing the Portuguese legend back to the Bernabeu, while his agent Jorge Mendes has also offered the player to Manchester City, a side of Manchester no Red Devil would want to see him go. But should he return to Old Trafford?

A Return to Manchester?

News outlets are suggesting that there is a slim chance he could return to Old Trafford this summer, and he’d certainly lift the place, in a similar way to the way Edinson Cavani has, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic had prior. With Ronaldo, it is of course different though.

Returning to the club he left over a decade ago would be the perfect final chapter of an extraordinary career. He learned his craft at the Premier League club, not only becoming one of the world’s great players, but also maturing as an adult.

Under Ferguson and United’s senior players, he learned what it was like to be a top pro, to live away from home. In fact, he even adopted British culture, taking part in many off-the-field activities, like bingo tournaments for an example.

Now, we’re not necessarily saying Ronaldo will bring bingo back to Old Trafford, but he would bring back the wealth of experience and strict training regimes that would really set an example to United’s flourishing young players. Which could prove invaluable.

Disrupting The Balance

Of course, there’s also the risk of upsetting the applecart. Ronaldo will require big wages, which at the age of 36 could cause problems among the younger star players, although the respect many will have for him returning could balance that out.

There’s then the balance of the squad. Mason Greenwood played in that central position in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s opening game against Leeds United to great effect, while what would it mean for Edinson Cavani?

Cavani was persuaded to remain at the club for an additional year, and it would be a bitter blow if he’s kept on the bench for another ageing superstar.

The Right Or Wrong Move?

The romance in any Manchester United or neutral fan is that a return to the red side of Manchester is a no-brainer. It’s the perfect end to an incredible career. But questions would certainly be asked if he did join. United are rebuilding. In the likes of Marcus Rashford, Greenwood, Jadon Sancho, and even Bruno Fernandes they have a young, hungry attacking line. Shouldn’t they be given the opportunity to prove their worth and build partnerships and relationships.

There’s perhaps no right or wrong answer to this one. Ronaldo would still be a worthwhile asset at Old Trafford. It would arguably be a move from the heart, and at this point in Ole’s rebuild, should he be spending money with his head?

Who Are the World Cup Favourites?

Although the Euros and Copa America have come to an end, football fans are already getting set-up for the start of the seasonal leagues as the Premier League starts in just a few weeks with punters placing their big wagers ahead of time at the best casinos and other betting favourites – those hoping to see some big international football games won’t have to wait long however as the World Cup is also just around the corner taking place in the winter of next year as it heads to Qatar – but following the two big international events recently, who are the World Cup favourites?

(Image from

Both Italy and Argentina will top out the list after having come from their own big international wins – whilst Italy didn’t qualify for the World Cup in 2018, they certainly look to be in a much better position to secure a place and even secure a win in 2022, and having beat Belgium, the other Euros favourite, they could certainly be one of the strongest teams in the world. Argentina were able to make it to the World Cup in 2018 but didn’t make it out of the round of sixteen, with this newfound confidence and an international title finally under the belt for star player Lionel Messi, maybe their fortunes will look to change.

Both runners-up will also be amongst the top of many punters sheets too – Brazil have always been a strong shower at international events and the 2018 World Cup was no different, nearly making it all the way. It may be hard to compete with some of the big teams in Europe that are playing out of their mind recently, but certainly a team that can never be discounted. Although hope is often lost for England, and a heart-breaking penalty shoot-out for fans in the Euros too, many suggest that they can field the best possible squad out of any team and if all the stars align then this young but extremely talented team could lift their second world cup trophy.

Finally, will be the previous winners – France. They didn’t really put up a great performance in the Euros this year but are also slow starters, and toward the later half of the competition did certainly look like the World Cup winning team of 2018 – if they’re able to step things up going into 2022, they could certainly be in with a shot of winning back-to-back World Cups and would be the first team to do so since 1962 when Brazil were able to do so.

One consideration could certainly be within potential injuries though, taking place at the end of the year also means part of the regular seasonal play will be under way, so those looking to make last minute betting adjustments to be in with a better chance of a big pay-out.

Will Liverpool FC Get Into The Top 4?

With the Premier League coming to a close soon, all eyes are on Liverpool to see whether they can make it into the top four teams and clinch a Uefa Champions League place. Unfortunately for fans of the club it appears to be almost impossible and somewhat out of the hands of the club based on last nights 1-1 draw with Leeds United. To get into the top four at this point, they really need Chelsea to go on a long losing streak while they win the rest of their games. In our opinion both of these options have a low chance of happening let alone both of them at the same time.

Even if Chelsea starts to fall off, there are still almost seven other teams competing for the fourth spot so it will make for some tight competition. So it is arguably guaranteed that Liverpool will unfortunately not make it into the top four of the Premier League standings this season. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but there is truly a lot more at stake then just this season alone. Even fan clubs in Australia have given up and switched to casino australia

Their performance for the rest of the season has a massive effect on what league they will be a part of next year. Whether it is staying in the Premier League or moving down to the Champions or Europa Leagues, really anything could happen based on their performance going into the final stretch of the season. We are sure that the players and everyone in the club is aware of this outcome, so even if they do not expect to make it into the top four, they are still going to play their hearts out and finish strong for next year.

Even if Liverpool continues to compete on a professional level, switching leagues could certainly result in a large impact on the club financially. What makes the situation worse is that the club was already devastated from the economic impacts of COVID-19, so not making the Premier League next year would make those effects even worse.

Despite what seems to be this looming doom, the manager of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp seems to be unfazed preferring slots online. He openly stated that he is not worried about losing his job as a manager and that moving down a level would most likely help the team rather than hurt it. In regards to not being in the Premier League he stated, “Our owners, the sports director, even the players, nobody doubts anyone here. We have accepted the situation for ourselves and fight our way through it”. Sometimes it is helpful to have an optimistic coach who sees the light at the end of the tunnel, we just hope that he is right.

So at the end of the day, it is safe to say that Liverpool will most likely not get into the top four this year. With only a few games left remaining they would need to do remarkably well while their opponents all suffer. The odds of this are almost slim to none, which is why we need you to understand, do not expect to see Liverpool in the top four.

Who Will Replace Sergio Aguero?

With the long history of Manchester City there have been many historic players to go through the franchise, including all time goal scorer Sergio Aguero. Aguero has been relaxing his playing time since the start of 2020 only starting 11 games since that period. Now being 32 years old, he is still young in the grand scheme of things but old by soccer standards. If you do not know how many goals Aguero has scored for the club, let us give you this statistic to put everything into perspective. Within the last decade alone, Aguero has literally scored a quarter of the team’s goals. These numbers are certainly going to be difficult to beat, which is why this article is so important.

Now that you understand the importance of filling Aguero’s shoes or going to casino online, let us walk you through the candidates that could fill in his position within the upcoming years. Erling Haaland is first on our list and most likely the first player on Manchester City’s list as well. In addition to his top tier talent, he has family ties to the club that could bring him back. His father played for the club all the way back in the early 2000s which also involved some childhood photos of Erling Haaland in the club’s colors. What also makes him a great prospect for the team is his young age, being so great at only twenty years old he could certainly be the next franchise player for the club. Another excellent statistic to show off his skills is that through the first 31 games in the Bundesliga this year he had 33 goals, a little over one per game on average. It is difficult to find any player putting up these numbers on a professional level.

The second most likely candidate that we have on our list is Danny Ings in the EPL who has come a long way in his professional football career, considering online casinos united kingdom. Being twenty eight years old, he is right in the middle of his prime which makes him a great option for a powerful immediate replacement. Now he is not averaging over a goal a game unfortunately, but he is still scoring above average in the Premier League. He scored 30 goals in his 52 starts in the League since the 2019 season. Although he does not have the natural talent of Haaland, he does save the budget of the club a lot since his contract would be significantly less. However the trade off here is that he would most likely be playing for the team over a shorter period of time as well, so there is still a lot of undecided information.

Sergio Aguero is certainly one of the most difficult players to replace in all of the Premier League, but Erling Haaland or Danny Ings could certainly fill his shoes to an extent. Haaland is younger, with more talent, but also costs more while Ings is already in his prime with less years to play but less of a contract as well. Either way we look forward to seeing who City decides to select whether it be these two players or a different option instead.

Inter Miami Top Prospects

With the new formation of the Inter Miami CF this year it is safe to say that all eyes will be on this club and the prospects that they could bring in. David Beckham is truly at the forefront of this prospect recruiting process and has stated that he is looking for a European superstar to bring their talents to the United States. He has also made it clear that he wants this prospect to still be in their prime rather than coming to the league simply with retirement in mind. With all of these public desires from the club, we have created a list of who we are considering the top prospects for Inter Miami FC.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

We know this is one of the most widely popular names in all of football so it may be hard to believe, but we actually think this is one of the more realistic possibilities on our list. He checks the boxes for Beckham by being one of the best and most popular football players in all of Europe and the world for that matter.Also popular is best casino online , Ronaldo has made it clear before that he wishes to play in the United States, so now would be a perfect opportunity to do so.

Additionally, it is the city of Miami that would help attract Ronaldo to the team as well. As you may or may not know, Miami is a city full of Latino and Caribbean people which will help him feel right at home. Ronaldo has also openly stated his love for the city, speaking so highly of it that he considers it to be the best city in the world. With the perfect combination of football and the city, we truly believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is at the top of the list of prospects.

  1. Antoine Griezmann

As for the second top and realistic prospect we have Antoine Griezmann who made it known that he would be willing to play from the team at the start. He said, “If Beckham wants me in his club, then I’ll go. I want to finish my career in the U.S. I don’t know yet if it’s going to be in Miami or Los Angeles”. His desire to play for the team cannot be any clearer than that quote right there. Being only 27 years of age, he would make a perfect fit for the team based on what Beckham is looking for. Alternative option could be found here With his unmatched goal scoring abilities he would certainly make waves in the league from the very beginning.

With his unmatched goalscoring abilities he would certainly make waves in the league from the very beginning.

  1. Lionel Messi

You can never have a football article without discussing Barcelona‘s Lionel Messi, but the odds are low of him joining the team. He certainly fits the mold that Beckham is looking for, but he could make lots of money playing for other teams. Messi is just someone to keep an eye on rather than expect him on the team.

We hope you found this article helpful and we look forward to seeing Inter Miami FC and its players take the field soon.

The State of Hungarian football decided by rising star, Dominik Szoboszlai

Hungary, a former football energy station celebrates a new football headliner, Dominik Szoboszlai.

Dominik had just completed a move from Austrian sister-club Salzburg to German Bundesliga and many people hope that he emulates Ferenc Puskas, Hungary’s star striker in the 1960s.

A new sense of hope is brewing as Scoboszlai can put an end to the football lull that has been in Hungary for decades.

New stadiums and training facilities are being built all over the country due to the billions committed into sports by Prime Minister Viktor and the donations of companies.

According to Political leaders, Szoboszlai’s breakout season is proof of Hungary’s investment in football, but most Hungarians do not support the government’s sole investment in sports, they demanded that more funds be put into hospitals and schools.

Dominik’s father, Zsolts Szoboszlai, is a former youth coach at Videoton, a club in the town of Szekesfehervar. Zsolts founded his club, Fonix Gold(a club widely disregarded by decision-makers) after being fired from Videoton.

Fonix helped develop Dominik and Bendeguz Bolla, the only good full-back Hungary has at the moment. Fonix often had to practice at MTK Budapest’s facilities since there was no location nearby.

The Szoboszlai family later found a club in Salzburg where Dominik could finally metamorphose into a professional player and young star.

Cliques are rampant in first-team football. Bocsak cited Bence Deutsch,  the son of Tomasz Deutsch, a co-founder of Prime Minister Orban’s Fidesz party as an example.

Bence Deutsch played as a defender for MTK Budapest in the Hungarian second division until 2019.

“A lot of people asked what he was doing there and if his father had any form of influence on his career,” Bocsak says. “It iI worthy to note that almost all the club president to ever precise on the team has a close affiliation with the party or his a member of Fidesz official.”

Club officials can also take consolation from the full awareness that most major Hungarian media outlets fully back the government’s approach to football in terms of their support. We could see the case of the editor-in-chief of the major sports newspaper Nemzeti Sport who is a loyal henchman of Orban.

Exceptional football stars on the pitch also allow themselves to be used for political purposes. A very good example of stars who allowed themselves to be used is winger Balasz Dzsudzsak, who was so close to playing in the English Premier League during the peak of his career. The 34-year-old, who is currently a player in Hungary’s second division, poses with Interior Minister Peter Szijjarto from time to time.

“The two of them appear together in Instagram videos, take selfies and do all sorts of other things as well,” Bocsak a Hungarian footballjournalist says.

Balasz even carries around a diplomatic passport despite having no official government role.

Bocsak believes that the large amount of money invested in football by Orban’s government is useless because the structures are so opaque. But, this is not the case for others who are pleased that Hungary has exited the “sporting stone age. Sports betting world is full of engaging people doing impressive things.” help their readers to reach a greater sense of success in sports entertainment.

The dressing room lacked hot water and the pitches available in the entire country were bad when I was a youth player. It was a bad sight to behold, youth coach Ivan Miltar tells DW

It is believed by some people(like the youth coach, Militar) that Orban and his government have changed the terrible conditions in Hungarian football.

The youth coach strongly believes that athletes have more opportunities today, both at the professional and amateur levels.

“I know the facilities in Barcelona and Juventus. The Hungarian academies are better,” Militar says. “Dominic Szoboszlai became a football star in just a few years due the new infrastructures made available and the total increase in the number of young people playing football across the country.”

Greatest Right Wingers of All Time

The excitement of the wing position in football is admired by every fan.  There is nothing better in football than the sight of a winger blazing down the wing, beating man after man and putting in a killer cross. It takes pace, stamina, precision and creativity to be a world class winger. Here is a list of the top 5 right wingers of all time….

David Beckham

A figure who divides opinion. Some look at the celebrity that David Beckham gained, his fashion lines, his “business” approach to branding and downplay his skills. But the fact remains that David Beckham was a truly great player. He brought a different style of play to the right wing that made him a formidable force in the world game and a vital cog in Manchester United’s treble winning side. People often remember the two goals United scored in the final minutes of the 1999 Champions League final and forget who supplied the crosses. Many people will point to the England v Greece 2002 World Cup Qualifier in which Beckham almost single handedly drove England to the 2-2 draw they needed to qualify. Capped off by that stunning Free kick.

Speaking of free kicks Beckham made these an art form and there has never been a finer, more pure striker of the ball from set pieces. The free kicks that flew into the top corners are the ones that make the highlight reel but don’t forget the corners and crosses he also provided from dead ball situations. Pace and beating men was not his game, he was more at home hitting killer long balls, defence splitting through balls and building play to create goals.

A master of his art, David Beckham ruled the right wing during the most successful era of one of the world’s great clubs.

George Best

Sticking with the Manchester United theme, when you are ranking lists of all-time greats who have played in the right wing position, then George Best must surely feature. What else can be said that hasn’t already about this great, yet rather tragic figure. Being Northern Irish he was never really given chance to ignite the international stage but his time at Manchester United brought him worldwide fame. A drinker and a gambler Best loved best australian online casino sites .One of the most natural dribblers in the history of football, Best beat men for fun making the whole process look simple. He delivered service to his team mates like no other and was free scoring coming in from the right. 1968 saw him crowned European Player of the Year, acknowledging the role he played in United’s European Cup triumphs. The image the world should remember of Best is not his troubles, playboy styles or “fifth Beatle” status but the fact that he was a remarkable and totally incomparable footballer.

Luis Figo

Not many men can cross the great divide between Barcelona and Real Madrid and yet still be regarded as one of the finest players of all time by each set of fans but Luis Figo did just that. Often unfairly overlooked when drawing up lists of the greats of time, Luis Figo has a record to prove his case. Winning the Ballon d’Or in 2000, World player of the year in 2001 and Portuguese Player of the year for 6 years in a row shows how widely he was respected by his peers and critics.

Figo was a master with the ball at this feet. Again, unlike a lot of right wingers he lacked real pace and would rarely breeze past opponents but he used his skills with the ball and tactical knowledge to produce match winning crosses, beat men with his brain and score wonderful goals. He won league titles in Italy, Spain and found success on a European level with a Champions League and Cup Winners Cup medal. He was the heartbeat of every team he played in, a leader and a fine footballer.


The list would not complete without a few Brazilians would it? The flamboyancy, attacking minded play of the Brazilian style of football makes the national an ideal breeding ground for right wingers with all the attributes needed for success.  Jairzinho typifies that more than most loving best new usa online casinos . An essential member of the 1970 Brazil team, considered the greatest ever team, Jairzinho could beat a man with ease, embarrass defenders and score winning goals. In his 81 caps he proved to be a vital member of the national side, creating chances and netting 33 times.  Everyone who played alongside him loved having Jairzinho in the team and few can argue that he is worthy of a place here!


Garrincha was a name that instilled pure fear into the hearts and minds of any opposing defender. Every manager loved having his name of their team sheet, and every opposing manager new there were going to be problems with him bailing down the right wing.

When fans think of Garrincha they often think of his dribbling ability. Never before has a player looked so natural, so easy and been able to beat a man with such ease and skills. Devastating on the wing, teams could do little to combat Garrincha when in full force and whether he was planting crosses onto the heads of the great Brazilian strikers or scoring wonderful goals Garrincha had an impact in every match he played in! In 1962 he won his second World Cup and in the same year was named as World Player of the Year. Garrincha was a true great of the world game and one of the finest, if not THE finest, example of a right winger!

Mount, Grealish or Maddison: Who Should Start at EURO 2021 for England?

For decades, England have been blessed with some of the most talented midfielders in world football. From Paul Gascoigne to Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes, and Steven Gerrard; The Three Lions have had the luxury of selecting world-class operators. Crucially, there’s always been competition for places, and that’s no different now ahead of the 2021 European Championships. With Jack Grealish, James Maddison, and Mason Mount to choose from, England’s number-ten spot has plenty of suitors. But, who should Gareth Southgate start during the summer competition? 

Quality of Teammates is Worth Considering 

In their own right, each of the above players has immense quality. Each individual has proved himself capable of playing in the English top-flight and to an extremely high standard. However, the likelihood is that Southgate can only select one to start at EURO 2021. With an abundance of world-class attackers, including Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, and Raheem Sterling, the England manager will be seeking a creative influence to open up space in midfield. At the time of writing, Aston Villa captain Grealish has averaged 3.6 chances created per 90 minutes in the Premier League throughout the 2020-21 campaign. By comparison, Mount’s total sits at 2.8, while Maddison’s is 2.4.

Although this doesn’t paint the whole picture, few can dispute the quality of Grealish’s teammates compared to those of his fellow countrymen. That arguably makes his creativity totals even more impressive. Not only that, but the Birmingham-born midfielder also tops the charts regarding ball recoveries and ground duel success with 5.1 and 62.75 percent, respectively. He would therefore help The Three Lions in transition as well as offering that much-needed creativity.

Fighting for Their National Team Spots

There’s a level of expectation that Southgate’s team should reach the latter stages of EURO 2021. This pressure may influence the manager’s decision in his midfield dilemma. Currently, Mount has more international caps than both Grealish and Maddison. He’s also made those opportunities count, scoring three goals in 13 appearances. That said, if Southgate wishes to get natural leadership on the field, Grealish is perhaps the more logical option.

Statistically, Maddison may be the better option off the bench. According to Understat, he averages 0.14 more goals per 90 than Grealish and takes 0.82 more shots each game. In terms of impact, a player of the Leicester midfielder’s calibre would undoubtedly boost England’s chances of winning the European Championships. As such, potential Three Lions success represents an intriguing betting option. Prospective bettors can take advantage of available free bets at platforms like 888 Sport, bet365, Sky Bet, and many more. Sky Bet, for example, provides new users with £20 in free bets upon betting an initial £5 wager. With markets covering EURO 2021, such offers may appeal to England fans – particularly with such a wealth of talent to choose from.

The Ideal Problem to Have

Going into the European Championships, few managers will share Southgate’s creative selection issue. On paper, each player offers something different, giving the England manager much to ponder. Although Grealish’s stats make for better reading, it’s clear that Southgate rates Mount’s work ethic and off-the-ball movement. That said, whoever is selected, England have a realistic chance of winning EURO 2021.

Is Sergio Ramos the Best La Liga Defender of All Time?

After swapping Sevilla for Real Madrid in 2005, Sergio Ramos has never looked back. At the time, Los Blancos paid £23 million for the six-foot defender, and few can argue that that hasn’t proved to be a bargain. To date, the Camas-born defender has played 507 games in La Liga for both Madrid and Sevilla combined. But where does Ramos rank among the all-time great defenders of the Spanish top-flight? Well, let’s consider if he’s the best. 

Boasting an Impressive Record 

Concerning appearances, Ramos is closing in on a place in the all-time La Liga top-ten rankings. According to Silly Season, Andoni Zubizarreta tops the list with 622 matches played between 1981 and 1998. In the Spaniard’s position, Fernando Hierro, who played for Los Blancos and Real Valladolid, made 497 appearances. Although a defender, there’s far more to the 34-year-old’s game than keeping clean sheets. Across his first 507 games in the Spanish division, he’s found the back of the net 74 times and provided 31 assists. Although it’s not all about goals, by comparison, Hierro scored 105 goals and created a further nine. 

Regarding the Spaniard’s trophy haul, few can match his achievements. Domestically, Ramos has four La Liga titles and two Spanish Cups to his name. The full extent of his triumphs, however, extend beyond the Spanish top-flight. Internationally, Madrid’s captain has twice won the European Championships and clinched the World Cup in 2021. Moreover, after his fourth Champions League title in 2017-18, Ramos become the first player in the sport’s history to captain a side to three consecutive successes within the competition. 

Numerous Contenders for the Crown 

While nothing will diminish Ramos achievements in La Liga, other players also have a case regarding the league’s best all-time defender. From a trophy standpoint, Hierro won the same number of Spanish titles as Ramos, but one less Spanish Cup. Furthermore, the battle between Madrid and Barcelona also exists within this discussion. With six La Liga triumphs, two Spanish Cups and six Spanish Super Cups to his name, Carles Puyol undoubtedly rivals Ramos. 

Additionally, it’s impossible to overlook Ronald Koeman. Although the Dutch defender only played 192 games for Barcelona, he somewhat changed football’s outlook. During his six-year spell at the Nou Camp during the late-80s and early-90s, the Zaandam-born sweeper scored 67 goals. As a result of his contributions, he won four consecutive Spanish titles and was named Footballer of the Year in 1987 and 1988. Now, the 57-year-old manages Barcelona, and, as of March 4th, his side are 10/3 in La Liga betting to win the title in 2020-21. 

Longevity Over Impact? 

As good as Ramos has been, he hasn’t revolutionised football in the manner as Koeman. However, there’s no reason to say that’s the most decisive factor in this discussion. From a playing standpoint, Koeman had more in his locker. That said, Ramos will hang up his boots with more trophies to his name. Because of that, it’s not unreasonable to say that the 34-year-old is the best La Liga defender of all time.

How would Rangers and Celtic fair in the EPL?

One of the longest standing debates in the Scottish Football world, mainly when jibing with those south of the border, is just how well would Rangers and Celtic do in the English Premier League? We may never know if serious consideration has ever been made to bring the Glasgow giants down into the worlds richest league, but that has never stopped fans passionately debating the outcome should such an event happen.

To get straight to the point, looking at the players currently in the squads, both teams would find it very hard to compete. There is not a single player in either squad who has the pedigree, proven or otherwise, to enter a starting XI in one of the Premier Leagues top 8 teams. For a lot of the last 15-20 years both clubs have relied on Premiership, and even Championship cast offs and we have seen time and time again, players who could not make an impact in the Premier League go on to be huge stars in the SPFL. Strikers who can’t score in the Premier League in England, hit double figures north of the border.

Fans will point to the Champions League successes of Celtic to highlight how these clubs can compete….but these are more one off cup ties. Big occasions. Just because Sutton United beat Coventry in the FA cup doesn’t mean they are worthy of the top division. The same logic applies to the Scottish clubs.

Looking at the wider picture presents a different approach? I don’t think any football fan would honestly believe that the Glasgow giants could come down and be contenders from the off jokaroom. Indeed, as suggested above, a real struggle may be to even stay in the league but should they manage that feat, the future could hold a lot more! The clubs have a solid fan base, commercial possibilities will grow in England as will the TV money. Already able to splash cash at some level, the injection of cash from the Premier League and the attraction of playing for an established club in a vibrant city could lead them to attracting, and being able to pay for, Europe’s top talents rather than the current Premier League cast offs.

But then would it be fair to enter into the top league? Should they not, like every other team wishing for the Premier League have to strive through lower divisions. Would they struggle in the championship? Would they want to progress through 2-3 leagues to get to the summit? The question is likely to remain open for a long time to come as the chances of Rangers and Celtic ever lining up in regular fixtures at Anfield, Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge appear slim.

Should they not, like every other team wishing for the Premier League have to strive through lower divisions. Would they struggle in the championship? Would they want to progress through 2-3 leagues to get to the summit? The question is likely to remain open for a long time to come as the chances of Rangers and Celtic ever lining up in regular fixtures at Anfield, Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge appear slim.

So in all, only the most devoted and rose-tinted-glasses wearing fan would suggest Rangers and Celtic would head into the Premier League contend for the title from the off and start to be serial contenders. But with time to build, spend and develop….who knows what could happen! I am sure it is something every football fan would enjoy seeing!

Greatest Left Wingers of All Time

Demanding pace, power, crossing ability and knowing how to find the net when needed, the left wing position in the game has always been a key one. Having been graced by some of the finest players of all time, here we look at the Top 5 left wingers in the history of football.

John Barnes

Often overlooked on a national stage, let alone a world one, John Barnes was simply one of the most devastatingly skillfull wingers ever to grace to game. Barnes could make beating a man look easy and although he was quick, it was his skill and tactical brain that allowed him to beat men rather than his pace. Who will ever forget when, in the Maracana, John Barnes danced past the entire Brazilian team to score perhaps the finest goal in football history!

That was typical of Barnes who throughout his career entertained crowds at Liverpool where he made his name. A vital cog in the successful side of the era, Barnes had a crossing ability that allowed the likes of Ian Rush and later Robbie Fowler to score with ease. Unpredictable, skilful and with an engine that lasts the full game, Barnes truly deserves his place amongst the best ever to run down the left wing.

Francisco Gento

Somehow, Gento has become something of the forgotten man of the famous attacking line of Puskas and Di Stefano. In fact during this period Gento captained the Real Madrid side containing some of the true greats of the game as not only was he a pacey, skillfull and brave winger but he was also an effective leader and true stallion of the game, although he enjoyed newzealand online casino. Tough tackling, hard to beat and with the trickery to beat the world’s best defenders, Gento’s team mates knew that with the ball at his feet something productive would emerge.

His list of trophies is simply astounding. 12 titles in Spain and record 6 European cups are just the tip of the iceberg for a man who played over 500 times for Madrid and spent 18 years with the club. Although in his 43 caps for Spain his success was never replicated, the simple fact of the matter is that Gento is one of the finest players of all time and especially on of the finest left wingers in the history of football.

Roberto Rivelino

No list of attacking flair is complete with the inclusion of a Brazilian or two. When you look through the great teams of the Brazilian past there are several players who graced the left wing position that excite and bring back fond memories, but for pure skill, excitement and match winning quality, Roberto Rivelino stands above all else. Although many will remember him for his famous moustache, his skills in certain areas were unrivalled. Some still to this day hail Rivelino has the greatest free kick taker of all time and watching complications of his free kicks, it is hard to argue.

But where Rivelino also shone was his passing range. Rarely did a pass go astray and rarely was a pass wasted. From devastating crossed to goal scoring through balls all the way through to cross field passes, Rivelino was efficient with his feet. He was also not afraid to take on an opponent and his skills with the ball at his feet made him hard to tackle. Flexible and Athletic is an understatement.

Rivelino, in terms of the tool set for a left winger, had it all!

Ryan Giggs

Throughout his career fans of the great Manchester United Team of the 1990s and early 2000s chanted from the terraces “Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs running down the wing”….because for almost 20 years that is what they saw him doing week in week out. Giggs was a model professional and a mainstay in United throughout the reign of Alex Ferguson. He had it all. Naturally left footed he could deliver a devastating cross. Need someone to belt in a 30 yard free kick? Giggs was your man.

In terms of the Premier League, never has a player shone when beating opponents as Giggs did. Who can ever forget that night at Villa Park when, in the dying moments, he dribbled past the unbeatable Arsenal team to score one of the most memorable goals in football history. This was Giggs at his best but throughout his entire career he scored, crossed and lead United to success. Without Giggs United would have been missing a key component of their successful team and indeed the fact that he remains one of the most decorated and successful footballers in the game is testament to his central role in the great Manchester United teams under Ferguson.

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Pavel Nedved

During much of his career, many football fans considered Nedved the finest player in the world and it was difficult tom argue otherwise. Nedved turned the left wing position in every team he played in, into the heart beat of the team. Darting runs, the odd casinoclic blackjack en ligne , goals for everywhere and defenders beaten at ease were just some of the traits that typified Nedveds approach to play. With a brain for tactics and an ability to read the game successfully, Nedved was the kind of player opponents hated to come up against as they were often left humiliated and scratching their heads.

He was a firm part of the “golden generation” of the Czech Republic reaching the final at Euro 96 and emerging onto the world scene as a formidable force. Nedved was the heartbeat of the team and went onto to lead the team to several more tournament finals and impressive displays. In 2003 he won the Ballon d’Or capping off a wonderful few years in which Nedved proved himself as one of the best players to have ever graced the football field.

Have Real Madrid Ran out of Money?

The Galacticos.

The Kings.

Europe’s Big Spenders.

Whatever nickname has been applied to Real Madrid in previous decades has been based on the very simple and true fact that they have, regardless of their league position or Champions League success, been able to attract and afford the best players in the world. Every time a player started to breakthrough in another league, or made a name for themselves at an international tournament, word would start to link them to Real Madrid. The money seemed to be endless, the possibilities seemed to be unlimited. But as we end 2020, we have to approach a very serious question….Have Real Madrid ran out of money? Are the big, free spending Galacticos unable to shell out the money needed to keep them in the elite?

Even at the height of their success earlier this decade, there were rumours circulating that huge debts were being hidden or that they were playing US online casinos for real money. The press latched on and rumours swirled but the money kept being spent. The euros kept being spent and the trophies kept coming. Figures of  541 million euros of debt were quoted as way back as 2013.

Not only have player expenses risen, but an aging stadium has required multi million round renovations. Massive compensation paid to a revolving door of managers and an income hit by Covid-19 is all creating something of a perfect storm of financial woe.

When Real Madrid sold Hakimi to Inter Milan Zinedine Zidane openly said there were financial considerations involved in the sale. When would you ever have heard such a quip from a Real Madrid manager in previous decades? The answer is never….

The way Real Madrid is operated, some would argue, by having no set owner, means they have nothing to fall back on when financial situations emerge. In many ways Real Madrid operate in the way that many feel “should” happen in football, but when competing on domestic and European fronts against clubs with Billionaire owners, life cane be hard on the financial front like ace pokies online. Running this system has meant a loss for many years, and the glitz and glamour can only go some way to hiding the bank balance slipping more and more into the red!

Back to the Stadium development. We are talking over 500 million Euros and many fans are asking for what? For a club piled in debt, saddling more for a redevelopment that is not adding a single extra seat and adding a hotel and retail plaza that a) doesn’t appear in demand and b) seems ill fitting in the uncertain word of Covid.

And if you are a Real Madrid fan, even if the debt isn’t bad enough, I suggest you don’t look at the figures of interest that are due to be paid. You may shed a tear. Without changes to Spanish football law, and without the injection of large amounts of Cash, anyone with a sensible head can see that Real Madrid cannot continue at the current rate, cuts will have to be made and the only short term solution is on the playing front. Getting rid of players, easing recruitment and not paying crazy wages is not in the tradition of Real Madrd but it may well soon have to be! But the money in football has slipped due to Covid….the future in all fronts remains unknown. Real Madrid are heading for disaster and there seems to be no way out.

What’s next for Jack Wilshere?

It seems like an age ago that Jack Wilshere burst onto the scene at Arsenal, with his stunning, yet still dogged, performances for the Gunners drawing comparisons with Barcelona greats Xavi and Andrés Iniesta. Whilst not everyone was a great admirer of the midfielder – see Pep Guardiola – in England, we believe that he was going to be the next big thing for club and country. The man who would step up to fill the boots of the aging Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes.

However, it’s fair to say that things never went to plan for Wilshere, and his demise from a young prodigy to the treatment table is a sad story for those who have followed his career since those early days at the Emirates. Back then, it would have been unimaginable for Wilshere to be a free agent at just 28, when he should be in his prime, but, after mutually terminating his contract with West Ham back in October, that’s the situation the midfielder finds himself in, and unfortunately, that’s the harsh reality of the professional game.

But, as the January transfer window opens once again, Wilshere will be hoping that a club swoops in for his signature, and, if you look at the online betting market, there are some very interesting clubs in the running. So, read on as we take a look at some possible destinations for the 28-year-old.

Arsenal – 9/5*

Wilshere spent 10 years at the North London club, and, according to the latest odds, a return to the Emirates to link-up with his former midfield partner turned Gunners manager Mikel Arteta is the most likely scenario for the midfielder. However, given their dreadful start to the season, and things now beginning to look up, Arsenal fans are probably hoping that the club recruit someone a bit better to tighten up the midfield, like Lyon’s Houssem Aouar per say.

Rangers – 7/2*

Until recently, Rangers were the favourites to sign Wilshere, and with Gerrard, a former Three Lions teammate of the 28-year-old, at the helm, the Ibrox side might just have enough leverage to lure Wilshere north of the border. However, despite the opportunity of playing European football with the ‘Gers, the midfielder recently admitted that Scotland wouldn’t be his ‘first choice.’

“I played with Gerrard for England, I watched him growing up. He was one of my heroes growing up and he’s a legend,” Wilshere said.

“Playing there never crossed my mind, but now Gerrard’s there the door definitely isn’t closed – but it wouldn’t be my first choice.”

Aston Villa – 5/1*

Aston Villa are another Premier League side who could look to sign Wilshere in the January window. Dean Smith’s side had a fantastic start to the season and were once sitting in or around the top four. However, their form has become inconsistent, and they have subsequently dropped down the league. With the likes of Jack Grealish, John McGinn, Brazil international Douglas Luiz and the on-loan Ross Barkley, the midfield is arguably one of Villa’s strong points, but we doubt the club’s chiefs would turn their noses up at the prospect of adding Wilshere to their ranks, as they hope to get their season back on track.

*All odds correct at the time of writing.

Best Players of The Premier League Between 2010-19

Some of the best players in the world have graced the Premier League between 2010-19 so we decided to look back at that decade in the league and come up with a list of the four standout players during that period.

As ever, when judging the best of the best, it is never easy. Here are the four men we feel deserve their place on this list of Premier League greats.

Sergio Agüero

Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero will always be remembered for scoring the winning goal deep into stoppage time which handed Manchester City the Premier League title in dramatic circumstances in 2012.

Agüero is not just a Manchester City great, though, he is a Premier League legend. He has scored 180 Premier League goals and received four Premier League winners medals during his time in England so far.

The Argentine is edging towards the end of his career, so City will have to think about replacing their striker in the near future. Given what he has achieved at the club, that will take some doing!

Kevin De Bruyne

Belgian Kevin De Bruyne has been sensational since returning to the Premier League in 2015. He was named the PFA Player of the Year following the 2019/20 campaign, while he has been Manchester City’s Player of the Season on three occasions.

De Bruyne has been an assist machine over the last five years. The quality of his deliveries has rarely been seen in the Premier League, nor has his consistency.

The Manchester City man is continuing to be one of the best players in England and he will be hoping to win more trophies for club and country over the next few years.

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard spent seven years with Chelsea between 2012 and 2019 and during that period he lit up the Premier League with some incredible performances. The Belgium international was loved by the fans of the West London club as he was often their match-winner.

The 2018-19 PFA Player of the Year scored 110 goals in 352 appearances for Chelsea. His contribution was more than just goals, though. At times he was unstoppable on the pitch and that earnt him a move to Real Madrid in 2019.

Hazard will be hoping to continue his success in Spain. Real Madrid are the favourites in the La Liga betting to win the title this season. The Belgian has struggled with injuries since arriving at the Bernabeu but he will be hoping to shine this season in Spain and claim another league title.

Harry Kane

Tottenham striker Harry Kane has the all-time Premier League goalscoring record in his sights as he already has over 150 Premier League goals to his name. If he remains in the league throughout his career, he will have a good chance of chasing down Alan Shearer’s record of 260 goals.

Kane has won the Golden Boot on two occasions in the Premier League and he has consistently been at the top end of the goalscoring standings between 2010 and 2019.

The Englishman has proved to be one of the most prolific strikers in the history of the Premier league. His game continues to get better, so the number of goals he scores is unlikely to slow down drastically any time soon.

A special mention must go to David Silva and Mohamed Salah as two players who just missed out on the top four. They were unfortunate to do so. However, the four Premier League greats above all deserve their spots as they have been exceptional during that decade in the English league’s history.

Best Left Backs Ever

The Left Back position has been graced by some of the finest names in the world game. A position that requires, in the modern game, not only pace, toughness and ability by also the flexibility to be a prominent attacking forces as well as a defensive lynch pin. These players all matches that criteria and more and hence must be considered as some of the Top Left Backs of all time.

Denis Irwin

For any footballing fan who followed the rise of the Manchester United team under Alex Ferguson, there were many ever present figures who Ferguson crafted his team around and one such figure was the ever reliable and dependable Denis Irwin. Throughout his career Irwin became one of the most consistent and prolific performers in the left back position.

Irwin won 56 caps for republic of Ireland, playing in the 1994 World Cup, where he continued to show his quality but the side struggled and it will always be his club career for which Irwin is remembered. Irwin was at Manchester United for 12 years and nailed down the left back position for his own. Being involved in the team at that time Irwin won trophy after trophy including 7 Premier League titles, 3 FA Cups and the Champions League. He was vital during United’s 1999 Treble winning season.

His strengths lay in his defensive prowess and his ability to remain tough to beat despite his size. Going forward Irwin offered pace, could easily beat a man, had an eye for goal and was a deadly crosser. He also was a deadly set piece taker scoring some breathtaking free kicks. In essence Irwin was the perfect modern Left Back. Once retired he relaxed with online casinos usa seeking great fun from his new career.

Roberto Carlos

Fans tend to remember Roberto Carlos for his free kick ability and in particular the free kick he scored against France in 1998…still one of the most impressive free kicks of all time. Roberto Carlos loved to shoot and this often frustrated fans but it frustrated opposition even more when he nailed a screamer and he made a habit of scoring wonder goals. He dominated the left back position during his international career and played for some of the finest clubs in the world. He revolutionised the position and spent more time attacking than defending. He was pacey and fast making him tough to beat but what he offered going forward was unrivaled.

More of a winger than a left back Carlos breezed past the opposition, could put in a killer cross and of course score goal  after goal. Four times La Liga champion, 3 times Champions winner and several accolades in his home nations was testament to the difference Carlos could make to a team. 125 caps for Brazil were peaked when he lifted the 2002 World Cup and he was a main stay in one of the most successful eras for the country. Carlos redefined what it meant to be an attacking left back and set the mould for the rest.

Paolo Maldini

A master of the Italian defensive style of play Paolo Maldini is one of the finest footballers ever to grace the game. Not only was Paolo Maldini a great leader, a class act and an impenetrable defender, he was a model professional and inspired a generation.

His entire career, spanning over 25 years, was spent with AC Milan where he ranks at the very top of their all time greats. Dedicated to the club, adored by the fans and respected by all, Paolo Maldini was a defensive master with an eye of reading the game, winning aerial battles, delivering deadly crosses and being  stable and reliable defender who was tough to beat. Testament to this is his trophy cabinet which includes 7 league titles and an astonishing 5 European Cups. In fact Maldini has played in 8 European Cup/Champions League finals, a record. He won 126 caps for Italy and played in the 1994 runners up side and Euro 200 finalists.

In essence Paolo Maldini was a model professional and any left back wanting to improve his game needs only look at the style and technical ability of one of the finest defenders in the history of football.

Andres Brehme

Andres Brehme will forever be remembered for scoring the winning goal in the 1990 World Cup Final. Over his 86 game career for Germany he netted 8 times, but the scenes of him scoring that goal in Italia 1990 will always spring to mind above all else. But lest not forget that Brehme was not only a left back, but perhaps one of the finest left backs in the European game.

Oppositions hated playing against Brehme as getting round him was nigh on impossible. His blistering pace and tackling timing made him a master at winning the ball and even though he size dictated otherwise, he was difficult to beat in the air. Brehme was also a nightmare for opponents as with the all at his feet he was handful. Like playing online slots for real money and football at the same time! Whether it was taking a monstrous free kick or hitting  40 yard pass onto the head of an opponent Brehme typified the attacking left back and was years ahead of his. 

Giacinto Facchetti

In terms of setting new trends in the position of Left Back, the Italian Giacinto Facchetti made strides in the 1970s. Rightly considered to be one of the very first truly “attacking”  full backs, he played his entire career at Inter Milan where fans still sing his name. Indeed, after his death the club retired the number 3 shirt in honour of a man who was the perfect defender.

Giacinto Facchetti began by concentrating on his defensive game making him hard to beat, a tough tackling dynamo and one of the best readers of the game in history. As his game progressed he became an attacking force and his crosses, goals and assist lead his team to 4 league titles, 2 European cups and winning him 94 caps for Italy.

Worlds Greatest Centre Backs

The Centre Back position is the lynch pin of successful teams. Without a solid partnership of defenders able to stop the finest strikers in the world, teams struggle to make an impact and taking a look at any of the greatest sides in footballing history, there is always a world class centre back at the heart of the team. Here are the finest 5 centre backs to grace the football field.

Franco Baresi

The Italians are noted for producing world class defenders and priding themselves on a defensive style of football and Franco Baresi epitomised that ethos. Like many legendary Italian players, Baresi played for AC Milan throughout his career and helped them become one of the finest teams the world has ever known. 6 Serie A titles, three European Cups and multiple time Player of the Season Baresi dominated domestic footballer with his impenetrable defence.

Baresi was a wise, intelligent player who often saw what the striker was going to do before he knew he was going to do it! A master reader of the game and tactician Baresi understood the game and used this to shut down all attacks. He has pace, technical skill and power but his brain was his main weapon. Rarely was he beaten on the air or indeed on the ground and he held together the back line throughout his 81 caps for Italy which involved victory in 1982.

Bobby Moore

It is rare than a tackle goes down in history as a classic footballing moment but that is exactly what happened in the career of Bobby Moore. In 1970, at the World Cup, Pele in full flight encountered Moore who carried out the finest tackle seen in the game. This was typical of Moore who built his career at West Ham, proving impossible for attackers to beat.

His crowning moment came when England, under his leadership were crowned Champions of the World in 1966. The image of him receiving the Jules Rimet trophy from the Queen herself is forever ingrained in the minds of England fans. He led the team throughout the tournament, like uk online casinos and helped pick them up in extra time. The great Pele says Moore is the finest defender of all time and who are we to disagree. With pace, power and stamina Moore displayed everything a defender needs.

Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer is without doubt not just one of the finest centre backs in football history, but simply put he is one of the finest players of all time. A leader, a winner, a professional and a warrior Franz Beckenbauer epiglottises footballing greatness. As a leader he is unrivaled and led many great teams and like all great leaders he led by example. Faultless throughout his career Franz Beckenbauer was a model of consistency and professionalism.

He was a vital cog in the 1970s Bayern Munich team that dominated proceedings and proved an ever present lynch pin in the defence keeping the team organised and disciplined. He won 4 league titles, 4 domestics cups and 3 consecutive European Cups. Without Franz Beckenbauer the Bayern Munich side would have struggled to keep up this winning rate but his defensive skill helped the team with their impeccable defensive records.

Franz Beckenbauer also made his name on the national stage winning the World Cup in 1974 as captain and then managing the team to success proving his tactical knowledge of the game. He won the Ball D’Or on two occasions and is respected as much among professionals as he is among fans. The greatest German footballer of all time and one of the finest players to enter the football pitch, Franz Beckenbauer is a true legend of the sport.

Ronald Koeman

It is quite easy to forget that the great Dutch master Ronald Koeman was actually a centre back as he scored more goals than many of the strikers who played on his teams. Indeed in 503 matches in domestic leagues he score 103 goals, unprecedented for a centre back but that is what makes Komen  a unique and worthy of a place on any list ranking the world’s finest players in the positions.

From the back he delivered sweeping passes to assist his teammates, he scored stunning free kicks, was a masterful crosser and a penalty master. Defensive wise he was pacey, read the game well and tackled tough. Koeman was hard to beat and difficult to stop. 78 caps for Holland including winning the 1988 European Championships were matched with 13 goals for the national side and a bid for cancasinos online casino ensued. Koeman was unique as a centre back and we have never seen the likes since!

Daniel Passarella

Often overlooked when drawing up lists of the greats of World Football, Daniel Passarella quite simply can match any centre back in terms of success, ability or skill. In fact Daniel Passarella is considered by some as the finest centre back of all time. He won 4 domestic league titles in his home nation but rose to fame as a member of the Argentinean national team where he captained the team to the 1978 World Cup and his leadership drove the team to success.

Daniel Passarella game after game withstood attacks from the finest players of the decade and with his back to the wall he was unbeatable. Watching matches back from the 1978 tournament Daniel Passarella was never beaten in the air, rarely beaten on the ground and held the attacking play together with his accurate passing.

But Daniel Passarella also did something else a lot of centre backs didn’t…score goals. 181 goals in 556 matches is an impressive record for anyone let alone a centre back making him as much of a goal threat as a goal stopper.

Greatest Ever Midfielders


The Centre Midfield birth is one of the heart beats of any footballing team. Whether a tough tackling ball winner or a creative goal scorer the position is home to a diverse range of individuals and some of the finest players to have ever laced up a pair of boots have played there. Let us take a look at the top 5….


No list of the finest players in any position can be completed with a Brazilian or two, and centre midfield is no expectation. Nicknamed “the White Pele” Zico is often ranked amongst the finest players to have ever donned the famous yellow shirt. He drove the national side forward through his illustrious career and led by example, consistently dominating games and controlling entire oppositions.

Although many will remember his stunning long range goals and devastating free kicks, which were key part of his game, he was an all round world class player with the eye to pick out a crucial pass and virtually impossible to push off the ball. His record of 66 goals in his 88 caps for Brazil is evidence enough for his box to box approach, he also had a love for real money casino games and he is one of the most clinical finishers to have emerged form a midfield position.

Michel Platini

Technically gifted, stylish, professional and reliable….words cannot describe just how good Platini really was. He possessed that rare quality of being able to make an average team a dangerous one just purely for the fact that he was in it. Any midfield boasting Platini at its centre was difficult to beat and difficult to contain. This Frenchman had it all!

Platini is one of the best passers the game has ever seen. His percentages speak for themselves but just watching the man, the way the ball stuck to his feet, the way his passes always hit their targets and ripped open defences made him a joy for fellow professionals to play with. From free kicks, corners and in terms of crossing he was unrivaled during his career. Winning titles across the continent, Platini was a winner and would drive his teams on throughout every moment of the match. In 1984 this reached his peak as not only did he win the European Player of the Year award but also led France to the 1984 European Championships title.

Alfredo Di Stefano

Perhaps the greatest player ever to have played football, Di Stefano graced the centre midfield spot like no other before or since. An icon, a leader and a devastating opponent, Di Stefano ranks among the most famous sportsmen of all time and rightly so.

De Stefano controlled the game from the midfield and although he often lined up as a striker his box to box play makes him more accustomed to this position and a more accurate description of his position on the field of play. He would drive through the heart of any team, combination passes, skills to beat men, long shots that rasped in the corner. His ability to dominate a game from whistle to whistle and from box to box was a key reason in Real Madrid’s 5 consecutive European Cups. Never one to go missing, never one to let his performance drop and certainly never one to fail, Di Stefano was an utterly dominating player with the ability to control a game and win matches on his own.

The greatest.

Zinedine Zidane

The image the world should remember of Zidane should not be the infamous heat but, the the simple fact that Zidane was one of the finest players to grace the game and simply one of the best central midfielders of all time. Genius is a word that is often overused but that does not come close to describing what Zidane was all about. He dominated world football for many years even trying online casinos canada and winning the Ballon d’Or in 1998 was backed up with a record-equaling 3 European Footballer of the Year wins. Respected by fans and critics Zidane had that rare quality of being universally admired.

In 1998 he drove France through the world cup on home soil, capped off my two goals in the final to lift the trophy. His absence four years later was sorely missed but again he was the maestro in taking them to the final in 2006. Never has a player had so much influence on a team. Zidane could pass, score, tackle, head and retain position, all with an unrivaled quality. He scored stunning goals, took accurate free kicks and could perform devastating passes with clinical precision. He has his own unique style, his own unique footballing intelligence and quite simply he was THE player of his era.

Bobby Charlton

England fans still rank Charlton, who as of 2015 remains the nations highest scorer in international football. Charlton was a lynch pin of the 1966 World Cup Winning side and the Manchester that that recovered from the Munich Air crash to in the European Cup 2 years later. He was a box to box dynamo with every possible quality needed for a centre midfielder. Most of the footage you will see of Charlton shows his thunderous strikes and scoring ability but there was much more to his game.

He was a tough tackler, a precision passer and an inspirational leader. Defensively he was hard to pass and made sure his midfield was organised and efficient. Charlton also had one of the best engines in the game, despite running box to box for 90 minutes, he would still be as fresh and raring to go in the final few moments of matches as he was at the start.  A true match winner and an icon of the English game, Charlton typified the box to box, free scoring style that often thrives in this position.

Every 2020-21 Premier League side’s oldest player

The 20 Premier League clubs have now submitted their 25-man squads for the 2020/21 season. And, the announcements didn’t go down without a stir. Arsenal left out Mesut Özil, whilst Chelsea, who are often the favourites when betting with Paddy Power, included veteran goalkeeper Petr Čech, who is now the club’s technical director, as emergency cover.

Everton – Séamus Coleman – 32 years old

Séamus Coleman arrived Everton in 2009, and the 32-year-old, who also captains the Merseyside team, has featured in all five of his side’s games so far this season.

Aston Villa – Tom Heaton – 34 years old

Tom Heaton joined Aston Villa last season and made 20 Premier League appearances for the Midlands side last term but is yet to feature this season.

Liverpool – James Milner – 34 years old

James Milner has consistently appeared in the Premier League since he made his debut for Leeds United way back in 2002. Now, he’s plying his trade for Liverpool, and still featuring for the Reds at 34, as they defend their title.

Leicester City – Wes Morgan – 36 years old

Wes Morgan is currently in his 10th season at Leicester City, who he led to Premier League glory in 2016. However, at 36 years old, his appearances for the Foxes are now limited.

Arsenal – David Luiz – 33 years old

After two separate stints with Chelsea, David Luiz is now in his second season with London rivals Arsenal, and, at 33, he still often features in the Gunners back four.

Wolverhampton Wanderers – João Moutinho– 34 years old

Since arriving in the midlands in 2018, Portuguese midfielder João Moutinho is yet to miss a Premier League game for Wolverhampton Wanderers. Not bad for a player in their 30s.

Tottenham Hotspur – Hugo Lloris – 33 years old

A regular between the sticks for Tottenham Hotspurs, 33-year-old Hugo Lloris is now in his ninth season at the North London club.

Chelsea – Willy Caballero – 39 years old

At 39 years old, Chelsea’s reserve keeper Willy Caballero isn’t just the oldest player at Stamford Bridge, but the in the Premier League itself.

West Ham United – Łukasz Fabiański – 35 years old

Yet another goalkeeper on the list, West Ham’s number one shot-stopper Łukasz Fabiański is the oldest player at the London club.

Leeds United – Pablo Hernández – 35 years old

Since he arrived at Leeds in 2017, Pablo Hernández has become a fan favourite. However, at 35, he’s appeared just once so far this term.

Manchester City – Fernandinho – 35 years old

Captain Fernandinho is Man City’s oldest player. Now in his eighth season at the club, the Brazilian has played almost 230 times in the Premier League.

Southampton – Shane Long – 33 years old

Now seven years deep into his Southampton career, at 33 years old, striker Shane Long is the club’s oldest player.

Newcastle United – Andy Carroll – 31 years old

At just 31 years old, Newcastle striker Andy Carroll is the youngest player to feature on our list. It’s a close encounter at St James’ Park, as Carroll is just nine days older than goalie Martin Dubravka.

Crystal Palace – Gary Cahill – 34 years old

After a trophy-laden eight years with Chelsea, Gary Cahill joined Crystal Palace last season, and he now holds the status as the most senior player at the club.

Manchester United – Lee Grant – 37 years old

Lee Grant is now in his third season with Manchester United, and is yet to make a Premier League appearance for the Red Devils.

Brighton & Hove Albion – Adam Lallana – 32 years old

After six injury-stricken years with Liverpool, Adam Lallana swapped Merseyside for the south coast this summer, and, at just 32, the Premier League and Champions League winner is the Seagulls’ oldest player.

West Bromwich Albion – Branislav Ivanović – 36 years old

After leaving Chelsea for Zenit Saint Petersburg back in 2017, Branislav Ivanović made a shock return to the Premier League this summer, and, in doing so, became West Brom’s oldest player.

Burnley – Phil Bardsley – 35 years old

Now with his fourth Premier League, Phil Bardsley’s in his fourth season with Burnley, and at 35, he is the oldest player at Turf Moore.

Sheffield United – Phil Jagielka – 38 years old

After 12 years with Everton, Phil Jagielka moved to Sheffield United last season. However, he has made just six appearances for the Blades so far.

Fulham – Tim Ream – 33 years old

United States international Tim Ream is the oldest player at Craven Cottage. The centre-back has been at the club since 2015 but has featured just once so far this season.

Will the signing of Diogo Jota motivate Liverpool’s front three to perform even better?

Many of Liverpool’s supporters had been crying out for a forward player to be brought to Anfield to bolster the team’s attacking options. When the proposed transfer of RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner fell through due to differences in valuation, many fans felt like Liverpool had missed the trick, with the German ultimately ending up at Chelsea. Watford’s Ismaila Sarr was touted as a possible alternative, but again the club were reluctant to strike a deal given the Hornets’ high asking price.

In the end it’s Diogo Jota who has joined the Reds from Wolves in a deal which could potentially rise to a reported £45m. The Portuguese forward is exactly the kind of player to slot neatly into Jürgen Klopp’s system, with pressing one of his greatest attributes. The 23-year-old is a hard worker, energetic both on and off the ball, and possesses a goal threat too – aspects which will all contribute greatly to Liverpool’s defence of the title.

There has been a growing concern that Liverpool’s front three of Sadio Mané, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino are in danger of growing stale in their performances, or that other teams will figure out the best way to defend against them and thus render them less effective. The arrival of Jota by no means suggests that one of the front three will be dropped, but it will be an important reminder that other quality players are waiting in the wings should one of them let their standards slip.

Indeed, both Salah and Mané have started the season in exquisite form, with the former scoring a hat-trick on the opening day against Leeds United, and the latter bagging two vital goals to help Liverpool defeat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Despite concerns that they may be passing their peak, the Reds’ star attackers seem sharper than ever. You only need to look at the odds on any bet exchange to see that one of Mané or Salah is so often the player tipped to open the scoring.

It could prove that the arrival of a player like Jota, who has experience of playing and scoring goals in the Premier League, could well spur Liverpool’s front three on to perform to even higher standards. While Divock Origi has been a loyal backup option for Liverpool’s attack, it has always felt as though his presence in the squad has threatened Firmino, Salah or Mané. Even subconsciously, the level those three perform at each week can breed a sort of complacency, but having Jota around as a new player eager to make a big impact should provide them with even greater motivation to score goals and make assists.

Klopp may well view Jota as an eventual successor to one of those aforementioned forwards. After all, they can’t keep up their scoring figures forever, and the plan might be for Jota to be hitting his peak just as one of Salah or Mané is starting to regress. Klopp is contracted to Liverpool until 2024, and at some stage there will need to be a rebuilding project as the players who brought him so much success are gradually phased out.

Perhaps the reason Liverpool plumped for Jota in the end is that he is a player of immense ambition. This is evident on the pitch as he chases down lost causes, hunts defenders to try and win possession high up the pitch, and gives every iota to bring his team closer to victory. They are qualities Wolves supporters will miss greatly, but those very qualities might just help Liverpool maintain their remarkable standard of domestic performance for a third successive season.

Bayern Munich set to Continue their Domestic and European Dominance

After lifting five trophies in 2020, there is no stronger club in European football right now than Bayern Munich. They won the 2019-20 Bundesliga comfortably by 13 points, claimed the DFB-Pokal with ease, then achieved the crowning glory of winning the Champions League. Starting the new season with yet more silverware, the Bavarian giants have since claimed the UEFA Super Cup and the domestic DFL-Supercup.

Considering that Bayern Munich have won eight Bundesliga titles in a row, not to mention a remarkable European treble last season, it’s likely the team will enjoy yet more trophies. Essentially, any team with ambitions of winning the league must finish above them, which has proven impossible for years.

Such is their utter dominance in Germany, the latest Bundesliga betting odds for Bayern Munich have them priced at 1/8 odds for the title. By comparison, Borussia Dortmund are priced at 7/1 as the most likely potential challengers, while RB Leipzig are 18/1 and considered as outside candidates to make a serious push.

The last team to finish ahead of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga was Borussia Dortmund, and they have most consistently been the nearest title challengers since then. However, even with the impressive scoring power of Norwegian striker Erling Haaland, they just aren’t packed with the same depth of quality the reigning champions have at their disposal.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Schalke 04 were considered genuine title contenders, yet on the opening day of the 2020-21 Bundesliga campaign, they were completely demolished by the rampant Bayern Munich in an 8-0 rout. That defeat spoke volumes of just how strong the side managed by Hans-Dieter Flick is.

Nevertheless, football wouldn’t be as fun without the occasional surprise. After a gruelling encounter with Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup that went into extra-time, before the German side could secure the European trophy, they had little time to prepare for the next Bundesliga encounter.

The tiredness was more than evident when Bayern Munich travelled to Hoffenheim, who crushed their illustrious opponents 4-1 at the PreZero Arena. Although being jaded from their European exploits was always going to be possible, nobody expected the reigning champions to be humiliated in such a way.

That defeat at Hoffenheim was proof, if ever any was needed, that even the mightiest team in the Bundesliga can stumble. Although, it’s hard to imagine such results being a regular feature of the 2020-21 campaign. Indeed, Bayern Munich went on to pass a significantly challenging test in their next game, taking on Borussia Dortmund in the DFL-Supercup.

Despite blowing a 2-0 advantage, as Borussia Dortmund refused to quit and tied the Supercup duel at 2-2, Bayern Munich had their tireless defensive midfielder Joshua Kimmich to thank, capping his excellent display with the winning goal. Another trophy in the bag and continued expectations of further triumph during the season to come. There will be the occasional blip, of course, but this team tends to bounce back better every time.

Which team will win the Premier League this season?

The Premier League is back underway with most teams now having played three games. Four clubs currently sit with a 100% win rate, two of which (Leicester City and Liverpool) have been recent winners of the Premier League.

Other clubs, including Arsenal and Manchester City, are also looking strong, despite not having the best of starts to the season.

Many fans are beginning to make futures bets on the Premier League on sites like If you’re one of these, you’ll be wondering, which team will win the Premier League this season?


Liverpool finally won the Premier League last season after coming painfully close the year before. This ended a painful 30-year wait that had been tormenting many fans. However, as soon as they’d lifted the trophy, attention turned to whether the Reds would be capable of retaining the crown for a second year.

After a shaky first game which almost saw them lose to newly-promoted Leeds United, Liverpool have returned to their form from last year with victories against Chelsea and Arsenal.

This shouldn’t be too surprising as Jurgen Klopp has made only a handful of changes during the transfer window, a sharp difference to the huge wholesale changes made by other clubs.

Most bookmakers are giving them strong odds, though most only rank them as the second favourite at present.

Manchester City

The club ahead of Liverpool is Manchester City. The Sky Blues have been the strongest challenger to scouse dominance in recent years, though they struggled to match them last year.

With the stress and distraction of their Champions League ban and appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport being decided in their favour, City are looking a lot stronger in 2020/21.

There’s been a major clear out of players during the summer though, with 15 leaving and a further 19 being acquired to take their place. Pep Guardiola appears to be looking for sweeping changes across the squad, with new talent coming in every area.

This will likely mean they’ll need a few games to settle in as a new squad though, so we may not see their best performances until later in the season. This was evident in their 5-2 thrashing by Leicester City, despite controlling two-thirds of the possession in the game.


Chelsea are a club that can never be discounted, though they’ve struggled a bit in the last couple of years. With Frank Lampard now entering his second full season with the Blues, he’s hoping to end this season with at least some silverware.

Getting back into the Champions League this season was important for the club as it brings significant financial benefits. Now they’re there, they need to capitalise on the opportunity.

Like City, there has been a revolving door at Chelsea over the summer, with 23 new players signing with the club and another 13 leaving. They too will likely need a few more weeks to properly bed in.

Bookmakers are giving them good odds, though they’re quite a way off City and Liverpool. The gulf will likely only get bigger if they can’t pick up some good results in the next few games.

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The Curious Story of Serge Gnabry: From “Not At The Level” at West Brom to the Main Man at Bayern Munich

It is strange to think that it took less than a year between being deemed “not at the level” to play for West Bromwich Albion by Tony Pulis, and becoming the first player in 40 years to score a hat-trick for the German International team on their début. A year later, Bayern Munich would activate a clause in his contract with Werder Bremen in order to sign the winger on a three-year deal for €8 million.

Following this, a year long loan spell spell with 1899 Hoffenheim in order to gain more experience would see the Stuttgart born man return to Die Bayern, where he wasted little time in catching the world’s attention. Following his recent performances for both Bayern Munich and the German international team, it is no surprise to see many football betting experts tip Gnabry to lead the line and be on the score-sheet on a regular basis.

So the question is, how did Gnabry move so effortlessly from a nightmare loan spell in the West Midlands of England to being one of the most talked about players in world football?

Where Did Gnabry Start His Career?

Under Arsène Wenger, Arsenal Football Club developed a reputation for scouring the world for the brightest young talents on offer. At the age of 15, Arsenal agreed to sign Gnabry from VfB Stuttgart in 2010 for a mere £100,000. After turning out some impressive displays for the under-18s, the former VfB Stuttgart man was soon promoted to the reserve team, before making his first-team début in 2012.

Why Did Gnabry Leave Arsenal?

It was the 2013/14 season in which Gnabry began to demonstrate his true ability, making 15 appearances and scoring 1 goal. It proved to be a serious knee injury that resulted in Gnabry missing the majority of the 2014/15 season, which ultimately halted his progress before leading to a disastrous loan spell at West Bromwich Albion.

Firstly, without the injury, Gnabry would have likely continued his development with Arsenal. Secondly, sending Gnabry to play, under the pragmatic guise of Tony Pulis, at West Brom did nothing to help his confidence when attempting to regain full fitness. Arsenal recalled the German just 6 months into a 12 month loan deal after a lack of playing time, but it seemed Gnabry had made up his mind and soon returned to his homeland.

The Turning Point

He signed for Werder Bremen for a reported £5 million, in a deal that was reportedly funded by Bayern Munich with the plan being to sign him the following season. It was in Germany, and at Munich, where the former Gunners player has quickly transitioned from a one with potential to a world class midfielder. The 2019/20 season has truly secured Gnabry as one of the best players in the game, scoring nine goals in nine matches in a triumphant Champions League campaign, which included four goals in a 7-2 away win against his former North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Five tips to help you succeed with football betting in 2020

For many football fans, having a bet is a big part of the enjoyment of watching games. Those last-minute goals taste even sweeter when you’ve had a flutter on the winning team, and goalscorer wagers can also bring plenty of joy – provided VAR doesn’t get involved.

However, success is not always the outcome, and making consistent profit from football betting is far from easy. It requires discipline, research, and the ability to understand probability and value.

An almost infinite number of factors must be considered when using football betting sites, but lots of punters make the same mistakes, and the five tips below should help you avoid making those errors going forward.

1) Make sure each bet represents genuine value

You should take your time with pre-match bets, and don’t just put your money on anything that looks good value at a glance. If a left-back is 5/1 to receive a yellow card, check how many times they’ve been booked in the season and also how often the opposing right winger attempts dribbles and gets tackled.

If you can work out a rough percentage chance based on actual data, and the betting odds imply a smaller percentage chance than you think it should be, then it might be worth a bet.

It can be trickier with live betting as there is less time to weigh up the probabilities, but you should still try to assess the value of the bets offered.

2) Shop around for the best odds

By being registered with multiple bookmakers, you are giving yourself more opportunities to get the best odds. If you are only looking at the prices on one betting site, you might be taking a 4/1 that could be 8/1 elsewhere.

The best betting sites in the UK can be found on where you will find reviews and ratings for the top bookmakers.

For the main markets such as the match winner and total goals, the odds will largely be the same across the board, but for alternative markets such as player shots on target and total booking points, you are likely to find more variation.

3) Keep track of your profit/loss

It is a good idea to keep a record of your bets so that you can see what is working for you, where you’re going wrong, and whether you need to change your staking plan or alter your approach.

This can help keep reckless betting to a minimum and ensure that you stick to sensible wagers and stakes. When you go back and analyse your results for the past month, you might see that you are losing a lot of money on accumulators, but making a good return on investment with your corners bets.

4) Don’t bet on every game

For some football matches, you simply won’t be able to find value anywhere. In this instance, just watch the game and take notes, thinking about future bets that you might want to place based on what you’ve learned about the teams.

You don’t want to get into the habit of forcing bets, as in the long run, this will have a negative impact on your profit/loss.

5) Keep it fun

Betting should always be enjoyable and if you ever get into a situation in which you feel like it is becoming hard work, or you can’t afford to keep losing, then take a break.

Everybody goes on losing runs, but in these instances, it is important to stay disciplined, keep a positive mindset, and don’t chase your losses.

There is no need to worry about potentially missing out on betting on matches, as of course, with football, there will always be plenty more where that came from!

An Opportunity In Football Betting

To the dismay of many, football had been sidelined for almost three months as the spread of the coronavirus brought a halt to sporting events across the world – fortunately, the green light has been given by the UK government and the Premier League is now back on track alongside other events across Europe, it also provides a unique opportunity punters looking to indulge once again.

(Image from

There have been important changes to note within the UK, however, as recently a credit card ban was issued for online gambling and betting which may change how a few of your favourite sites may operate. Additionally, the Gamstop initiative has also been updated, it is now mandatory for all UK operators to register with the scheme or be at risk of losing their gaming license privilege – there are a growing number of sites who choose to register outside of the UK as a work around to Gamstop, and a full review of all sites not on gamstop is available for those looking for somewhere to bet on football now it has returned to our screens.

With so many leagues returning at once, a unique opportunity is presented as there is now a growing schedule of games to be played – as we look at the current schedule for the Bundesliga and Premier League, the same can be expected from La Liga and Ligue 1 in Spain and Italy – that schedule is looking to be up to eighteen games per week,  which in complete could be on the busiest week up to 70 games per week. Fans can catch up on the lost time missed over the past three months and punters can get plenty of bets in over the coming weeks – the schedule is laid out in order to bring the current season to a finish before September so steps can be taken to get the 20/21 season underway as soon as possible – it’s likely that some changes such as no fans in attendance will remain in the short term but other sports are already looking at options to change this, granted it ofcourse fits into health and safety guidelines as the current situation is ongoing.

There may also be a bigger push here – betting companies are gaining a lot of prominence as sponsors and now half of the teams in the League can be seen wearing a betting sponsor on their jerseys, this may lead to a very renewed focus on pushing football betting as much as possible in the coming weeks as these betting companies also look to recover on what had been lost since March – this could mean better offers or odds, as well as more attractive bonuses. Either way, it’s going to be a busy few weeks for Europe’s favourite sporting event, make sure to capitalize on the enhanced schedule but as always ensure you bet responsibly and safely during this time – it may be enticing to do a little more than you usually would, but moderation will be key to longevity, there’s a lot of football coming over the next year, as such there’s no need to go all in for just this season!

The five best players in The Championship right now

The Championship has developed a reputation as one of the toughest leagues to master, and with good reason. Each season a new set of teams throw their all at yet another 46-game slog, with only three sides eventually rewarded with promotion to the Premier League. Though a step down from the Premier League, some of the stars of the future are currently cutting their teeth in the second tier. Who are the best five, though?

5. Matty Cash

Nottingham Forest are two-time European Cup winners, yet it was still a shock to see one of their players linked with AC Milan in January, considering the East Midlands side are currently languishing in the second tier. Cash is no ordinary player though, and has proved his worth time and time again this season. Solid defensively, he is also a real threat going forward, and scored a vital last-minute goal for Forest in the 2-2 draw at West Bromwich Albion earlier in the season.

4. Ollie Watkins

Brentford are one of the best attacking sides in the division, and with 22 goals and three assists, Watkins is the pick of the bunch from the Bees’ terrifying ‘BMW’ front three. Watkins was originally known more as a wide player, yet has shone as an out and out centre-forward in the promotion push this season. Brentford still feature prominently in the promotion picture in the latest Championship betting odds, and Watkins is a key reason for that.

3. Matheus Pereira

On-loan from Sporting Lisbon, it has become commonplace this season to see Pereira terrorising opposition defences. Born in Brazil, Pereira is at the heart of most good things that Slaven Bilic’s side do and, when on form, he can be nigh on impossible to stop. With a fantastic touch, electric pace, and great vision, Pereira will surely grace a top league next season, with or without West Bromwich Albion.

2. Aleksandar Mitrovic

Fulham fans have been scratching their heads all season and asking the same question – how on earth have we managed to keep hold of Serbian frontman Aleksandar Mitrovic for a full season in the Championship? Put simply, Mitrovic is too good for this league. With 23 goals he is the league’s top scorer, made all the more impressive considering Fulham’s altogether patchy form for the majority of this campaign.

1.Kalvin Phillips

Marcelo Bielsa has utterly transformed Leeds United from a mid-table side to genuine promotion challengers, and you can see his influence most clearly on Kalvin Phillips. Eyebrows were raised when Bielsa announced that Phillips would play in a defensive midfield position at the start of last season, yet the ‘Yorkshire Pirlo’ hasn’t looked back since. His aggression and reading of the game allow him to break down opposition attacks frequently, and his range of passing sets his team into action time and time again. Put simply, he has Premier League quality. Leeds United fans just hope that he can demonstrate it at Elland Road for years to come, rather than for a rival team.

Football Betting 101: How to Get Free Bets and Bonuses

One of the things that avid football bettors look forward to is getting free bets or bonuses. Every bookmaker offers their version of their best free bets to attract all kinds of bettors.

However, despite it being free, there will be some requirements or limitations on gaining or using these special offers. For example, the amount of some free bets may be too low and thus may not be that significantly valuable, or there may be certain requirements to fulfill before availing it. Oftentimes, bettors cannot also withdraw the bonus amount immediately. Knowing and understanding these requirements or limitations

With this in mind, here are the different kinds of free bets and bonuses most bookmakers offer, and how to get them.

Welcome bonus

Most, if not all, bookmakers offer a welcome bonus to bettors upon sign up. This could either be a percentage of your first deposit, or a certain amount of cash that the bettor can use at any time. Bookmakers provide this to encourage new bettors to start engaging with them, thus it is also the easiest to get since it’s practically given.

Reload bonus

One of the most popular kinds of bonuses, reload bonuses are given to bettors after getting the welcome bonus and can be used in your next deposits. Unfortunately, as popular it may be, only several bookmakers offer reload bonuses. If you’re interested in getting one of these, check if your bookmaker provides this kind of bonus.

Free bets or ‘no deposit’ bonus

Some bookmakers offer a ‘no deposit’ bonus meaning one can place a bet for free for their first bet. This is often part of the welcome bonus, but it is usually quite a small amount. Despite this, it is still a popular kind of bonus since there’s no risk of losing your money. It’s also a safe way for new bettors to try betting on the bookmaker for the first time.

Match play bonus

Match play bonuses are more commonly offered in online casinos, but some sportsbooks offer them once in a while. Most of the time, these bonuses refer to certain sports events and can be claimed depending on how the event would finish.

Bonus on a loss

Since it’s more common for bettors to lose than to win, some bookmakers offer a bonus when you lose a bet to provide bettors an incentive for playing and to encourage them to continue playing. This bonus is usually a certain percentage of your loss.

Loyalty bonus

This bonus applies to existing or long-time bettors. Some bookmakers offer this bonus to reward and retain loyal bettors on their site. The most common way to earn and avail a loyalty bonus is via a point system where bettors gain points for every bet and can use a certain amount of points to avail free bets or bonuses.

The best way to get the most out of your football bets is by using these bonuses wisely. No matter how small a free bet or bonus may seem, using it accordingly can make a difference with its value. To effectively use your free bets or bonuses, always consider the wagering requirement, amount, and the odds.

The advancement of Slots

Online slot games are fun, easy to learn, and super stimulating when you become a winner! Slot machines could be found around one hundred years back, but with time they went through several changes.

Originating in 1891, the first mechanical slot machine evolved in Brooklyn, NYC, by Charles August Fey. This was named the Liberty Bell. The popularity of this machine leads to the prevalence of the electric Slot and the loss of the infamous lever. Fast forward to 1964 when the slot machine advanced to an electronic version, the Money Honey.

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Famous European Leagues’ Players in Major Soccer League

Famous European Leagues’ Players in Major Soccer League

1.   Kaka, Orlando City

European Career

Kaka played top-flight European football for more than ten years. He started his career from AC Milan, where he won Serie A 2004, Champions League 2007, and FIFA Club’s World Cup 2007. Later he joined Real Madrid on a record 65 million euros where he became Spanish Champion in 2012. He won Ballon d’Or in 2007. Kaka was a versatile player with fantastic ball control and dribbling skills. Milan’s legend returned to the home club from Real Madrid in 2013 and played a season in Italy.

MLS Career

Kaka joined Orlando City in 2014 on a free transfer from AC Milan. Brazilian forward played three years in MLS and scored 24 goals and made 21 assists. So it was Betting in the us for the legendary Brazilian! Orlando City was founded in 2013, and Kaka was its first-star player. Kaka became captain of the Club and helped to expand the Club. Kaka retired at Orlando City in 2018.

2.   Wayne Rooney, Derby County

European Career

Wayne Rooney played his whole life in England in the Premier League. English Winger is Manchester United Legend. He joined United in 2004 from Everton and played under Sir Alex Ferguson. He scored 253 goals for Manchester United and held the record of scoring 153 Premier League goals for a single club. Rooney won 5 league titles and a Champion League Title alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the most successful Manchester United Player. Rooney returned to Everton in 2017.

MLS Career

After playing a season with Everton, Rooney joined DC United and scored 23 goals in 48 appearances.  Rooney made an assist on his debut. English legend scored his first MLS hat-trick against Real Salt Lake with an assist.  Later Rooney left the Club and joined Derby County in 2020.

3.   David Beckham, LA Galaxy

European Career

The freekick genius spent his career in Manchester United and Real Madrid. He was an excellent midfielder with incredible passing accuracy and freekick goal-scoring ability. He won six league titles and a Champions League with United. He also won La Liga 2006-07 with Real Madrid. He moved to PSG and won a Ligue 1 title in France.

MLS Career

Beckham signed for LA Galaxy in 2007 from Real Madrid. He scored 98 goals for LA Galaxy and won back to Back League titles with the Club in 2011 and 2012. On May 15, 2011, Beckham scored a brilliant freekick from 30 yards. This is one of the best goals of his career. LA Galaxy made a statue of Beckham to thank him for what he did for the Club.

4.   Zlatan Ibrahimovic, LA Galaxy

European Career

For Zlatan, age is just a number; at the age of 38, he is still in the starting XI of AC Milan. He played for Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, PSG, and Manchester United in Europe. He scored 268 goals for the clubs mentioned above. Not bad, just imagine if you had used 1xbet pomo code to back those stats. Here are the achievements of Swedish giant, 4 Serie A titles, 3 with Inter, and one with AC Milan. He won 2 Serie A titles with Juventus, but those were annulled due to some issues. 1 LaLiga with Barcelona and 4 Ligue 1 titles with PSG. He won Europa League with Manchester United. One of the most decorated players misses the Champions League in his trophy cabinet.

MLS Career

Zlatan signed for LA Galaxy in 2018 from Manchester United. Zlatan scored 53 goals in 55 appearances for LA Galaxy. He scored incredible goals there, including the bicycle, back heel, and long-range volleys. LA Galaxy also made a statue of Swedish forward in Malmo.

5.   Thierry Henry, New York Red Bulls

European Career

Thierry Henry is an all-time leading goalscorer for Arsenal. He won 2 Premier League titles with Arsenal, including the invincible title 2003-04. He scored 228 goals in all competitions for Arsenal. Later he joined Barcelona and played with Ronaldinho, Puyol, Etto, and Lionel Messi and won 2 La Liga Titles. He is also Champions League winner for FC Barcelona. He won the historic treble with Barcelona under Pep Guardiola is 2009.

MLS Career

Henry moved to New York Red Bulls from FC Barcelona in 2010. The French World Champion became captain of Red Bull and scored 52 goals in 135 appearances. He provided 38 assists in his MLS career.  ­­

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Bundesliga, Top 5 players of the season


Football fans were desperate to watch football, and Bundesliga was the first major European league to return after the suspension of leagues due to COVID-19. Here are the top 5 Bundesliga players of the season so far.

Jadon Sancho, Winger at Borussia Dortmund

Sancho is a tremendous young talent, at the age of 20 he made his place in the starting 11. Sancho plays as a winger, the incredibly talented English player, not just scores goals but also makes assists. He currently holds the highest number of goals and assists this season in Bundesliga. His statistics are just astonishing; he scored 17 goals in 27 appearances and made 16 assists. His style of play, finishing, and pace makes him the best player in this season. He scored a brilliant hat-trick against Paderborn in 6-1 away game victory. He was the named player of the match. He has 1.6 shots per game that show his hunger for goals. Sancho is a brilliant player maker, and he created 17 big chances. He holds 7.68 rating this season.

Robert Lewandowski, Striker at Bayern München

It’s hard to find a more elegant striker than Robert Lewandowski.  31 years old Polish is proving age is just a number, and he is destroying the opponents in every match. He netted the ball 29 times in 27 games, with an average of 1.1 goals per game. He is the most consistent striker in the top 5 European leagues.  Lewandowski has 3.7 shots per game, absolutely crazy. Bayern’s number 9 scored a brace against Fortuna Dusseldorf this Saturday. He has incredible goal finishing ability, and we can compare him with Brazilian Ronaldo. He made 3 assists this season. He is involved in 32 goals this season, only one less than Jadon Sancho.  His 29 goals make Bayern top of the table with 7 points clear from Borussia Dortmund. He holds 7.66 rating in this Bundesliga Season.

Timo Werner, Winger at RB Leipzing

Timo Werner is pushing Leipzig forward, with his incredible 25 goals in 29 matches, he is the top scorer for Leipzig and 2nd in Bundesliga. He also made 7 assists in 29 games and created 12 big chances. The number 11 scored a hat-trick against FSV Mainz 05 and proved his haters wrong. When Raheem Sterling said, “we need months of training to get back into form.” The German winger proved him wrong by scoring a hat-trick on his second match after the continuation of the league. He is involved in 32 goals in total equal to Robert Lewandowski. The German club will qualify for Champions League for sure; currently, it’s on number 3rd only 2 points behind Borussia Dortmund. Three shots per game show his attacking style of play. His rating is 7.57 this season. With such form what are the chances of him joining Liverpool Bethard promo code ?


Thomas Muller, Midfielder at Bayern München

World Champion of 2014, Thomas Muller is driving the midfield of Bayern München. He is the king of assists in Bundesliga this season with 18 assists, who plays attacking football like Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City. He created 26 chances in 29 games. German offensive midfielder is a true icon player of Bayern München after Frank Ribery. His confidence is clearly through the roof. His possession, pressing, passing, and goal hunger makes him a perfect midfielder. He netted ball 7 times, and in total, he is involved in 25 goals. Muller’s passing accuracy is 79.5 %, and he provides 90 crossed from open play that shows his versatility as a midfielder. His rating in this season is 7.40.

Serge Gnabry, Midfielder at Bayern München

Gnabry spent the early years at Arsenal, then moved to Werder Breman and finally signed for Bayern München in 2017. Soon he secured his place in the starting eleven by showing his real talent. He scored 11 goals in 27 matches and made 10 assists so far. His passing accuracy and chance creating ability are outstanding. Look out for offfers via to back Serge! His passing accuracy is 83%. 24 years old German is good at defending, and he has one tackle per game. He is directly involved in 21 goals, and he created 22 big chances. Gnabry has scoring frequency after every 172 minutes. He attacking football is underlines by 2.6 games per 90 minutes. He has a 7.52 rating in the 2019/20 season.

His passing accuracy and chance creating ability are outstanding. His passing accuracy is 83%. 24 years old German is good at defending, and he has one tackle per game. He is directly involved in 21 goals, and he created 22 big chances. Gnabry has scoring frequency after every 172 minutes. He attacking football is underlines by 2.6 games per 90 minutes. He has a 7.52 rating in the 2019/20 season.

My Greatest England Team

Bobby Moore

Having followed the ups and downs of England over the years, the heartaches, the misery and the occasional joy. Here is My Greatest Team of the Three Lions.

Greatest England Team

Goalkeeper – David Seaman

Sadly, whenever you mention David Seaman to fans nowadays the abiding memory will be him tumbling back into the net in the 2002 World Cup as a free kick from Ronaldiho flies over his head. However, prior to his error-ridden decline, when he was at the top his game David Seaman was untouchable. An imposing figure who inspired confidence in the defence, penalty saving maestro and an experienced set of hands gave England a number 1 to be proud of. The troubles at finding his replacement is evidence enough that Seaman remains the safest pair of hands England have ever had.

Right Back – Gary Neville

Love him or hate him one thing is clear – Gary Neville has been the most trustworthy and dependable right back in the history of England. Since cementing the position in the late 1990s Neville provided stability and class to the position he made his own. Always one of the first names on the team sheet Neville was as solid at the back as he was going forward and produced a partnership with David Beckham that led England to many a victory. In latter years he became a great leader and yet again England have trouble replacing him since.

Left Back – Ashley Cole

Always a controversial figure, even those who loath Ashley Cole for his off the field antics or “car-stopping” wage demands have to admit that for a number of years he was the only World Class player in the England side. Pacey, intelligent and persistent Cole had an engine like no other and even in the dire minutes of matches would still be pacing up and down the left hand flank long before others had given in. Cole was a danger going forward, easily able to beat a band but was also tough to beat at the back. Solid, reliable and tough. He finished his career in the USA being attracted to

Centre Back – Bobby Moore – (Captain)

Bobby Moore will always be remembered for two things 1) lifting the 1966 World Cup at Wembley and 2) that Pele Tackle. But beyond that Moore was one of the best, most intelligent and most effective defenders ever to grace the pace. Not many men beat Moore to the tackle and his leadership qualities inspired a generation. Dependable, as good in the air as on the ground and an all round world class defender, Moore captains My Greatest Team and leads by example.

Centre Back – Sol Campbell

At his peak Sol Campbell was unbeatable. Physically dominating, aerially superb and great with the ball at his feat any England team with Campbell at the back knew they had a last line of defence that was tough to beat. A threat offensively in the air as well as a leader on the pitch, Campbell was the perfect centre back.

Right Midfield – David Beckham

His one man show to lift England from the depth sof despair to qualification for the 2002 World Cup is prove enough that England runs through this mans blood. The heart and engine of a tru warrior (a real jeux casino argent reel )on the pitch Beckham also possessed a crossing and dead ball ability second to none. His free kick ability alone is enough to make im worthy of a place in My Greatest Team but as an all round footballer, Beckham had it all.

Left Midfield – Stanley Matthews

Always a troubled spot for England but Stanley Matthews could play anywhere and with his tricery, ability to beat a man time after after time and his ingenious skills with the ball, Matthews would add unpredictability and excitement to the left flank and trouble anyone who dared come near!

Centre Midfield – Bryan Robson – Vice Captain

Captain Marvel himself. Bryan Robson was a tough talking, inventive and creative footballer with the ability to score from anywhere on the pitch. Every team needs a man like Robson at its heart to drive forward play, get stuck into opponents and pop up in both boxes. Robson never got the England career he deserved for one reason or another but he coasts into My Greatest Team.

Centre Midfield – Bobby Charlton

Another easy choice. One of the Englands most profilic scorers with many of is goals coming from outside the area, when the ball was at Bobby’s feat anything could happen. Genuinelly World Class over most of his career Charlton was the driving force in the centre of the England team that won the World Cup and although clips these days show mainly his 30-yard screamers, Charlton also offered creative passing, tough tackling and a never say die attitude that is at the core of My Greatest Team

Striker – Gary Lineker

For the sheer amount of times Lineker popped up in the box and scored out of the blie he deserves a place in the side. Never have the Three Lions had a more profilic poachers in the 18 yard box than Linker. Whether it was dealing with crosses, heading goals, using his pace to chase down long balls…Lineker was n effective and ruthless figure and if I want the ball to fall to anyone in the 18 yard box, it would be Lineker every time

Striker – Michael Owen

For the sheer way he burst onto the scene with the wonder-goal in the 1998 World Cup through to the years of terrorising defences, Michael Owen completes the line up. His pace caused fear in even the most experienced back fours and his ability to find the net was unrivalled. At his peak Owen was amongst the worlds greatest strikers and with the likes of Beckham and Charlton to supply him, the Greatest Team would have a potent threat.


Nobby Stiles – Able to play anywhere along the back four and experience of the big matches. Could be crucial if we need defensive back up

John Barnes – Tricky, able to find the net under any circumstances and a player who no defender would like to see warming up, Banres gives that flair and extra danger that could be needed during the match.

Geoff Hurst – Who better to bring on in big matches when in need of a goal? Been there, done that and got the t-shirt!

My Greatest Premier League Team

Inspired by our sister site My Greatest Teams we run through who would make a Footie Quiz greatest ever EPL team.

GK – Peter Schmeichel

At the heart of the Manchester United team in its most successful era, Schmeichel was a commander of the goal. Rarely beaten, the Dane commanded his penalty box and gave the defence the confidence they needed to make United a hard team to break down. A great leader on the pitch and a model professional, Schmeichel made world class saves on a weekly basis and United have never truly been able to find a replacement to match.

RB – Lee Dixon

Part of the famous Arsenal back 4 that proved impossible to break down, Dixon was a perfect Right back. Tough tackling, pacey and great a closing down play, Dixon was not only hard to beat but provided an option going forward with great crossing abilities and a habit of beating players with ease. Reliable, dependable and able to work hard from whistle to whistle, Dixon is a shoe in this position.

CB – John Terry – Vice Captain

For all the controversy, behind the headlines is one of the finest defenders in Premier League history. Few strikers get the better of Terry who has the ability to dominate in the air and on the ground. His passing range surpasses most rivals and spins were better than rivernilecasino casino and he ranks at the top of high scoring defenders making him a threat in both boxes.

CB – Tony Adams

During Arsenal’s finest season, Adams was there leading the famous back line. Experienced, dominant and tough, Adams took no prisoners and consistently denied the world’s finest strikers. Vital to keeping the defence together in any team, Adams is unrivalled in what he brings to the side.

LB – Graeme Le Saux

Le Saux was a crucial factor in the Blackburn team that won the Premier League. His domination of the left back position gave stability to the team as he used his pace, ability and skill to deny all comers success down the flanks. With the ball at his feet Le Saux also delivered killer passes and dangerous crosses, not to mention set plays, which created changes. Le Saux therefore walks into My Greatest Team!

RW – Steve McManaman

Perhaps one of the most underrated players in the Premier League. McManaman went on to be a star at Real Madrid, but prior to that he was vital in the success of Liverpool. Able to beat a man with ease, a master of the cross and a genuine goal scoring threat McManaman instilled fear in any who played against him and many world class defenders rank him as the finest winger they have ever played against.

CM – Steven Gerrard – Captain

Loyal to the end, Gerrard was part of a Liverpool team that conquered Europe. One of the finest passers of modern times, Gerrard could seek out a pass from anywhere on the pitch and hit his target with pinpoint accuracy. Prolific at scoring and deadly from set pieces Gerard’s box to box drive makes him an essential part of any team.

CM  – Frank Lampard

Prolific scorer, reliable passer and inspiring leader Frank Lampard deserves his place at the centre of any team. One of the top scoring midfielders in English football history Lampard will be remembered for the long range strikes he made his trademark. He popped up in the box too with crucial goals and his passing range was second to none. Lampard is a match winner and hence a vital cog in any team in which he played.

LW – Ryan Giggs

Who else but Giggs? Record appearance maker in Premier League history Giggs terrorised defences with his pace, skill and brilliance. An essential part of the team Alex Ferguson turned into World beaters, Giggs not only provided assists but scored some truly memorable goals. Giggs gave the world’s best defenders nightmares and is unquestionably one of the first names of the team sheet for the Greatest Premier League XI.

ST – Eric Cantona

Mad? Genius? However you describe Eric Cantona, no true football fan can deny that he was one of the finest players ever to grace the Premier League. With vision, skill and genius he led the United team to glory and provided some of the most memorable moments in Premier League History. There has never been, and will never be a player quite like Cantona. A true one of a kind!

ST – Alan Shearer

For the sheer number of goals scored over a prolonged period, Alan Shearer is worthy of a place in Any “Greatest Team” looking at the Premier League era. His goals drove Blackburn to the title and after a World Record Transfer to home club Newcastle, he transformed the fortunes of the Toon Army, taking them into the Champions League and beyond their wildest dreams. As dangerous with the ball at his feet as he was with his head, Alan Shearer is the man you want lining up with the Number 9 shirt in any team! If only he had been in his prime for the World Cup in South Africa where we could have got the best payout casino South Africa


Ian Wright

Able to nip up with a goal from nothing, Wrighty had the habit of being in the right place and the right time.

Roy Keane

Under pressure Keane always held his nerve and held together a United team that went on to dominate the globe.  One of the finest box to box players of all time.

Rio Ferdinand

Pacey, reliable and great in the air Ferdinand was always tough to beat.  Helped take Leeds to new heights before proving his quality at a European-Conquering Manchester United

Worlds Greatest Strikers

Strikers often grab the headlines and the glory and deservedly so. They are often entrusted with the task of scoring the crucial goals needed to win matches and football fans and critics rightly lavish praise on the finest examples. Here are 5 of the top strikers of all time….


Although the Brazilians are often noted for flair and outlandish skill, Romario, who led the attacking line for the national side for the best part a decade was a different kettle of fish. He was a goal scorer, a poacher and a lethal weapon on the box. With an outstanding 1000 plus goals to his name Romario’s record speaks for itself and never has the term “Knows where the net is” been more apt. Diminutive in size but not in stature. He muscled his way through defences when he feed of through balls and crossed and could beat a man easily if he stood between him and a goal scoring chance.

During his 85 caps for the national side he scored an impressive 71 goals and was one of the stars of the 1994 World Cup which was won by Brazil. In this ever so successful year he was awarded the Golden Ball for Player of the Tournament and named Fifa world Player of the year, better odds could be found here at bestunitedstatescasinos casino online .Every time Romario bared down on goal there truly was only one outcome.

Marco van Basten

The fact that a player who had to cut his career short due to injury at the age of only 27 is consistently ranked amongst the greatest strikers that the game has ever known is testament to the impression van Basten made. In the post-total football era of Dutch football he continued the spirit of flamboyant, skillfull and ultimately successful styles of football and his goals lead teams to many trophies including 3 Dutch Titles, 2 European Cups and 3 league titles in Serie A.

The volley he scored in the 1988 European Championship Final is perhaps what Van Basten will be remembered for and his indeed typical of the man himself. On that night he scored one of the all-time great goals and drove his team to international glory. Something he did week in week out for his club sides. Whether hitting in curling long shots, powering headers past opponents or scoring for impossible angles when the ball was with Van Basten a goal was never far off. A truly class act and a dangerous goal scorer!

Gerd Muller

 The bomber, the greatest German player of time and a record breaking scoring are just some ways of describing the legendary Gerd Muller. In the eyes of many there has never been a striker like him and he led the front line at both Bayern Munich and for Germany during the most successful times for the teams. He was at the helm of a team of class players who provided him with the kind of service he revelled in and produced some truly outstanding scoring feats to turn the domination of the games into success. Without Muller scoring time after time (especially against the frenach casino en ligne) and without his level of consistency the teams he played in would not have approached the level of dominance that they did.


You knew it was coming didn’t you? The first name that comes to people’s minds when discussing great footballers, an icon of the world game, an undoubted legend of the sport….there will never be another Pele. Leading the line of one of the finest eras of Brazilian football, Pele was the perfect striker. Pace, power, precision and a footballing brain, Pele dominated his era and there was, and perhaps never has been, anyone who can compare to the genius of this man.

Pele remains the only player to have won three world cups and his influence in each of these winning campaigns has been paramount to the success of the national side. Yes, he played with extremely talented team mates whose contribution should not be forgotten but Pele was the glue that held the team together. He was a leader, an example setting striker and above all else a clinical finisher. Whether it was with the ball at his feet, or making a darting run or looming onto the end of a cross goals followed wherever Pele may be.

Sit down a second before I tell you Pele’s professional record….1281 goals in 1363 games. In terms of professionals playing in Fifa recognised sports that is by far a record and hence I need not say more. Pele was truly great and is unlikely ever to be matches.

Diego Maradona

And to end the list….one of the most controversial footballers of all time. Diego Maradona. For every memory of Diego Maradona that is a positive one, of him skipping round defenders and scoring wonder goals there is a negative one to back it up…the cheating, the drugs, the bans. As an Englishman, considering what occurred in 1986 when Diego Maradona for a brief moment became a basketball player, it pains me slightly to say it but Diego Maradona is simply one of the finest footballers to grace the world.

Diego Maradona was never supposed to make it. For one thing his size held him back in his younger days but as soon as he had the ball at his feet he was unstoppable.  Diego Maradona is one the finest natural dribblers to ever grace to game and the term “sticks to feet like glue” is never more apt that when using to speak of this Argentinean legend.

Diego Maradona would pop up all over the pitch making decisive runs, supplying match winning assists and scoring crucial goals. Diego Maradona was an all-round footballer.

Worlds Greatest Goalkeepers


Behind every great team is a great goalkeeper. Start to analyse the success of World Cup winning National Teams and Champions League winning squads and you will start to notice a common trend. There is always a world class goalkeeper between the sticks. Inspiring teams, saving matches and intimidating opponents is all part of the day job. Here are the five best goalkeepers to ever have taken to the field

Lev Yashin

Earning the nickname “The Black Spider” Lev Yashin held the Number 1 position for the Soviet-Russian national team throughout his career. Often topping lists by fellow players, pundits and journalists alike, Yashin is undoubtedly one of the finest players of any generation. Born in Moscow in 1929 Yashin not only played everyone of his 326 club games for Dynamo Moscow over a 20 year period, but also made 78 appearances for the national side in an ear of great success for the Soviet Union.

Known largely for his acrobatic saves, flexibility, unnatural defiance of physics and reflexes, Yashin was an imposing figure for any striker brave enough to take him one. Rarely beaten one on one or from the penalty spot, it took something truly spectacular to beat Yashin. Barking orders at defenders and making himself known, Yashin rose to fame during his commanding performance at the 1958 World Cup and his four world cup appearances earned him a place in Fifa’s World Cup All Time XI. With Olympic Gold, European Championship medals and multiple league titles Yashin was never short of silverware but perhaps his crowning achievement was winning the European Footballer of the Year award in 1963. The only goalkeeper ever to do so.

Dino Zoff

Perhaps the first name on many people’s lists when discussing the legends of the game, Dino Zoff lead the Italian team in an era when they came to dominate the world. When he captained the Italian team to victory in the 1982 World Cup he became the oldest man ever to win the tournament at age 40. The fact he was chosen to lead the team, perhaps the finest team in Italian history, is testament to the respect, quality and trust a nation placed in this man’s hands.

One of the most decorated goalkeepers in history with 6 Serie A Title, 2 Coppa Italias, European Championship and World Cup medals, Zoff was undoubtedly an inspiration to any team he was a part of. Beginning at Udinese Zoff made over 100 appearances for both Mantova and Napoli before moving to Juventus where he spent 11 years and playing over 330 times.

Zoff still holds a record which ranks him above his peers and successors….between 1962 and 1974 he went 1142 minutes without conceding a single goal in international football. A record unlikely to ever be broken. Maybe only at a online casino australia roll?

After retiring as one of the greats, Zoff turned his attention to coaching and inspired as much from the side of the pitch as one it. A true legend, any team with Zoff between the sticks was instantly harder to beat.

Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks is often remembered for one save in particular. The World Cup. Pele, at the height of his career sends a header downwards in a place impossible for a goalkeeper to score. Pele thinks he has scored the entire England tea, think he has scored but dashing across the goal, not only stopping the ball but sending it to safety was Gordon Banks. That save will be shown 1000 years from now as one of the finest pieces of goalkeeping of all time.

But to judge Banks on just one save would be grossly unfair. Fans of the many clubs Banks played for week in week out, including Stoke City, Leicester and Chesterfield saw the great man pull off saves of this calibre on a regular basis. His 73 appearances for England came in a period in which they were crowned Champions of the World and his role in the 1966 victory is never forgotten.  Quick, efficient, determined and brave, Banks epitomised the English game.

Peter Schmeichel

In 1992 Peter Schmeichel was voted as the Best Goalkeeper in the World and in fact during the 1990s very few people would disagree with that claim. Peter Schmeichel lead the Manchester United team that dominated the English Premier League in the 1990s and won the 1992 European Championships with Denmark. Anyone who followed the Premier League during Peter Schmeichel’s era will always remember his fantastic saves, match winning moments and above all else, his command on the defence.

Alex Ferguson ranks is 1991 purchase of Peter Schmeichel as the greatest bargain of his career and indeed Peter Schmeichel remained with club making over 292 appearances winning multiple Premier League titles and captaining the club in the era when they won the treble. One night in Munich in 1999 he made a number of saves which kept United in the game and allowed them to score the dramatic late winners that gave them Champions League success. For real money casinos for further information.

Three images come to mind about Peter Schmeichel.

  1. Popping up in the opponents box to try and score late goals when United were in trouble
  2. Shouting at defenders who dare put a foot wrong
  3. Being one of the finest goalkeepers of all time

Sepp Maier

“The Cat from Anzing”

Any player who held the number 1 jersey at Bayern Munich for over 17 years and the German national side for 13 years deserves a place on any list of the greatest keepers of all time. Sepp Maier did just that. In fact, amongst the names of the greatest keepers of all time Maier is often overlooked but the records speak for themselves.

Maier was a crucial part of the legendary era of Bayern Munich playing alongside legends such as Gerd Muller and Franz Beckenbauer. The three European Cups the team won back to back in the 1970s is testament to how this team grew to dominate European Football. His 442 Consecutive appearances for the team is still a German record and fellow players speak of how Maier was the backbone of the team. On home soil he kept goal as Germany won the 1974 World Cup, another feat that is difficult without a great player between the sticks.

Often overlooked yet impossible to ignore, Sepp Maier has achieved the success most goalkeepers can only dream of and he deserves his place in history as one of the finest of all time.

Throwback: Our Three Favourite UEFA Cup Winners of the 1990s

Let’s face it: Clubs, certainly the elite clubs of European football, don’t love the Europa League with the same passion as they once showed for the UEFA Cup. Sure, winning the thing is pretty desirable, and players aren’t faking the unbridled joy evident in the celebrations. But, sadly, for many clubs and, indeed, fans, the most important thing about winning the Europa League is that it offers a gateway to the Champions League for the next season.

It wasn’t always thus, and we would argue that the golden era for UEFA Cup greatness was in the 1990s. The format of the European Cup and early years of the Champions League meant that fewer teams took part in the premier competition, and there wasn’t the big league bias for places that we see today. If you didn’t win your domestic league, you missed out on the Champions League – a concept that feels almost alien today. The upshot of that was that some genuinely great teams would be vying for the UEFA Cup.

Below we are going to look back at three of our favourite UEFA cup winners of the era. If you fancy stretching your trivia muscles by naming all the UEFA Cup/Europa League winners in history, then you can check out this weekly football quiz that can test your knowledge on that. For the moment, though, let’s look back on some cracking 90s UEFA Cup winners:

Inter Milan – 1998

Inter’s late 90s vintage was far from being a one-man team, but the final was all about one player – Ronaldo. O Phenômeno was just 21-years-old at the time but had already collected a Balon D’Or and two FIFA World Player of the Year awards (they used to be separate prizes).  It was the first UEFA Cup Final to be played over one leg, and Ronaldo and Inter battered an excellent Lazio side 3-0 to lift the trophy.

Goals from Ronaldo, Ivan Zamorano and Javier Zanetti sealed the victory for Inter, but it was Ronaldo’s powerful runs from deep in his own half that live long in the memory. The Lazio defence marshalled by Alessandro Nesta – one of the best centre backs in the world – simply could not handle the Brazilian, who powered through into the box time and time again. It was like watching a caged bull unleashed on that Lazio defence. Incredible, and a stark reminder that one of the greatest strikers in history had more than goals in his game.

Bayern Munich – 1996

Bayern might have the largess from being perennial Champions League contenders these days, but the team had to make do with UEFA Cup and Cup Winners’ Cup action for a lot of campaign in the 1990s. Indeed, Bayern had just scraped to a qualifying spot for the 1995/96 UEFA Cup after finishing sixth in the Bundesliga the season previously. However, a team containing Jurgen Klinsmann, Lothar Matthaus, Jean-Pierre Pain and Oliver Kahn would soon show its true class. Munich’s experience and nous allowed the team to dominate the two-legged final against a handy Bordeaux side, running out 5-1 aggregate winners.

Eight members of Bayern’s squad would go on to lift the Euro 96 trophy at Wembley that summer, but we would soon see many of the players leave Bayern. Goalkeeper Oliver Kahn and midfielder Mehmet Scholl were the only players to play in the successful Champions League campaign of 2000/2001. As such, there was an end of an era feel about the match, even if some like Matthaus held on for a few years. A great team, though, and one that was capable of outthinking its opponents even if the players did not have the legs to outrun them.

Parma – 1999

If you were a 90s football hipster and you did not support Parma, then you weren’t worth your salt. Just look at some of the names in the line-up for the 1999 UEFA Cup Final against Marseille: Buffon, Thuram, Cannavaro, Sensini, Baggio (Dino), Veron, Crespo, Chiesa. An incredible team that would sadly be broken up soon after as players were enticed to join Italy and Europe’s biggest clubs.

As for the final, it was no contest between Parma’s wizards – Veron orchestrating the midfield was a thing of beauty – and a rather lacklustre Marseille side. Hernan Crespo, in particular, was a thorn in the side of the French side, opening the scoring after 25 minutes and making a nuisance of himself in the Marseille box. A well-deserved man of the match award came after. But this Parma side oozed class, and it’s something of a pity the team wasn’t kept together a few years longer as it was good enough to land a Champions League title.

Unpopular opinion…… Bingo is cool!


It is true, Bingo really is cool once again. No longer is it the game typified by old ladies with ‘Bingo Wings’ played in smoked filled gala halls. Let look at the facts if you don’t believe us! Twenty years ago, there was around 1200 commercial bingo clubs within the UK. This was decreased by half pretty much as soon the smoking ban was implemented in 2007 within the UK. Bingo Halls also declined as a result of the introduction of the UK and Euro lotteries who’s initial popularity largely came at the expense of bingo. Then there were scratch cards! Instant affordable gambling ‘hits’ that could be purchased at newsagents, superstores and corner shops. While initial scratchcard offerings were relatively basic it didn’t take long for them actually replicate Bingo games themselves.  By January 2014 there was only less than 400 remaining throughout the UK. Quite a fall from grace from it halcyon days.

Over the years, Bingo was always considered a game most enjoyed by the bus pass generation! However, this has changed with the proliferation of online gaming and gambling platforms. With high end interfaces and instant connectivity, the number of younger generation Bingo players is on the rise! This was further aided with the advent of the Smartphone and the ability to play high end ‘games’ on peoples phones. It is now fair to say that online Bingo is now considered one of the most popular games in the online gambling world!

The latest data from statistics collated in 2017, clearly indicates a steady increase in the younger sector of the overall Bingo players. The 18-34 age group show an increase of 25% in comparison to 2016 figures. But what is behind this trend? Well it has been suggested that unlike the generations before them this particular generation do not enjoying going out as much and prefer to stay in and games like Bingo allow them to socialise and play a game all from the comfort of their home. Will this trend continue? Certainly in the short term it will provide a welcome distraction from the problems with Covid-19 and fill a hole where many would consider online sports betting as their go to place to spend their betting pound.         

So, has the advent of online line Bingo killed the mother that gave it birth? Here the answer is no, quite the opposite! In 2017 the number of purpose-built Bingo halls actually increased for the first time in many years! Driven not by a boom in demand for the sherry drinking over 60s but from a new wave of Bingo lovers. If going to Bingo is not for the socially shy millennials then who is driving this demand for Bingo halls? Well it is hen parties and work social evenings that have brought a new clientele into Bingo halls and  breathed a welcomed breath of fresh air to the ailing leisure sector.

So would I go as a 41 year old male? Yes, I would so Pick a Mate’ (68) and get down there!   

The big battles in the Bundesliga as the season resumes

Football fans finally have something to get excited about, with the Bundesliga resuming this weekend after its postponement as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. With eight (or in a couple of cases, nine) matches remaining, it’s all to play for at both ends of the table and as we gear up to the long overdue climax of this campaign, let’s take a look at some of the battles teams and players are facing.

The title race

This prolonged Bundesliga season has been closer than most in recent years. Of course, there’s no surprises as to who is top of the table – Bayern Munich. The current reigning champions have won the league for the last seven years and are four points ahead of their nearest rivals, Borussia Dortmund. Understandably, you’ll find Bayern the favourites in the latest Bundesliga odds from Paddy Power. But it’s also tight between the other sides within the top four – with RB Leipzig in third on 50 points, and Borussia Mönchengladbach, a further point behind them, in fourth. Bayer Leverkusen could also finish in the Champions League places, as they are two points behind in fifth – but all teams in the top six have played an equal number of games

The relegation scrap

As things stand, Werder Bremen and new boys Paderborn occupy the two relegation places, with Fortuna Düsseldorf sitting in 16th, which is the relegation play-off spot. Bremen have a game in hand over their rivals, but are four points away from that play-off and a further four points off safety. The two bottom clubs boast the worst form in all of the division – failing to win any of their last six matches. In fact, both clubs have won just one game since the turn of the year – and have won four times all season.

As things stand, Düsseldorf would face Hamburg, who currently sit third in the 2. Bundesliga, in that play-off decider. The club were relegated in 2017-18 and failed to bounce back at the first time of asking, having finished fourth. But the second tier of German football is equally as tight, and any of five teams could easily nab that coveted third place.

The battle for Europe

As we mentioned, the top of the table in the Bundesliga is tight and there are a number of teams tussling for a top six finish and a place in Europe next season. As things stand, Gladbach are fourth and currently hold the final Champions League spot. They’re on 49 points, and Bayer Leverkusen are just two behind them. With six points separating the top four, it’s all to play for and the table could easily change before the end of the season.

Further down, Leverkusen are in fifth – which would secure qualification to the Europa League. There’s a massive 10 points between them and Schalke who sit in sixth – consigning them to a place in the second round of qualifying for the same competition. But here’s where things get interesting. Mid-table is equally as tight as the top, with about six teams battling for that sixth place – and anyone from Wolfsburg in seventh (36 points) to Union Berlin in eleventh (30 points) are in with a shout. Prior to the league being suspended, of all the clubs vying for that place in Europe, Wolfsburg boast the best form with three wins in their last five. But with the season being so heavily disrupted, and teams effectively on a level playing field, it’ll all be down to who regains momentum quickest in these final matches. It’s sure to be a thrilling finish.

The Golden Boot

Like the top of the league, there’s no surprises when it comes to who leads the way for the Torjägerkanon. Robert Lewandowski is a four-time winner of the Golden Boot (with three of those accolades coming with current club, Bayern) and he’s scored 25 goals this campaign – more than he amassed last term. Lewandowski has been the most-feared frontman in German football for a decade now and his record speaks for itself.

However, hot on his heels is Leipzig’s Timo Werner, who is four goals behind with 21 scored. The striker is wanted by a number of clubs including Liverpool and while there are a few matches remaining, he could well leapfrog Lewandowski to win the Golden Boot. It’s fair to say it’s a two-horse race for the Torjägerkanon, with Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho sitting in third place on 14 goals. 

Smaller Clubs Facing Uncertainty

We’re seeing businesses of all shapes and sizes across the country struggle as the spread of the coronavirus has required many workers to stay at home – our favourite restaurants have closed and some many struggle to re-open, our schools and universities have followed suit with some offering online classes as an alternative where available, betting websites have had to turn to their online casinos not registered with gamstop counterparts as an alternative, and our favourite sporting events are finding either postponements or cancellations, often times with no scheduled date for things to start again in sight. 

One thing that many forget from time to time, however, is that the clubs we support and follow are also the very same businesses that are struggling to stay afloat during this time of uncertainty – efforts have been made to help and curb the losses as many players, especially in the bigger clubs, have voluntarily had their wages cut by up to 25% with additional donations being made toward the NHS – we’ve even seen in some countries that were a little harder hit such as Spain, the Barcelona team had cuts of up to 70%, but as we approach what would be the regularly scheduled off-season worries continue to grow. Richard Masters, the chief exec. of the Premier League has stated that if the season is unable to reach completion, they could face losses of up to £1 billion, and even more if further delays are caused, and as it stands it seems almost inevitable that further delays will come.

(Image from

The problem sits a little heavier on the smaller teams, and the lower leagues, however, as the options available to them aren’t as plentiful. The bigger teams have been able to issue these wage cuts and furlough non-playing staff and still keep enough in the bank to be mostly safe when all this is over – the smaller teams however do not have that luxury and many risk seeing closure in the coming weeks and months. Oftentimes, the players are on a low salary with many taking up a second job with their careers in football being more of an amateur-hobby, rather than their professional career, and the club owners simply don’t have the level of capital of their larger counterparts – the lower leagues themselves too face risk as game cancellations mean no fan attendance and no participation from teams, some have said that we depending on the length of the postponements some of these may not return at all.

With uncertainty still around just how much longer we could see lockdowns in place within the UK, there’s no surefire way to know just how far reaching the impact could be, an expert analysis is understandably not as comprehensive as many would like. News may start coming through in the coming weeks for those who are feeling the effects much harder than others, and it may not be long before we start seeing the real impacts of this on our smaller sporting favourites.

Top Three contenders to land the European Championships


The European championships are now set to take place next year following postponement, as all the major sides have already guaranteed their participation. It appears very open at this stage, with a number of sides going in having produced impressive qualification campaigns. With sports all being cancelled, punters have been moving to use Energy Casino promo code, but will all be looking forward to the return of sports to our screens.

Here we cover the three leading sides in the betting markets to go on and land the title.

Amazingly enough, it is England who are now the general outright favourites to go on and win the European championships. This follows on from their impressive run to the semi-finals of the World Cup two years ago.  England are around 9/2 for the title, and produced an impressive qualification campaign. This saw them top Group A, ahead of the likes of Kosovo and the Czech Republic. The latter have also been drawn in the same group against England in the finals. England finished having picked up 21 points from a possible 24, winning seven and lost once. They now go in looking to win the tournament for the first time and just their second major trophy, the first coming via the 1966 World Cup success.

France are also amongst the favourites and can be supported at around 6/1 in the betting markets. They enter in flying form, coming off the back of winning the 2018 World Cup in Russia. France are also one of the most successful sides in World football, with two World Cup wins and two victories at the European championships. They were also beaten finalists in this competition back in 2016, when losing to Portugal. France were another side to produce an impressive qualification campaign. They topped Group H, against the likes of Turkey and Iceland. However, they could only take a point from the two fixtures against Turkey, which was a surprise. France finished having picked up 25 points from a possible 30, winning eight, drawing one and losing one.

Belgium are then next in the markets and can be supported at around 11/2. Belgium remain amongst the top sides in the world at present and have a squad full of some of the world’s top players. They recently finished third at the 2018 World Cup in Russia and will now be looking to improve further and land the title last this year. Belgium will also be looking for their first major title, with their best finish coming as runners-up in the 1980 European championships. Alongside Italy, they finished their qualification campaign as the only two sides to take maximum points. They topped Group I, against the likes of Russia and Scotland. Belgium won all ten fixtures and now head in as one of the teams to beat.

The Best African Players in the Premier League

Since football truly became global, and the Premier League became one of the most in demand places to play, there has been an influx of African talent into the division. But just who stands amongst the greatest players to have graced the pitch in the Premier League? Let us take a look

Didier Drogba

Few can argue that Didier Drogba is not only one of the finest Africans to grace the game, but one of the top strikers. Powerful, demanding and full of creativity, Drogba was the ultimate modern striker. He led the line at one of the most powerful teams to have graced Premier League pitches, and was a vital cog in the Chelsea side that won two back to back Premier League

Riyhad Marhez

Vital when Leicester produced the shock of the century and took the title and went on to prove his class at Man City. Mahrez was picked out of obscurity to become one of the most feared wingers and ball runners in Premier League history. Pace, trickery and an ability to finish from anywhere….Mahrez drove Leicester to new heights!

Tony Yeboah

Surely, for those two goals alone? You know what I am talking about….


Yakubu is perhaps one of the most under rated African players to hit the Premier League but he had a knack of scoring goals and terrifying defences that makes him hard to ignore in a list like this! Click here for an updated list of the best gambling sites in the UK. He had a decade in the division running from 2002-2012 and every club he played for he scored goals….95 goals for four clubs…..several hat tricks and a true match winner!

Jay Jay Okocha

True Jay Jay didn’t have a great deal of success in terms of wins and trophies….but can you name a player who is more enjoyable to watch?

Mo Salah

When the history of the Premier League is written, this man cannot be ignored. His career seemed over when he failed at Chelsea, but Jurgen Klopp saw something when he took him from Roma, and Salah turned into a goal machine. A player who inspires genuine fear, a match winner and a natural born finisher.


Tall, gangly, skinny…..but super talented Kanu is one of the most unlikely Premier League heroes of all. Can you remember a player who had such natural craft that he could trick even the greats of the game? A legend at every club he played at!

Michael Essien

A true powerhouse and a vital cog in the Chelsea machine. Essien was a power horse, impossible to dribble past and equally as likely to storm into the opposition box and score an absolute screamer!

The Toure Brothers

And what better place to end than with the most decorated African brothers in Premier League History. Kolo was a defensive lynchpin who was the backbone of every team he played in. Yaya is one of the most gifted midfielders to grace the game! Together both they, and all the other players on this list, have been a blessing to the Premier League!

Most Popular Football Leagues In the World

Football is one of the most followed and entertaining sports in the world. It generates excitement and heightened emotions, especially during big games. In recent years, various European leagues have gained attention from fans and the media. Many football pundits have had a hard time deciding which are the most popular leagues.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll review the most remarkable football leagues in the world. These choices are based on the presence of top players, TV views, social media buzz generated from games, as well as the achievement of clubs from many continental tournaments. Without any further delay, let’s have a quick look at them!

La Liga

The Spanish domestic football group boasts some of the top football teams on the planet. As per the UEFA 2019 ranking, La Liga is ranked the top league in Europe. The league had over 75 million watchers throughout the 2018/19 season. It also features some of the most anticipated football games, such as the El Classico. Founded in 1929, many clubs in La Liga have won the UEFA Champions League several times, as well as the FIFA Club World Cup.

English Premier League

Did you know that the EPL is one of the most powerful leagues across the globe? All its games are broadcasted in 212 countries and reach around 4.5 billion watchers. Actually, the EPL is ranked the second-best league in Europe according to UEFA 2019 league’s ranking. Founded in 1992, it is also the second football league with the most average attendance during the 2018/19 campaign. The Premier League has top players, such as Sadio Mane, Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane.


The German domestic football federation is currently ranked the fourth in Europe by UEFA. Bundesliga is without a doubt, one of the toughest football leagues. Founded in 1962, it has 56 clubs playing in it with the most average league attendance. Some of its clubs are also very successful at continental tournaments. Bundesliga is home to special football players, such as Robert Lewandowski, Manual Neuer, Marco Reus and Gerd Muller.

Serie A

Since the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Serie A has gained increased media attention. When Ronaldo made his debut for Juventus, there were around 2.3 million watchers who tuned in to watch him perform his magic. The league was founded in 1898 and is currently ranked fourth in Europe by the UEFA. Apart from Ronaldo, Serie A has many skilful players such as Lorenzo Insigne, Paulo Dybala, Romeo Lukaku and Christian Eriksen.

Ligue 1

Ligue 1 is one of the football leagues which cannot be underestimated. The presence of a series of world-class players makes it entertaining and exciting. The French domestic association has been around since 1932. It has also seen many clubs emerge to be as dominant as ever. In Europe, it currently sits in fifth place for the best league. Some of the most talented players who play in Ligue 1 are Angel Di Maria, Edinson Cavani, Neymar and wonder boy Kylian Mbappe.

Which of these football federations do you watch most? And what if you were to create your own league one day? Regal Wins Online Casino lets you do so, thanks to its plethora of football-themed games. Drop by the site and explore the likes of Home and Away, Supreme Football, Football Star and Football Scratch. Be the champion of your own league right here!

Football Managers – Never Go Back

Jose M

They say in football that a manager or indeed even a player should never go back to an old club where they once had success as the only way it will end….is in disaster and a tarnishing of legacy. Let us look at some of the reasons why this is the case, and examples of the managers who really should never have went back!

Kevin Keegan – Newcastle

Who can forget the first run of Kevin Keegan at Newcastle! Returning to the club where he was an idol on the playing pitch, Keegan carried on his legacy, guiding Newcastle to the Premier League for the first time. Once there, he unleashed a brand of attacking, high risk and high pace football. They were known as the entertainers and beloved by many. Neutrals were urging them on to take the title when in 1996 they held a 12 point lead in the table. It was a glorious period that saw Newcastle even make the Champions League the stats were great and can be found on this website . But the return in 2008 wasn’t so great! Newcastle were in decline heavily, the St James faithful called on King Kev to restore faith, but disagreement with the boards, a stagnant transfer policy and a club that has changed from the club he knew….meant it all ended in tears.

Kenny Dalglish – Liverpool

Liverpool were indeed the team of the 1980s and during the second half of that decade it was King Kenny on the throne. He majestically guided Liverpool to a League and Cup double in his first season, 2 more titles were added and he confidently knew he had the best team in the land had his hands. After a successful and iconic playing career with the club, his status grew even more. But Liverpool suffered in the 1990s and 2000s. Not winning a Premier League title, looking like a faded giant. With a huge fanfare Kenny returned to save the day in 2011 but it all ended in a damp squid when 8th place was the best he could achieve!

Jose Mourinho – Chelsea

When his career is all said and done, I assume the Special One will have returned to other of his former clubs, given that his appointment usually means initial success. He worked his magic at Stamford Bridge, placing the team into a dominant run and winning back to back Premier League titles by some distance. Easily the best side in England, The Special One was untouchable. However, tensions with the owner led to a departure at the start of a 4th season. But the story was resumed in 2013 after Jose had won titles with both Inter Milan and Real Madrid.  He won the league again but this time the story was less of a happy ending as those tensions came back, he walked out and is now booed every time he returns to the Bridge.

So three very good examples to any current managers who have achieved success…..never go back as more often than not, it ends in tears

Europa League Main contenders

It is not just about the Champions’ league when it comes to Europe, with the Europa league having also now reached the knockout stages. Much anticipation is already building ahead of the next round of fixtures taking place later this month. So here we cover the five sides most likely to be battling it out for the title.



Spanish side Sevilla are the general favourites for the title and proving popular with punters using the offers available at This will come as no surprise when you look at their incredible history in the competition. They are five time winners, that includes them winning three in succession between 2013 and 2016. Sevilla are also battling it out near the top of the Spanish top flight and will be hopeful of securing a Champions league spot for next season. They have been drawn against CFR Cluj in the next round of fixtures and will be the very strong favourites to progress through.

Manchester United

Another of the sides at the top of the market are Premier league outfit Manchester United. They have an incredible European pedigree with three Champions league titles in their history. United have also won the Europa league back in 2017. They appear to have a tough task on their hands if they are to finish in the top four domestically, so this will be seen as a great opportunity to qualify for the Champions league next season. They have drawn Club Bruges in the next round and will also be expected to progress through.

Inter Milan

They were surprisingly knocked out of the Champions league, so are now without a doubt one of the key sides to beat in this competition. They continue to battle it out at the top of the Serie A table, so it will be interested to see how much importance they put into this competition now. Inter Milan are also three time winners of this competition and three time winners of the Champions’ league. They have been drawn against Ludogorets in the next round of fixtures.


The Dutch side are another team to have surprisingly been knocked out of the Champions league. They are flying domestically, so will also be expected to challenge in this competition. Ajax won the Europe league back in 1992 and are also four time winners of the now Champions league. They have been drawn against Getafe in the next round and will also be strong favourites to progress through.


The final side to make the select list are last season’s defeated finalists Arsenal. This competition will also be of much importance to them if they wish to play in the Champions league next season, as they appear unlikely to finish in the top four domestically. Arsenal are usually very dangerous in this competition, so must enter calculations. They have been drawn against Olympiacos in the next round and will be expected to progress through.

Liverpool FC – Record Breaking Season


Always the butt of the long running joke…”Next Year is our year”….the long title drought at Anfield seems all but over.  After spending a number of season crafting a team worthy of Champions League glory, Jurgen Klopp has finally mastered the Premier League, and done so with a bang. Liverpool’s brand of football is not only scintillating to watch and virtually unplayable as opposition, but along the way they have smashed record after record to get to where they are, the cusp of Premier League glory. Lets take a look at some of the key stats that have helped to establish this season (that not even the most biased Liverpool fan could imagine…even in their wildest dreams!)…

  • Firstly, to get a serious title bid underway this season, you had to agree, that Liverpool would need a good start. And by did they do that! 61 points in the first 21 games eclipsed the previous record set by Manchester City. With rivals dropping points left right and centre, the 61 points was the set up for pure domination of the league!
  • Being unbeaten in 38 games is also a fact that still stands out amongst all. In the modern Premier League, one of the attractions and reasons that the league is so popular across the continent, is that it has a level of unpredictability meaning anyone on any given day can beat anyone else! Not in this case….38 games, or a full season of games, without a loss is unmatched in Premier League history, placing this current Liverpool team as perhaps one of the best ever!
  • Those first 21 games also produced a record that again, staggers belief….for a team that play such open attacking football they have conceded only 14 goals with 6 clean sheets. This is perhaps why Virgil Van Dijk is considered to be such a key figure in the side. Without the solid defence, the 38 games unbeaten certainly wouldn’t have happened!
  • Liverpool are on target for well over 100 points, the current record set by Manchester City in 2017-2018. Surely if that happens, there can be no argument about the Premier League finest?
  • Are Liverpool the new invincible? Arsenal went 47 games without loss….would you bet against Liverpool of 2019-2020 breaking this? I certainly wouldn’t! And who will eventually end it?
  • Liverpool are also on course to break Manchesters record of 16 away wins in a given season! If they go anywhere near that total of 16 then it wont be long before the 100 point barrier is broken!
  • The record for most wins in a season is 32….Liverpool are well on track to achieve this! Barring a major slip up, 32 wins should be well within the grasp!

What other records may they break? Most goals? Longest time at the top? Largest points gap between 1st and 2nd? Whatever happens the Jurgen Klopp revolution at Anfield will set some records that may take a very very long time indeed. 2019-2020 will go down as a season to remember!

Deadline day drama: Which five Premier League transfers stand out the most?

The transfer window is a period of excitement and exasperation and it has now become a staple of the footballing season. Deadline day, in particular, is celebrated up and down the nation with live cameras outside stadiums following the progress of potential rumours and moves.

Some transfers, though, hit the headlines for their suspense, shock and even downright hilarity and now betting sites like even odds and even tips on likely transfers throughout the window.

Wayne Rooney – Everton to Manchester United

Wayne Rooney is now a household name in football, but it was his bursting onto the scene as an 18-year-old youngster with boyhood club Everton and his performances in the 2004 Euros that sent the rumour mill in overdrive.

Manchester United won the race ahead of Newcastle United for the Merseyside rookie on the last day of the 2004 summer transfer window, in fact, just four hours before it closed. The rest, as they say, is history and, having scored 253 goals in 559 appearances, Rooney left Manchester as a club legend in 2017.

Luis Suarez – Ajax to Liverpool

With Fernando Torres’ move to Chelsea confirmed in January 2011, Liverpool desperately needed another star striker. That striker came in the shape of Uruguayan Luis Suarez whose prolific form at Eredivisie side Ajax gave the Kop plenty of hope that Torres wouldn’t be missed.

His first season ended with League Cup victory and 17 goals in all competitions, before 30 and then 33 goals in the Premier League in his next two seasons underlined his credentials and brought in a lot of money for bettors as Liverpool narrowly missed out on the title.

A three-and-a-half-year career on Merseyside was blighted with controversies and Suarez earned a £75 million move to Barcelona in 2014.

Carlos Tevez – Corinthians to West Ham

In one of the most bizarre transfers in Premier League history, Carlos Tevez joined Javier Mascherano in London to help West Ham stay in the top flight under Alan Pardew. The move was incredibly surprising given that both had been touted by major European clubs at the time.

Tevez did what he does best – scoring seven goals in 27 appearances and helping the Hammers survive in the Premier League for another year. The striker left for Manchester United at the end of the 2006/07 season.

Claude Makelele – Real Madrid to Chelsea

In an era where Real Madrid couldn’t stop winning, Claude Makelele’s transfer to recently-rich Chelsea in 2003 provoked a lot of surprise. Yet, he became a dynamic figure in the heart of the Blues’ defence, playing a key role as Chelsea won back-to-back titles under Jose Mourinho.

Makelele’s influence was so great that he has often been credited as redefining the defensive midfielder role as he helped the Blues establish themselves as one of the leading English football clubs once more. The Frenchman left in 2008 after playing 217 times for Chelsea.

Ashley Cole – Arsenal to Chelsea

One move surrounded in controversy due to claims of tapping up, but Ashley Cole’s £5 million move from Arsenal to London rivals Chelsea has perhaps been one of the most value-for-money signings in Premier League history.

Left-back Cole helped Chelsea win nine major trophies after joining in 2006 and going on to make 229 appearances.

10 Great Ways to Learn Stock Trading in 2020

Gaining the knowledge needed to trade on the stock markets, can be the start of an exciting and indeed profitable path. With the amount of information currently out there, it can get confusing, especially if you are just starting out. Stock trading can be intimidating so here are 10 ways to learn stocking trading in 2020.

  • Books

Reading is your best friend when it comes to any issues and when it comes to stock trading this is certainly the case. Heading over to your local library or indeed an online book store, you should find a wealth of information from the very beginner texts to books aimed at more advance traders.

  • Open a stock broker account/virtual trading

Getting straight into the mix of stock trading could be the best idea. Some people learn best from simply acting on their chosen goals, and with the opportunity to take out virtual accounts, practice accounts and free stakes to play with, learning how to play the market is more accessible than ever.

  • Read Articles

Maybe you aren’t ready to tackle a full book on such a deep subject, but fear not as there are plenty of articles around online to combat this! A quick google search and you can spend an evening ready texts on all sorts of stock trading topics

  • Friends

Anything new is better experienced with friends. Get a friend involved, learn together or even better find yourself a mentor to guide you through the process! As with all goals, they are easier to achieve if you have a partner in crime!

  • Find Successful people to emulate!

When you are doing research, look at individual cases, perhaps similar to your own. Look at what they did, how they planned, what they achieved and see how you can set about mimicking success. Advice is even better when it comes from someone who has played the game themselves!

  • Make it daily!

Simply….follow the stock market daily. That’s a key way to learn, don’t dip in and out when you have five minutes spare. Set yourself dedicated time every day to study the market and try and analyse patterns.

  • TV stations

Many TV stations have dedicated shows….find out when they are and tune in. They can be very useful ways to learn and give you a break from simply text based learning. Stock trading is covered on many news channels so keep an eye out!

  • Find local classes!

Some people may require structure to learning and many of the points mentioned above will be assisted if you take a class. Local colleges often provide cheap or even free services and some may be as short as a couple of sessions to get you started!

  • Use Simulators

If you want to gain practice without risk….try using simulators to gain an idea of how get involved in stock trading

  • Keep a diary

Whenever I am learning something I like keeping some sort of diary or log to keep a track of what I am learning. Stock trading is no different.  Keep a daily or weekly log and reflect back on it to see how far you have come!

Can Rhian Brewster reignite Swansea’s season?

The January transfer window brings the chance for Championship clubs to bolster their ranks ahead of the second half of the season. With so little to choose between many of the clubs in the top half of the table this season, it’s vital that teams are shrewd in bringing in new players to give them an edge when push comes to shove at the end of the campaign.

Swansea City, who were early frontrunners in the Championship this season but have since dropped down to sixth place, have acted by signing Liverpool youngster Rhian Brewster on loan until the end of the current campaign. If the young striker can hit form then Swansea may be more highly fancied when it comes to the latest English Championship betting odds.

The 19-year-old has bags of talent and potential, has made a few first-team appearances for Liverpool this season, and this loan move offers the 19-year-old a chance to find his feet in senior football. It’s a good match for player and club, as Swansea were in need of forward reinforcements following Bournemouth’s decision to recall Sam Surridge from his loan spell at the Welsh club.

Although Swansea have maintained their position in the play-off spots, their form has been somewhat up and down in recent weeks. There have been some poor performances and results against their promotion rivals in the league – a 5-1 loss to West Bromwich Albion and a 3-1 reversal away at Brentford – while the club’s FA Cup campaign ended in humiliation with a 5-1 hammering by QPR in the third round.

Goals have been a concern for manager Steve Cooper in recent times as, excepting the 3-1 win over Middlesbrough, the Swans have struggled to score more than one goal per game over the last couple of months. It is hoped that the arrival of Brewster will give the team a bit more bite going forward, as the youngster is a naturally talented finisher with bags of pace to go with it.

There is also a connection between Cooper and Brewster from the coach’s days as England U-17 manager. The team famously won the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2017, a tournament in which Brewster won the Golden Boot with eight goals. It’s clear that Cooper knows how to get the best out of Brewster, but replicating that form in the competitive dog-fight that is the Championship will be another challenge.

“It helps when you know the head coach and have worked under him before,” Brewster said on linking up with Cooper once again. “Right now, this move is the best option for me. To work with him again at club level is going to be very different, but I’ve just got to work hard on the training pitch and, hopefully, get picked for the games and help the team by scoring goals.”

One thing Brewster brings with him is the winning mentality that Jürgen Klopp has instilled at Liverpool, a confidence that seems to have trickled down through all levels of the club’s players. We saw evidence of this in the Reds’ recent 1-0 win over Everton in the FA Cup, a game in which Klopp fielded a youthful line-up while Everton went full-strength.

Swansea will hope that this standard of success that Brewster brings with him will rub off on the rest of the squad. To gain promotion from the Championship requires momentum, and if Brewster can go on a scoring streak and get Swansea winning and scoring consistently once again, then a return to the Premier League may well be on the cards.

Ballon D’Or 2019

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every year, the best players of the game receive accolades for their spectacular performance on the pitch. One of the most competitive and anticipated awards is the Ballon d’Or. The 2019 ceremony took place in Paris, France. Megan Rapinoe and Lionel Messi walked away with the best prizes.

The ceremony was held at Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, on the 2nd of December 2019. Hundreds to players, fans, coaches and journalists attended the event. Barcelona’s Lionel Messi made history by clinching the award for a record sixth time. He became the only football player to achieve that feat. Messi held off the challenge of Virgil Van Dijk and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Argentine ace scored 54 goals for country and club in the 2018-19 campaign. That saw him lead the scoring charts in Champions League and La Liga. The player also guided Barcelona to the Spanish League glory. However, he finished third with his country in the Copa America.

On the other hand, Van Dijk finished second. The defender helped the Reds win the Champions League. Ronaldo settled for third after playing an important role to Juventus’ Serie A glory.

The attacking duo of the Reds Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah ranked fourth and fifth respectively. PSG’s Kylian Mbappe ranked sixth ahead of Alisson Becker. On the eighth position, you have Robert Lewandowski. Manchester City duo Bernardo Silva and Riyad Mahrez settled for ninth and tenth positions respectively.

In the Women’s category, Rapinoe won the Ballon d’Or. She was also named player of the FIFA women’s World Cup this year. Being the joint-top scorer with six goals, she has an excellent season. Lucy Bronze was the runner-up after guiding Lyon to the women’s Champions League title. Alex Morgan came third in the ranking although she finished second in the FIFA Best Women’s award.

Top 10 Women’s ranking

  • Megan Rapinoe
  • Lucy Bronze
  • Alex Morgan
  • Ada Hegerberg
  • Vivianne Miedema
  • Wendie Renard
  • Sam Kerr
  • Rose Lavelle
  • Ellen White
  • Dzsenifer Marozsan

The ceremony has also seen other players won awards. Juventus Matthijs de Ligt took home the Kopa Trophy. It is all about the best young player in European football. The former Ajax defender defeated Jadon Sancho and Joao Felix. Last year, it was Mbappe who won it.

The inaugural Yachine Trophy went to Alisson Becker. It is normally awarded to the best goalkeeper in the world. He won it against the likes of Manuel Neuer, Hugo Lloris and Marc-Andre Ter Stegen.

Football brings joy to thousands of fans across the globe. The Ballon d’Or is held to congratulate the best players for their performance. They work hard and feature in many tournaments each year to entertain everyone. Do you fancy some football actions? Football Champions Cup Slot at Lucky VIP Casino could be of your interest. Drop by the site and take a few spins!

The focus now shifts on the 2020 Ballon D’Or award. Do you think Messi and Rapinoe will be able to defend their accolades? Let’s see…

Famous red cards in club football

All football fans love a game with plenty of action – a 0-0 barely fought draw doesn’t seem like a decent reason to get out of bed on the weekend. When players head out onto the pitch with grit and determination, they gain respect. But what happens when all that effort fails and turns to frustrations? With temperaments running high, players start to lose their heads and make crucial mistakes.

The red card. Something that can change an entire game. Not only will it send a team down to 10 men, but it can also leave another player injured for several weeks. Let’s take a look at some of those famous red cards that have ended in tears.

Zlatan Ibrahimović – Paris Saint-Germain

The Swedish striker is quite the prolific personality in football. Regarded as one of the best goal scorers of his generation, with over 600 goals in his career to date. But there is one particular moment in his fine career that overshadows some of his success.

Whilst playing at PSG in Ligue 1 during the 2012-13 season, Ibrahimović found himself receiving a red card. After Saint-Etienne managed to take the lead after an own goal from Mamadou Sakho, Ibrahimović turned to desperation after repeatedly being denied a goal.

As the ball bounced behind the striker, he locked his eyes onto it to ensure he didn’t miss his next opportunity. Unfortunately for Ibrahimović, he didn’t realise the goalkeeper had come out of the net to collect the ball. As the striker flew through the air, boot aloft, his studs met the keeper’s chest. There was no denying his high boot, and his actions forced him from the pitch with a red card.

Eden Hazard – Chelsea

Possibly the most unforgettable red card in recent history, but took place on the side lines. In recent Premier League odds, Chelsea have been looking favourable to finish in the top four with plenty of success. In the 2012-13 season, they also had a promising start, but as things started to unravel after Christmas, players became desperate to make a difference.

In their League Cup semi-final match against Swansea City, Chelsea were frantically searching for a goal after losing the first leg 2-0. Time was running out, and Hazard felt the pressure to score. When the ball went out, he and a ball boy seemed to become tangled down one end of the pitch. Cameras showed Hazard kicking the ball boy, who seemed to be laying on the ball, the ref had no decision but to send Chelsea down to 10 men.

Roy Keane – Manchester United

The hot-headed Irishman was bound to make this list. During his time at Old Trafford, he accumulated 11 red cards, with a total of 13 in his career. Although there are plenty of occasions to choose from, his red card against Alf-Inge Håland is a standout. Not only did it remove him from the pitch, but it also inevitably ended the Norwegian’s career.

In a Manchester derby, Håland’s tackle prevented Keane scoring a goal. There seemed to be some tension between the two players at the time, but ultimately it was quashed. Although Keane wasn’t keen to forgive, and no doubt was seeking his revenge at the next opportunity. As Håland kicked the ball, Keane arrived with a very late high foot which landed straight onto Håland’s knee. Not only did Keane seem unfazed by the accident, but he also accepted his red card with grace and walked off the pitch.

Remember These Managers Who Coached Chelsea and Tottenham?

Jose Mourinho” (CC BY 2.0) by Ronnie Macdonald

Jose Mourinho is not alone in managing both London clubs, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

The Special One’s return to the capital after almost a year out of coaching (and prior to that an unhappy spell at Manchester United) got us thinking about those who also coached both the Blues and Spurs. There are two others to take these two jobs on in the same order.

Andre Villas-Boas

DG1_1616” (CC BY 2.0) by Web Summit

There is a certain irony in Mourinho protege Andre Villas-Boas, henceforth referred to as AVB, being a predecessor of his mentor in North London.

In-between Mourinho’s two stints with Chelsea, his fellow country also took to the Stamford Bridge hot seat. Once he left the backroom role to strike out on his own in management, AVB came to the Blues with a great reputation after guiding Porto to a Europa League, Taca de Portugal, and Primeira League treble in 2011.

That meant he arrived at Chelsea lauded almost as a new Mourinho. However, AVB was scarcely older than some of the senior players in the Stamford Bridge dressing room and, before the following the season was over, was soon sacked.

The Blues went on to unlikely Champions League glory with AVB’s assistant, Roberto Di Matteo, in caretaker charge. Chelsea are now managed by Frank Lampard, who played under both apprentice and master Mourinho, with him being 33/1 in current football betting markets to steer them to another European Cup.

AVB had a season-and-a-half in charge of Spurs from the summer of 2012. After taking them to fifth in the Premier League, he was at the helm when Gareth Bale was sold to Real Madrid in 2013. 

That disastrous scattergun recruitment policy used to try and replace the Wales winger ultimately cost AVB his job. He has since had spells with Zenit St Petersburg in Russia and Chinese Super League club Shanghai SIPG, and is currently the Marseille manager. 

Glenn Hoddle

Glenn Hoddle” (CC BY 2.0) by Doha Stadium Plus

Boyhood Tottenham fan Glenn Hoddle also coached Chelsea first like Mourinho and AVB. This Rolls Royce of a midfielder began his playing career at White Hart Lane and spent 17 years, man and boy, with Spurs before moving abroad with Monaco in 1987.

Hoddle was signed for the Principality outfit by a then-young manager called Arsene Wenger. The irony of a future Arsenal icon working with a Tottenham hero shouldn’t be lost on anyone.

Given his talent on the pitch, Hoddle returned to England to be a player-manager of Swindon Town and then Chelsea. He moved to Stamford Bridge mere days after getting the Robins into the Premier League via the play-offs – a match in which Hoddle himself scored.

With the Blues, Hoddle attracted a number of high-profile foreign players and brought in old Spurs boss Peter Shreeves as his assistant. They guided Chelsea to the 1994 FA Cup final but lost handsomely to Manchester United.

His time as player-boss at Stamford Bridge attracted interest from the FA as a replacement for Terry Venables as England manager following Euro ’96. Although the top job brought controversies with it, Hoddle would return to club coaching – first with Southampton and then a homecoming at Tottenham where he replaced ex-Arsenal boss George Graham in 2001.

During two-and-a-half years at White Hart Lane, he again reached a cup final. Spurs lost out on the 2002 League Cup 2-1 to Blackburn Rovers, however, and Hoddle later ended his coaching career with Wolves without picking up a trophy.

Best Players Never to win International Caps

Having previously looked at the England players who never received an international call up, and seeing some shocking exclusions such as Steve Bruce and Howard Kendall, its time to widen the net and take a look at some of the players  from other footballing nations who we all know and are familiar with who never managed to win an international cap!

Paulo Di Canio – The Italian, who has scored more goals in the Premier League than any other Italian, was a hit everywhere he went, scoring goals, lighting up every single pitch he went on and providing match winning moments. But despite all the problems the national team had in the striking position, they never called on Di Canio. Maybe his reputation was just too great or his love of real mone pokies was too much for successive Italian managers

Mikel Arteta – Now seen in assistant managers roles and likely to be one of the managers to watch in the future, Mikel  Arteta never lined up in a national shirt for Spain. Everton benefited from his play making to the point he took a big money move to Arsenal where he continued to thrive. But with the Spanish tea winning trophies left, right and centre there was no room for a player with the skill of Arteta.

Carlo Cudicini – Perhaps the best keeper of his time in the league when at his peak? A top 10 contender for the best goalkeepers to grace the Premier League? Yet still no call up. Cudicini must consider himself unlucky as during his tie the national team were experimenting with various keepers yet he never had the opportunity to stake his claim.

Stefan Klos – What does it take to get a call up for the German national team? Obviously 13 major trophies and playing a pivotal role in the 1997 Champions League doesn’t count for much! Klos was superb and if you take a long look at that 1997 Dortmund team he played key roles at key moments. Deserved a shot ad could have helped Germany during an era in which they struggled!

Steed Malbranque – Steeeeeeed as the chant would go deserved better both in his club and international career. He drove a Fulham side to promotion, he shone in one of the worst Sunderland sides in history and he always popped up with a moment of genius and match winning goals. What more could you need! Obviously the French team managers during his career thought otherwise!

Dario Hubner – Had the choice of playing for either Germany or Italy, made a career bagging over 250 goals in the toughest league in the world to rack up these totals but was never taken seriously at international level!

John McGovern – Yes…a Scotsman makes the list. As baffling as Steven Bruce never playing for England! Did everything (although he did like online casino in his spare time) domestically yet ignored by the Scottish FA!

Is there someone we have missed? Is there a player who never got a shot despite showcasing great league form? Then let us know!

Worst Ever Football Songs

Football and Music should never mix. If you want proof and want to remind yourself of some of the horrors that have been inflicted on fans over the years  then read on. Outside of Three Lions, has there genuinely been a football song you could even remotely suggest of as being “good”. The evidence underneath will suggest otherwise!

Kevin Keegan – Head over Heels  – Do not, I repeat do not google this whilst thinking “Ive never  heard this….”. You don’t want to. In the 1970s and 1980s, when pop music was at its pinnacle, music executives, who were obviously seeking nothing more than to inflict pain on the nations ears thought to cash in on the football boom! And this was the result….you will never be forgiven.

Andy Cole – Every rap song he tried – Andy Cole was superb, a natural, one of the very best….but that applies only to football and not rapping. In fact, I wouldn’t even use the word rapping to apply here! Again, avoid googling and imagine Andy Cole’s post-match interviews with a beat added. And there you have it! Leave rap to the US stars and stick to finding the back of the net Andy Cole.

Ian Wright – Do the Right Thing? – What is it with footballers wanting to start rap careers? It has never worked, probably never will and even good old John Barnes knew that it was best to get out at the top after World in Motion. Ian Wright, perhaps even outdoes Andy Cole, in terms of “Lets just talk and pretend it’s a rap”.

Del Amitri – Don’t Come home too soon – This I would file under ….what? For some reason Del Amitri decided not to right a funny song, a catchy one or even an upbeat one and inside made a lament, a plea even to the Scottish team that was about as miserable as their performance in that years world cup!

Middlesbrough FC, Chris Rea and Bob Mortimer – I hate to cast any negative comments in the direction of Bob Mortimer, but this was a crime against the senses. Most people reading this will probably never have had the misfortune of hearing this assault on the sense. But if you have……I afraid to say mind altering technology is not yet available!

Ant and Dec – We’re On the Ball – Ready to Rumble, lets face it, is an all time classic that will still be getting played in 100 years time when the Geordie duo are long gone. I’d rather try au sports betting . We’re on the ball certainly won’t be! Another obvious attempt at cashing in on that years world cup! A mess of a song and one which should never ever be played!

Vinnie Jones – Big Bad Leory Brown – Simply needs to be heard to be believed. Vinnie Jones to be fair made a stellar post-football career in acting but his singing “career”  should be avoided at all costs.

And we can’t go a full article without mentioning the one and only….Anfield Rap! A delight of horrors!

Think you have heard worse? Has your club released something that we have missed? Let me know!

England’s One Cap Wonders

For a professional footballer….what is worse? Being ignored by the England national team all of your career and never getting chance to shine in the three lions shirt OR getting one called up, winning a cap and then never winning another? Having looked at the likes of Steve Bruce who were unjustifiably and unexplainably denied a chance in the three lions shirt, we now take a look at those players who earned just one cap, before being shunned the rest of their careers…(believe it or not we have over 350 to chose from).

Chris Sutton – Had he played in a different era, or not refused to play for the B team, Chris Sutton could have shone as bright as the likes of Teddy Sheringham who played ahead of him. But with Alan Shearer un-droppable during Suttons time, he had hefty competition and once he shunned the call up for the B tea his career was over after 1 cap!

Kevin Davies – A cult figure during his career, a line leader and a man who a plethora of England defenders said was the hardest player to play against, Davies was never quite fashionable enough to fit in with England style and thus never got the chance he deserved. One cap, that seemed more of a token gesture for a man who deserved far more.

Joey Barton – On skill alone he should have won more…let us just leave it at that! However he would rather be playing best online casino than football – such a waste of talent!

Lee Bowyer – See above.

Michael Ball – In 2001 Michael Ball finally got the England call up he so richly deserved. This was it, the start of one of the brightest talents in the Premier League being able to ply his trade in the three lions shirt. Everton fans knew it, people who had ever seen him play knew it….but the management obviously didn’t. One and done…Ball never got the chance again!

Alan Thompson – England have always struggled, especially during the 2000s, for wingers who can play on either win with genuine pace, trickery and the ability to beat a man one on one. Alan Thompson had all that and to be fair should have been called up long before he got his chance in 2004 whilst at Celtic but he was more interested in how to bet on sports Although his debut was a mini disaster, the fact that he produced consistent form elsewhere over a long period suggests he deserved more!

David Dunn – In 2002, I was 16-17 and David Dunn was a personal favourite. A dream team pick of choice, the goals he scored were crucial and he had a genuine Gazza-esque skill that made even the best defenders look baffled. But when the golden generation had its peak, there was no space in the squad for Dunn, which feels like a bit of a missed opportunity.

Have we missed someone? Is there another player who won just the one cap and never got his second chance (or ever her chance!). Let us know. Englands One Cap Wonders on You Tube

The Greatest Players Never to Win an England Cap

Greatest England Team

In the days of 23 man squads, friendlies with multiple substitutions and an ever increasing  calendar of fixtures, then a modern day English player with an sort of Premier League can be almost guaranteed at least a run out for the England national side at some point to see if they can cut the mustard. But over the years there has been a vast array of players, who one would assume would get the national call up at some stage who never did. Let us take a look at some of those familiar names…

Steve Bruce – The first name that comes to mind and one I still cannot get my head around today. A player who had it all…strength, a bit of pace, leadership, success and a way of reading the game that made him the lynch pin of Manchester United’s early Fergie success. The partnership he formed with Gary Pallister should have transferred to the International stage but it never did. Why? I have no idea!

Ruel Fox – A winger with pace, scoring ability and genuine trickery who lit up the side lines wherever he played, including having a starring role when Newcastle were topping the Premier League. But 3 England managers overlooked him and poor Ruel never got his chance to wear the three lions shirt.

Matthew Etherington – Originally from New Zealand where they p[lay online casino nz During the 2-3 seasons he peaked,  Matthew Etherington terrorised Premier League defence on the wing with his devastating pace and his ability to beat a an one on one, no matter who he is! However, as this coincided with the emergence of the “Golden Generation” he never really stood a chance!

Tony Coton – During Tony Coton’s long and illustrious career at the top of the English game, the fact his reliability and consistency never resulted in a national cap is rather baffling to say the least!

Michael Bridges – Although his career was ravaged by injury, Bridges has a 18 month run where he was one of the top strikers in the Premier League, scoring goals for fun and leading the line with the sort of presence and success that usually results in a national cap. This never happened and his latter injures ensured it never would

Howard Kendall – See Steve Bruce. Perhaps alongside Bruce, this is the most baffling. Did he upset a member of the FA? Was he awkward to deal with? Why Kendall never donned the three lions shirts on multiple occasions will always remain a mystery! Sometimes life and football selection is a lottery and you would have more luck guessing at a casino

Matty Taylor – Two footed! Able to play on the left! England needed a left sided player at the time? Surely Taylor was the man to call. Obviously not!

So as you can see from the list, there were a lot of players who missed out on International careers as they were never given that chance to prove themselves. Who is next on the list? Will we ever see a player with the domestic dominance and class of Steve Bruce ignored? Only time will tell.

Europa League – 2019-2020 Draw

The Europa league still has an odd place in the minds of football fans and there are few competitions in world football in which half the teams will be overjoyed to be in it, and half will consider it a bogey prize for not making the Champions League.  This certainly applies to the British teams taking part this year and after an All English final last year, are we in line for another successful season in the Europa League? Let us take a look at how the draw panned out for the British teams…

Unai Emery must be pleased with the outcome for Arsenal, and in a season in which the Premier League looks out of reach and a Top 4 birth not guaranteed, the Gunners could see this a good route into the Champions League next season. The group stage should not prove too much of an issue with a poor Standard Liege team and Vitoria from Portugal unlikely to causes a scare. Even Eintracht Frankfurt, although stronger than the others, are weak opposition considering Arsenals reserves so they should have no issues in taking 1st place. Prediction: 1st. See this great bet calculator for UK for the odds on this

Nothing seems to be going right for Manchester United at the moment. A lack of strikers, players leaving left right and centre and an under fire Pogba have created a start in the Premier League that is nothing but a disappointment for the Old Trafford faithful. And although the Europa League draw will be easy to navigate on the pitch, the horrid travel to Astana and Belgrade won’t be appreciated in a busy calender. AZ should prove easier but United should win the group, but the effect of travel may take its toll later in the season. Prediction: 1st

Whilst Arsenal and United may see the Europa League as a consolation for not making the Champions League, Wolves are overjoyed to be back in Europe but have been handed a tough tough group and with no wins in their first 4 Premier League games, its hard to see success coming in Europe. Besiktas are a solid side and will top the group with Braga likely to be Wolves’ main challenger for second. Slovan Bratislava will be a tough away gig. Prediction: 3rd

Rangers have been dealt a tough hand too in their return to Europa and Steven Gerrard will have a job and a half to overcome Porto and Feyenoord to get out of this group. Even Young Boys looked good in their Champions League qualifiers so Rangers are facing an uphill task. Prediction: 4th

And the luck doesn’t get better for Celtic. A very good Lazio side await in the Group stages as well as a Rennes side who have hit form this season. If those two weren’t bad enough, Celtic also have Cluj to face again who defeated them in the Champions League qualifiers. A nasty draw, not impossible but unlikely.  Prediction: 3rd

The Europa League is a long haul, and the first step will be to navigate the group. 5 British teams begin the group stage but as little as 2 could remain by the time we get to the next phase. Time will tell.

In The Tall Grass Ending Explained!

In The Tall Grass is Netflix’s latest addition to its horror collection. For those who have never heard the name before, it is based on the hugely popular novel by Stephen King. Obviously, if you’ve read the book, you might think, “Did they really miss such a great climax?” So, even if you are familiar with the novel, you may be left scratching your head throughout the climax.

Before we reach the ending, you need to go through the grass! The movie is based on siblings Becky and Cal, who are driving to San Diego. Becky is pregnant and her boyfriend Travis wants nothing to do with the baby. Poor Becky is forced to retreat to San Diego where she intends on giving the baby for adoption after birth.

But things don’t go according to plan when they stop at a church. They begin to hear the mysterious screams of a boy coming from the tall grass next to the compound and decide to venture to find the source. As if they had nothing more important to do…

We are then introduced to a series of time lapses, with Becky dying but returning back in an alternate timeline, Travis chasing Becky and dies… yes, he returns as well… anyways, there’s lots of death, twists and turns of events. But the main plot of the movie revolves around something more than grass… we’re talking about a rock!

On numerous occasions, we see the characters being instigated to touch the rock. And when they do, they get some kind of revelation which leads them to take extreme measures, in both good and bad ways. Not much background is provided on the rock… maybe it was meant to leave the audience in mystery… Is that room for a sequel? After all, Stephen King’s book adaptation of It also got one!

The mystery boy gets the name of Tobin and his parents seemed to look for him in the tall grass as well. But as the films rolls, we discover that Tobin’s father, Ross, touched the rock. And he got more than some dirt on his hands! He became extremely violent, killing Becky and Cal.

At the end of the movie, Travis drops Tobin into a hole that sends him back to the time when Cal and Becky were entering the grass. He urges him to stop the siblings at all costs. Tobin is successfully sent back in time, where he manages to stop Cal and bring an end to the carnage they were meant to suffer. Travis then dies…

We might think that the rock acts like a relic that taps onto your deepest fears… or greatest desires. Ross wanted to achieve religious salvation, and by touching the rock, he managed to get it… only to proceed to bloodlust for those refusing to touch the rock.

As for Travis, he feared the responsibility of fatherhood. The rock showed him his fears and he overcomes them by helping Tobin escape the vicious cycle. Becky was pregnant and feared giving away, so she dreamt of eating her stillborn baby. Of course, these remain as mere assumptions… unless they are confirmed through a sequel!

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Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool FC: The Perfect Match

Jurgen Klopp is a charismatic German professional football manager of the Premier League club Liverpool. His Gegenpressing football philosophy, management skills and character has propelled him to become one of the best managers in the world. Not surprising that Liverpool FC is striving to win the Champions League and English Premier League once more!

This former hard-working striker who ended his career as a defender has not lost his vigor and enthusiasm for the game. Klopp is always energetic on the side-lines, urging on his team while running back and forth. He states that he’s the reserve tank for the boys and when he feels the energy is running out…, he can give them a kick up the backside when needed or offer whatever is needed at that particular moment.

Liverpool’s boss has always been about the collective rather than individual. As a coach and manager, you can only be good as your team. Together with his star players: Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mané and Mohamed Salah, he led Liverpool to their first UEFA Champions League title in 14 years.  

In an interview with Daily Mirror, when asked why he chose Liverpool over other offers, he said in a nonchalant voice: ‘’ I loved the color…… Red, have never had a Red Club before. That’s the first thing, it’s not very important. I loved the history, am really a football romantic. I knew I probably could help…. Liverpool is a world-class brand, it’s big big big…’’

Over the last 4 years with the help of Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool have gone from strength to strength, continuing a legacy that is waiting for a new chapter to be written. Currently topping the table and leading the pack with back to back wins, Klopp’s magic is undeniable. He lifted the club off the canvas and has taken it to where it is now! This season Klopp collected the Men’s Coach of the Year at the Best FIFA Football Awards in Milan. His perfect start to the season has left all other managers fighting it out for all remaining places!

Every Liverpool match is a major event. They tackle each game as if it’s a final. It’s safe to say that ever since the Reds have made their mark on the map of Football greatness, they’ve been a big favourite amongst sports bettors. Nowadays, Liverpool fans around the world can browse the odds for all Liverpool’s upcoming matches. If you feel like taking a chance on Klopp’s men, place your Liverpool bet using the wide range of betting markets online. There are tons of sports betting sites like Ruby Bet that are offering the best in online sports betting.

The Reds could be on their way to the next Champions League title. They’ve been a good watch and promise to prove their doubters wrong.  Klopp didn’t fail in his saying. The ‘’normal one” changed the doubters into believers.  It will be a challenge, but they’ve got the fire to stay consistent. After 4 years under Klopp, Liverpool has been turned into a powerhouse both in Europe and domestically. Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool FC, are undoubtedly stronger with each other.

Stoke City: where has it all gone wrong?

Stoke City

On losing to fellow Championship strugglers, Huddersfield Town earlier this month, Stoke City were consigned to a tenth match without a win this season. An unwanted record that extended to the back end of last campaign – the Potters failed to win any of their final six games, claiming a measly four points from a possible 24. Last weekend saw Stoke win their first game of the season, against Swansea City, but they are still rooted to the foot of the table.

It was less than a decade ago that Stoke made the final of the FA Cup for the first time in the club’s history, eventually losing to Manchester City by a narrow 1-0 scoreline. That achievement won them a place in the Europa League – their first appearance since the 1974-75 UEFA Cup. They had a good run, making it through two qualifying stages, finishing second in group E to Beşiktaş, before losing in the Round of 32 to Valencia. From five seasons of sitting comfortably in mid-table of the Premier League (including three successive ninth-place finishes), the 2017-18 campaign saw Stoke relegated in nineteenth position with just 33 points.

Championship odds ( don’t favour the Potters to do well this season, or even avoid the drop at this early stage. But where has it all gone wrong?

Goals… or lack of

It’s a well-known fact that goals win games and having a world-class striker can obviously improve your side somewhat. But over the course of the last two seasons, Stoke have struggled up front. In their relegation season, they scored just 35 goals (averaging less than a goal per game) and their top scorer was Xherdan Shaqiri who bagged eight of them. Last season, they didn’t fare much better – scoring 45 goals (again, less than a goal per game) and nine of those were scored by top scorer, Benik Afobe.

So far this campaign, the Potters have scored 11 goals, which isn’t the lowest in the division, but in their opening games, they’ve conceded 22 times, more than any other club.

The club’s top scorer last season is yet to make an impact this campaign, with Afobe featuring just once in the Championship so far. Fellow strikers Lee Gregory and Sam Vokes hardly boast admirable returns, with one goal to Gregory’s name and none for Vokes. The squad are clearly crying out for a proven goal scorer.

Managerial woes

Since Tony Pulis left for the second time back in May 2013, and the sacking of Mark Hughes in January 2018, there’s been something of a revolving door for managers at the bet365 stadium.  

To some extent, Hughes steadied the ship, guiding Stoke to three-successive top-10 finishes, as well as cup runs that saw them reach the fifth round of the FA Cup and semi-finals of the League Cup. Prior to his departure, the club had the worst defensive record in the Premier League and occupied the final relegation place.

Hughes’ replacement, Paul Lambert, wasn’t able to keep the Potters up. Despite improving their defence, Stoke remained a weak attacking threat, winning two and losing seven of their final 16 games. Lambert left in the close season to be replaced by Gary Rowett. Once again, in a results-driven business, the club weren’t winning games, and after a poor return from less than 30 games in charge, Rowett was dismissed.

Nathan Jones had already guided Luton Town to promotion and the club were on course for a second success in as many seasons, but Jones jumped ship to manage Stoke. In his debut season, Jones won just three of 21 games, but in the transfer window, was given the funds to assemble his own squad, signing 10 new players. Despite the recent win over Swansea, Jones has previously admitted he’s resigned to losing his job, claiming it’s ‘not worked out’; while the fans are understandably frustrated and calling for his head. 

Will Jones be able to mastermind the turnaround, or who will come in and change the Potters’ fortunes?

Could Liverpool make it three Champions League finals in a row?

After Liverpool’s night of disappointment in Kiev at the end of the 2017/18 season, it was hard to see them bouncing back so quickly. They had just lost 3-1 to Real Madrid in the Champions League final, a match in which goalkeeper Loris Karius had committed two blunders and talismanic forward Mohamed Salah had been forced off with a shoulder injury early in the game.

It was a night where everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong, but that agony would only serve to add to the ecstasy Jurgen Klopp’s men would feel twelve months later as Jordan Henderson lifted the Champions League trophy aloft, having defeated Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in Madrid. The triumph was a testament to the idea of using past hurt as a key motivating factor, and the jubilant scenes on Merseyside as Liverpool’s players paraded through the city were images of unbridled joy.

As another Champions League campaign rolls around once again, it will be interesting to see how Liverpool fare now that Klopp has finally tasted silverware as Anfield boss. Will there be something of a lull in the Reds’ European performances, or will last year’s success only inspire this squad to seek further glory, to break records and surpass the feats of last season, where their Champions League victory was complemented by a remarkable 97-point Premier League campaign?

The current Champions League winner odds place Liverpool among the favourites to lift the famous old trophy, but to make it to three finals in a row would be a stunning achievement for the Reds given the competitive nature of Europe’s premier club competition.

That said, Real Madrid won the tournament three years running before last season, so to say it cannot be done in the modern game would be remiss. Liverpool have a special relationship with the Champions League just like Real Madrid, and it seems that this European pedigree plays a part on those big nights in the latter stages of the competition.

On that special night in April against Barcelona at Anfield, you could almost feel the history of the club swelling up around the famous stadium, the memories of past glory summoned forth by the roar of the crowd to the extent that Barcelona could do nothing but crumble.

The ‘big European night at Anfield’ has become something of a cliché, but that is only because few grounds have witnessed the drama that Anfield has, and few grounds can generate the same atmosphere. If Liverpool are to continue their Champions League success of the last couple of seasons in this campaign, they must continue to harness the power of their support.

Some might point to Liverpool’s lack of big-name acquisitions in the summer transfer window as a reason why they might get left behind in Europe this season. Jurgen Klopp refused to splash the cash over the summer months, content with the quality of his squad, eager to build on the unity developed through last year’s achievements. Only time will tell us if this was the right decision.

Perhaps more important for Liverpool was retaining their key players, keeping the core of that team together to go again. It possibly would have been foolish to bring in another attacker and disturb the front three that has terrorised defences domestically and in Europe. In Salah, Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino, Liverpool have a winning combination, three players who perfectly complement each other’s games, who create and provide for one another, and whose unpredictability is their greatest asset.

Liverpool’s full-backs too could stake a claim to be Europe’s finest at the moment. The pin-point accuracy of Trent Alexander-Arnold’s deliveries have rightly earned the young Englishman many plaudits, while Andy Robertson’s tenacious athleticism means he is a constant threat on the left side of the pitch. The only question is whether those two can maintain such high levels of performance across another lengthy campaign.

The group stage draw has been to kind Liverpool, placing them in Group E with Napoli, Red Bull Salzburg and Genk. It’s easy to forget that the Reds barely made it out of their group last season, edging through after beating Napoli on the final matchday. This group should see progress secured more comfortably, but complacency must be avoided at all costs.

The reality is that nothing lasts forever, but Jurgen Klopp will be hopeful that the winning machine he has created can continue rumbling on, grinding down opponents through their breathless attacking and ice-cool defensive nous. This year’s Champions League final returns to the Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul, the scene of Liverpool’s most famous night in European history. It would be fitting if the Reds were to walk out there again next May, 15 years on from that joyful night, to fully assert themselves as the dominant force in European football once more.

Manchester City Defender Injured: Will This Prove to be a Title Boost for Liverpool?

The Premier League is back and once again, Liverpool certainly does not want to end up in the same runners-up position for the second year in a row. After forfeiting the Premier League title last year by only one point, the Reds are off to a great start to avoid any draws or defeats in matches before the international break to avoid the same situation.

Jamie Carragher, an ex Liverpool defender, claims that neither Liverpool or Manchester City can afford to drop any points in the race for the Premier League title. Critics, pundits and fans alike are expecting the Reds and the Blues to compete once again at the top of the table this term.

“Any drop off now in a three or four-game period before the next international break, you can find yourself behind City, so every game is so vital. It almost feels like a draw is a defeat now if you’re Liverpool or City.” After the international break, Liverpool host Newcastle United, with City visiting Norwich City later in the day.

However, Liverpool may have gained a title boost in Man City defender Laporte being stretchered off. Aymeric Laporte was stretchered off the field in a clash against Brighton and this could significantly improve Liverpool’s chances at the title. The central defender was one of the reigning champions’ best players last season, proving to be the most consistent of Pep Guardiola’s defensive options.

The 25-year old went down after colliding with Brighton’s Adam Webster and was withdrawn on 35 minutes for Fernandinho, with the Frenchman receiving treatment to his knee. Although it isn’t morally right for Liverpool to see this as a positive development, the Reds could find that they benefit from Laporte’s absence, given the positive impact he often has for the Sky Blues.

All in all, both sides wish the defender a speedy recovery but from an objective point of view, it does appear to be a boost for the club. City are a dominant side, and any potential chink in their armour can prove to be beneficial to those looking to keep up with them in the Premier League title chase.

Liverpool are quite the dangerous side themselves, with or without chinks in Manchester City’s armour. Their attacking department which includes the best strikers such as Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, and Sadio Mane proves that with such talented players, anything it possible.

It is Mo Salah who usually takes the most plaudits of Liverpool’s lethal attacking trident, understandable considering that he has 55 Premier League goals and two golden boots to show for his 76 league games for the Reds so far. However, it seems this year it is Sadio Mane who been Liverpool’s greatest attacking threat. The Senegalese star has notched 15 Premier League goals in 2019, the most in the division, and 20 in all competitions which is the same as Mo Salah (12) and Roberto Firmino (8) combined.

5 of the best foreign signings the EPL has ever seen

Over the years the Premier League has been fortunate enough to be graced by a plethora of talent. British stars like all-time leading goal scorer Alan Shearer, midfield maestros like Paul Scholes, the list is endless.

However, England’s top division wouldn’t be the mammoth attraction it is today without the influence of some truly special imports.

With yet more highly-rated foreign talent headed to the EPL this summer transfer, football tips and predictions on how they will fare are mixed but whatever happens, expect some to make a big impact for their respective clubs.

With the transfer window slamming shut and the new campaign upon us we’ve been inspired to take a look at 5 foreign stars that have lit up England’s Premier League.

Patrick Vieira

Strong, mobile, exceptional on the ball and a real competitor; regardless of what club you support it would be hard not to admire the exploits of Patrick Viera during his time in England with Arsenal.

He was an integral part of the legendary Arsenal ‘invincibles’ side and he was a true leader on and off the pitch. He finished his stint at Arsenal with 31 goals and 34 assists in 3017 appearances, but his legacy will live on for many years to come.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Alongside Lionel Messi, Cristiano has consistently been one of the best players in the world for the best part of a decade and his talents first really started coming to the fore under the stewardship of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United after he was snapped up from Sporting Lisbon.

Quick, dazzling fee and the epitome of the modern, athletic footballer, Ronaldo was truly a one off and the Premier League was lucky to be graced with his presence before he made a mega-money move to Spanish giants Madrid.

CR7 departed Manchester having netted 84 times in 196 games, winning 3 Premier League titles along the way.

Didier Drogba

As far as all-rounded forwards go, you’d find it hard to come up with a list of names that could even rival Ivorian Didier Drogba.

During his peak at Chelsea the big man was at times unplayable, scoring 104 goals in over 250 appearances and bullying many EPL defenders for years.

His defining moment came when he scored the equaliser and subsequent final penalty in Chelsea’s Champions League triumph in Munich but he will forever be remembered as one of the EPL’s greatest ever strikers.

Peter Schmeichel

Every successful team needs a truly outstanding keeper and in Schmeichel United and Fergie got that and then some.

He was an integral part of the Man United team that dominated around the 90s and he has been credited with revolutionising goalkeeping in this country.

Agile, decisive and a great defensive organiser- Schmeichel was some buy.

Nemanja Vidic

Given the amount of superb foreign defenders to grace the EPL over the years, choosing the best foreign stopper was always going to be a tricky task but we’ve punted for the brutal Serb Vidic.

His partnership with Rio Ferdinand is regarded as one of the best the top- flight has every seen and Vidic was every strikers nightmare. He was uncompromising, read the game brilliantly and led by example, particularly when the chips were down.

The Champions League Draw – 2019-2020

Once the season has kicked into place and the transfer window has closed its door, then the next major event on the calendar of the regular football addicted fan is the draw for the Champions League. Although the event itself does not make for the most exciting of television, the outcome is always fascinating as we can ponder at the fixtures that lie ahead. With 4 English teams competing again this season, let us take a look at who got the better end of the deal…

After victory in last years competition, Liverpool have been handed a group that on paper looks straight forward enough but could prove tricky. Although they have started the season with 4 wins from 4, the defence has looked shaky and other than a sub-par Arsenal, they haven’t encountered any in form sides. Napoli beat Liverpool last year and will fancy their chances again, and Salzburg are a team looking to make their mark and play a brand of football that could well cause problems for the Kop. Genk should be a pushover but Liverpool need to be careful…. Prediction: 1st

Now what about last years runners up? Look at totepromocode for the odds. After a mixed start to the season there are huge question marks hanging over the Spurs team and they have been handed a tricky draw for their group stage. Bayern Munich will be favourites to win the group, although fading from what they once were, they are still formidable enough to present Spurs with a handful. Then there are tricky away ties to Red Star Belgrade and Olympiakos which are never straight forward. The key fact remains that Spurs need to improve on their Premier League start, and if they do, they should be able to make it through this group. If they don’t….this could prove very tricky indeed! Prediction: 2nd

Is this finally the year that Manchester City make a Champions League final? The group stage should prove no problem as they face Atalanta, Dinamo Zagreb and Shakatar. Yes, the trips to Ukraine and Croatia may prove tricky but City have so much fire power, depth and are so good at winning the crunch games, that this group should be something of a walkover. Prediction: 1st at a canter

Last but not least, Chelsea have been perhaps given the hardest draw of all. With the transfer ban in place and a new manager blending a young side, the Champions League looks like a daunting prospect and of all the English teams, Chelsea are the ones who are looking least likely to progress. Valencia are a top side and have quality all over the pitch and should top the group and even though Ajax have lost the crux of the great team that stormed this contest last season, they still possess enough to repeat last years feat. Even Lille is not an easy game and the French side may prove tricky to break down if Chelsea aren’t firing on all cylinders. Prediction: 3rd

Whether this will be another successful season for English clubs in Europe remains to be seen but with the brand of football Liverpool and Manchester City are currently playing, it would be a brave man to bet against an English winner of the contest again!

Is the Current England Squad Experienced Enough to Win Euro 2020?

Gareth Southgate” (CC BY 2.0) by Ben Sutherland

Gareth Southgate has continually promoted youth over experience during his time as England manager, and there’s a similar flavour to his first 25-man squad of a season which culminates in Euro 2020.

Given the Three Lions were World Cup semi-finalists in Russia last summer and third-place playoff winners in the UEFA Nations League since then, everyone expects them to breeze through qualifying.

A youthful setup has only taken Southgate so far though – to the penultimate hurdle of tournaments. His latest roster has just three players older than 28 on it, and one of those is new Aston Villa goalie Tom Heaton.

Fellow recent Villa Park recruit Tyrone Mings is one of two first-time call-ups for the Euro 2020 qualifiers against Bulgaria and Kosovo. It’s something of a Cinderella story for the former Ipswich Town defender whose time with Bournemouth was wrecked by a serious knee injury.

The other maiden call-up Southgate opted for was Aaron Wan-Bissaka, who joined Manchester United for a reported £50,000,000 from Crystal Palace over the summer. It’s not so much his selection that is surprising, but the player omitted so the 21-year-old can have a chance.

Kyle Walker is a couple of caps short of his half-century for England. His decision to leave Tottenham – the club that has developed a substantial core of players used by Southgate – for Manchester City is entirely vindicated by subsequent trophies and winners’ medals.

Since Walker swapped North London for the Etihad in the summer of 2017, Man City have won five of a possible six major domestic trophies on offer in English football. He helped them to a Premier League, FA Cup and EFL Cup treble last season, but finds himself out of international contention all of a sudden.

Can England afford to ignore a proven winner who has obviously improved under Pep Guardiola? Not if they are to live up to their status as 9/2 second-favourites to win the Euros in the international football betting markets on offer at bet365.

Kyle Walker” (CC BY 2.0) by five til noon

This may be a storm in a teacup. Southgate could just be resting right back Walker who played in England’s UEFA Nations League finals campaign over the summer.

Being kicked by uncompromising Eastern European footballers looking to curb his natural instincts to get forward isn’t particularly appealing. Why then is former Spurs teammate Kieran Trippier, who by his own admission had a poor campaign last term despite a run to the Champions League final, still in the squad?

Surely, it’s Trippier who would benefit from being rested. He too has left Tottenham for Atletico Madrid and is adjusting to a new life in Spain and football culture in La Liga under passionate, demanding Argentine coach Diego Simeone.

Without Walker, no England defender selected has more than 30 caps. Only two have 20 or more, and just three have over 10. There is a massive lack of experience at the back with first-choice keeper Jordan Pickford on 19.

Going into the September international break, only Raheem Sterling – the joint-most experienced Three Lions player selected – had scored more Premier League goals than Burnley striker Ashley Barnes.

Austria don’t seem interested in offering him a belated senior international career having once played for their Under-20 team, but it appears he’s the somewhat unfashionable age of 29.

Barnes’ claims of an England call-up have been ignored by Southgate. Why? Well, he doesn’t fit the profile of younger players preferred by the Three Lions boss.

Exciting up-and-coming talents throughout the squad in Wan-Bissaka, Jadon Sancho, Declan Rice, Mason Mount, James Maddison and Ben Chilwell are all well and good, but the best teams often blend youth and experience.

Southgate is gambling on the old sporting adage: if you’re good enough then you’re old enough for England.

EPL Matchday Two Round-Up

Author: Alex Dudley

The Premier League is well underway for the new season, and we can already get a better understanding of which teams are in the best position to achieve their goals for the coming season.

Punters would have been disappointed with the latest round of results which saw Chelsea and Aston Villa both fail to win at home, but gamblers should be quick to take advantage of the sign-up with bet365 bonus code ahead of the next round of fixtures to maximise their returns.

Arsenal 2-1 Burnley

The Gunners made it two wins from two to begin a Premier League season for the first time in ten years with a win over Burnley at the Emirates. Alexandre Lacazette put Arsenal ahead before Ashley Barnes scored his third goal in two games to equalise. However, the Gunners weren’t to be denied, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored the winner for the home side in the second half.

Manchester City 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur

There was one big story following this game, and that was VAR. The technology disallowed what City believed to have been the winning goal, as the ball ricocheted off the hand of Aymeric Laporte en route to Gabriel Jesus’ foot. Under the new FA rules, no goal can be awarded if a hand is involved, but City would have felt they did enough to win the game after dominating throughout. Raheem Sterling and Sergio Aguero twice put the Citizens ahead, but equalisers from Erik Lamela and Lucas Moura twice pegged them back.

Aston Villa 1-2 Bournemouth

Aston Villa would have been lamenting their slow start to the game as they were 2-0 down after 12 minutes. A Josh King penalty and a debut goal for Harry Wilson meant it was the Cherries to lose. There was a late goal from Douglas Luiz, but it was too little too late for the Villa on their first home game back in the top-flight.

Everton 1-0 Watford

It was a welcome return to Goodison Park for Everton as they won their first game of the new season. Bernard scored the only goal of the game after ten minutes. Moise Kean came on to make his home debut and missed two great chances to cap his cameo with a goal.

Southampton 1-2 Liverpool

The Reds had only been back in England for less than 48 hours, but that didn’t stop them from taking their place at the top of the table. Sadio Mane scored on his return to St Mary’s before Roberto Firmino scored the second. There was late drama as a mistake from Adrian allowed Danny Ings to score, but Liverpool held on for the win.

Brighton & Hove Albion 1-1 West Ham United

Leandro Trossard thought he had scored his first goal for his new club in the opening 45 minutes, but VAR overruled the decision after Dan Burns was in an offside position before crossing the ball. However, he did find the net again in the second half to salvage a point for the Seagulls after Javier Hernandez had given the Hammers the lead.

Norwich City 3-1 Newcastle United

The miserable start to the season continued for Steve Bruce, as Teemu Pukki scored the first Norwich top-flight hat-trick for 26 years. The travelling side did grab a late consolation, but these are worrying times for Newcastle fans.

Sheffield United 1-0 Crystal Palace

The Blades celebrated their first home game back in the Premier League with a deserved win against Crystal Palace. The only goal of the game was scored by John Lundstram two minutes into the second half.

Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City

Frank Lampard’s wait for a first win as Chelsea manager continued as his side were held to a 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge. Mason Mount put the Blues ahead with his first goal for the club before Wilfred Ndidi made up for his error by scoring the equaliser with just over 20 minutes remaining.

Greatest Games of the 2018/2019 Season

As the days and weeks count down to the start of the new Premier League season, as fans eagerly await what is to come, a countdown of the greatest moments from the previous season will get you in the mood for the drama that surely lies ahead…

Manchester City 4 v Brighton 1

The title race, which involved the highest ever points total for a second place team, came down to the wire and this game had it all! Although it was an emphatic victory in the end, what makes it memorable is those moments of hope that gave Liverpool fans a dream that the title was heading their way. For 20-30 minutes anything seemed possible….

Manchester United 3 v Newcastle 2

The reign of Jose Mourinho seems so long ago in this optimistic era of Ole, but there were glorious moments for the special one at Old Trafford, including this comeback against a rampant Newcastle. 2-0 at half time, the season was a mess and the crowd were turning. Cue a comeback of all comebacks….from the ridiculous to the sublime including a fergie time winner. Was this the start of a new dawn from Jose? We all know the answer….

Manchester City 2 vs Crystal Palace 3

The game that showed that Pep’s side were beatable after all. These are the best kind of games, they start with what you feel will be a routine City win, taking an early lead, yet blaze into action. City were shell shocked and found themselves 3-1 down and were unable to come back. A season shaping win for Palace and a game nobody at the Ethiad will forget in a hurry!

Manchester City 2 v  Liverpool 1

Seven points behind and needing a win, Liverpool new the post-Xmas game with City was vital. The quality was high, the nerves were on display and the game could have went either way but a managerial duel that was fought to the bitter end was won by Pep, and at this stage it looked the climatic end to the season we got, would not arrive

However my personal favourite would be:P

Wolves 4 v Leicester 3

On their return to the Premier League, Wolves gave us plenty of entertainment with some glorious football and memorable moment, and none perhaps more so that this clash with the Foxes. What remier league betting offers would you get this season for a 7 goal thriller including an injury time winner to complete a Diego Jota hat trick. Wes Morgan though he had sealed a titanic game after his 87th minute equaliser but Wolves had other plans…

Chelsea  3 v Arsenal 2

Every season, there is always a edge of your seat thriller involving Arsenal in the earlier weeks, and last season it was this.  Chelsea stormed to a lead, but then proved incapable of defending and Arsenal should have scored half a dozen times but only managed the two. End to end stuff, especially in a pulsating first half, did fade slightly but we still got a dramatic ending with Alavaro Morata netting in the 80th minute to take the 3 points.

If we can get 5 games half as good as this selection in the upcoming season, which I am sure we will, then 2019/2020 will be yet another memorable Premier League Campaign.

It’s Man City’s Title To Lose: Can Anyone Stop Guardiola’s Men?


Pep Guardiola” (Public Domain) by Terry Kearney

In what turned out to be one of the best Premier League seasons ever, Man City eventually triumphed after being pushed all the way by Liverpool. Will it be a case of new season, same result in 2019-2020? Or will the blue side of Manchester have some competition on their hands?

You only have to read the latest betting tips from Betfair to know Pep Guardiola’s men are strong favourites to defend their Premier League title. At 1/2, City are well-fancied. Liverpool at 3/1 are expected to offer the biggest threat with the other Big Six teams looking on from a distance.

While little weight might be attributed to pre-season results – after all, Man Utd have won every game they’ve played and remain an unfancied 39/1 for the title – Liverpool’s lacklustre warm-up schedule has shown frailties. The side has been leaking goals, losing to Borussia Dortmund 3-2, Napoli 3-0 and Sevilla 2-1, while drawing 2-2 with Sporting Lisbon.

Do Jurgen Klopp’s men have a hangover from last season; their exertions to win the title, and the eventual disappointment of losing out, playing on the minds of their talented squad. And while Arsenal and Manchester United have spent millions on new recruits, Liverpool have stayed relatively quiet in the transfer market.

Project 365 #153: 020619 Like The Murphy” (Public Domain) by comedy_nose

The Anfield faithful will argue the Merseysiders have no reason to add to an already stellar squad. But United aren’t the only Manchester club to spend big during the summer. City have almost matched their bitter cross-town rivals by spending in excess of £100 million.

Does that mean Manchester City are readying themselves to disappear off into the sunset? United and Arsenal will hope they have at least closed the gap, each having addressed two key issues that will make them better in 2019-2020.

By breaking their transfer record with the purchase of Nicolas Pepe from Lille, the Gunners add a new dimension to their already star-studded frontline. The goal-scoring winger has a directness and keen eye to shoot that’ll complement the talents of Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette.

Similarly, the Red Devils, who conceded over 50 Premier League goals last year (worse than Wolves, Everton, Leicester City, Crystal Palace, and Newcastle as well as the teams that finished above them), have addressed their frailties with approximately £130 million spent on the defence alone. If centre-half Harry Maguire and right-back Aaron Wan Bissaka live up to their billing, United will undoubtedly be in the mix for the top 4 too.

Yet, despite the expenditure of the teams desperately seeking improvement over their 2018-2019 exploits, there’s still a clear gulf between them and Guardiola’s men. Spurs’ squad lacks depth, Chelsea have lost Eden Hazard and United and Arsenal appear to have too much ground to make up for a title push this year. Unless Liverpool rediscover the form that led them so close to a first Premier League title, there are few reasons to think the blue side of Manchester won’t be celebrating again.

Paul Pogba’s Future – Where does it lie?

Love him or loathe him, there can be very little doubt that when on top form Paul Pogba is one of the best pure footballers in the world game. He is often criticised for having little impact on games and appearing out of motivation and disinterested, which is fair, but as with all the greats when the occasion is big he shows up! Look at the vital games for France in the World Cup including the 2018 Fifa World Cup Final, look at the Europa League Final and you will see commanding displays that rival the greats of the game.

Many within the game were surprised at Pogba’s initial move to Manchester United when he was playing crazyvegas football. The club that let him go as youngster, claimed he did not have what it takes to make it at the top level and to be fair, a club in a huge transition and unlikely to challenge for the elite honours for a season or two whilst they rebuild. Perhaps Pogba went back to prove a point? To show the club first hand who dismissed his skills that he was an elite level player?

But now with new management, a new regime and a new era starting from  Old Trafford, Pogba could be one of the many who looks at other options as they rebuild the team. Paul Pogba is not short of options but the size of the transfer fee mixed with the wage demands, and the reputation he seems to have build up may seems like a stumbling block.

But where would he go?

There have been talk of big money moves to China, but Pogba isn’t the sort of player to chase big money for the sake of it, and that option will always be there so at this stage in his career that’s a no.

In addition, the Premier League is short of options. Pogba has lit up the league but only in flashes and Man United wouldn’t be elated to sell him to a rival. He doesn’t fit in with City’s style, nor is a Jürgen Klopp style player so the chances of him moving anywhere in the Premier League seem slim.

A return to Italy is not out of the question according to sports betting new zealand, and there has been serious talk about interests from Juventus where he made his name. With Ronaldo already there, combining the two could be a wonderful thing for fans!

But the most serious chat and links is relating to a move to Spain and one of the big two. Barcelona and Real Madrid have a history of making big name signings in the summer to keep fans interested, whether they need them or not!, and Pogba would fit the bill perfectly. Both Barcelona and Real Madrid need something to boost their aging and tired midfields and Pogba would be an ideal fit on all accounts.

Pogba may surprise everyone and stay at Old Trafford, but I for one would expect him to be lining up in La Liga next season.

Liverpool’s Transfer Plans


Now that the dust has settled after Champions League victory and a league campaign that took them painfully close to the League Title, Liverpool and Jürgen Klopp now look to solidify the team and try to capture that elusive title. But who will come, who will stay, what do they need? Klopp has a habit of slow and steady builds so rule out for now the possibility of big sales, half a dozen new major arrivals or risky business. The side Klopp has built at Anfield is solid, with no major weaknesses and could well contend for major honours again without any input (see the example of Spurs!). But who will they be likely to go for?

Junior Firpo is one name on the list that simply won’t go away and this is would be a wise singing. Firpo is a tough defender, great in the air and comfortable with the ball at his feet. He has impressed in major games for Real Betis and coped with the best La Liga has to offer. He would make an ideal partner for Van Dijk and vital cover if anything happened to the Dutchman. £50 million would be the rough asking price, but the investment would certainly give Liverpool fans that added defensive security!

Kalidou Koulibaly is another name linked with Anfield. This would be a more pricey option at £100 million plus as he is considered one of the finest defenders in the game and without doubt if he became available the problem Liverpool would have is stiff competition from the biggest clubs in the world!

One name that would certainly excite fans is that of free-coring midfielder Bruno Fernandes who certainly has something of a Ronaldo esque feel about him. Playing for Sporting Lisbon at present, he broke the record for a midfielder last season knocking in 31 goals….and these were goals from everywhere, inside and outside the box, free kicks, headers…you name it he scored it. Man Utd seem to be front runners at the moment but Liverpool are said to be keen and going to the reigning European Champions rather that  a rebuilding Man Utd may be a more appealing option!

And finally, a more familiar name that would certainly show Liverpool’s ambitions is that of Ryan Sessengon. A true shining light in a truly awful Fulham team last season, Sessengon deserves to be in a team that compliments his ability and where he can showcase himself with and against the elite. Him staying in the Premier League is a must, and where better than Liverpool! He is a Klopp style player, has lots to prove, has great attacking flair, is team-minded and has a work rate second to none! Fulham will ask for big money but given his age and his potential, as well as the fact that he has already proven himself in the English game, means he could well be one of the best options for Anfield!

Copa America success can be a shot in the arm for Brazilian football

For a while it seemed as though malaise and misfortune were following Brazil around every major international tournament. Since Dunga’s Brazil side of 2007 swept away Argentina to win the Copa America, Brazil’s performances in major competitions have been a tale of woe, of squandered potential.

The limp defeat to a better motivated Dutch side in South Africa 2010. The disheartening penalty exit at the hands of Paraguay in the 2011 Copa America. The unforgettable and harrowing 7-1 demolition by Germany in 2014. The pair of weak, insipid performances that led to early exits in both the 2015 and 2016 Copa Americas. These were the signs of a Brazilian national team in crisis.

But as Tite’s side reclaimed their South American kingship on home soil earlier this month, more than a decade of international failure was washed away. Dani Alves, who was a part of the 2007 Copa winning side, seemed the perfect man to lift the trophy, to bookend a painful decade with sweet success once more. This was a Brazil side recharged, spurred on by the home support that ultimately caused them to choke in 2014, harnessing their talents effectively to sweep away all opponents. This was a call-back to the glory years, as Brazil did not concede a single goal before the final.

It may seem melodramatic to present this as some kind of redemptive success. For many of us, twelve years without a major international title is not a long time. For England fans indeed, over 50 years of hurt have not yet been healed by a repeat of that 1966 World Cup triumph.

But then, Brazil are different from any other footballing nation. For decades, the mood of the nation has so often hinged on the prospects of their football team, those yellow shirts the beacons to which so many Brazilians pin their hopes and dreams. The 2014 World Cup disaster on home soil presented the kind of humiliation Brazil had never experienced. So used to success, so acquainted with glory, it felt as though a nation, never mind a football team, had crumbled into the sea, each German goal another wave crashing against the side that was once feared by all.

That wound has undoubtedly taken time to heal, and perhaps it will never heal fully, but this recent success provides a boost to every level of football in Brazil, from those kicking balls around the streets of Rio right up to the Série A. Perhaps now is the time for Brazilians to fall in love once more with their domestic game, the league that once boasted legends like Pele and Romario.

Indeed, Everton, who scored the opening goal in Brazil’s 3-1 win over Peru in the Copa America final, plies his trade with Grêmio, proving that the domestic league can still provide the national side’s heroes. As the Série A gets underway once again after breaking up for the Copa America, expect there to be a new spring in the step of many players, an added buoyancy to the crowds, all now reacquainted with that sweet taste of international glory.

If you think you can predict who will win this year’s Brazilian Série A, then check out 

European Super Cup


Since the early 1970s, the European Super Cup has served as a curtain raiser to the European season and this year will again be contested by two English teams. Last season was a unique occasion on which both the Europa League and Champions League final was contested by English teams. Chelsea overcame Arsenal at a canter to win the Europa League and Spurs fell to Liverpool on the bigger Champions League stage. But what does the European Super Cup mean? Does it mean anything at all? Let us take a look in this article and also consider the odds on the eventual winner by visiting sports betting nzd

This year, the winners of the European Super Cup, will be decided in Istanbul Turkey. Another fair trek for English fans after last summers finals. The cup itself used to be a two legged affair, with home and away ties, giving chance for both teams fans to witness the occasion. Back in the pre-Champions League days, before the big money flooded in, the European Super Cup was certainly more appealing but now for the European Super Cup has passed into being a game people barely realise still takes place. In fact, had it not been for the fact that this year sees Chelseas lining up against Liverpool, would we even be talking about it in the UK…probably not?

Sadly, European Super Cup, despite its name can only ever be considered on par with the community shield. With the eyes of the world being on the game more than the community shield, and the fact that it is a European style prize, the clubs may take it more seriously, but this certainly won’t be treated with the level of the times these clubs have met in Champions League, FA Cups or even Premier League games. As it simply doesn’t warrant its place…

Yes there is a minimal cash prize, yes the bragging rights prior to the season are important and its another medal on the neck and another trophy in the cabinet, but it would be interesting to see how many teams would compete in the European Super Cup if was optional! Travelling all the way to Turkey, playing a game in those conditions and then flying back for a Premier League game seems to be excess and I can imagine the main priority of all managers will be getting through the game without any major injuries.

The European Super Cup cannot compete with the Champions League. Because the status of the Europa League, in the minds of most, is way way behind the Champions League, the game seems unnecessary. We all know that regardless of what happens in the Super Cup that the team who win the Champions League will always be considered the best team in Europe and the European Super Cup is merely nothing but a curtain raiser to get the season off to a flyer. Something relected in the odds on betting sites in sa .The only good purpose served by the European Super Cup is that it can give fan who can afford it, a chance to watch their team in pastures new. Klopp and Lampard will all just be hoping for an injury free trip!

Fantasy Football for Beginners

I got hooked on Fantasy Football in the same way many did….via the Dream Team competitions in the national newspaper. Hours I would spend pouring over the prices, stats and assembling a team only to find out that I had too many Arsenal players or I had miscalculated and was £1 million ver spend. After the team was picked, the excitement was quickly nullified when half my team were injured and the other half didn’t start. The pre season optimism of a run to the top of the dream team board ended sharpish!

For most, the Fantasy Football season is not about a run for the top prizes on offer, but simply beating your mates in the leagues you have organised. Many season I have topped the table with glory taking home bragging rights or even the kitty for the more risky players. Whether you are new to fantasy football or an expert here are some vital tips to go with these sports betting picks

Tip 1 – Never Submit Too Early – I have fallen foul of submitting my teams too early, only for players to go down injured, fall out with managers or be transferred to the far end of Russia. Always wait, until the last possible moment, especially if you are playing a version of the game where changes aren’t allowed to be made

Tip  2 – Check who will be away – I have a feeling you are safe this season, but always be aware of players who are called away to Asian ups, Africa Nations and Such like as they could missed 4-5 games, maybe more and that could be vital to your stats!

Tip 3 – Who is on penalties? – Let me be nostalgic for a moment…back in the day my first ever pick on the team sheet would be David Unsworth. Everton were always likely to be top 10 and have a decent defensive record, but the main reason Unsworth was always first on my list was that he took the penalties giving extra chances to earn points. Defenders are never selected because they score goals but if you can get someone who may net 5 goals a season from the spot, or indeed the likes of free kick taking defenders who may end up netting a few free kicks, the value is immense!

Tip 4 – Promoted Gems – Every season, there are 1-2 players in each of the promoted teams who will be scoring high points. They are cheap, reliable and usually play every game as they are needed to help their team. Therefore, hunt down last seasons stats, look at who is likely to start and if you can get a creative midfielder who can chip in with 10 goals or so, that’s the aim. They will cost you virtually nothing and mean you can go for one of the big boys in your team!

Tip 5 – Ignore last seasons points – Forget about the listing that show you how much the player earned last season…that means nothing! People get too easily distracted but form dips and players are far too often one season wonders.

I hope those 5 tips help you out in your hunt for fantasy football success and if you happen to win this season, taking home the kitty from your mates, then you owe me a pint! Unless you live in Canada where best sports betting sites canada will provide you with far greater insight than I can with my 5 basic hints and tips.

PS One last free tip – Take a look at Norwood at newly promoted Sheffield United – in the new VAR era set piece takers like him should provide excellent value.

Why Liverpool Don’t Need to Spend?


After a season in which the Champions League trophy was returned to Anfield and the club ended up with the highest points total ever for a second place finish, the summer is a key time to decide how they can retain their European status and make that one last push to bring the league title home. Do Liverpool need to spend? Is a big name needed to keep morale going? Or is “not selling” better than “spending”?

Look no further than last seasons example of Spurs… the summer there was tensions over at White Hart Lane as the club failed to secure any big name signings and instead relied on the team that had produced success the previous season. Fast forward to the end of the season and 3rd in the league and a Champions League final……justified!

So as Jurgen Klopp sits down with his squad sheet heading into the new season, why could the best idea be not spending at all? The simple fact of the matter is that Liverpool won the champions league last season with relative ease. They cruised through every stage including the final and had the greatest comeback in Champions League history to make the final. They have a squad that includes the best defender in world football, one of the finest keepers currently in the game and an attacking trio ANY club in Europe would relish having. The team flows well, has great balance and has no obvious weaknesses with a strength in depth that most clubs would die for! So why improve for the sake of it? The major blow as we are seeing with their US tour is that the youngsters look really good, particularly Brewster. Provided he can concentrate on his football and avoid the bright lights of Vegas and online casinos usa when he is out in the States.

More pessimistic people may point to the fact that Liverpool still did not end the long long drought of league title success last season…..but they were desperately unlucky. They acquired the highest ever points total in league history to end up 2nd, and in 99% of league season they would have been champions. They just happened to be up against a Manchester City side under Pep Guardiola that has to be considered as “peak Pep”. Man City played well throughout the season, but can they continue that? Will Liverpool’s quite frankly, amazing points total, ever fail to win the league again? True, both sides have to keep the form from last season, but Liverpool are in a good position, with a settled squad and should consider giving this team another run at the title before giving up.

Compared to great rivals Man Utd who are currently on the other side of the world in Australia, (who incidentally are likely to come back with a new online sports betting australia sponsorship deal as part of their relentless commercial drive!) the Reds don’t need so much work done to the squad.

In this transfer heavy, headline grabbing, big money modern game it is indeed all to easy to spend money for the sake of it on a big name or someone who becomes available. But as Spurs proved last season, all too well, then success can be achieved and maintained without the need for big investment. Klopp needs to keep the champions of Europe motivated, playing on form and making sure he keeps the team focused and then that is surely far better than any investment for the sake of it!

Man United Tour of Australia


It seems to be that the complaining and negativity regarding Premier League clubs playing overseas tour as a pre-season war up has ended, not for the fact fans are now happy about it but simply because it has became an accepted fact that if you are a Premier League club then a pre season tour to raise revenue, sell shirts and get new fans is part and parcel of 21st century football.

Manchester United have headed down under for the preparation for the 2019/2020 season, as far as you could possibly go. Many fans obviously won’t and can’t travel that far, there are no prizes at stake but plenty be won and lost in all departments. Is it worth the travel? Worth the injury risks? The money would say yes, but you can’t help but feel that if Ole Gunnar Solksjaer had his own way, the trip wouldn’t be happening.

This is indeed a huge summer for Ole and his new set up at Manchester United. He has his first real crack of the whip after a positive start to life at Old Trafford, on the other side of the desk, last season.  He has this summer to start getting a team in order, deal with transfers and then sort out the problems that seems to be developing with the likes of Paul Pogba! What will the Australian tour help him decide? Would be been better off on the australian online pokies than trying to fix the enigma that is Pogba?

There are a lot of questions that he can really get to grips with on this tour. Paul Pogba, and the saga of will he stay or will he go, is likely to rumble on way past the Australian Tour but hopefully some time on the other side of the world will help him get a good grasp on whether he will have one of the worlds best players at his hands or not.

Questions remain over two key players… Alexis Sanchez and Anthony Martial. Sanchez has perhaps been one of the most disappointing acquisitions in the history of Old Trafford transfers. He has looked like a shell of his former self and a player who isn’t fit to wear the shirt! If Ole can use the trip to Australia to reinvigorate the Chilean and if he can capture even 70% of the form he once had…he will be a huge asset. The same for Martial, Australia  is the perfect chance for him to try out the French star in new roles and find how best to fit him in.

And two words that will excite all United fans…..Mason Greenwood. This is the chance for him to star and for United fans, players and staff to see what he is all about! If the tour of Australia brings him into the first team, then this will be surely all worth it! Greenwood look a sure fire better to save United a fortune- the type they could have made with online slots for real money . One hope is that is that he doesn’t’ follow the Jesse Lingaard route of bursting on the scene but never quite living up to the initial promise. Time will tell but for now the signs look good for the 17 year old

What is “Sarri-ball” and is it coming to Juventus next season?

Despite guiding Chelsea to Europa League title success and a third-place Premier League finish, Maurizio Sarri has traded The Blues for Juventus. The Italian manager has left Chelsea and signed a three-year deal to become manager of Juventus; both clubs confirmed the signing of the contract on Sunday the 16fh of June. Chelsea announced on Thursday that they had agreed a compensation fee of over £5 million for the Italian who told he wanted to return to Italy to be closer to his family.

Sarri’s reign at Chelsea has not been without it’s criticisms and the Italian manager’s tactical choices – often called “Sarri-ball” – have been under fire more than he would have wanted. Sarri has always claimed the criticism of his Sarri-ball system is a “false problem” as he vowed to stand by his tactics while his job was often hanging by a thread.

Former Liverpool-player, currently working as an analyst, Danny Murphy has been an outspoken critic of the system claiming he never understood the whole Sarri-ball thing and it has always bemused [him]. Murphy went on to say that Sarri-ball is like trying to put square pegs in round holes and claims Sarri is refusing to accept his mistakes and change his tactics.

Now with Sarri returning to Italy, the question is if his Sarri-ball tactical play is coming back to the Italian peninsula too. But first, what is Sarri-ball exactly?

The concept of ‘Sarri-ball’ – or also called ‘Sarrismo’ – is essentially a fast-paced, possession-based style of attacking football often likened to a vertical tiki-taka. Comparable to the style of football Pep Guardiola introduced during his reign at Barcelona, Sarri-ball incorporates short and quick passes with the objective to move the play as far up the pitch as fast as possible. Sarri has received a lot of criticism for his style of play but has also been hailed being a tactical genius bringing attractive football to Napoli, with short quick passing and rapid counter attacks.

Now that Sarri is coming to Juventus next season, is Sarri-ball coming with him? All signs show that the Italian has not given up on his approach and is stubborn to continue playing the style he has become famous with. For one, Sarri has demanded that Juventus bring the Chelsea duo Gonzalo Higuain, who Sarri previously worked with at Napoli, as well as full-back Emerson Palmieri to Turin. The Italian manager clearly is planning on continuing playing similar football as he did with Napoli and later on with Chelsea.

Sarri-ball is coming back to Italy; everything is pointing in that direction. And according to Italian newspaper Tuttosport, Ronaldo is excited by the prospect of Sarri-ball coming to Turin and is hoping he can benefit from the change in approach. Winning the championship with Juventus will be the minimum for Sarri. The 60-year old will also need to perform well in the Champions League, possibly winning the ‘trophy with the big ears’. Only if he achieves in doing this, his passage in Turin will be seen as a success.

Women’s World Cup – The Good, the bad and the ugly

As we reach the knockout stages of the 2019 FIFA Women’s Football World Cup, we can reflect back on what has been a tournament filled with talking points, both positive and negative. In actual fact, let us just start with the negatives and that has been the conduct of one team in particular.

The Round of 16 game at the 2019 FIFA Women’s Football World Cup quickly descended into farce as the fun, free flowing positive football of England was thwarted by an aggressive, spoiling tactic from Cameron. It was sad to see the Women’s game, on such a big stage, descend into such a fashion that it became awkward to watch. The delaying tactics actually meant the match itself lasted for 2 hours of play time! VAR was disputed, Cameroon were on the verge of quitting and fouled England to the extent that the game was ruined! A shambles all round and the referring display did not help matters!

But let us not dwell on the negatives too long as the 2019 FIFA Women’s Football World Cup has been on the whole a shining beacon of how the sport should be played. The Women’s teams all seem to have set out to prove a point, to set an example and to truly inspire the next generation of females to take up the game. The conduct on the whole has been exemplary, and the game has been played in great spirits! There has been very little diving, play acting or poor sportsmanship (except the Cameroonians last night!) and the respect for officials and opposition has been high. What are the odds on this being a cleaner world cup than the mens? Have a look at Bettingoffers.Cash to see.

The games have been entertaining at the 2019 FIFA Women’s Football World Cup as the teams have focused on attacking play, creative football and an attitude of presenting football as it should be….entertainment. Often games in the men’s side of things, when tension is high and millions of pounds are at stake can descend into bore fests with both teams trying to be too negative, but based on pure entertainment value…..the 2019 FIFA Women’s Football World Cup has certainly outdone last year’s men’s efforts!

The quality of football has also been high. Too many times, especially on social media, comments about Women’s football will always revert back to how inferior people perceive the game in comparison to the men’s game. I suggest that these comments derive from people who have not watched a single moment of the 2019 FIFA Women’s Football World Cup as if they had if would have taken a very stubborn person not to see how the quality has risen.

At the end of the day, the 2019 FIFA Women’s Football World Cup has got the respect it deserves from press and TV coverage…..That’s what the game needs to grow. Not treated a side show, or a PC exercise, but as what it should be and that is a high quality, entertaining and competitive sport played in the way that the game really should be!

Top earning footballers around the world

Gone are the days when players stayed at one club for their entire career, and in recent years many footballers have turned into hired mercenaries, ready to perform for the highest bidder. Many players leave home comforts in the search for higher wages, and of the Top 20 earners, according to , only 2 players are still playing in the country of their birth. Of these, Gerard Pique has played abroad previously in England with Manchester United before returning to Spain.

The fact that both of these players, Spaniard Pique and Kylian Mbappe from France, are European helps them massively to earning big money in their own countries as 75% of the top 20 earnings are plying their trade in Europe. This shows that the biggest money to be made in Football is to come from Europe, with the remaining players currently playing in China and America. These later countries are really tapping into the market in terms of money being paid to players, as previously these countries were seen as leagues where older players go to prolong the end of their career. Now the football associations in these countries are noticing the vast population that they have and using it to drive money into the game, especially China. They have now been able to attract younger players to their league, including 27 year old Oscar, number 6 on our list, and 15th place Hulk, who moved to the Chinese Super League at age 29.

Where you are born also seems to indicate whether you could be one of the higher paid players as 19 of the top 20 hail from either Europe or South America, with only Ivory Coast international Yaya Toure coming from any other continent. The most common country in the top 20 was Brazil with Neymar Jr, Oscar, Thiago Silva and Hulk all appearing in our list. All these players made the move into Europe very early on in their careers and are now reaping the benefits. The two next highest countries both had 3 appearances on the list with France and Argentina sharing second place. With Uruguay and Colombia also appearing on the list, South America really is a hot bed of football talent with exactly half of the top 20 hailing from the continent.

Recent international successes may lead to improved financial deals at club level, as out of the 9 European players on the list, 3 hail from France who have just become World Champions by winning the coveted FIFA World Cup. It may well be that increased interest in these players have lead clubs to move and try to secure them on longer and better deals.

Infographic source:

Splitting the Premier League – A positive step or a daft idea?

As another season of the Premier League unfolds, and the usual pattern emerges with three leagues in one…The top 6, the middle 4 and the 10 clubs scrapping to stay above the drop zone. This had lead to the re-emergence of a long standing debate about splitting the league up into mini divisions at a certain stage of the season.

I for one am a fan of this idea. What it would essentially mean is that for the final 12 games or so, the top 6 teams would only play each other, the bottom  6 would compete for survival and the middle tier would battle for bragging rights. I do realise that under this system the battle for the middle positions would not be too exciting, but the rest of it….its the future.

Can you imagine 10 weeks of the season in which the top 6 battle it out week after week? The rivalries, the drama, knowing that every point is vital to keep pace. The league would tighten up as teams would be dropping points and not steam rolling over lowly rivals. Ticket demand for Man City v Man Utd would certainly exceed Man City vs Cardiff and TV viewers would lap it up!

The same for the Bottom 6 clubs…..Look at Huddersfield, getting cut adrift in the season with games away to the big boys to come. But imagine if they knew their last 10 games would be against fellow rivals? The drama would begin….Constant games week after week of teams knowing that a loss could edge them closer to relegation whereas a win would inch them to another season of Premier League glory…..all makes for better drama than constant 11 men behind the ball displays against teams they are fully and rightly expected to, and often do, loose against! Imagine also how it would impact Betting Deals for EPL and Championship clubs!

I know what you are going to say? Why fix something that is more popular than ever and is not broken? Well the argument I would give you is that if an idea exists that could increase Premier League viewership, attendances and drama….then why not take advantage of it?

Will Juventus win Serie A again next season?

Serie A is a very entertaining and exciting domestic league, if you are not challenging for the title. The relegation battle, fight for the Europa League spots and the contest to finish in the Champions League places are hugely enthralling. However, when it comes to the Scudetto, it has pretty much been a one-horse race.

Juventus have won Serie A for the past eight seasons, as the Bianconeri have established themselves as the team to beat in Italy. Not only do Juve play the best football in the country, but they also dominate matches and pretty much steamroll every team that stand in their way. This season, at one stage, it looked like Napoli were going to give them a run for their money, but Juventus ended up winning the championship by 11 points.

A lot could happen this summer during the transfer window, but at this point in time, it is hard to see anyone aside from Juventus winning the Serie A title during the 2019-20 campaign. The Turin giants have the best squad in Serie A, and in Cristiano Ronaldo, they have one of the greatest ever goalscorers. Then, there are midfielders Miralem Pjanic and Sami Khedira, forward Paulo Dybala as well as defenders Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci. There is no doubt that Juventus will be favourites for the Serie A betting outright markets for the upcoming season

There is one club who will be determined to put an end to Juventus’s winning run who also have the resources and personnel to challenge them, and that is Inter Milan. While Juventus are still looking for a new manager following the departure of Massimiliano Allegri, Inter have appointed Antonio Conte as their boss. It was Conte who started the Bianconeri’s total domination of Italian football, and perhaps it will be Conte who will put an end to it.

Inter have not been great in recent years, but the 2010 Champions League winners are back in Europe’s premier club competition after finishing fourth in Serie A this season. Conte would not have taken charge of Inter had he not been given assurances of the club’s transfer budget and had they not had grand plans for the future. Inter’s appointment of Conte as their manager suggests that the Milanese club mean business. Players such as Mauro Icardi, Milan Skriniar, Radja Nainggolan and Ivan Perisic are superb footballers, and if Inter are able to bolster their squad this summer, then there could be a genuine title challenge on.

Elsewhere, Napoli will continue to challenge for the title, although one suspects that the Neapolitan club will be happy to finish in the top four yet again. In recent years, following the slide down the table of Inter Milan and AC Milan, it is Napoli who have taken upon themselves to give a fight to Juventus, but they always seem to fall short, and next season is unlikely to be any different.

2018/19 Champions League Final

As another domestic season draws to a close, we look ahead to what feels like a domestic game. An all English Champions League Final. In a season in which the quality of the top flight of English football has been so high, it is only fitting that the elite competition in Europe is contested by two of the teams who finished in the Top 3 of the Premier League.

Liverpool will look to curb the disappointment of the highest ever points total to end up only second in the Premier League, as well as last years Champions League final defeat, and overcome Tottenham Hotspur who have produced some outstanding performances to reach the final in a year in which they never seriously contended for the Premier League crown.

What will happen on June 1st? Will we see a classic attack of free flowing football or a cagey defensive affair? Will Salah and Ali show up or will someone unexpected steal the show? There is not long to find out…Let us take a look at a few key facts about this tie…

  • Spurs have never reached this stage of the competition before and face Liverpool, 5 times winners and last season runners up
  • Both teams came back from unprecedented levels in the Semi Finals to reach this stage
  • This will be the 7th Champions League Final to be contested by clubs from the same country and the second English affair.  Spanish clubs have most regularly appeared in these domestic final
  • The last All English affair was 11 years ago when Manchester United defeated Chelsea on penalties in the rain soaked city of Moscow
  • Spurs become the 8th English club to appear in a European Cup Final…more than any other country
  • This is the 5th final to have taken place in Madrid, the last being in 2010
  • In total Spurs have lost 79 times to Liverpool in 170 games with 43 draws
  • Only 22 teams have won the European Cup….Spurs would make it 23
  • Spurs have a good European pedigree outside of the Champions League and were the first English winners of the now defunct European Cup Winners Cup
  • Spurs would indeed become only the 5th club to have won the Champions League, UEFA Cup and Cup Winners Cup if they triumphed in Madrid
  • Liverpool have won 5 of 8 European Finals
  • Liverpool have reached back to European Finals on 2 previous occasions and have always won at least one of them
  • Spurs have never ever won a game in Spain
  • Liverpool have lost on 4 of their previous 5 trips to Spain
  • The sides previously met in the Semi Final stage of the 1973 UEFA Cup when Liverpool overcame Spurs on away goals
  • In the last 14 meetings between the two sides, Spurs have beaten Liverpool only once
  • Liverpool won 2-1 on both occasions that the two sides met in this years Premier League
  • The sides met in a domestic final in 1982 when Liverpool won 3-1

I hope that has got your appetite wet for what should be a titanic and historic clash in Madrid tomorrow night!

The leading contenders for PFA Player of the Year award 2019

As one of the most exciting Premier League seasons in recent memory comes to a thrilling climax, it’s almost time to recognise the players who have lit up England’s elite throughout 2018/19. This year, football fans have been treated to some stunning individual performances and there’s some truly talented footballers who are in the reckoning for the PFA Player of the Year award.

Before we have a look at the frontrunners, don’t forget to bet on Premier League winner as Manchester City and Liverpool engage in a two-horse race for the title, with the Citizens leading the way at 4/5 currently. If you think the Reds will end their Premier League hoodoo, you can back Jurgen Klopp’s men at evens.

Virgil van Dijk @1/4

If Liverpool are to secure their first ever Premier League success, much will be owed to the herculean displays of Virgil van Dijk. The Dutch centre-back has been nothing short of class throughout the whole campaign, and is yet to be successfully dribbled past in the last 12 months. The Reds paid a world-record fee for Van Dijk in January 2018 and he has absolutely revolutionised a previously leaky defence. The former Southampton star has transformed the Merseysiders into genuine title contenders and it’ll be something of a surprise if he doesn’t win.

Raheem Sterling @11/4

If Van Dijk is unsuccessful, then it’ll likely be due to the continued excellence of City’s Raheem Sterling. The 24-year-old has enjoyed a stellar campaign to date and has 17 goals and 11 assists to his name, and his vast improvement hasn’t gone unnoticed. Sterling’s end product over the past two years has seen him become one of the league’s best players, and he’s certainly one of City’s most valuable assets. Manager Pep Guardiola has really transformed the England star and it would be hard to begrudge Sterling of the win.

Sergio Aguero @16/1

It still seems a travesty that City’s all-time record goal scorer hasn’t picked up the award, but Sergio Aguero continues to exercise his right as one of world football’s most exciting strikers. Since signing in 2011, the Argentine superstar has recorded 162 Premier League goals of which 19 were scored this season. In February, Aguero broke the record for most league hat-tricks when he scored consecutive trebles against Arsenal and Chelsea – bringing his total to 11. It’ll be hard for Aguero to pip the two favourites but if he continues to bang in the goals, his 16/1 price provides plenty of value.

Sadio Mane @25/1

Although much of the focus would have been on Mohammed Salah this season, Sadio Mane has taken over the reins and has proven himself as Liverpool’s main goal threat. The Senegalese winger-come-attacker has demonstrated his importance to Klopp’s men time and time again, and his goal and assist return this year has seen him listed as one of the main contenders. Mane’s slick style of play and brilliant attacking prowess have made him a nightmare for Premier League defenders, and he’s averaged a goal every 151 minutes this season.

Bernardo Silva @50/1

Statistics-wise, Bernardo Silva looks a questionable frontrunner for the PFA Player of the Year award but watching him strut his stuff at the Etihad suggests otherwise. Six goals and eight assists is hardly poor, but it isn’t on the same level as some of the other nominees but Silva’s all-round play is something to admire. Cool, calm and collected, Silva has proven to be a very important cog in the City juggernaut and he has gained a whole host of admirers this season and rightfully so; and could even be a natural replacement for namesake David. At 24, Silva has his best years ahead of him and he has certainly cemented a place in Guardiola’s starting XI. 

Eden Hazard @ 50/1

It’s hard to believe that Eden Hazard is all the way out at 50/1 after the season he has had, but he’ll provide excellent value for money for those who may be tempted. The Belgian winger has 16 goals to his name currently, the joint best since he signed for Chelsea in 2012. Alongside his 12 Premier League assists, it really has been Hazard’s strongest campaign and it’s no surprise that Real Madrid have demonstrated a keen interest. More often than not, Hazard is the main attacking threat and his sheer pace and close-knit dribbling make him one of the best players in the world. It’s hard to see Hazard winning but if he does, it’ll be his second award after winning in 2015.

Fernandinho and Mo Salah also at 50/1.

Facts About Manchester United

Everyone who watches soccer has heard about Manchester United. This is because this is part of the most popular teams in the world. Furthermore, with a history that dates back to the 1800, it would be a shock if you did not know them. We are sure that even those who do not watch soccer have surely heard about the Red Devils and the betting odds that come with the team. However as much as you might know about the team, allow us to give a few facts about Man United that will blow your mind away. 

Shocking Facts About Manchester United

The Teams Managers

Man United has a very long and winding history as we have mentioned about. And in that history, they have had 22 team managers. The amazing fact is from those 22 team mangers, Manchester United have only had 2 non-British managers. These two were Louis Van Gal and Jose Mourinho. 

The Goal Scorer

In the history of the UEFA, there have been many top scorers. With Ronaldo being among the names of the top goal scorers. What you might not have known was that Wane Rooney is the highest goal scorer. An Englishman in the league with an amazing 29 goals to brag about. 

We do know that the team features in the EU Sports FIFA game, what we do not know is if there are any online casino games in honour of this team. However with such a long history, there must be an online casino game at houseofjack that has the Red Devils, don’t you think so?

Their Name

We all know the name of the team is Manchester United, and we are also ware of their nickname, the Red Devils. Allow to know tell you were the nickname from. The team was first known as Newton Health and renamed to Manchester United in 1902. As for their nickname, under the management of Sir Matt Burly, United took the name from Red Devil from Salford rugby club. A club in France who were also known for their love of red jerseys. 

A day in the Life of a Manchester United Fan


The life of a soccer fan is one that is not easy. It is full pain, anger, relief and joy. However all these emotions have nothing to do the fan, but everything to do with the team that they support. On that note, allow us to take a few minutes to look at a day in the life of a typical Manchester United Fan.

The Emotions

Each and every soccer fan’s day is so full of emotion. All these emotions are those that they fail to control. On lookers may wonder what is troubling a Man United fan only to find out they are worried about the outcome of the next game. The emotions that fans a go through, words cannot even express. Even the beloved online gambling games cannot comfort a Red Devils fan who is distraught. When their team losses, they lose with it and when it wins, they rejoice with it. All this for the love of Manchester United. 

The dedication

What may seem to many as a day too hot or as a day too cold, to Manchester United fan, it is just another day. This is especially true if there is a match to be played. Be it in the rain, be it in the sun, if there is a game, they will be there. Despite the cost, a soccer fan is one who is dedicated to their team will always make sure that they watch them play. 

The lessons

According to sports betting and casino games reviewers at, they say each and every soccer match comes with several lessons. These lesson for both the player and the fans. For the Manchester United players, they have learnt that they should never give up. By watching their favourite fall and rise to challenge countless times, they too have taken this lesson in their day to lives. Troubles may come their way, but just like the Red Devils, they will take each challenge as it comes. 

That being said, a day in the life of a Manchester United fan is one that you will never be able to understand. The only way that you will be understand all they go through is to be a Manchester United fan yourself. 

What makes a good Football Quiz App?

The app stores are littered with Football Apps and one subject that comes up time and time again are Football Quizzes. Every Tom, Dick and Harry in the app creation world has cottoned on to the fact that if you combine two things that people love….Football and Quizzes, then you have a recipe for success. But this doesn’t ensure quality and only around 10% of the Football Apps on the store are worth even five minutes of your time. Are you thinking of making an app? Here are some useful tips…

  • Avoid picture games. There is nothing more boring than a hangman style game with a footballer pictured and guessing letters to unveil who it is. These games have been done to death, and that reminds me..
  • Avoid Logo games. Way too many, making a truly great Logo game for football takes time and its no good littering the market any more
  • Avoid too easy. The one problem many football apps do have is that they are not made by people with a good knowledge of football and hence it all tends to be too easy with questions galore on the same narrow subjects.
  • The type of games that are really working at the moment in the world of app quizzing are head to head games…Quiz Up, Quiz Planet etc. So invest time and money and making it a more competitive element to it, where rival fans can play and friends can show off their knowledge. The quiz games of just playing for your own personal score are long dead and player interaction is the way forward!
  • Invest in a quality writer. As an experienced quizzer and writer myself, I see so many awful apps with questions that have been cobbled together. The quality of questions will keep players coming back and if your app is advert reliant then that is what you want. Spend time finding a good writer, get questions updated all the time and always upload them. 100,000 questions should be the very basic base line you should be looking at when launching an app about football.

So, don’t waste your time reinventing the while, get a good interactive format mixed with solid questions and you will be laughing all the way to the bank! Also check out Best Football Apps for all the best football related apps out there.

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer – How can he not….?

Even the most ardent Manchester Untied fan who is loving live at the moment under Solksjaer  must admit that when he returned to the club in the wake of what will forever be known as “The Mourinho Years”, there was an initial excitement at seeing an old face but a longer term view of….who is next? Even in the initial few games when Solksjaer had made a positive impact, still all the talk was about the next manager? Time went on……the wins kept on coming….has Solksjaer now put himself in a position where the job is his to lose? How can Solksjaer secure the job? What will the end of the season need to look like for him to handed a full time deal….

Top 4 looked far beyond the team under Mourinho, far beyond it….and in free fall United fans feared the worst. But a string of solid wins under Solksjaer has paved a path to 4th place and the all-important Champions League qualifying positions.  Solksjaer has shown he can take the team into the Top 4 so now his job is to remain there. The very basis for Ole having a leading role in the running for the next permanent manager must surely come down to this? Remain in the Top 4 in a season where this looked impossible and it’s an achievement very few managers could have reached. Yes, in a normal season 4th place would be a disappointment, but if in May 2019 United are still there…it will feel like the biggest of victories!

Slipping out the Top 4 now he has achieved it may prove decisive. Again, even a 5th place finish with a stable team and good performances would be a massive improvement on what went before, but if we are talking about handing over the keys of the biggest club in world football to someone….then Top 4 is a must.

But what about this seasons Champions League? Solksjaer inherits one positive thing from his predecessor……knockout Champions League football. Strange things happen when we get to this stage of the worlds most lucrative competition and although the PSG game looks daunting, would you bet against a Solksjaer inspired Man United? Most expect PSG will have a little too much for United….their attacking might combined with the still questionable defence of United may prove a combination too much.

Beating PSG would help Solksjaer’s case no end, a run to the final and a Top 4 inish would surely mean the job is his?

United on the mend as Sanchez’s woes continue

While Manchester United’s season goes from strength to strength under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, one player at Old Trafford who continues to struggle is their Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez.

Since joining the club in January 2018, when Jose Mourinho was still in charge, Sanchez has hit the back of the net just five times. Only three of these goals have come in the Premier League, all at home and against teams in the bottom half of the table, with the other two netted in FA Cup matches in the capital.

And an injury against Southampton at the beginning of March meant he played no part in United’s dramatic – albeit slightly fortuitous – success over Paris St Germain in the Champions League a few days later.

Source: “Ole Gunnar Solskjær” (CC BY-ND 2.0) byArbeiderpartiet

While the Reds were edging to an away-goals success over PSG in Paris, the 30-year-old could only watch in the knowledge that he is likely to be out of action until mid-April.

United are now 10/1 to win the Champions League in the football betting and Sanchez may not even be available for the second leg of their quarter-final tie, which will take place on either April 16 or 17.

Speaking ahead of the second leg game against PSG, Solskjaer said Sanchez’s knee injury was a major concern for United and that he expects his forward to be sidelined for around “four to six weeks.”

The Sanchez story so far

As for Sanchez, his Old Trafford career does not make good reading – at the momemt.

During the final few months of last season, Sanchez could only score twice in the Premier League – in 12 appearances – with these goals coming at home to lowly Huddersfield and relegated Swansea.

The only other time he found the net for United during 2017/18, was a semi-final effort against Tottenham at Wembley, which was arguably his only significant contribution for Mourinho’s men last season.

Source: “Alexis Sánchez” (CC BY 2.0) by Ronnie Macdonald

Matters have not improved much this season either. So far, there has only been one goal in the league – a last-minute winner at home to Newcastle in October – and another in the FA Cup at former club Arsenal in round four.

He did manage one goal each against those footballing powerhouses of Costa Rica and Honduras, during international matches for Chile, but his dreadful goal tally for United was ultimately one of the reasons why Mourinho lost his job in December.

But while United’s fortunes have improved dramatically under Solskjaer, Sanchez’s have not and this injury is another setback for a player who is reportedly earning over £300,000 a week at Old Trafford.

Arsenal and Barcelona

All this is a far cry from his form during his three and a half seasons at Arsenal, and his three years with Barcelona before that.

With the Gunners, he netted 60 times in the Premier League, including 24 during the 2016/17 season alone. He also scored in two winning FA Cup finals for the north Londoners, when Arsene Wenger was manager.

Source: “Alexis Sánchez” (CC BY 2.0) by Ines11thiago

At Barcelona, it was a similar story scoring, on average, almost one goal every two games as he enjoyed La Liga honours with the Catalan club in 2012/13, one year after collecting a winners’ medal in the Copa del Rey.

As for his United legacy, that is yet to be decided but first, he must overcome the knee injury which has left him a spectator at a rejuvenated Old Trafford.

Everton – Is mediocrity enough?

Everton hold several records regarding their duration in the top flight of English football, being one of the few long standing members of the top division and of the Premier League. But of those seasons, despite the one or two flirts with relegation, they have never been serious contenders for the title and only once managed to earn a Champions League place, which they then failed to act on in the qualifying round. World class players have graced the turf at Goodison Park, talented managers have come and gone and memorable moments have been had. But as Everton fans watch their Anfield rivals claw their way to the top of the tree and challenge for the title, d they feel left behind? Is constant mid table finished enough? What more do you crave?

As a fan of Sunderland, I know all too well the pain of relegation, and the fight for survival. But those season were always full of drama, late wins, vital points and shock comebacks. I would not exchange the scraps for survival and “the great escapes” for 10 seasons of finishing 15th. The problem being for Everton fans that once the pre-season optimism has died down the usual top 6 take a stranglehold, and it has became clear that relegation is not a worry, then the season fades out into nothingness. Battling Wolves for 7th place, scraps with Newcastle for 12th……not the most exciting of seasons.

The money men of course may argue otherwise and the fact that Everton have been backed with huge wages, huge transfer fees and all the financial support they need it is evident that a lifetime eof 8th place finished would please everybody.

I am jot for one minute suggesting that relegation is an interesting or preferable option for the club…but what about the cups? Everton are one of many mid table Premier League clubs, who are unlikely to get relegated, but persist in playing weakened teams in the cup games? I do not understand the logic! The fans would relish a day out or two at Wembley, the excitement of a cup final….they don’t want to watch a second string side loose to Hull City one week before an away draw with Wolves in the battle for the 8th place with a full team.

Everton have tried everything to break into that top 6 but teams who were previously below them have now risen above and they run a risk of moving further away. Big money transfers  haven’t worked so far so is a new approach needed?

The Greatest FA Cup Finals of the 1990s

The 20th Century was a time when the FA cup was still at its peak. Still the end of season fixture. Still a competition teams took seriously. The decline would soon start to set in as the 21st Century entered its first decade but the 1990s was a time when the FA Cup mattered and the FA Cup Final was one of the biggest games of the year….let us take a look at the 5 best finals.

  1. Manchester United 4 – 0  Chelsea – 1994

The first Ferguson double was capped off with a display that showed this era of Manchester United at their very finest. Cantona’s majesty, Kanchelkis ripping defences apart, Hughes potency and Paul Ince running the midfield. Glenn Hoddle ripping off his tracksuit to enter the field of play remains a memorable moment of a game in which one of the finest managers of all time had a team that felt they could never lose.

  • Crystal Palace 3  – 3 Manchester United

Forget the replay, the original game between two sides eager for silverware was a thriller. No hot prediction site could have predicted this drama. This is just before “peak Ferguson” and you could already see the team Manchester United would become kicking into gear. Both teams lead at some stage when the game ended 2-2 and both teams scored in extra time. Ian Wright almost thought he had the cup won for Palace but a dramatic late equaliser for United took the game to a replay. Goals, drama and quality…what a final!

  • Liverpool 2 – 0 Sunderland

Plucky Sunderland had fought to their first final since the dramatic upset of 1973. Liverpool, faints of the game without a League title in the 1990s, still had a squad bursting with talent and although Sunderland under Malcolm Crosby gave their all, they didn’t have the quality to match Liverpool on the day. But the drama, the hope of another Wimbeldon-esque upset and the occasions itself made this a memorable final for all the right reasons.

  • Liverpool 0 – 1 Manchester United

There is something special when two genuine rivals meet in the FA Cup Final and what bigger rivalry than Liverpool vs United. Everything about the game from the wide suits to the Cantona winner was edge of your seat stuff. A game Manchester United fans will remember for a long time and one Liverpool faithful will be quick to forget…

  • Chelsea 2 – 0 Middlesbrough

Di Matteo left little time to sit down when he scored a 33 second goal to fire this Final into life, but the real story was Bryan Robsons team. Assembled with global superstars, a season of promise had ended in relegation but 2 cup finals had been rwached given hope of an upset. All the flair of Juninho, the potency of Ravenelli and Emerson passion could not stop a rampant Chelsea but whilst there was hope, this final remained gripping!

Ways to Pay for Online Sports Betting

Technology is constantly revolving as has the world of sports betting. No longer do you need to trek all the way to your local bookmakers to place your football coupon – you can now do this online! Not only that but on the best sports betting sites – you can do this via your mobile phone. The theme these days is definitely convenience – and unlike when you visit the bookmakers where you need to bring cold, hard cash – there are other faster ways of paying that could be more suitable for you. We’ve outlined some payment methods that you may want to use should you wish to visit an online sports betting site. 

Debit or Credit Card

This is the most obvious method of payment and still the most convenient for some. Pretty much all online casinos allow you the option to make a deposit using your debit or credit card. They also tend to affiliate with the biggest merchants out there. So, if you have a Visa, MasterCard, Maestro etc. – the reality is the betting brand has you covered! Depositing this way will ensure the money comes off your bank account pretty much instantly.


This is one of the most famous e-wallets around and probably made famous by the likes of eBay. With PayPal the advantage is that you don’t need to enter your bank details online all the time – you can simply use your PayPal login details. PayPal is an entirely safe and secure method of payment, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the transaction itself.  The fact that PayPal is widely used amongst other types of e-commerce sites also puts a further element of trust in the users’ mind when they are making a deposit.

Mobile Phone

This is the most convenient way to make your deposit on site. Think of contactless, but for mobile sports betting sites. The beauty of using this method is that the amount you have deposited will simply be added to your phone bill if you are part of a mobile phone contract. If you have a Pay As You Go phone – then the amount will simply be taken off your credit. This completely takes away any hassle or fuss from depositing on an online gaming site.  The only thing with this however is that just like when you use contactless, it can seem as if you aren’t really playing with your own money – as you can’t see it leave your bank account straight away. Bear that in mind and make sure you gamble responsibly. 


Skrill is a payment method that has been created and developed specifically for iGaming websites and has proven to be incredibly popular with players. They have over 10 years of experience and allow instant balance transfers. It’s accepted at the majority of online casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms – and you can register any of your bank accounts with them. Your transactions are also completely safe and secure – so there’s nothing you need to worry about on that front. If you use this payment option a lot – then you can also get rewarded as a Skrill VIP.


Paysafecard can be used across gaming, social media communities and film and entertainment. It works as a prepaid card and is so simple to use. You don’t need your debit or credit card, all you need to do is head to your local venue and top up your Paysafecard account. You will have a PIN that is 16 digits long, and all you need to do is enter that pin when you head to your favourite online gaming site. There is also an exclusive rewards scheme and loyalty scheme you can take advantage of. Make sure you take care of your PIN numbers though so it’s easy enough to make your deposits. 


The primary attribute of Neteller is that it’s fast and simple. It’s accepted across a lot of iGaming sites such as Stakers – and is popular with players. All you need to do is sign up for your free Neteller account, add funds to it via various methods – and then make your fast and secure payment.  Again, it means that you don’t need to enter your credit or debit card details online which is a positive for a lot of players.


With Zimpler all you need is your mobile phone. All you need to do is select Zimpler as your chosen payment method and then enter your mobile phone number. Once you do this – Zimpler will send you your unique code. This option is also great in terms of responsible gambling as you can set budgets – so you can make sure that you spend within your means. These guys also have a fantastic customer services team; they have 24/7 support waiting for you.


With ecoPayz – you can have an online account set up within minutes. It’s completely free to use – and there are no credit checks involved. You can top up your account whenever it suits you, and your cash will be available whenever you need it. You can rely on them for total safety and security of any online payment – and they make your personal information their priority.

As you can see there are loads of ways to deposit on betting sites these days – you aren’t limited to just debit and credit cards. You can make your deposits swiftly, securely – and are sure to find something that will suit your individual needs. Be sure to check out the payment methods that are available on the sports betting site that you join before parting with your hard earned cash. The processing and withdrawal requirements can also change depending on the method you choose – so be sure to read the small print.

When you go onto a sports betting sites their payment methods are usually outlined at the very bottom of the site.  Now hopefully you will have a clearer idea as to what all of them mean.